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DPS: Domination, Power, Sex

Written by HarmonyMotion Edited by Au Goose

Meet Dana Patrick Sawyer

“Come on, Oliver,” Dana heaved, hunched over on all fours on her bed. “Fuck me like you mean it!”

Dana, sprawled out on her hands and knees on her bed, was presenting her well-toned rear to her track team fuck-friend. He was standing at the foot of her bed, his erect cock pistoning in and out of her vagina while he gripped the luscious spheres of her tight bubble butt.

“Hurry up, loser! My dad will probably be back from the airport at any minute now!” she goaded. “I can barely feel it!” she taunted.

Her king-sized bounced noisily against its frame as Oliver did his best, his heart rattling in his chest as he thrust in and out of Dana’s incredibly tight pussy. His co-athlete was so tall, so lean, and kept in incredible shape year round. She was such a fantastic lay, in fact, that Oliver put up with her otherwise intolerable attitude.

New people were always smitten by her fitness model good looks and her vibrant, fiery red hair. And those striking green eyes, glimmering, brightly lit, shining jade gems that seemed to pierce into the souls of whomever Dana cast her gaze upon. That heart-shaped face, those soft, fleshy lips…

Dana was completely bewitching. Until the moment she opened her mouth. Then one might prefer getting battery acid to the face.

But none of that was Oliver’s concern right now. He was fucking the hottest girl in the school, and even her acerbic behavior couldn’t bother him now.

“Come on, microdick! Let me feel something!” she bellowed as her firm thighs pistoned in rhythm with him, her pussy lips gripping his engorged, and very-not-micro dick.

In fact, her teasing was helping. He actually enjoyed being demeaned by her.

“Shut the fuck up!” he countered as he placed his hands around her cinched waist. He tightened his grip, wanting to make it hurt just a little. Instead he felt the insanely dense bunches of her immaculately grooved abdominal muscles. And her inner muscles were just as strong, squeezing his cock like a vice every time a shiver rolled down her torso. Fuck, she was so wickedly fit!

“Did I strike a nerve? Fuck, I’m gonna have to use my dildo after this. Find something that’ll really satisfy me. Unlike your worthless prick,” she spat, her panther-lean torso twisting to look back at him.

Oliver bit his tongue as he surged to new hardness, driving deep inside her perfect depths. The sight of her auburn bangs draping over one emerald eye while the other seemed to glow at him… combined with her slick, crushing depths dragging along his entire length while he squeezed her iron hard tummy for all he was worth was enough to push him over the edge.

“Gonna come already? So pathetic!” Dana taunted. But she didn’t slow down her thrusting. He was really on tonight, though she’d never say so.

“Oh fuuuuuuuck!” Oliver screamed before he stopped thrusting. His legs wobbled violently as he fell over on top of her, bent at the waist while pulses of pure pleasure erupted through his stiff penis and deep into the condom he was wearing.

But Dana didn’t stop thrusting. She kept going and going, her legs far too powerful for Oliver to hold still. He was on an orgasmic roller coaster ride as the wonderful heaven between the junction of Dana’s long legs continued to rub and stroke with relentless fury.

“Come… on… give… me… something…” she panted. The whole time, she fantasized that Oliver was someone else. Maybe Bradley from the football team. He looked like a real stud. Or maybe one of those male pornographic actors. Or maybe a superhero movie version of her, all decked out with unbelievable superpowers who could fly over and fuck every hot actor, male or female, at her whim, overpowering their struggles and raping them to her heart’s extent. Even better if she made their spouses watch.

It was seriously turning her on. She could almost feel something spark between them. An energy filling her core, threatening to fulfil her fantasies…

But before Oliver’s insufficient stimulation could do anything for her imagined or otherwise, it was all over.

“Fuck! Fuck!” Oliver trembling hands let go of her sculpted body. He felt like he’d blasted his very soul into her! He staggered backwards, dripping wet condom full of semen. His jellied legs gave out as he parked his naked ass on the floor and heaved.

“Goddammit! At least come play with my tits while I satisfy myself,” Dana grunted as she went into her drawer for her vibrator.

“Hang on…” Oliver began to gingerly peel the contraceptive off of his overly sensitive shaft. Dana had been even more aggressive than usual, and he was pretty sure this was the fastest he’d ever come. He felt totally drained.

The sound of a buzzing vibrator filled the air as she languidly dragged it over her bare pussy lips. Oliver always marveled at how fresh and clean she was. Questions about whether her carpet matched the drapes were permanently met with a glower. He was curious about it, but in all their perverted time together, Dana had never not looked pristine.

After he tied off the condom and disposed of it in her trash, he came back out to witness Dana groping her fairly modest breast and the erect nipple pointed toward the heavens. A shame… such a lean, athletic body naturally meant her body fat was low. If only she were well-endowed like all of those fitness models who clearly had implants done… oh well. Just a stupid male fantasy, he decided.

