The Beneficiary of the Traveling Bra

Commissioned by echo

Chapter 1

“Would you like fries with that?” Helena asked, dressed in a pink blouse and skirt combo with a white apron around her waist. They featured deep pockets, stuffed full of napkins and some utensils. Her feet were adorned with matching flawless white roller skates with pink wheels. It was restaurant policy that the skates, above all else, remained pristine throughout service.

“Yeah, gimme a side of fries. And a milkshake, toots,” the customer ordered, grinning widely as he played into the 1960s theme of the restaurant.

“You got it, daddio,” Helena responded with a flourish as she took the order. She whirled away, her long brunette hair held in place by a pink and white headband.

Helena whipped around and skated back toward the diner proper. This job was hell on her feet, but she couldn’t deny that it had done wonders for her fitness. Her legs were absolutely sculpted now despite her slightly chubby body—just a genetic disposition, she supposed. Standing at a below average 5’4, she’d felt slightly envious of taller girls before, but not having the burden of all that extra height made her more suitable for this job, at least. The taller servers often bemoaned their aches and pains more.

The customers tipped well too. Probably a function of the fun callback to the past, the cute outfits, the cheesecake attitude, or perhaps the biggest elephant in the room: the latent sexual appeal. Helena wasn’t about to complain. She had a daughter to raise.

Nancy was getting to be of that age. Well into her teen years now, she was growing rebellious, a little mean-spirited, trying to find her place in the world. She was about the age when Helena had gotten pregnant. That was a discussion Helena had tried to have with her many times too.

Unfortunately for Helena, Nancy was… developing in a way that Helena never had.

Nancy’s breasts were enormous. Ever since she’d hit early puberty, her breasts just kept developing, larger and larger. She’d had a hard time at school when all the boys and girls made fun of her until puberty hit them as well. Now she, along with her three friends who were similarly endowed and had formed a friendship out of their support for one another, were objects of sexual desire that all the boys in school lusted over. It had taken a large bite out of the single mother’s family finances, starting off with training bras, and then having to shop for new ones constantly. Nancy had begun borrowing and sharing bras with those three friends of hers as they all swelled to massive proportions as if trying to outdo one another.

Worse yet, Helena had no idea how to even shop for bras for her daughter. She had no experience herself. Another reason that this 60s waitressing gig wasn’t as hard for Helena as some of the others besides her short stature—her completely flat chest. She didn’t have the aches and pains that the other more well-endowed women had. She apparently also wasn’t tipped as highly, but that wasn’t such a bad tradeoff.

So, Helena had never worn a bra in her life. And her daughter was sporting a pair of breasts that probably commanded their own gravity.

Oh well, perhaps it was just a fluke of genetics. Hopefully Nancy would want to have “the talk” tonight. Helena had tried many times, but now that Nancy was sporting a pair of F-cups, it would probably be wise to try and have it again…

Helena fetched a tray plated with a pair of wax paper wrapped doubles and two baskets of fries. Filling her apron with some glass bottles of classic ketchup, she rolled back out into the driveway to serve her customers. She looked down at her own unremarkable chest wistfuly. Hopefully this pair of diners would tip well.

Chapter 2

Helena got home at 8:00 PM after a tough double shift. Hopefully Nancy had eaten the leftovers that Helena had left in the fridge. Another pair of takeout boxes from Diner on Skates sat in her passenger seat, ready for tomorrow’s meal.

The overworked mother got home to their small two bedroom apartment twenty minutes later. Her daughter was watching a reality show about the lives of the rich and big breasted. Helena couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy.

“Nancy dear, did you eat dinner?”

“Mom, I’m watching the show!”

“Can’t you just pause it?”


“Nancy, we need to have the talk.”

“Ugh! We already had it, Mom! Years ago!”

“Yes honey, well, that was before you got so big, dear.”

“Is that a problem?” Nancy still hadn’t taken her eyes off the computer.

Helena stood there for a while, unsure of what to do. Finally, she relented and just went to their little kitchen to deposit tomorrow’s meal. She glanced back at her daughter. She’d probably complain about the meatloaf and mashed potatoes meal again. But Helena simply didn’t have time to cook, and it wouldn’t compare to the takeout from Diner on Skates anyway.

Why did her teenage daughter have to be so difficult?

Helena took the laundry hamper down the hallway and into the apartment’s shared laundry area. Separating the whites with the colors, she tossed them into the woefully small washers and swiped her credit card. A few plugs of detergent, and the colors were on their way.

Looking for her stain remover, Helena grunted in annoyance when she realized there was almost nothing left in the bottle. She examined all of the thick, heavy, padded underwear that Nancy was sporting. They were filthy and stained.

Great, yet another thing she had to put off for tomorrow. And she was working a double tomorrow as well. A resigned Helena pulled out her phone and searched online for her usual stain remover.

They were out of stock. Of course.

She looked at related products. “Magic BE gone.” Whatever. Helena bought it.

As the washer for the colors ran, Helena began to throw all of the undergarments and whites back into the hamper and headed back to their apartment. But to her surprise, she heard the beep of a keycard being swiped at the front entrance. A delivery man dressed in a strange-looking uniform she’d never seen before approached her.

“Package for Helena,” the suit and tie dressed man handed her a package.

“Uh… yes, that’s me.” How did he know who to hand it to? And it was late at night! AND she had just ordered it!

“Thank you and we hope you enjoy Magic BE gone!” He gave her a goofy salute and scampered out of the building.

Helena just stood, stunned at the strange events. When the door clicked shut and the strange man had disappeared from view, she looked at the package. There it was, Magic BE gone. She didn’t have one day delivery service, let alone one minute delivery service!

Oh well, might as well take advantage of the fortunate turn of events. She went back to the laundry room and, with some difficulty, peeled the plastic off of the spray nozzle.

