Boss's Footstool

Commissioned by dailey23

Henry puttered around in the laboratory at 7:00 PM per his boss Vanessa’s orders. Cutting edge this, shareholder that. What a bunch of bullshit! He hadn’t been able to go home before 9:00 PM in weeks. This definitely wasn’t what he had in mind when Vanessa had given him a promotion.

Vanessa was so insufferable and demanding. Beautiful too, but Henry didn’t want to admit that. It helped that her being a slave driver automatically caused him not to think of her in that way. Always demanding more work, pointing out every single little missed detail—not that she was ever wrong, but god it got old—insisting that their work was important and world changing and that they had to work 80 hours a week if they wanted to stay on the cutting edge.

They’d barely gotten any results too. Months of stress, burnt out materials, and a lab that constantly smelled of ozone, and all they had to show were a bunch of videos that recorded a metal cube in a dish, remaining absolutely still. It was like some sort of modern art masterpiece, capturing the stillness of motion or some such bullshit.

Henry would’ve laughed if he weren’t being subjected to the misery of making it.

A shrink ray? It sounded so promising at first! All of the theoretical physics solved. Conservation of mass and energy? Sure. Thermodynamics? Easily worked out. Just put the thing there, twist the widget 90 degrees and…

Big fat nothing.

Henry sighed. He toiled in the lab under the harsh fluorescent light, configuring the ray gun for the umpteenth time. He made sure the video footage was running on the monitor next to him. Without the clock ticking in the upper right corner, he wouldn’t have been able to know at all. This accursed cube tormented him every day. And the time ticking away only served to remind him that he was mortal, and this was how he was spending his life.

He sighed, squeezed the trigger, and…

An invisible beam of energy seemed to vibrate and thrum out of the circular tip of the alien-looking ray gun!

He could feel the tremors shuddering through his hands and bones as he struggled to hold it steady. And the cube, the cube… unless his eyes were playing tricks on him, it was shrinking! The measurement plastic propped up in the background confirmed what he was seeing!

Henry turned off the ray and stopped all the recordings. This was… this was a breakthrough. More than a breakthrough. This was world-changing! The implications were staggering.

But the only thought running through his exhausted mind was seeking revenge on Vanessa.

He plugged the cables back into the ray gun to charge it up with his shaky hands, fumbling it badly and dropping it as it spun and got all tangled up in the thick wires. A trigger guard hadn’t been built in on account of shaving off costs.

The cable went taut as it squeezed the trigger while the gun was pointing directly at Henry…

Vanessa came strolling in in her signature knee length cream skirt, cream blouse, and classy black heels. Where the fuck was Henry? She’d ordered him to stay late and work.

As she swiped her badge and entered the lab, she saw a short man struggling to reach over the lab bench for their precious experimental, in-progress shrink ray. It was wrapped in cables and spinning in every which direction as he flailed around, jumping and batting at it desperately.

“Hey! Who are you!?” Vanessa shouted, not worried about their non-working gun.

“It’s… it’s me… Henry,” he spoke with panic in his voice.

“Henry!? You’re half Henry’s height! How did you get in here!” she demanded.

“No Vanessa, it’s really me…”

Henry turned around slowly, mortified of what had happened to him. He couldn’t even see over the bench anymore, and Vanessa was already taller than him before he’d been shrunk. But wait! She didn’t know that he was planning to shrink her to get some payback. Yes, he could just ask his boss to reverse the configuration on the gun and put him back! This would work!

He finished turning to face Vanessa as he finished fabricating his excuse. He gasped at the sight of his imperious boss. First in attitude, now in stature. His head was no higher than her hips! He craned his neck to look into her devilish brown eyes as a yelp of complete joy began to take shape on her painted lips.

“It worked?! It really worked! Henry, you shrunk yourself!?”

“Yes, Vanessa! It… it was an accident! But yeah, it worked!” He was beginning to get excited too. All those months spent, and it really had worked. “Can you reconfigure the gun and put me back? I’m, um… a little too short to reach it,” he blushed bright red.

Vanessa smiled. This was the softest he’d ever seen her expression. It was… well there was no denying it. She was radiant.

His brunette boss approached him as if to reach for the shrink ray, when suddenly, she swiveled the office chair, took a seat, and curled a finger to Henry to approach.

“Vanessa? What are you doing?” Henry asked nervously.

“I can put you back, but first, I want to record everything we’ve done. This is science, you know.”

“But what do you…”

“I need a footrest,” Vanessa declared without humor.


“Henry, you stupid little man. And I do mean little. You work for me. And right now, I need you to serve as my footrest. If you don’t, well, I guess you can enjoy being three feet tall, if that!” Vanessa cackled. “You understand, don’t you?”

“Y-y-y-you wouldn’t!” Henry cried out in abject terror.

