Elenyi's Empire

Commissioned by Loamlife


“Domestic engineer wanted. Travel to Procyon. 15 year round trip journey. UEN Badger leaves in two weeks.”

Elenyi applied for the position and got it. There was no competition. The position was undesirable, unprestigious, and was being automated away in all but the most backwater research stations and colonies.

She didn’t have any other prospects. Untrained and unskilled, she might end up like the other unproductives on Earth, scraping out a living in the segregated slums designed to corral them. There was no want for food or shelter, but the lack of purpose and zero sense self worth was what really destroyed people. Fusion energy was supposed to propel humanity to new heights, and it did… for a while. But now, humanity lived hedonistically in decadence with no further advancements.

Perhaps after the fifteen year round trip, things would have changed on Earth, she vainly told herself.

But that was a pipe dream. Earth had long since stagnated. The ranks of the unproductives grew every year, as every high skilled worker and researcher left the planet for a fulfilling life well spent elsewhere.

And if it wasn’t green, then the project was to terraform it.

But for Elenyi Evans, it was just delaying the inevitable. Becoming an unproductive.

Chapter 1

A rugged Captain Matthews and his first mate, a beautiful blonde named Silas, welcomed the crew on board. Everyone was clearly intimately familiar with the Procyon run, greeting each other with hearty slaps on the back.

And then Elenyi showed up.

They all stared with contempt at the short, mousy, middle-aged woman boarding their ship.

“Name?” Matthews asked.

“Elenyi Evans. I’m the domestic engineer that Celeste hired.”

“Yup, janitor, got it. Checks out.”

The two engineers, maintenance workers, Matthews, and Silas all chuckled. One of them muttered under her breath, “unproductive.”

“Hey, things usually don’t go wrong on the trip,” one of the engineers said. “So you’ll get to sleep for a good while, huh? No need to do anything. Like usual.”

“Marlon, be nice. You might need her to lube up your wrench, huh?” Silas chided. “Cuz you sure as fuck know I won’t, flyboy.” She taunted Marlon at prior attempts to hook up.

All of the rest of the crew cackled.

Elenyi just walked past them coldly. What else could she do?

Everyone strapped into the small metal spaceship designed for efficient interstellar flight and not much else. The fusion engine whirred to life, the soft familiar hum that had ultimately ceased humanity’s growth like a comforting, constricting blanket. It generated the gravity below their feet as the ship smoothly exited Earth’s orbit and headed for the hyperspace gateway between their home planet and Mars.

Everyone made their way to the cryosleep pods. They were one short.

“Oh, sorry, domestic engineer. Celeste had to rush install the seventh pod. We six will be up here. You’ll be down in the cargo hold. No big deal, though, right? We all wake up at the same time.”

“Yeah, sure.” Elenyi didn’t know if it was meant as an insult, but what he said was true. It really didn’t matter.

“See you on the other side, officers.” They all saluted and climbed into their cryochambers.

Elenyi climbed down two floors of the rocket-shaped spacecraft and entered her older model as well.

The autopilot engaged and leapt into hyperspace. The unconscious passengers slept dreamlessly as their ship traveled through the blue light, on its way to their neighboring star system.

Deep in interstellar space, a black hole exploded in a brilliant flash of light, its radiation pelting the hyperspace tunnel. The shielding of the spaceship and the cryopods protected the main crew from any ill effects, but Elenyi’s pod was flooded with charged particles. The nuclear fission infiltrated the cryotubes, pumping Elenyi’s unconscious form full of unfamiliar, unexpected power.

She writhed in her sleep, something that should have been impossible from the induced paralysis.

Then, the spaceship was out of reach of the celestial event.

Six years later, UEN Badger exited the hyperspace tunnel, and its crew arrived on the research lab on Aryyl.

Chapter 2

Elenyi awoke from cryosleep first. Her lid hissed open, releasing the frozen vapors and restoring her body’s warmth.

Her eyes snapped open. She felt… great! None of the grogginess and disorientation from cryosleep that usually took weeks to wear off.

Some cargo had shifted during the flight. Without thinking, she climbed out of her pod and pushed the heavy crate aside with a thoughtless one-handed shove. Only when she heard the horrible screeching as it scraped against the Badger’s floor did she realize how heavy it was.

Huh. Weird. Her mind had to be playing tricks on her. Maybe that cryosleep haziness was still a thing after all.

Matthews, Silas, and everyone else was still defrosting. Elenyi took her time strolling around the ship, looking at various consoles and maps. She gasped when she saw her reflection.

A totally foreign face greeted her. Leaning in toward the dark console displaying a star map, she scrutinized her own visage, imposed against the backdrop of Procyon solar system. The face… it was still her, but just, improved somehow!

Her hair, previously thinning and greasy, was now full, thick, and lustrous. Every strand was now healthy and back to jet-black, looking better than it ever had in her forty years. It flowed down to her lower back whereas previously it had ended in a bob cut at her neck.

She’d heard of hair growing an inch, maybe at most an inch and a half, during cryosleep, but this was ridiculous!

Elenyi ran her fingers through it. Yup, it was real alright. And it was hers. The silken strands were so warm and wonderful to the touch. Still in disbelief, she massaged her scalp, feeling wonderful tingling sensations travel through her body.

The other noticeable thing was her eyes. They were still brown, but they positively sparkled now. They were so clear and bright, almost as if they were emitting their own light.