Knowing that her daughter shared a lot of bras with her friends, Helena elected to test the stain remover on her own clothing first. Her waitress’s blouse had accumulated plenty of grease throughout the day, so she squeezed the liquid blue cleaner onto her own uniform first. Grabbing the outer edges of her garment, she rubbed the dirty spots against each other. The detergent almost seemed to sparkle before her eyes! Must’ve worked too hard today. Or maybe it was the harsh overhead fluorescent lighting, reflecting off of something.

When she peeled the fabric apart, the stain was totally treated and already vanishing! She couldn’t believe it!

Quickly, she tossed her white blouse into the washer. Moving onto her daughter’s bra, she performed the same ritual, treating and removing the stains out of those thickly padded F-cups.

Just for fun, Helena slid the straps over her shoulders and tried to mold the underwear to her own flat chest. God, this thing was huge! She couldn’t imagine what it would be like, having to carry such huge swells of flesh on her chest, supported by something this bulky with an underwire running through it. She reached behind her and clipped it shut. She could imagine how uncomfortable it would be, carrying this burden, day in and day out.

No, things were fine the way they were, she rationalized. Just experimentally, she looked down at herself and placed her hands on the large cups and pressed it to her chest.

Seriously huge. Yeah, things were fine the way they were.

The blue cleaning solution touched her clothes and seeped through. The shockingly cold liquid caused her to yelp as it splashed onto her own chest and nipples, making her skin tingle. She looked at the back of the bottle for safety instructions as she rubbed her own chest, unknowingly massaging the liquid to be absorbed even deeper into her skin.

No safety instructions. What was this stuff!?

She took off her daughter’s or whoever’s bra and threw it into the wash. Nothing else was in dire need of special treatment, and Helena chucked it all in there. Swiping her credit card once more, she rubbed her aching chest and set a timer for 50 minutes.

Fuck. She hoped nothing was wrong. She’d go rinse off thoroughly with a hot shower while she waited. Hopefully that would take care of the unfamiliar sensation ringing in her chest.

Chapter 3

Helena had folded the laundry long after Nancy had gone to sleep. Just when were they going to have the talk? She sighed as she put her daughter’s clothes in her drawers. She was too deep in sleep to be disturbed.

In the morning, Nancy came out of her room with her t-shirt half over her head. Helena could see that Nancy was wearing the bra she’d just washed last night, complete with… blue sparkles? Helena blinked hard. When she reopened her eyes, Nancy had the t-shirt fully on, covering the impressive curve of her protruding bust. No sparkles in view.

Helena probably needed a day off.

Nancy grabbed her backpack from the small living room. She went to the fridge and opened both of the takeout boxes that Helena had brought back.

“Meatloaf in both!? Mom! I already had this yesterday!”

“Don’t be picky. And we still need to talk, young lady.”

“UGH!” Nancy grabbed a box petulantly. “I’m going to miss the bus!”

She ran out the door, chest heaving and bouncing.

Helena sighed.

Nancy met up with her friends Tinsley, Gabriela, and Bailey. The four were affectionately referred to as the big bad boobed bitches of the school. Tinsley was bitchy, Bailey was a badass who didn’t care what people thought of her, and all of them were big boobed.

“Hay girls!” Nancy greeted them.

“You’re late,” Tinsley declared with a grunt of annoyance.

“We can’t all have our own car, you rich bitch,” Bailey retorted.

“Don’t call it just a car. It’s a luxury SUV,” Tinsley corrected.

“My point exactly.”

“Girls, girls, it’s too early to be fighting, okay? School’s about to start! We’re going to be late!” Gabriela tried to make peace, her English tinted with a strong Spanish accent.

“Si, si, senorita Gabriela,” Bailey replied.

“How many boys do you think are going to stare at us in first period?” Nancy asked with a big gleam on her face.

“Come on Nancy. Why do you care what other people think?”

“I care, okay! Is that so bad!”

“Watch out, you’re gonna be just like Tins. Just without the money.”

“Sounds fucking awful,” Nancy giggled and elbowed her rich friend.

“It is. The money helps,” Tinsley quipped. “You got my bra today? I want that one back. It’s expensive.”

“Yeah, yeah, just let me wear it for today, okay! My mom just washed it. It feels nice right now,” Nancy rubbed her breasts subtly. The fabric felt especially soft, and her breasts were tingling pleasantly.

“Okay, but I want it back by the end of the day.”

“Hey, I thought it was my turn next!” Gabriela whined.

“I changed my mind,” Tinsley answered coldly.

“Tins, let Gabriela have it next. You said you would,” Bailey interjected.

Tinsley looked at Bailey’s hard glare and acquiesced.

“Tch. Fine. I guess you can have it next, Gabriela.”

“Wuju!” the Hispanic girl whooped.

“Can I take your order?” Helena asked. She patted down the sweat on her forehead. Her headband was soaked. Not only was the sun beating down today, the brunch rush was especially intense. And her body had felt strangely flushed all day!

To top it all off, this senior citizen seemed to be staring at her. Staring at her chest, even. And right in front of his wife.

Helena panicked for a second. Was there something hideous on her blouse? The restaurant had very severe standards for dressing the part. If there was anything ghastly on the cutesy uniform, they were to change into a spare in the backroom.

The older woman gave her partner a shove and a death glare. He cleared his throat and ordered.

“Senior breakfast. For me. For the side, I’d like the fruit. Some big juicy melons…” He continued to stare at Helena’s chest and even began to drool.

“Arthur!” his wife scolded him.

“Let the nice young lady take your order, Joanie. Take your time,” he prompted.

“Same for me,” she gave her husband a look, and then started laughing. Helena scribbled it on her little pad and skated away. She didn’t see Arthur outlining a huge pair of boobs on Joanie’s body and Joanie play slapping him for it.

