All about commissions

Why commission?

Because you like erotica stories, but can’t find anything that really suits your personal preferences… or just because you want to!
I am here to satisfy your kinks, and I do not judge anyone’s preferences (though I do reserve the right to decline any request.) You will be part of the creative process, guiding me to create a piece of work for you to enjoy forever, and as long as you do not wish to remain anonymous, your name will be attached to the final product as well!

So you want a commission

Great! I am very easy to get along and work with. Here’s what to do:

Contact me on Discord or email [email protected]


  1. Let me know what kind of story you want.
    • Kinks, specific story beats, that kind of stuff. Things that are important to you that you cannot do without. The more you tell, the less I’ll ask :)
  2. I will work with you and draft an outline.
  3. Once you sign off, I begin writing in earnest.
    • You will have full access to the document as I work, any time you like.
  4. Give me feedback, either during or after I am finished writing.
  5. I touch it up based on your feedback and give it a final edit.
  6. Enjoy the finished product!


  1. Give me as much detail as possible.
    • How the character looks physically (eye color, face shape, hair color, body shape, lips, nose, everything… mold it all to your desire.)
    • What is he or she wearing? Details, details, details.
    • Pose, scenery, expression.
  2. We will generate a preview for you to examine.
    • Now is the time to be picky! Whatever you are unsatisfied with, let us know and we will try to make it right for you!
  3. If you are okay with it, we produce the final piece of art.
    • We are willing to accommodate one or two small changes at this stage, but more than that will cost extra.


We own and retain the rights to our work.


Story: 4-5c a word ($40-$50 per thousand words.) Rate varies depending on content. If you’re uncertain but still interested, don’t be shy! Reach out to me, and I will help :)
Art: $30 an image, plus $10 for initial creation of model.

We charge half upfront and half upon completion.

What people are saying about us

Truly an awesome story that I am glad I was able to comission. Timewise Harmonymotion was on the ball and got back to me anytime I had a suggestion or request and overall I can’t wait to commission them again. Truly awesome work!!

  • Olo

Very happy with the results of my commission. I’ve been a big fan of SWM type stuff (Super babes doing super stuff) and threw my story pitch to HM. HM was very receptive and communicated on a daily basis. Was able to take my ideas, ask for clarification, make changes and drive on. Easy going. As the story took shape I made very few requests for changes and they accommodated. Ever have a desire to have your fantasy put to print? You won’t be disappointed and you’ll get what you pay for. The story will hopefully fuel more efforts and writing. The images were the icing on top.

  • Sarge395

The response (especially on the artwork) was incredibly fast and the transparency during the writing process is useful to reassure you ‘re getting the best story you can get.

  • Annihilator10k

I like seeing my ideas coming to life, but liking it more when we both enjoy it. I’m glad to have chosen harmonymotion to write up my idea and hope to hire them once more in the future 🙂

  • danio13

It was an amazing experience. HM is a super-fast writer and will make everything as close as possible to the request. If you’re thinking about bringing your story idea into reality, I highly recommend commissioning them. I even got a 3d image for my story.

  • frostcz

So far working with Harmonymotion in my commission has been a very enjoyable experience. Very professional and always available to talk about how to improve the story. I love the ideas that have been introduced and very much appreciate the comments and critique of the ideas that sound good in my head, but wouldn’t work that well in practice. This is the type of talent and honesty that everyone looking to commission a good story should look for in a writer.

  • ZaikerWriter

I’ve done a few commissions with Harmonymotion; they pays close attention to what you want in your story. HM is very detailed and will do it with no judgment. All in all it has been a pleasant experience. Definitely recommend it.

  • The Penguin

Works fast, reliably communicates, and is the best writer I have ever worked with. Overall, definitely worth your time.

  • OmniScribbler

Team HarMo did an awesome job on my recent commission! The writing was high quality, engaging, and realistic, and the art was the cherry on top. They were timely, communicative, and accommodating for a first-time commissioner like myself. Looking for a wonderfully talented writer and artist to bring your character(s) to life? Look no further!

  • viney12

I am incredibly pleased with the work of Team HarmonyMotion. My outline was considered in depth and excellent suggestions were made during the early stages to ensure that the story worked as well as possible from the outset. My views were taken into account at every stage of both the writing and rendering process, allowing minor adjustments to be made and accommodated. The personal interest that the Team took in the story and characters delivered a tale that more than exceeded my wishes, along with artwork that brings me great joy. Team HarmonyMotion fully understood what I wanted and hit the mark on every aspect of it. The Team were a pleasure to work with and I will absolutely be doing so again.

  • Wizalex