She heard the remaining six crew members starting to groan.

Elenyi grabbed her toolbox full of assorted objects. Spare CO2 scrubbers, sonic wrenches, nanomachine drills designed for routine, unskilled work and cleaning. But the whole kit was so light in her hands now! She double checked that the contents were still intact. They were.

She actually regretted having to put on her space helmet. For once, she wanted everyone to see the splendor of her eyes and her silken tresses. Pride was a strange feeling for Elenyi.

Finally, Captain Matthews stumbled to his feet. The six of them rubbed the cryosleep out of their eyes, checking the console for their location, and sent a communication to Aryyl research station. They were cleared for landing.

“Alright men,” Matthews spoke, his speech still slurred. “We deliver supplies, we spend a year on the research station, they resupply us, and we head back to Earth. Easy peasy.” He was all business now.

“Yes sir!” they acknowledged.

Staggering around, they used magnetized handholds to lift heavy crates onto a pushcart. They attached with a “voomp!” before the crew lifted them as if they were weightless. Elenyi experimentally nudged a crate with her boot, and to her shock, it began to tip over!

She quickly let it back down as one of the engineers came around. He did a double-take when he saw her face. Had she always been so… fetching?

With another “voomp!” they loaded up the final crate and opened the hatch. The ramp extended to touch down on the barren moon rock, and the four men and two women made their way down. Elenyi followed meekly behind.

Chapter 3

The crew of the UEN Badger and Elenyi walked along the barren surface of the atmosphere-less moon. The vast blackness of space surrounded them, stars mostly unfamiliar. Every few hundred meters was a floodlight that lit the way while reminding them that there were actually human occupants here.

Finally, they made it to the decrepit, gray research lab emblazoned with a faded, solar-weather worn Greek letter Alpha. A twelve person team of scientists greeted them.

“Finally! Supplies! And a domestic engineer!” head researcher Jabali welcomed their saviors.

“Heh, yeah,” Matthews answered. “We’re here to help you out for an Earth year. You might even get something out of her,” he pointed his thumb back at Elenyi.

“Oh, I’m sure we will. Our labs could use a lot of cleaning. And our CO2 scrubbers are in dire need of replacement. Staff is complaining about the smell of the air. What’s your name?” she directed at the short one trailing meekly in the back.


“Welcome, Elenyi! We hear it’s hard to find domestic engineers now, so we’re really thankful you made this long trip.”

“Th… thanks!” Elenyi was so relieved, she nearly cracked a smile.

“We’re super excited to have you all here. Finally, we witnessed the death of a black hole. Our instruments are in dire need of calibration to capture the phenomena with the necessary precision.”

“Uh huh,” Matthews answered, clearly not following. Silas giggled at her commanding officer’s ignorance.

“Bunks?” Matthews moved onto a more interesting subject. “My crew will want some… private time to shake off the cryosleep.”

Jabali shook her head. Crews were always the same.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you there.”

She led the way to the guest quarters, passing through long hallways with large forcefields that allowed for outside viewing. Elenyi stared out at the stars, feeling her veins flow with renewed energy as she unknowingly looked in the direction of the former black hole.

The UEN Badger’s crew’s Spartan quarters, each one identical with a single bed, a desk on the opposite wall, and one tiny cabinet, were covered in a thick layer of dust.

“Elenyi! Take care of this shit. Make sure our bunks are ready by the time we get back. Jabali, take us to the mess hall,” Matthews ordered.

Jabali looked at her with pity and mouthed a “sorry.” Elenyi sighed, put down her toolbox, and got to work.

After eating a meal of gray, bland, protein mush by herself, Elenyi’s comm beeped. Jabali was summoning her to the research lab. Her day wasn’t over yet.

Elenyi made her way down the winding tunnels that led underground. It was cheaper for the lab to be constructed underground, using the moon’s material as a natural shield against the radiation in space as opposed to spending precious energy erecting sturdier forcefields.

Jabali was waiting for Elenyi just outside the entrance to the lab.

“Hi Elenyi… sorry to bother you. We’re really in a rush to get our instruments calibrated before this event passes by us. Can you get started right away?”

“Sure, no problem. What can I do?” she smiled brightly at the young head researcher who spoke to her decently.

Jabali was probably in her mid thirties. Guessing based on the woman’s disheveled appearance and her thick-rimmed glasses, Elenyi figured she didn’t have many extra hobbies. Not that there was too much to do on a remote space station like this. They were probably alike in that way—slated to do one thing. Only Jabali’s future was much brighter than Elenyi’s.

“Come in, come in.” Jabali placed the palm of her hand on the door scan. It slid open with a hiss.

“There’s just… a lot of fine tuning and calibration that needs to be done. These copper tubes need to be polished, some maybe outright replaced. New wires in the telescopes. And just general cleanup…” Jabali looked embarrassed at the amount of work that had to be done.

“No problem. I’ll get right on it.”

Elenyi began working the precise repair operations that Jabali had asked. The tasks should have been exacting and arduous, but for some reason, it was absolutely trivial for her now! She absent-mindedly tinkered while peeking over Jabali’s shoulder. The woman sat at the computer, running simulations of the celestial event. But as Elenyi watched the event play out in little orange pixels, her intuition told her that the research team had made a crucial miscalculation somewhere.

She shuffled up to Jabali who was deep in focus.