Back in the restaurant, Helena took an opportunity to wring out her headband and run it under cold water. Wringing it out, Helena glanced down at her chest where that elderly man had been peering.

She gasped.

Breasts! She had breasts! Helena couldn’t believe her eyes. How was this possible? Her whole life, she’d been flat as a board. Now, there were two undeniable swells of feminine flesh protruding from her chest. They weren’t huge or anything… She remembered back to last night when she’d tried on Nancy’s bra. Recalling that image, that feeling, she brought her hands up to her ribcage and “adjusted” those cups.

No, not even close. But still, what a crazy and strange development! And not at all unwelcome. Judging from the old man’s leering, they must have been quite a nice looking pair too.

Putting her cool, moist headband back on, some ice cold water dripped down her blouse and onto her new swollen flesh. The water left a trail a sit drifted down her new modest slopes and tickled her nipples.

Oh god! Her nipples! That’s what he must have been staring at! She’d never had to wear a bra in her life! Those things must have been poking out from underneath her work uniform!

She quickly rubbed the moisture off her breasts with a clean napkin. Helena was hit by a sudden wave of euphoric ecstasy, her new flesh so sensitive to her own touch. She struggled to suppress a moan when the towelette traced over her erect peaks. Oh god! It felt good!

Trying awkwardly to cover her twin peaks with her arms, she grabbed a tray of food for some of the diners outside. On her skates still, she rolled back to her customers and tabled their meal. An extremely self conscious Helena blushed furiously and grew even hotter as she noticed the male gaze glued onto the clear erotic shapes underneath her blouse, perky nipple and all, as she was forced to lean over and present his meal to him.

As she skated away, face tomato red with embarrassment, she felt her new budding breasts tingling once again. The blue sparkles were too subtle and faint for her to notice. But she was… proud of her new chest. Excited. Aroused.

“Nancy, the hell are you doing? Stop fidgeting!”

“I… can’t! Something’s wrong with your stupid bra, Tinsley!” Nancy hissed.

“What do you mean? That thing cost over a hundred dollars! Little bit uncomfortable in the underwire, but it really supports well and gives your cleavage that extra pop…”

“Girls! You will stop talking in class! And Nancy Poplar, sit still!”

Tinsley rolled her eyes but quieted down. Nancy whined as she continued to swivel and turn. It just didn’t fit right!

“Mrs. Lee, I just can’t! May I be excused to the nurse’s office?”

Their teacher just glared at Nancy. But the girl seemed to be in genuine discomfort.

“Very well. You are excused.”

“Nancy, are you okay?” Gabriela whispered.

“I don’t know! No!”

She squirmed her way down the aisle to the snickering of the students around her.

As soon as Nancy got out of class, she unclasped Tinsley’s stupid bra and let her puppies hang free. That was so much better! For some reason, it didn’t fit correctly at all, and Nancy felt as if her breasts were chafing as they swished against the far too loose undergarment. Her boobs had been strangely tingling all day, almost itchy.

The buxom girl headed for the bathroom, her heavy breasts bouncing with every hurried step. Once she got in, she quickly checked the stalls for any closed doors and peeked for ankles through the gap at the bottom. Nobody around.

Nancy pulled off her t-shirt and massaged her aching breasts with relief. She slid her hands up underneath the loose bra and…

Wait. Loose!?

Nancy’s eyes shot open in panic. It truly was loose! The thing didn’t fit right at all anymore!

“What is this!?” she yelled out loud. Her voice echoed out into the hallway.

Her huge knockers that she’d always been so proud of were now merely above average. What the hell was this!? Was she sick!? Losing tons of weight? Nancy estimated that she was two sizes too small for the bra! And she had been secretly so proud of nearly overflowing it before! Tinsley might have a rich daddy, but Nancy could fill her rich friend’s bra so much better than her owner.

But not anymore.

Nancy was on the verge of tears. She continued to massage her breasts, but the strange pain didn’t go away. She stared in the mirror almost catatonically as she continued to squeeze and massage her feminine flesh. The shell shocked girl could swear they were shrinking by the second as she hefted and pinched. No… her mind must have been playing tricks on her.

The bell rang for the final period. Thankfully, school was almost over. Her classmates were flooding out into the hallways. Some of the girls would be invading her privacy.

Nancy slipped the now-too-large bra back on, her breasts protesting being contained in such spacious, ill-fitting fabric. But what could she do? It wasn’t like she could go around bra-less.

With a deep breath, Nancy wiped the tears from her eyes and stepped back out into the hallway.

“Nancy? You okay?” Gabriela asked.

“I don’t know, Gabby…”

“Walk it off. You’re stronger than that,” Bailey suggested forcefully.

“And gimme my bra back by the end of the day!” Tinsley demanded.

“Hey Tins, it’s my turn next, remember?” Bailey reminded her, emphasizing her own dramatic swells.

Even Tinsley didn’t dare speak back.

“Gladly. Take them,” Nancy squeaked all too eagerly. The last thing she wanted to tell the girls was that she didn’t need them anymore.

Chapter 4

Helena was working her second shift now. She’d rushed to a local retailer and bought a bra for the first time in her life ever since she was a teenager.

She had no idea what she was doing. At the huge department store, Helena panicked and just grabbed a bunch of bras of different band and cup sizes. One by one, she tried them on. There was only an hour for her to do her shopping, and she still had to eat!

But the sight of her full, curvy, spectacular chest distracted her. She began to linger with each and every bra, taking her time to admire just how seductive their large, mesmerizing shape could be, enhanced with some scarlet lace or some black padded cups that exaggerated her already luscious spheres even further.