“God dammit!” Dana howled.

“I’m coming, I’m coming!” Oliver groused.

“No, not that! I can hear my dad pulling in! Get the fuck out of here!”

“Oh! Shit, shit, shit!”

“Yeah, like you fucking care. You get to fuck me, orgasm, and leave.”

“Dana, you know, you don’t have to be like this,” Oliver hopped on one leg as he quickly slid on his tighty whities and pulled on one jean leg at a time. “I’m not trying to be selfish, you know.”

“Be like what,” Dana emphasized.

“A raging bitch all the time,” Oliver dared to prod the angry bull.

“Get the fuck out! See if I let you fuck me ever again!” Dana threatened for the umpteenth time as she slid off the bed and began to get dressed. It was practically ritual between them.

Oliver was pulling his shirt over his head. Dana got behind him and pushed him to the window of her 2nd floor bedroom. Barely could he see and use his arms before Dana set him almost flying out to the tree where he made his surreptitious entrance and escapes.

“Whoa! Fuck! I could’ve broken something!” Oliver hissed at Dana.

But Dana just flipped him the bird and slammed the window shut behind her.

She did a quick scan of her bedroom to make sure nothing was amiss. Oh, fuck. That stupid Oliver had left his jacket. Well, whatever. Olivia hung it up in her closet. She could just claim that it was hers. How the fuck would her dad know anyway? If he ever even saw it and registered that it was a male letterman jacket.

“Dana? You still here?” her father’s voice rang out from downstairs.

“Yeah!” she shouted back. They often conducted their conversations at full volume by yelling at each other from opposite ends of the house.

“Shouldn’t you be at your mother’s?”


“Ah. Is there anything to eat?”

“Pizza in the fridge!”

When she made herself presentable once more, she went downstairs for a can of carbonated water and a slice of her own. Her father, tall and lanky, still dressed in his business clothes with his shirt untucked and his slacks unbuttoned, sat at the couch of their modest but comfortable home. He was flipping through their TV subscriptions on their large widescreen.

“Anything else to eat?” he asked as he kicked open the pizza box lid. It was decorated with dried, plastic cheese and crusty tomato sauce. Aside from the slice in his hand, there was only one left.

“No.” Dana went to reach for it.

“Hey, mine. Unless you want to make me a sandwich.”

“What do I look like, a woman?”

Her dad chuckled. “Yeah. With your cooking skills, it’d probably be poison. Get me a beer.”

Dana sighed and did as she was told. Daddy made plenty of money. Enough to pay alimony and child support while re-investing the rest of it into his plastic manufacturing company. He’d gotten good lawyers too, and seemed to have protected his money well. Why couldn’t he just hire a fucking maid? Or find a new bimbo to be his personal slave?

She fetched a bottle and dropped it over the back of the couch, along with a bottle opener.

“Order some real food next time, won’t you?”

“It’ll taste better if you heat it up in the microwave,” Dana suggested as she went back upstairs to her room with her drinks in hand.

“I don’t want to taste it. And hey, it’s a school night, right? No more than one beer.”

Dana clicked her tongue. So he’d noticed that she’d snuck a beer. Well, at least he was cool about it.

“Whatever, Dad. See you next month.”

“Bye dear.”

Dana went back to her room, took a swig of her father’s cheap beer that tasted like piss, and opened her laptop. The mood had really worn off, but she still wanted to get off, dammit!

She was greeted by emails from their track coach, invitations to homecoming events, instructions for what to do on the first day of school. Whatever. She was a fucking senior. How fucking stupid would someone have to be not to know how to pick up their schedule?

Swiping away all notifications, she belched loudly as her elegant fingers tapped on the keyboard. The browser autocompleted an oft visited website. HominyMartian’s site for superpowered femdom erotica and art. What a dumb name… but the stories were good. Too bad the author spent too much time dabbling in other bullshit fetishes as well.

She’d sent messages about getting more superpowered stories and outright sex, rape, and pillaging, but all she got were noncommittal responses. And a mild suggestion to start a commission if she wanted to pursue her own, personalized fetishes. Clearly HM was just doing whatever served their bottom line best, patrons be damned. The ending of Swim Girls was a total what the fuck. The story had been so good before that—a slim, busty blonde supergirl playing with her newfound unopposable powers, fucking over her rival, having sex with any boy she wanted, and lifting a fucking speedboat? With one fucking arm!

And it was effortless!

Fuck yeah! That was the good shit. The art was okay too.

Then it turned into some sort of mystery box oh-wah-wah what about big sis and oh no I have mommy abandonment issues story. But at least there was sex and power the whole way.

And then oh no, the big sister actually had powers the whole time. And was stronger than the main character. What a fucking betrayal. Dana was so invested in Carol being a super sexy super fucking goddess, and she gets upended in one stupid scene?