“Whoa!” a startled Jabali jumped.

“Can you tell me what you’re looking at?”

Jabali just stared at her blankly. What could Elenyi know?

_No, don’t think like that! _Jabali lectured herself. Why not answer the woman? Jabali wasn’t getting anywhere anyway.

“We run simulations on this computer to try and replicate the results of the black hole exploding. If we can get it right, then this whole array…” she pointed all around the room, huge, long tubes leading to a tiny capsule, “…tries to recreate some of the particles of the event. And then we study it.”

“Is this right?” Elenyi pointed at one of the variables.

“Haha, what do you mean ‘is it right?’” Jabali humored her. “I mean, there’s no guarantee it is. It’s just an educated guess on our part. I think… uh… hmm?”

Suddenly Jabali had a flash of insight. She reconfigured it and kicked off another brief test. The results seemed to be more in line with real world observation. Elenyi nodded approvingly.

“Whoa! How did you know!” Jabali asked in amazement.

“Lucky guess, I suppose,” Elenyi shrugged. She could see so many more variables that just couldn’t possibly be correct.

“We could use more lucky guesses,” Jabali mused. She rubbed her eyes and yawned. “I’m going to get a soykaf. You want one?”

“No, I’m alright. I have a lot more to do.”

“Thanks, Elenyi. I know domestic engineers are treated poorly and the job is phasing out. I’m sorry about that. Perhaps I could find a way to retain you here? We could use a lucky guesser.”

“Jabali! I’d… I’d like that.” Her gratitude shone as brightly as any sun.

“Okay, Elenyi. I’ll see what I can do. Be back in a while.”

Jabali exited the lab, leaving Elenyi alone by herself.

Elenyi thought maybe, just maybe, she could help Jabali’s work along with some more lucky guesses…

Chapter 4

Elenyi’s mind was running a million meters per second as her fingers flew gracefully over the digital display. Adjusting numbers, reprogramming routines, then running the simulation until it reproduced what she instinctively knew was right.

Jabali had only been gone for fifteen minutes. Elenyi closed the heavy, radiation shielded door to the lab, triggering the experiment. Hopefully this will give Jabali the data she’s looking for, she thought.

She gasped in pleasure as the subatomic particles fired through her body, triggering the dormant energy that had accumulated inside of her during their travel. Her skin glowed bright white as pulses of unknown energy coursed through her veins, infusing every one of her cells with power.

Elenyi’s body was forced to adjust to contain the cosmic energies swirling inside of her. Her legs grew longer, calves stretching out slender and graceful, thighs bulging, packed full of strong, sinuous muscle. She shivered involuntarily as all her tiny wisps of hair that she’d spent time trying to rid herself of with a sonic razor simply disintegrated, with no follicles left behind. Her taut skin grew silky smooth, absolutely electric to the touch as she rubbed her new, shapely, sinuous thighs together.

Her flat posterior simultaneously swelled and tightened, smooth, luscious, rounded muscle continuing where her incredibly long legs left off. Still immobile in transformation due to the blast of radiation all around her, all Elenyi could do was flex her newfound muscles, feeling her butt clench powerfully under her incredibly fine, insurmountably powerful control.

Elenyi’s torso did not go ignored either. Her abdomen visibly sucked inward, smooth, tight skin over her new, perfectly flat belly, before it exploded into a beautiful sleek wall of abdominal muscles. Each well-defined groove rippled with her slightest movement, flexing into view wonderfully as her body continued to transform.

And then, it really hit her.

Her modest breasts began to fill out, pushing against the restraints of her bra. As they firmed, growing luxuriously full, she felt a pinch of pain behind her now sculpted back, until the clasp broke apart with a loud snap. It was a fitting end to that piece of wardrobe—with her bosom now so arrogantly plump, sitting so high on her chest, she no longer needed any support from some flimsy wire. They grew at an even faster pace now, crowned with perfect pink peaks, an absolute glorious sight of femininity to behold.

Her domestic engineer’s outfit could no longer contain her body. Her legs were far too long and luscious to be contained, bursting at the seams and fluttering to the floor. Her new generous breasts snapped her far-too-small and pushed her shirt outward, displaying her wonderful abs and the bottoms of those ample swells on her chest for all to see. But it was her expanding biceps and triceps that finally ripped her sleeves off, leaving her bare, sleek, smooth, and hairless skin exposed.

Her wrinkled skin grew taut, imperfections around her eyes and lips all vanishing as it turned perfectly even, silky to the touch. Her lips took on a cupid’s bow shape, plumping pleasantly, beautifully pink and oh-so-desirable, begging to be kissed. Her visage reconfigured itself subtly, cheekbones high and elegant, face turning positively heart-shaped. Elenyi’s hair became even more impossibly lustrous than when she’d first seen it in the ship, full, thick, and wafting a fragrant, sweet aroma.

Elenyi couldn’t know it, but her light brown eyes were changing to a rich hue of glimmering gold. And the most significant change, invisible to all, were the new neurons forming in her perfect mind, pathways tuned to brutal efficiency, her every thought becoming lucid and crystal clear.

“Oh my god!!” Jabali was the first to return to the lab to investigate the power outage. She stood out in the hallway, illuminated by the distant ghostly white glow of the system’s remote star, in stark contrast to the warm yellow glow of radiation bouncing inside the shielded lab.

“Elenyi! Elenyi! What did you do!?”