Before Helena knew it, she was late for her second shift. A huge stack of bras littered the dressing room where she’d taken forever, not even trying on bras the whole time. She just cupped her chest and looked in the mirror, shifting her hands and causing her breasts to jiggle beautifully. She tried pressing her arms around their stark outer edges, pressing them together to close the wonderful gap of her cleavage, causing them to bulge upward and outward.

Oh, what fun! Helena never knew just how wonderful having breasts this large could be!

When she finally noticed the time, she panicked and grabbed the ones that she thought fit the best. The label said 34C. She slipped the straps over her shoulder and reached behind her back, her inexperienced hands trembling as she struggled to close the clasp.

It… hurt a little. Helena yelped as the wire dug into her supple flesh. Strange. When she’d come in the store at the top of the hour, she thought this one was perfect. Hence the separation from the messy pile. In fact, if anything Helena had believed it was a bit too large!

She undid the clasp and quickly grabbed a few that read 34D. Slipping one on, she let the cashier ring her up and wear it out.

Helena was still working, waiting for the day to end. Nancy would be getting out of class by now. She couldn’t wait to show her daughter her new 34D breasts. Perhaps that would allow for some mother/daughter bonding between the pair. She could endear herself, being complimentary of Nancy and asking for her assistance and expertise. And in exchange, maybe Nancy would be more willing to listen to Helena’s life experiences and advice.

And she definitely needed advice. These 34Ds felt too tight as well! She swore it’d been fine when she wore it out of the shop! Helena had heard nightmares about bra sizing and fitting… Now, she knew it was true. It was all a mystery.

The lingering stares of her customers began more and more blatant. The men, and even some of the women, were unable to hold eye contact with Helena’s hazel irises. Their marvelously sharp color, which Helena had long considered her best feature, was now trumped by her protruding chest.

And it had only been a few hours, but Helena swore that they were tipping better too! A particularly stingy customer who often left nothing decided to grace her with a 15% gratuity and a long peek at her bust. Helena didn’t mind. No, in fact, the growing woman found she enjoyed the attention.

This bra! It was too damn tight! Fuck 34D! Her entire haul was probably worthless by now. She could feel them expanding against the confines of their cups, pinching her skin. It was unbearable!

Helena took her first opportunity to head back into the diner’s restroom. She took off her bra with a huge gasp of relief as they sprang free. Yes, this bra was definitely too small. Helena’s huge puppies needed room to breathe. She couldn’t believe how perky and well-formed they were, despite their massive size. 34D? More like 34F. Or FF? Whatever. Total mystery.

Helena stared at and admired her own torso, marveling at how the perfect shape of her breasts could be clearly seen underneath her button down blouse. She wiggled her torso, enjoying the swish of her erect, dark chocolate peaks against the polyester of her uniform. Back and forth her breasts swayed, almost hypnotically, drifting side to side, side to side, beyond the outline of her body. Those huge monsters would definitely be visible from beyond.

The single mother waitress smoothed her hands over her white blouse, molding it to the contours of her body. God, she really was huge. Breaking the hypnotic pull of her tits in the mirror, she looked down at those enormous swells. She couldn’t even see past her breasts to her lower body. Is this what it felt like to be gifted with Nancy’s lucky genetics? Helena felt like more of a woman, aroused and powerful…

There was a harsh, rapid knocking at the bathroom door.

“Helena! How much longer you gonna be in there! We got three of your orders up!” Sam, their manager, yelled through the closed door.

“Sorry! Coming! It’s just… womanly stuff,” she answered back lamely.

“Feel free not to tell me about it!” came back the gruff reply. “Just get back out here when you’re ready!”

Helena opened the door, her bra long since discarded in the trash. Her boss’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when they settled on her short frame contrasted with her massively swollen breasts. He just stared and stared at those magnificent swells, absolutely speechless.

How were they so round? So firm? He could tell from her nipples tenting the diner’s sexy uniforms that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Were these implants? No way could she have gone that big so fast… but what else could have produced such a dramatic change in just one day? And she hadn’t taken any time off!

Sam was starting to drool. He could barely fight off the urge to groan lasciviously and inappropriately in front of his employee. They were just so impressive, so exquisitely shaped, so sexually desirable… he wanted to feel their heavy weight in the palms of his hands, to pinch those nipples that so obviously wanted to be fondled…

Helena smirked and shook her torso.

Sam did moan now. His eyes tracked the fluid, erotic movement of Helena’s boobs. Left and right they swung, and his pupils followed suit.

“Ahem. Sam?” Helena cleared her throat.

“Ahhh, ummm, yes… Helena, the orders are um… up. You should go wait on your customers. I need to use the bathroom now… give me a little bit of privacy time please.”

Helena couldn’t help but admire the angry bulge in his trousers that her mere presence and gentle swaying had inspired.

Chapter 5

A happy Helena came home with a large roll of cash thanks to her record breaking tips. She’d splurged, picking up some nice chicken fried steak and biscuits with gravy, some cranberry sauce and turkey, and a whole apple pie. Nancy definitely wouldn’t complain about this meal.

“Nancy! I’m hoooome!” she introduced herself as she nudged the apartment door open with her shoulder, hands full of takeout boxes.

“Mom! Mom! I don’t know what happened! I think I must be sick!” Nancy wailed.

Helena dropped everything on the kitchen counter immediately and went to embrace her daughter.

“Nancy! What’s wrong! Are you okay?”

“Mom! My boobs! They’re… they’re shrinking!”

Helena’s eyes bulged. Her heart raced. How could her daughter’s be shrinking? And on the same day that her own were growing?

“Are… are you sure?” Helena asked, terrified of the implication.

“Yes, Mom! Of course I’m sure! I don’t fit into any of my bras anymore! I tried all of them! I’m way too small!”