A new goddess appears. Probably evil! Redemption for HominyMartian! Except… the story fucking ended! What the fuck!

So Dana had to spend her time masturbating, imagining being Carol and her being the dark goddess that she should’ve been all along. At least she could still get off to it. Fuck’s sake.

Terminable Company was the same. Husband supes up wife. Wife gives him what for, letting him live out his cruel fantasy and showing him what life would really be like if his fantasy were true. She fucked him for her own sake, edged him, tortured his post orgasmic cock, ripped multiple cumshots out of him all while he begged and whined for her to stop…

Dana was getting flushed now. She took another swig of her beer. Ugh, it was getting warm.

And then, it got too confusing! What the fuck, it was just roleplay?! She didn’t sign up for a class on English lit, for gods’ sake! What a pretentious prick this author was!

But at the end of the day, Dana wished she were a HominyMartian girl. There was always plenty of good stuff, and lots of adoring fans who apparently loved an unstoppable, evil, superpowered tormentress who could destroy the world with a flick of a finger, or a little blast of heat from their laser eyes. Or maybe just devour people with the allure of their overwhelming sexual appeal. Especially if that appeal was the breast part of the girl.

So she pulled up a folder of all of her favorite images: super strength scenes, lifting boulders with a single finger, lifting cruisers with a single finger, flying over the ocean… actually, the surfing ones were a strange favorite of hers for some reason. Throatlifts, neck breaks, heat vision kills, super breath tumbling and injuring… fuck. All of it was so good! If only it were real! And her.

Dana moved to her pink bed and took her laptop with her. Her purple dildo was still standing on her desk. She crawled under the covers, placed the laptop beside her right onto the sheets, and pulled up some of her favorite story scenes and began to read. Hopefully her dad wouldn’t want to come talk to her. Well, that never happened anyway. So what the fuck was she worried about?

The ghostly glow of her laptop screen was matched only by her seemingly backlit viridescent irises. She turned on her vibrator and lightly prodded her pink petals, warming up her toy and getting herself wet and in the mood once more. She was reading about a scene in which a stunning blonde (why were they always blonde?) had fashioned a dildo out of a bunch of guns by mashing all of it together in her hands, and then molding steel like it was clay. It sizzled in her grasp, but absolutely nothing could hurt her. Not the guns, not those pathetic men, and not something as insignificant as paltry red-hot metal.

Ah fuck! The author took their time with it too, letting Dana live and experience every fucking second of it. It was so visceral. The girl’s soft, smooth skin, her long, elegant fingers… her glowing blue eyes and that arrogant, naughty, haughty attitude as she did whatever she wanted, because nobody could stop her. The character had already killed the rest of the army without even trying, while fully naked, and these lucky men that she had spared were all so captivated by her sexuality and the implied promise of being able to watch her pleasure herself that they didn’t even have the good sense to be afraid or to run for their lives! All they wanted was to see this girl show off her powers and diddle herself.

Fuck. Oh yeah. Dana so wanted to be that girl.

She imagined the dildo between her hands made of almost-molten metal, like burning red hot and being reshaped in a forge. Only the hammer that the smiths had to use was just her fingers, and all she had to do was pinch. She could smell the metallic tinge in the air as she dominated the pathetic material like silly putty. The vibrating… her super speed, moving her beautiful arm and hands with impossible precision as her souped up, hyper libidinous, intimately sensitive and somehow invulnerable body could orgasm over and over and over and over and over…

Her pussy clenched over her toy as she inserted it into herself. Fuck, she was wet.

Dana could feel her nerves pulsing and vibrating in tandem with that supergirl. She gripped her dildo as hard as she could, her knuckles whitening as her toy held its form. She was just holding back her own strength, the redhead told herself. If she really squeezed, her treasured toy would have completely crumbled in her hands. Her inner depths would have pulverized the thing into useless little bits of plastic and metal.

Oh fuck. And that’s what the supergirl was doing right now. She was utterly dominating that impromptu dildo that she’d made. The heat sizzled against her skin, and all she did was smirk at it as her super pussy began to deform and sink right into the metal.

Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Dana was going to come.

And the supergirl was fucking sitting in midair as she fucked herself. Those long, blonde strands… that rapturous look on her face…

Those enormous, bobbing breasts with their perfect nipples…

And the guys watching her just fucking creamed themselves. With no stimulation! The girl was just that super fucking hot!

Dana’s entire body trembled as she felt some tiny fraction of the pleasure that this supergirl was experiencing. Because Hominy’s supergirls had super orgasms of course. She could picture that perfectly rendered 3d form in her mind’s eye. She imagined herself being that wonderful, that powerful, that capable of infinite bliss so as to overload her mind with pleasure and then instantly snap back to normal, only to experience it once again as she pulverized the dildo that was inserted into the perfect junction between her perfect legs.