Jabali accessed the emergency shutdown from outside. The experiment immediately began to power down, the deafening hum of power fading to stillness.

Elenyi’s new body, over six feet of luscious female flesh, collapsed to the floor. Jabali vented the lab of any remaining accelerated particles, not knowing that there were none left. Elenyi had absorbed it all.

Chapter 5

“What the fuck is that… thing?!” Matthews screamed, sitting at the circular conference table.

“It’s… it’s your personnel! Elenyi!” Jabali countered.

“That thing is not our personnel!” Silas immediately retorted, her eyes visibly trembling.

“How can you say that? She’s still human!” a researcher named Porter chimed in.

“How do you know she’s still human! No human can… can look as beautiful as that!” Silas let a piece of the truth escape her lips.

“Is that seriously your concern?” Jabali scoffed.

“Hey! Don’t you dare insult my XO! Our runs are far more dangerous than playing God in your little safehouse!”

“Playing God!?” Porter yelled.

“We need to keep her quarantined! Lock her in that lab! Don’t let her out!” Silas demanded.

“Our research! You’ll cause us to miss the most important event we’ve ever witnessed!” Both Porter and Jabali were up in arms.

“Fuck your stupid research! Just look what our unproductive domestic engineer did with it! You’re tampering with forces you don’t understand!” Matthews objected.

“I think Elenyi’s outcome is just fine. More than fine.” Blood rushed to Porter’s cheeks.

Silas gave him a cold stare.

Elenyi awoke, handcuffed to a bar in the research lab. It was completely dark and unpowered, but her amber eyes had no trouble making out the shapes.

Everything looked so much smaller to her now. What had happened? She looked down at her own body, and…

Oh gods! She thought to herself, her bound hands flying to cover her smooth, bare womanhood. She was totally nude!

The durable alloy of her handcuffs were strong enough to resist her prodigious strength, but the bar attached to the wall of the lab was not. Elenyi ripped it out accidentally with a loud screech as she pulled her arms.

She gasped when she felt the cold metal bar bend around the bulging spheres of her firm butt as she crossed her hands to preserve her modesty. Her wrists were bound, the metal had unbelievably yielded and curved to her body, but she felt absolutely no pain!

Curiously, she pinched the metal cuffs with her long, slender fingers. The durable, tough alloy squashed under her easy pincer, squashed as thin as a sheet of paper.

Elenyi then dragged her perfectly manicured fingernail across it, slicing it in half.

She repeated the exercise with her other cuff. The handcuff and bar duo fell to the floor with an echoing clang.

The thundering sound alerted two of the Badger’s crew standing guard outside.

“Captain! Captain! The janitor’s awake! We hear banging metal inside!”

“Banging metal!? Keep her in there! Do not let her out!” his staticky voice ordered.

“Stop! She’s not an animal!” came a voice they didn’t recognize through the radio.

“Belay that order! And stop any of the eggheads here from unlocking the door! Use force if you have to!” Matthews cut the transmission.

Elenyi saw the rustling bodies illuminated by the moonlight in the hallway just outside of the lab. With one arm covering her shockingly large new breasts and her palms and fingers of her other hand covering the triangular area of her sex, she approached the large shielded exit door. Only when she got closer did she realize that she towered over those men! She had gotten distracted from examining her surroundings by her surprising casual display of strength.

“Hey! Can you let me out?” she yelled as she elbowed the thick glass, both arms occupied with covering her decency..

The two armed crewmen were rendered speechless for a few moments. They stared at the hard, muscular ridges of her feminine abs, or the luscious spheres of her chest spilling out from around her arm. Eventually their gazes traveled up past those voluptuous breasts, looking at smooth shoulders and arms that looked as sturdy and polished as marble.


Her muffled voice was enough to attract their gazes into looking at her heartbreakingly beautiful face. As soon as they locked eyes with her backlit pupils, their minds felt muddy, unclear, lost in a haze of endless worship. The intense glow of her irises contrasted with the pitch-black backdrop of the unpowered lab demanded their attention, wiping all other distractions from their minds as it dominated their sight.

Elenyi blinked, unintentionally breaking a hold that she didn’t know she had over them.

“Guhh…” both men recovered, drool dripping down their chins.

“What? Oh, hey! You… Miss Elenyi…” one of them addressed her respectfully. “You can’t be this close to us! We don’t know what’s happened to you!” He appealed to her.

She looked at the lab door. Brushing it gently with her fingers, more steel gave way to her loving caress. But she needed this intact if she and the research crew were to continue running her experiments.

Suddenly, a thought clicked in her supercharged mind. What if she just… willed it to open?

Untold power coursed through the neurons of her brain. Elenyi flexed muscles she had never felt or conceived of, stared hard through the wall at the back hand-scan lock, and touched the circuitry telekinetically. It glowed to life, displaying a phantom handprint, marking the identifying locations.

The display beeped. The door slid open.

“Hey! Who did that!?”

They both raised their guns at her.

Her unfettered, naked beauty at such close range was too much for the men to handle. The fact that they were eye level with her perfect breasts only exacerbated the problem. Their hands trembling violently, one of them accidentally pulled the trigger on his rifle.

The nanobot bullets, designed to be fired safely in space stations and disintegrate upon impacting force fields, struck Elenyi squarely in her sculpted tummy. The micro-machines tried to carve into her skin to disable her, but instead shattered into dust.