Nancy had her head buried in her hands and was sobbing into them. Helena reached across Nancy’s shoulder, preparing to squeeze her tight, but she wasn’t used to the huge obstacles on her own chest. At the last second, she thought better of it lest her daughter notice her massive… changes.

“Hang on, honey, I might have something that’ll help…”

Helena walked down the bedroom hallway. She peeked into Nancy’s room. It was a total mess. Bras strewn everywhere. Surreptitiously and feeling slightly guilty, Helena went in and quickly snuck one of her daughter’s bras for herself. Maybe it would fit…

Back on track, Helena found a few old bras of Nancy’s that she’d never bothered to throw away. It was a bit musky from sitting in the closet idle for so long. She shook it violently and patted it out, trying to stifle a giggle as her chest shook violently along with it. It was a burden that Helena would happily bear in exchange for her new gift.

She brought the old random assortment to a still weeping Nancy.

“Do you want to try wearing these in the meantime? I can go take you to see a doctor as soon as possible…”

Nancy, vision blurry, looked at the shameful tiny cups that Helena was presenting. She fell further into despair.

“Oh Mom! You wouldn’t understand!”

She ran to her room, completely oblivious to her mother’s new fleshy assets. The teenage girl’s bedroom door slammed shut. Helena shrugged, causing another massive earthquake on her chest. It was just as well.

Back in her own room, Helena tried on Nancy’s F-cup bras. Now that was more like it!

Helena awoke in the morning to the same strange sensation on her chest, a feeling that was becoming quite familiar. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes and swung her legs over the bed. Her breasts jiggled and slapped against the entire surface of her rib cage loudly before coming to rest with hardly any sag at all.

Wait. Had they grown again!?

Helena gasped when she looked downward. They were ENORMOUS. Double the size she was last night!? She tried supporting her breasts with an entire forearm, not that they were in want of support—and even her limb wasn’t enough to reach from one end to the other! At least half of an entire tit spilled beyond her hand, sitting high and firm on her torso past the outline of her body.

She brought her other arm into play and began to massage those incredible slopes. Surprisingly, she sat up straight with very little effort. How could her tiny body support these huge monster mammaries!?

Helena stood up slowly and cautiously. Still painless, effortless. Her breasts protruded so far beyond the front of her body, she could scarcely believe that she wasn’t falling forward with every single step. She made it to a body length mirror and licked her lips, anticipating what was to come.

She examined her own reflection. Fuck, she was incredible. Her womanly assets rippled in her hands, each mountain of perfect lust-inducing flesh feeling soft yet firm. She dug her fingers into the bottoms of each one, her skin silky smooth, her fluid breasts bulging and morphing in response. When she let go, they slowly came to rest once again, defying gravity and jutting out for the world to see.

They were so sensitive too! Helena moaned as she traced her fingers up the massive expanse of her mammary glands. The journey up those steeply rounded curves was torturously long, and she made sure to draw it out and enjoy every minute of it. Erotic electricity tingles wherever her fingers traced, sending fiery hot sensation traveling to her large chocolate nipples. She felt as if they were about to explode in pleasure!

She pushed those breasts together and laughed. Standing barely over five feet, her breasts were such a ridiculous sight on her. Helena imagined she could swallow a whole arm in the valley of her expansive cleavage now. She squirmed as she pushed in even further, moving those orbs up and down, up and down, enjoying the sound and feeling of her skin swishing against itself.

Oh, she could barely stand it. She brought her fingers up to her nipples, exquisitely proportioned and perfectly placed at the forwardmost point of her tits. They were so extremely large now, so sensitive, and when she glanced over them with her painted nails… the heavenly sensation almost caused her knees to buckle!

Helena stood there, eyes closed, pussy leaking, feeling a burning furnace of arousal ignite inside of her with an intensity that she’d never thought possible. It raged hotter as she swirled and pinched those dark peaks, sending more backbreaking thrills through her body.

No, the size of her breasts was no impediment to her at all. But playing with them like this was what was going to paralyze her!

She lost track of time as she tossed on a robe to shield her from the cool morning air. There was no way she could close the front of it now, so the soft purple velvet just outlined her prodigious shape with a contorted, outward-bent V. Her bare breasts weren’t cold in the slightest as her own ministrations fired her up, her breasts aching with need. When Helena got tired of playing with her nipples or couldn’t stand it anymore, she scooped that expansive flesh out of her robe and continued to jiggle and swirl them, enjoying their heft and weight.

Her forehead was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Her lips were dry, her breathing heavy. Opening her hazel eyes, she could really admire the total package she was sporting now.

Languorously, she swiveled to the side, giving herself a reflection of her profile view. Oh lord. These things more than doubled the space in front of her that her body would occupy. She probably couldn’t fit through a regular door sideways anymore! \

Just to check quickly, Helena found Nancy’s bra that she had tried on last night. She bent over to pick it up off the floor, her pendant breasts touching her thighs and sending another jolt of arousal through her. She fought the brain-clouding sensations and tried to slip the straps over her shoulders again.

No way. Not close. Not. Fucking. Close.

Helena went to her wardrobe and looked for clothes to wear. What on earth would fit her now!? There was no way her Diner on Skates uniform would fit now! Forget about buttoning the blouse, she wouldn’t even be able to pull the two sides together to cover half of each breast in the first place! \

Still in her robe, she grabbed a towel and tried to wrap it across her upper body. Still no way. The linen barely made it to her sides.

She checked the clock. Oh shit! 8:30 AM already! Why hadn’t Nancy woken her?!

Holding her towel over her chest with her hands, she peeked out her bedroom door. There sat Nancy at the small dining table, eating all of the goodies that Helena had brought last night.

“Hi mom…” her voice was dejected. Helena stole a glance at Nancy’s chest. She was barely carrying anything in that department anymore!