“Get. Over. Here.” Vanessa’s words had a sound of finality.

Defeated, Henry squirmed over by Vanessa’s side.

“What do you want me to…” he began, but Vanessa cut him off.


Henry did as he was told.

“On your hands and knees. Get in front of my chair.”

Henry slid underneath the dark desk. The only thing he could see were Vanessa’s pantyhose clad legs and her cream colored skirt. Before he knew it, Vanessa’s thighs slammed onto his back as she swung her legs over his body to dangle freely at her knee. He could hear her typing away at the computer above.

His arms and knees were beginning to get sore, but serving as furniture for Vanessa’s sexy legs wasn’t so bad. Her flesh was soft and warm, and the weight was bearable. As long as he didn’t have to wait too much longer… how long had it been? Five minutes? Ten? Vanessa had to go home at some point, right? And then Henry would be back to his normal size.

Vanessa swung one of her legs over the other and crossed them, exerting a sudden burst of pressure against Henry’s back.

“Oof!” he cried as she pressed him into the ground.

“Shut up. Don’t disturb me.”

She continued typing.

Finally, she was done. She rolled the computer chair back, tucking her feet into his side and kicking away from him. He struggled not to make a sound as she’d instructed.

“Alright, Henry. You made a huge mess out of these cables. Come here. I need you to help me untangle them.”

“Help you?” Henry squeaked. “But I can’t even see over the countertop…”

“Well, I can’t reach the ones hanging from the ceiling. So you’re going to come here and be my stepladder.”

“W-what!?” Henry sobbed again. Was she going to step on him?! Just when he thought he couldn’t be humiliated any further!

“Don’t you remember what I said about talking back? Fucking get over here and let me walk on you! You want me to put you back to normal, right?”

Henry whimpered pathetically as he scampered forward. Vanessa didn’t take her gaze off him as he knelt between the workbench and his boss, looking up in supplication.

“Well?” Vanessa asked.

Henry wasn’t sure what to do, but he brought both his arms forward and cupped his hands, providing a step for his beautiful, domineering boss.

“Good boy. Look, I’ll even be gentle with you.”

Vanessa bent her leg at the knee as she flicked off her high heels with one finger. Then repeated the motion with the other. She wriggled her pretty toes, clad in sheer black pantyhose.

“Now, be a good boy and I’ll put you back right away.”

She placed her moist foot on his hand and pressed it experimentally up and down. Henry struggled and tried to bear her weight, but it was too much!

And just when he was about to object, Vanessa stepped on it with her full weight and lifted her other foot off the ground, planting it squarely on his face!

It only lasted for a second as she brought her remaining foot up to his shoulder. Vanessa cackled as she rubbed her soft soles into his face, enjoying the feeling of literally stepping on her wage slave.

“Oh, is that a moan I hear!?” Vanessa taunted.

Henry tried to breathe, but what little air he could snatch was tinged with her aphrodisiacal, musky scent. He felt humiliated. Helpless. Aroused.

“Now be good, Henry. The more you wiggle, the harder you make it for me. And the longer I’ll have to stand on your face. You don’t want that, do you?”

Henry struggled to answer. All he could do was taste her delicious foot.

“I’m beginning to think you do! Don’t you, Henry, my worthless little pet. You can tell your boss.”

Henry squirmed and tried to refuse, but he still couldn’t utter any coherent speech with Vanessa’s toes dipping into his mouth every time he tried to speak.

“Well, if you want it so badly, I’ll make sure to make you my property. Just like you want.”

She untangled the cable and stepped off of him. Ray gun in hand, she pointed it at the weak, exhausted Henry.

She gave him enough time to notice what she was planning. He uttered a quick “No!” before she squeezed the trigger, shrinking him down to the size of a bug.

Henry sobbed as his eye level sank lower and lower to the floor. He was staring straight forward at Vanessa’s knees, then down to her ankles, until the only monument he could see was her toes. When he looked upward, he couldn’t even see the ceiling due to the shadow her body cast over him.

He began to run for the door.

“Oh Henry, Henry, my little pet… where are you?” Vanessa took one careful inching step forward, uncertain of where her overworked employee was. She began to put her hosiery-clad foot on the floor, only to stop at the last second when she felt a sturdy bump on the floor.

“Oh there you are! You’re so small I can’t even see you anymore!” Vanessa laughed.

Henry’s heart was rattling in his ribcage. He had almost died. From Vanessa’s careless walking!

Vanessa languidly began to roll off her pantyhose and discarded it to a side. This time, she lifted and brought her foot down gently, trapping the diminutive Henry under her silky sole. She dragged her foot back, feeling his sturdy body rub against the bottom of her foot before he was well and truly trapped between her sexy toes.

“Now, my submissive little pet… lick!”