Elenyi gasped when she realized they’d fired on her. Looking down and expecting to see a bloody wound, all she found was a black, greasy smear. Her satin skin was otherwise still completely pristine.

“Um… uh… backup! Backup!”

Elenyi reached out and ripped the rifle out of her assailant’s hands. He gasped as it exposed her pert, pink nipples to him. She squeezed her pretty little fist closed, turning the rifle into a blob. It would need to go through the recycler to be turned into material. Then, she reached out and gave him a little shove, sending him flying through the air. His spacesuit protected him from the impact against the wall, and he floated down to the floor under the moon’s weak gravity.

The other crewman cut and ran.

“Do not engage! Do not engage! Elenyi is… she’s… I say again! Do not engage!”

He ran down the hallway, more than tempted to turn around and bask in her beauty once again. But his discipline won out. His floating footfalls grew distant as he ran back toward his captain.

Chapter 6

Elenyi took the brief opportunity alone to find a locker with some garments. Ignoring the locking mechanisms, she ripped them all open with her unstoppable strength until she found something that could fit her new prodigious height.

Draped in a gray, shapeless uniform, Elenyi followed where the crewman had run. Finally, she made her way to the conference room where the entire population of Alpha research station had holed up.

“Hey! What are you guys doing!? Captain Matthews! XO Silas!” she drummed on the glass with her dainty fingers.

They looked at her in awe. With her beauty covered up, everyone was still able to function. But for her to have grown an extra foot in height… how could that be possible!

“We don’t know what’s happened to you!” Matthews yelled. “It could be dangerous! You may be contagious!”

“It’s not contagious,” Elenyi asserted firmly. “It has to do with the phenomenon that the researchers here are studying. I know I’m right.”

“Chain of command!” Silas chimed in. “Captain’s orders! You need to turn yourself in, allow yourself to be quarantined. We will not tolerate mutiny!”

“Mutiny?!” Elenyi yelled. “I’ve done nothing wrong!”

“Follow orders now and we won’t report this issue! You can still be an ugly unproductive when we land back on Earth in fifteen years, instead of being locked in prison!” Silas continued.

“Ugly!?” Elenyi chose a particularly superficial part of that statement to quibble with.

Silas’s facial expression immediately betrayed that she knew it was a bald-faced lie.

Jabali and Porter were seated in the back, behind the rest of the standing crew. They pleaded to Elenyi with their eyes.

“I’m not going to allow myself to be locked up. You couldn’t even if you tried,” Elenyi declared.

So saying, she pointed at the hand scanner on the inside for her audience’s benefit. Twirling a single, outstretched finger, she took her time, letting the display light up as she “touched” it, recreating Jabali’s handprint with perfect accuracy.

The door beeped and slid open.

Everyone gasped.

“How did you…” Matthews started.

“She did that too! At the lab!” the armed crewman announced. “I couldn’t believe it!”

Elenyi stood in the doorway, her head nearly reaching the top of the door’s cutout.

“I’m not going into quarantine. But I don’t want to hurt anyone either. I’m just Elenyi.”

“Don’t listen to her!” Silas raged. “She’s… she’s a monster! A freak!”

“I just want the researchers. Porter, Jabali, do you want to come with me?”

“Yes! Yes!” They replied in unison.

“Don’t move!” Silas drew her gun on them.

Elenyi ripped it out of the bitchy XO’s hands with but a thought. Silas gasped as her weapon floated through the air, only to be squished into a smooth sphere between Elenyi’s hands.

“Now, will you set the research team free? We need to study this phenomenon before our opportunity passes.”

Silas’s legs wobbled as she fell back into a chair. Matthews gulped. What else could he do? Elenyi’s abilities defied all reason.

“Take them. But we stay out of each others’ way! These Einsteins can get infected by you if they want, but we’re not risking it. Stay out of the crew quarters and mess hall!” Matthews announced, trying to maintain illusion of control.

Elenyi shrugged.

“Whatever you say. Let’s go. Jabali, Porter. Everyone.”

All twelve researchers quickly shuffled out of the room behind their savior, darting glances back at the crew.

For a week, Elenyi’s researchers and the UEN Badger’s crew co-existed in a tense, difficult peace. The stunning raven-haired goddess set her team to monitoring and studying the pivotal event that had caused her transformation. Meanwhile, Elenyi herself was holed up in a storage bay that she had turned into her private study.

The team was working around the clock in shifts, but to their shock, everyone reported seeing Elenyi up at all hours. If she slept, it couldn’t have been more than an hour at any given time.

Meanwhile, the UEN Badger found out just how difficult life could be without their tormented domestic engineer at their beck and call. Thanks to the backwater technology on Alpha station, they had none of the conveniences of modern nano-repair bots.

The one crew member that had been most heavily influenced and re-wired by Elenyi’s glorious, naked beauty at devastatingly close range actually suggested asking the unfathomably powerful superwoman for help. He was immediately shut down. Silas suggested that he go running back to his so-called goddess.

He whimpered. The thought was irresistibly tempting.

The lab equipment needed to be more powerful, more precise, more sustainable. Elenyi had already hit the lab’s limit when she ran the fateful experiment that had transformed her into this towering beauty.

By the end of the first day of the weeklong truce, Elenyi had developed a new, sturdier, more powerful, more efficient fusion reactor. Generating the energy was one thing, but controlling it and siphoning it was another. Elenyi had solved the puzzle.