“Nancy? Are you okay honey? You’re eating a lot! Why didn’t you wake me for school?”

“I was hoping that, maybe, if I ate some, my boobs would come back.” She sniffled. “The food’s really good, Mom. Thanks…” She took another bite of flaky crust and cinnamon apple filling.

“I’m sorry, dear. I don’t even know who to contact about something like this. I’ll do some research and find a doctor for you, hopefully.”

“Why are you hiding behind your door? Are you… sick too?”

“Sort of…”

Helena gingerly stepped out from behind the wooden barrier. Nancy gasped, mouth agape.

In one night, her mom had become huge! How was that possible!? Larger than Nancy ever was. Far larger. It looked completely unnatural! And oh so sexy…

“What!? Mom! Is that you!? What happened!”

“I don’t know, honey! I woke up, and I was like this! I couldn’t even get any clothes to fit!” She decided to leave off the part from yesterday when she’d been able to fill Nancy’s F-cups perfectly.

Nancy picked her jaw up off the floor and eyed her mom suspiciously. Could she have… somehow taken her boobs? No, ludicrous. And even then, Nancy wasn’t half the woman that her mother was now.

Still, she couldn’t shake the feeling.

“Come on honey, let’s take you to school. I have to work soon. I’ll find a doctor and schedule some time off with Sam, and we’ll have you looked at, okay?”

“Okay Mom.”

Chapter 6

Nancy showed up to school two classes late. Dressed in something totally unassuming unlike her usual self, nobody really paid any mind to her. After all, her most identifiable feature was gone. She hated it.

But even as she went completely unnoticed, she heard her classmates chittering something about Bailey. Something about her finally looking like the tomboy she always wanted or pretended to be…

Nancy found her friends dawdling about in their usual spot on the quad during the scheduled fifteen minute break. There stood Bailey, towering above Gabriela and Tinsley as usual. Nancy was still a few dozen feet out, but… what happened to Bailey’s chest! Even from here, Nancy could tell that Bailey had shrunk away! Just like herself!

“Bailey! Tins! Gabby!” Nancy broke into a sprint and headed for her girlfriends. The mysterious disappearance of her heavy chest was actually a weight off her shoulders. Literally. Running had never been this easy. Some consolation prize that was.

“Nancy!?” All three of them shouted in shock as their previously buxom friend approached them. “Is that you!?”

“Hey! I don’t know what the fuck happened!” Nancy gestured at her tiny breasts now. “But Bailey… you too!? There must be some strange disease going around! Like a pandemic!”

She was secretly pleased to not be the only one. Bailey being a victim of it would be great support; Bailey was always so strong and level headed.

“Yeah, must be. Gabby, Tins, maybe you guys should stay away from us for a while…”

“How are you taking it?” Nancy inquired.

“You know? Not that bad, surprisingly. They were cool and all, but I was actually thinking of having them reduced.”

“Really?!” Tinsley blurted.

“Come on, Tins. I know you’re a fucking rich bimbo, but pay attention. I couldn’t do gymnastics any more cuz of these babies,” she gestured at the massive space her breasts used to occupy before remembering they were gone. She chuckled. “And like, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to have them reduced. It was a hard choice, and it would cost money. So I guess it’s actually a blessing in disguise. A choice I don’t have to think about anymore. I think I’ll pick up gymnastics again.”

“You’re crazy,” Nancy deadpanned. Come on, Bailey! Couldn’t she suffer at least a little?!

“I’m happy for you, Bailey,” Gabby said warmly in her thick accent. “But, I think I’ll stay away from you and Nancy…”

“Let’s go, Gabby. Get away from these two sick people. I’m not giving up my breasts for anything!”

The two took off, Tinsley not looking back. Gabriela gave them a look of pity.

“I’m shocked you’re taking it so well, Bailey…” Nancy said with tears welling in her eyes.

“Hey Nance, sorry. I know you really liked your boobs. Come on, you still have your brains and you’re pretty besides. …Hell, I’m not good at this. Gabby’s the complimenter.”

“Thanks Bailey. That helps. Really.” Nancy wiped her eyes. “By the way, didn’t you have TInsley’s bra last? So… what’d you do with it?”

“I gave it to Gabby. I did it so Tinsley would throw a fit, hah! She was bitching at me like crazy about how she wanted it back already. Gabby’s wearing it now.”

“Ah, okay.”

Helena was having such an easy day at work! She’d shown up in her usual pink skirt while still wearing her bathrobe and towel. She greeted Sam who simply stared at her in a daze, too mesmerized to ask Helena what the hell she was wearing. The absurdly buxom woman quickly went to the supply closet where she’d seen their diner uniform in some extremely large sizes. Apparently the bulk order included those by default, and they’d had nothing to do with them. At least, until now.

Helena put the oversized blouse on and buttoned up. Her smooth, silken, creamy skin bulged out from the holes between the buttons. She wasn’t wearing a bra, of course. Surely there were none that fit her. And from the way her massive tits seemed to support their own weight, she didn’t need one.

Strutting back out with all the confidence in the world, she gave a still zonked-out Sam a little wave and a wink, shaking her chest a tiny bit.

Sam stared at her magnificent, hypnotic assets openly. His penis began to grow erect in his trousers once again, even faster than yesterday when he bumped into her coming out of the bathroom. It surged so hard, so quickly, that he almost squeaked in pain as his angry head butted against his denim and the jagged zipper!

Helena merely stood there on her roller skates, hand resting on a counter for support. She tried not to laugh out loud lest she break the mesmeric hold she had over him. Every time Sam seemed like he was about to regain control, she looked down at the shelf of her breasts seductively and gave it another little shake. Their quaking, jiggling flesh, swishing back and forth, enchanted him completely. Every subsequent tease took him longer and longer to recover from.