Anyone who looked at her would instantly be smitten. She could make anyone and everyone come with just a wink of her perfect eyes.

Dana continued to moan as her long, lean, athletic leg twitched in ecstasy. Her free hand gripped her bedsheets as her long, powerful fingers curled with every bucking spasm. Her back arched as bolts of pleasure shot through her womb and left her body feeling supremely satisfied yet drained.

She removed the vibrator from her body and opened her eyes once again. The story was still on her laptop screen. God fucking dammit! It just wasn’t enough! She wanted to be like that supergirl! She needed it so badly.

Twisting the handle on her vibrator, it attenuated in power. It was fucking out of batteries! She mused that she had destroyed the dildo with her pussy. Milked it dry, turned it useless. She could leech the power out of a phallus and take its pleasure for her own. A smirk curled on her lips before fading away quickly.

No, not good enough.

She flipped through more art on the pay website. Giantesses crushing people beneath their heel. Big, bulky men reduced to helpless lumps of crying flesh while the girl continued with her existence as if nothing were out of the ordinary. They weren’t even aware of the devastation they caused!

Superbreath. Pheromones. Mind control. Ways for all of these girls to twist anyone around their fingers. Take control of people’s bodies, people’s thoughts, their very urges and desires, and replace it with whatever she wanted.

Oh, she would love to press her boobs up into a girl’s face. Maybe that bitch Pauline who always rivaled her in varsity track. Just grab her by the throat, lift her off her feet, slam her into a locker, and then just float up into the air and press her melon-sized tits right into Pauline’s face. Yes, in her fantasy, she had tits that could kill. Not these little training boobs that she was sporting.

Her breasts would swallow up Pauline’s head. A little flexing would knock her around, bruise her cheeks, give her a black eye with a poke from her harder than steel nipple. Her natural perfume and the feel of her satin skin would be too much, and Pauline would fucking cream herself for as long as Dana wanted. Her little victim had no choice while being enveloped by the world’s most perfect breasts.

Dana was touching herself now.

Or maybe the lilt of her angelic voice could bewitch any and all who heard her. They wouldn’t even have to see her to fall under her spell. Dana had always been a fan of singers with beautiful voices who could produce any pitch perfectly. A little mind control command from her siren’s call, and…

Oh fuck. She was gonna come again. Her body was covered in sweat. Being under the covers was too hot. Her fingers swirled with superhuman power as she imagined whispering into Pauline’s ear, causing the girl to wilt in orgasm as Dana completely took over and rewired her mind with a simple request…

Dana came again. Yes! She was a total goddess! She could endure all of this tantalizing torture, fully revitalized to do it again and again, as long as she wanted! Total power over mind and matter!

Her half-lidded eyes caught the glow of her laptop. The battery was dying down. There were so many more powerful, sexy things on this page. Shapeshifting. Prehensile hair. Telekinesis. Pleasure inducement. The ability to transform objects and people into anything she wanted with but a thought… god, it was wild!

Sadly, she wasn’t one of those goddesses. Her body was at its limit. Her mind was fatigued, and all she wanted to do was rest now. Lying on her side, she began to drift off to sleep as the glow from her laptop screen bathed her in its ethereal sheen like a second blanket, comforting and enveloping a sleepy Dana with the reflected light of every sort of supernatural, superhuman, super sexy power that the softly illuminated screen displayed.

She moaned softly as she dreamed I-ate-pizza-too-close-to-going-to-sleep dreams.

As she dozed, her laptop finally shut down, darkness closing in. That strange spark with Oliver was still humming inside her. Her relatively flat chest began to tingle pleasantly as those feminine but small curves began to swell, packing on inches of dense, lushly feminine flesh. The boobs that had been denied to her since her puberty underwent a new process of growth as her small, apple sized breasts filled out with superhuman power and allure, immune to gravity, softer than silk, yet denser than steel…

She shifted under the covers with a contented sigh and rolled over onto her back. Those breasts continued to surge outward as if having been freed from the shackles of the universe. Her blanket morphed around them, molding to her body like a skintight swimsuit or leotard; the dramatic swell of her curves not at all diminished by the thick covers as they hugged her delicate, well-defined collarbone, rose over her dome-like shapes like a skintight symbiote, hugging every inner and outer curve and outlining the valley of her new cleavage, before swooping back down to her sharply chiseled abs and tapering between the new flare of her fertile thighs to just barely cover the twin bulges of her camel toe. A slumbering red-haired angel, spread across expensive plain white sheets, her cover entirely consumed in the creation of her super one-piece, the only thing in the universe that could keep up with her invulnerable flesh.

At least, in her dreams.

The last thought through Dana’s head was that tomorrow, she’d have to ride the fucking bus to school again. Just one more year of this high school shit. Fuck.