She carried the never-seen-before technology with her bare hands, not requiring the assistance of magholds. The multi-ton weight felt like nothing to her. The current on-shift research team gasped as they witnessed her walking around with the room-sized reactor on a single palm, stepping outside onto the atmosphere-less moon without the aid of a spacesuit.

Out there, Elenyi disconnected the old, out of date reactor. She ripped it out of the moon by plunging her arm underneath the surface and tearing it out, her fingers carving into its metal to create a handhold. Then she installed the one of her own making.

Both the research team and the Badger crew had gone out to examine it. The design was like nothing they’d ever seen. No part was identifiable by any of the ship’s engineers.

The fusion reactor unlocked everything. Full power surged Alpha station back to life. Lights no longer flickered, the food replicators worked properly, and experiments and simulations could begin in earnest once again. Using one system at full power no longer came at the expense of everything else.

As a jab to the Badger crew, Elenyi designed the complex nano-machines that would have obsoleted her job and delivered them scurrying down to the crew quarters. Matthews and the others viewed the gifts as a potential Trojan horse, perhaps designed to spy on them, sabotage them in some way. But they were too convenient to ignore, and the ship’s engineers confirmed that they seemed to be designed completely to spec with what they knew.

But for her own research team, Elenyi built nano-machines that completely outclassed the existing latest models. They were unbelievably decadent; not only did they clean and repair, the tiny bots were able to replicate food on demand without an awkward trip to the mess hall, or deliver sonic showers on the spot while the user was still fully clothed. Nearly every physical need or sustenance was fulfilled.

With higher morale and better working conditions for the research team, Elenyi delivered upgraded tools. Telescopes that saw further at higher resolution, more degrees of precision and longer range on infrared and x-ray detection arrays, microchips dozens of times more powerful than what had ever been produced… years of leaps and bounds in technology, all achieved within a week!

Silas seethed with jealousy as she watched Alpha station turn into a hub of activity. She refused to use Elenyi’s cutting-edge (by Earth’s standards) nano-machines out of spite. And when she had surreptitiously spied on what the research team got… it only infuriated her further.

She had worked hard to become XO of a ship! And this… stupid, gorgeous janitor was making fools of them all! This soon-to-be unproductive!

The Badger crew noticed that Silas was growing more irritable by the day, but they couldn’t predict that their XO would actually snap.

The previously unmatched beauty took advantage of a moment when Elenyi walked back out onto the moon’s surface with 3 more fusion reactors in each hand. Surely it would that take Amazonian freak a while to install them, even with her ridiculous strength. Silas took the opportunity to track down Jabali, and at gunpoint, forced the lead researcher to grant her entry to the lab.

“Traitors!” Silas spat, her gun drawn. “Earth dissidents! Get out!”

Jabali and the four other researchers exited the lab in fear.

When Elenyi got back, she found an exhausted Silas on all fours, sweat dripping down her face. The lab had been utterly ransacked, the Elenyi-improved equipment blasted into pieces. The cables and tubes that made up the particle accelerator were cut and fractured.

“I may not be able to hurt you directly…” Silas panted, putting up a purely spiteful resistance, “but I can still stop whatever this crazy plan of yours is!”

Elenyi crossed her arms and glared at the petulant woman. A small fleet of Elenyi’s hyper-advanced nanobots floated into the room under Elenyi’s telekinetic force. She let them fall to the floor and activated them with but a thought. The little machines began to repair all the damage that Silas’s petty outrage had caused.

“Noooo!” Silas screamed, raising her gun again. Elenyi merely watched and let her squeeze the trigger.

The nano-bullets tore through Elenyi’s baggy clothing, leaving her silky skin exposed. Silas emptied every last round, peppering Elenyi’s invulnerable, beautiful body.

“Didn’t you hear from your crew already? You can’t hurt me with your weak little bullets.”

Silas continued to pull the trigger in desperation, the empty click echoing over the sound of the rapid, silent repair from Elenyi’s personal fleet of robots.

“Im-impossible…” she muttered.

“Hardly. Why don’t I help you comprehend?” Elenyi replied mysteriously.

Silas fell to her knees as Elenyi advanced. The radiation-enhanced goddess’s legs were so long, her stature so tall, that the kneeling blonde woman’s head barely came up to Elenyi’s thighs. All the while, Elenyi had begun to tear away the scraps of her bullet-riddled clothing.

“What… what are you doing?” Silas could barely speak in the presence of Elenyi’s incredible display of power and unmatched beauty.

“Shhh…” Elenyi whispered as she stripped fully nude.

Silas drank in the sensual sight of this shockingly tall goddess. Her mind whirled in a dazed fog, unable to think clearly from the assault of Elenyi’s beauty. The tight swells of muscles on her long limbs, the wonderful arc of her jutting breasts and protruding tips, her hard impenetrable body contrasting with their wonderful soft curves, and those mesmerizing golden eyes…

Images of Elenyi ruling over the galaxy as its benevolent yet unopposable dictator flooded Silas’s mind. She absent-mindedly turned and walked away from this Goddess of beauty, fantasizing about Empress Elenyi revolutionizing and bringing utopia to the universe, the entire population under the bewitching spell of her beauty.

When Silas finally began to recover out of her fuzzy daze, she was outside of the crew quarters.