“Sam? Shouldn’t you get back to work?” Helena giggled.

“Uh, um, yeah, work…” he groaned as he tried to walk. He was so fucking stiff!

Helena puckered her lips and gave him a little remote kiss. She pressed her hands against her blouse and emphasized the contour of her glorious orbs.

“Ughhhhh… back to work… have to go to the bathroom…” Sam shambled off for some much needed privacy.

Helena laughed out loud as the door clicked shut. She swore she could hear Sam’s grunting in there!

She skated out to her customers whom she discovered were just as vulnerable to her new, womanly charms. They just stared and drooled all while Helena giggled, her firm breasts bouncing so scandalously in her uniform.

The old couple from yesterday were back for brunch. Arthur of course was drooling helplessly over the course of service, constantly scanning the area hoping to catch sight of Helena whenever she skated back out. Every fluid kick of her feet off the asphalt caused her breasts to quake, and he couldn’t get enough of that salacious movement. Joanie was too busy gawking, wondering how it was possible for a woman to have such enormous breasts and yet move around so gracefully, gliding as if on air.

By the time they had finished their meal, Arthur couldn’t help himself.

“Helena! Helena!” he read off her nametag, which coincidentally gave him another excuse to look at her bulging blouse.


“Thank you for today. The meal was absolutely wonderful. Your service was… lovely. I, I just have a question…”

“Aw, thank you! What’s your question?”

“May I touch your breasts?”

Arthur and Helena looked at each other in shock. The question had come from Joanie.

“Well… I suppose so…” she giggled coquettishly.

“Tinsley! Tinsley! I think I caught the disease!” Gabriela whined as she swiveled uncomfortably in the rich girl’s bra. “It’s not fitting right anymore!”

“Shit! You stay away from me too! I don’t want that virus or whatever it is!!”

Helena leant forward, presenting her incomparable bust for Joanie’s tactile examination. The older woman reached out to try and feel both, but one sphere of Helena’s luscious flesh was more than enough to occupy the older woman’s hands.

“So large… so firm… how is this possible?!” she exclaimed as she squeezed hard, mashing and denting Helena’s perfect breasts.

“Ahh!” Helena moaned in arousal.

“Helena! May I, may I touch them too? I, I’ll tip you! A ton!”

“Go… ahead…” Helena chewed her lip from the wonderful tingling. It was taking place in both breasts somehow, not just the one Joanie was squeezing and massaging.

“Oh thank you! Thank you thank you thank you!” Arthur nearly jumped out of his seat with excitement.

The elderly couple went full force at Helena’s tits, pawing and groping like out of control horny teenagers. Helena moaned, reveling in the newfound power of her sexuality. She’d never cared that much about being flat chested, but now she understood what she’d been missing. The seductiveness. The pleasure. The power and the control.

She fucking loved it.

As the two continued to climb up her massive slopes with their hands, the tingling in Helena’s breasts seemed to reach a breaking point. They began to swell once again.

Arthur and Joanie gasped as they felt Helena’s breasts shifting underneath their very hands. They felt an incredible resistance as Helena’s orbs grew even firmer and impossibly larger, pushing their arms back!

The top buttons on Helena’s uniform burst off, exposing her immense decolletage for the world to see. They were so large now that the top couldn’t even contain her nipples underneath their cover any longer. The massive beach balls on Helena’s chest could not be denied.

“Oh my god!!!” All three of them screamed at once.

Finally, Helena’s breasts stopped growing. They spanned from her neck down to her bellybutton now, so unwieldy and yet still so firm, so luscious, and presenting no burden to Helena whatsoever, She arched her back, her newer, even more magnificent breasts presenting themselves to the heavens with no flattening at all.

“About that tip?” she moaned as she swiveled her body, getting used to her new improvements.

“Yes! Yes! Here!”

It was five times the bill.

Arthur and Joanie thanked Helena for the privilege and promised to come back every single day. Helena gave them a parting jiggle as she languidly dragged her index finger over the top of her tits and sucked on said finger.

During just one shift in a single day, Helena made more in tips than she did in three months.

Chapter 7

Helena came home with an enormous wad of cash that evening. She struggled to fit through the door, her breast flesh grinding against the frame. She had to tuck it in with her arms before squeezing through the narrow entrance.

“Nancy! Nancy! You won’t believe what happened to me today!”

“Mom! It happened to Bailey too! And then Gabriela later! They… they’re both flat! Like me, now!”

“Oh, I’m so sorry honey! I guess it didn’t get better huh?”

“Of course not! How could it get better by itself! Something weird is happening!” Nancy wailed.

“I’ll say…” Helena whispered.

Nancy heard it. She looked up at her mom.

“Oh my god! MOM! You… you got bigger?! How!? And you’re not even covering them up! Oh my god how are they so perky!?!?!?”

“Nancy, I don’t know dear! It just happened today!”

“When!? How!?”

“While I was working, dear! I thought I would be embarrassed to be showing off like this,” she jiggled her torso again, laughing at the effect her narrow cleavage and bulging boobs had on even her own daughter, “but… I really enjoy it! I can understand why you’re so disappointed now. I’m sorry,” she concluded unconvincingly.

“Mom. When did it happen?” Nancy repeated.

“Like, an exact time? I don’t know. They felt funny and tingly all day after I dropped you off at school. It was brunch, so maybe 10:00? 10:30? Why?”

Nancy did some mental checking. That’s when she’d gotten to school. When she’d found Bailey also flat, and had handed off TInsley’s bra to Gabriela…

“Mom! I know! It… it must be the bra! Tinsley’s playing some sort of nasty trick on us! This is all part of her plan!”

“What does TInsley’s bra have to do with it?” Helena asked, truly stupefied.

