2022 July Roadmap

2022 July Roadmap

Hi all,

Here’s the plan for the month of July on my Patreon!


  • The second part of Melissa’s Gauntlet
  • An ascension story
  • Borrowing From Your Best Friends part 2
  • A new Master PC
  • Commissioned art for Dee’s Big Adventure
  • More commissioned SO/mini-giantess art


  • Swan Girls, two more entries and plenty of images!
  • Mary and Stu, Super Supporter comic part 2
  • A new style of NSFW pack! It’ll be an example of a new product/service we will offer…

Shard-Strike Universe

  • Another HM driven SSU story!

Reminder to all patrons that Super Supporters and Super Lover Lovers get coupons for story and art commissions! We’ve had so many cashed in and they really add up. Last month it was $150 total saved!

Team HarMo continues shmoovin’!