“Silas!” Matthews tried to snap her out of her daydream.

Silas continued to stare blankly with a dumb, guileless smile plastered on her face.

“Officer!” Matthews grabbed her arms and began to shake her.

Silas’s head lolled lazily.

“XO Silas! Psileen Silas! This is your captain! Wake the fuck! Up!”

“Huh? Mmmf?” Her voice was broken from the constant shaking of her body.

“What the hell happened to you!?”

“I… uh…” Silas tried to shake the cobwebs out of her fuzzy mind. But the influence of Elenyi’s beauty was not so easily swept away. “I… don’t… know?”

“Was it Elenyi!? Did she do something to you!?” Matthews demanded.

“I… I know what happened. XO Silas saw Elenyi naked… sir.” The only other crew member who had experienced Elenyi’s overwhelmingly sexy, nude body chimed in. He looked absolutely crestfallen, wishing he were the one to receive the honor of drowning in the tall, raven-haired woman’s sensuality.

“This is ridiculous!” Matthews shouted. “She apparently can already survive in space without a spacesuit, and with her bare hands carry I don’t know what the fuck those are but they sure as fuck look heavy! You’re telling me she can turn you into a horny mindless hump too?!”

“Not… horny…” Silas finally muttered. “Worshipful. Unworthy. She is… divine,” Silas shivered as she admitted the truth.

The rest of the crew all looked at each other in shock.

Matthews made a decision. They had to do something. They had to risk it. They would try to make it back to the ship and escape Aryyl. Warn Earth about the unstoppable force named Elenyi.

Chapter 7

Elenyi sat in the lab, pondering the future of humanity. In a few days, she had already surpassed all of their primitive technology. Interstellar travel through hyperspace had been their greatest achievement, and that was done 200 years ago. Humanity had stagnated. They had reached the pinnacle of their civilization, and now lived in idle decadence. Only the researchers were working on anything meaningful, while the rest of humanity, like the UEN Badger crew, adhered to rank, desperately clutching onto it as if it gave their lives some measure of worth.

But what would the course of humanity look like under her rule? What if she were in charge of Earth and its sprawling galactic civilization?

She dismissed the research staff on the sixth day post-transformation and Alpha station takeover. The lab had finally been upgraded enough. the observations and measurements of the supermassive black hole’s radiation piercing through hyperspace finally gave Elenyi exactly what she needed to conduct her simulation.

Elenyi sat with her knees hugged to her chest, eyes closed, as she telekinetically punched the inputs to the last experiment she would ever need to run. Heavy titanium-steel alloy sheets floated through the air in perfect harmony with delicate precision parts, reconfiguring the hyper-advanced technology to her exact specification.

She flicked a finger with finality. The fusion reactors buried across the entire moon of Aryyl whirred into action, along with the lab.

“What the fuck is happening!” Matthews screamed as they snuck their way to the comm station on Alpha. They passed the lab on the way, an incandescent yellow light flooding out from the windows. Some of the crew, including Silas, couldn’t resist taking a peek inside. They saw Elenyi’s nude, voluptuous body writhing on the floor.

“Men! Don’t look! Keep going!” Matthews ordered.

“Mmmmmmfffffff!!” The two ship’s engineers were glued to the spot, completely paralyzed, drowning at the sight of Elenyi’s something even more magnificent body. Her prior mesmerizing, impossible beauty had somehow become so much more, her fit, feminine stature growing even taller, making room for even more nubile female flesh.

The male and female maintenance members found their minds completely unable to function, shut down by the mere sight of Elenyi’s lusciously expanding bust. Those beautifully speckled nipples, growing firmer and more pronounced in tandem with those gravity-defying orbs burnt through all of their discipline, their resistance, even their desire to resist.

“Manoppo! Cranford!” Matthews shouted.

“We’re so happy…” they both droned. “Elenyi wouldn’t want us to fight. So we won’t.”

They both dropped their weapons and glued their faces to the window, continuing to stare at Elenyi’s insanely long legs grow even longer.

“Ahhhhh!!” Silas cried as she covered her eyes with her hands, not daring to look at the window. “Help me, Captain! Help! I want to look so badly!” Her fingers trembled, scratching up her face, hoping the pain would distract her from succumbing. Every single second was pure agony as she dreamt of stealing a slight peek, just the tiniest glance at Elenyi, knowing that it would mean having her willpower shred to pieces by Elenyi’s irresistibly crushing beauty.

Silas began to scrape her feet along the floor toward the window, the bright lumens peeking through the cracks of her closed fingers.

They made it to the comm station, only to find the control panel completely deformed.

“Shit! Fuck!” Matthews screamed as he ran up to the console and pounded his fists on it. Upon closer inspection, they could see a stencil of Elenyi’s staggering beauty etched into the metal in great detail, reproducing her mind-boggling beauty in cold, lifeless metal.

“Can you fix this!?” Matthews asked his engineers.

They tried to open some of the panels, but the panel’s plates were so warped that they couldn’t even get their tools into the cracks to pry it.

“No, captain! It’s totally FUBAR!”

They could see the UEN Badger in the distance.

“Has she gone to the Badger?!” Matthews asked.

“Not on my shift, she hasn’t!”

“Nor mine!”

“Silas?” Matthews demanded.

“Sir… I don’t think so, sir! My mind goes sort of… fuzzy… whenever I see her…”

“FUCK! Well, we don’t have a choice anyway!”