“Me and my friends, we were all wearing it when it happened! We put on the bra, and then not too much later, we… we lost our boobs!”

“That’s crazy, dear. How can that be possible? From a bra?”

“Yes, how can it be possible? And… and how come you’re so large now? It’s almost like… Mom, did you do something with the bra?”

“I don’t know, dear. I did the laundry. …Oh, I ordered some special stain remover to clean it. They were out of the usual. Now that you mention it…”

Nancy’s eyes grew wide.

“You… you stole my breasts! Give them back to me! NOW!”

Nancy charged at her mother and began to claw at those incomparably perfect spheres. Her mother’s skin was so smooth, her chest so firm and strong that despite Nancy’s squeezing, Helena only moaned in pleasure.

“Now dear,” Helena gushed with pleasure, asserting herself. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. This all sounds insane. I wouldn’t know how to reverse it. And… I wouldn’t want to, even if I knew how.” Her gaze became dark, her voice compelling. “I like the way I am now. Do you understand?”

“M-mom…!” Nancy quivered as she continued to massage her mother’s new headlights. She’d never seen her mom so willful before!

“Now, go to bed. Let’s figure this out tomorrow. I’m sure I can get someone to help you. From my experience today, I’m sure I can get anyone to do anything…”

Chapter 8

“Ay, girls, I lost my breasts too!” Gabriela wailed to Bailey and Nancy.

“Gabby! Quick! Where’s the bra!” Nancy asked.

“Bra? Who cares! I… I’m so flat, I’ll never wear a bra again!”

“The bra! Focus! Where’s Tinsley’s bra?!”

“It’s here… in my backpack…” Gabriela sniffled.

“Give it to me! I need to put it on my mother!”

“Your mom?” Bailey asked. “What the hell are you talking about, Nance? No offense, but your mom is flat as a board.”

“Not anymore, she’s not! It… it’s hard to explain!”

“Have you lost your breasts along with your mind?” Bailey raised an eyebrow.

“Yeah, look at you flat bitches! Going absolutely crazy!” Tinsley’s voice rang out from a distance away.

“Tinsley! Oh Tinsley, help us!” Gabriela sobbed.

“You flat bitches stay away from me! You… you’re not worthy to be my friend! All you do is leech off me, and now you don’t even have beautiful F-cups like me! I’m going to find new friends! Ones who aren’t moochers, not to mention sick and diseased like you three with your flat chests!”

“TInsley, why are you so mean!?” the Hispanic girl cried.

“Really Tins, you’re just a bitch sometimes. I mean a real bitchy bitch,” Bailey spat.

Nancy seethed in rage. The unfairness of it all. She and her two good friends, flat as an airplane runway now, an indirect result of borrowing Tinsley’s bra. And now she wouldn’t even associate with them. Her idea to stick the bra on her mother could wait.

“Girls, I have a plan. Let’s go get her!”

Nancy broke out into a sprint.

“Nancy? Where are you going?” Gabriela struggled to keep up.

Bailey was swift and precise, blowing past both girls.

“I don’t know what the plan is, Nance, but I like it already,” she grinned evilly.

“You… you stay away from me!” Tinsley began to backpedal. But her enormous breasts and lack of athleticism was too much of an impediment. Bailey was upon her in an instant, with Nancy and Gabriela following behind.

“Now, you’ll see what it’s like to join us…” Nancy began to tear Tinsley’s expensive top off.

“What… what are you doing!” TInsley cried as she continued to be assaulted by her three former friends.

“You’ll see…” Nancy said ominously as she slipped TInsley’s bra back onto its rightful owner…

Helena was driving to work when her breasts started to tingle once more. They began to inflate on the spot, expanding beyond the limits of the largest uniform that DIners on Skates had. And probably the largest size that anyone would actually produce.

“Again!?” Helena gasped in shock. How big were they going to get this time?!

They grew so magnificently large and rounded, doing their best impression of a car’s airbags. Except so much sexier. The expanding flesh spilled onto her thighs while seated. The glorious twin spheres inflated so large at the top that it impeded her eyesight. The incredibly dense, growing flesh pressed into her car horn, mashing up against it before that too, was overpowered. The car’s mechanisms were no match for her breasts. They depressed the metal springs and honked her car nonstop.

The sound of the horn blaring was almost as loud as Helena’s moans of pleasure. They felt _so _good, her nipples tingling with burning arousal as they ground against the steering wheel. Speaking of her steering wheel, her breasts absolutely surrounded and engulfed it, swallowing it whole.

“Yessss!” Helena cried. Never in her life did she think she could be this beautiful, this pure dynamo of sexuality!

Finally, her growth stopped. She shook her torso to feel yet more delicious grinding sensation against her even more sensitive breasts now as she slid her car seat back as far as it would go. No, she still couldn’t fit.

She blushed in embarrassment as her super-dense irresistible breasts blocked her vision, preventing her from driving. Checking all around her, she could see that everyone was staring at her. Not in anger. Not in shock. But in pure, desperate, carnal lust.

Oh, this was too good! She wriggled her way out of the car, one boob at a time, then fired her new and improved hypnotic orbs at a nearby Jeep. He sucked in a deep breath as he began to drool fiercely.

“Mind giving me a ride?” Helena asked. Before she could even begin to offer him the opportunity of a lifetime to touch her breasts which now covered most of her face and went down to her bellybutton, he had already answered.

“Yes! Yes, I’ll do anything for you!”

Helena smiled.

Now she’d have to walk into a dealership and find something more suitable to drive. Like a Hummer, maybe. Helena’s smile grew wide and predatory. She knew she could get it for free. She could get anything she wanted. Her breasts were irresistible and all powerful.

She was never going to give any of this back to Nancy or her friends.