They double timed it back to the main blast doors, passing their two hopeless mates who were still frozen in place, looking into the research lab. Matthews grabbed Silas’s arm as hard as he could, causing her to yelp in pain, and dragged her out of the line of sight.

Silas wasn’t sure whether he should thank Matthews, or break his grip and run back. But they continued onward.

Slapping on their spacesuits, the four remaining crew of the Badger gasped as the blast doors to Alpha station opened.

Aryyl was becoming green! The sound of the fusion reactors that Elenyi had buried throughout the planet worked at an incredible pace, turning barren space rock to moist, fertile dirt. Beams of energy beamed from the reactors toward thousands of meters above the surface, creating a magnetosphere that shielded Aryyl from deadly radiation. Grass was actively sprouting from the moon’s surface, swaying in a sweet, gentle breeze that seemed to have no origin.

“Oh my god!” Silas shouted. “She did this!?”

“Let’s go! We have to tell Earth what’s happening here!” Matthews ordered.

They took long leaps over the surface, each one successively shorter as the force of gravity grew stronger to match Earth’s. Their boots sank into the soft soil, providing a far less robust platform to push off.

Huffing and sweating, they finally made it to the ship’s main ramp. Matthews and co clambered up the metal runway and climbed up two floors to the Badger’s main controls.

Silas and Matthews began the ignition sequence… to no avail. The Badger wasn’t responding at all.

“Captain! The engine!”

“What is it!?” Matthews screamed. “Can you fix it?!”

“No sir! There’s no fixing it! It’s… gone!

Matthews looked outside. He couldn’t believe it. Saplings were growing right before his eyes, as if time lapsed and sped up a hundred fold.

“Direct emergency life support power to the comm station!” He had a feeling they wouldn’t lack for oxygen soon.

“Done, captain!” one of them reported as they finished the task.


“Yes, captain!”

Hoping against hope that Elenyi hadn’t disabled this avenue as well, Silas yelped in joy as the display flickered to life. Matthews rushed over.

“Alien entity on Aryyl! Alpha research team compromised! Approach with caution! Send armed troops!”

He sent the wave through the hyperspace tunnel, which burst into view for a split second as the message made its journey to Earth.

“God help us,” Matthews prayed.

“You called?”

The sonorous voice of a siren washed over them, the dulcet tones prickling the hairs on their skin as it echoed into their very souls. The Badger crew felt a compulsion to turn and face the owner of that compelling voice. Before them stood Elenyi, just under seven feet tall, her beauty shining brighter than the suns.

Matthews and company felt their willpower melt away as they succumbed to Elenyi.


4000 years in the future, schools and families taught the history Elenyi’s birth as the most pivotal moment in human history. The texts of her origin were gospel. She was birthed on Aryyl, the heavens themselves delivering a beautiful Goddess of glorious purpose to usher humanity into utopia. Waves of solar radiation bore into the barren rock, fertilizing it, until one day, the ground opened up and Elenyi was born.

Everyone knew the story of Jabali, Elenyi’s most trusted confidant and head priestess, Porter, the enlightened one, and the first twelve acolytes. They were the ones who had accepted Elenyi’s birth without hesitation and treated Elenyi with the proper respect, assisting her on her divine mission whereupon she saved the universe from itself. Even now, they were alive and served her faithfully, spread out across the known universe to impart their knowledge. Jabali, with a mere fraction of Elenyi’s all-conquering beauty and impossible super strength, often primed the more rambunctious humans and held the peace until Elenyi arrived to really work them over.

Matthews, Silas, and the first six dissenters served as a valuable cautionary tale to children. Even as they tried to resist what was best for humanity—no, even themselves—in the end, they served only the Goddess. And she was a merciful one. Her beauty removed any thoughts of self-harm and destruction from the minds of her children. There was no reason to disobey—Elenyi’s beauty demanded obedience for her subjects’ own good, and it was only right to worship her without needing to be graced by her otherworldly beautiful presence. Empress Elenyi the divine, as she was coloquially known.

The entire Earth navy that had arrived to Aryyl after the Badger’s fateful message were known as the first converts. As soon as they saw the lush greenery of the previously-barren moon, somehow rich in resources, powered by six of the most groundbreaking fusion reactors they’d ever witnessed, they landed their ships and immediately placed themselves under Elenyi’s rule.

Left out of the textbooks was that a single transmission from Alpha station to the entire fleet, containing only Elenyi’s mesmeric golden eyes and gentle smile had been enough to send the thousand-man fleet into a happy stupor that they could not break free from for weeks. A simple visit in person cemented their fates as submissives to Elenyi.

There was only one holdout galaxy left in the known universe that was not under Empress Elenyi’s rule. Her worshippers were on their way now, armed with nothing but images and audio records of Elenyi. Their conversion would be swift and efficient.

Goddess Empress Elenyi watched the events unfold on her viewscreen from her throne on Earth now Elenaryia, custom built by her nanobots to seat her nearly seven-foot-tall splendorous beauty. With her technology, the mind-boggling cosmic distance presented no problem for her to witness their conquest in real time. The woefully underdeveloped planetary defenses were unable to even come close to penetrating her fleet’s defensive armaments, and images of her were projected all over that final planet. Elenyi could hear the groans of submission of an entire civilization.

She wondered what kind of project she could work on into the next few millennia.