A Trilogy with Belle

Commissioned by 10k

A Date with Belle

Chapter 1

A ghostly pale girl dressed in a black mini-skirt and a cropped black jacket emphasizing her exceptionally long torso was seated in her cosmic, black empty void that she called her room. A human mortal girl was on all fours, serving as the goth goddess’s chair.

“So what else do human dates entail?” Belle asked, crossing a fishnet clad leg over the other.

“G-g-g-go have a meal together…” the hapless girl stuttered.

She stared at the infinite black void before her as she rested on absolute nothingness. Her mind was shutting down, incapable of processing the unknowability of the universe.

Belle took a note of it in her little notebook composed of entire galaxies that she had condensed small enough to fit in between her generous bosom, bound in a low-cut black top. The celestial pad was one of her favorite belongings, one she’d created just by closing her fist, watching comets, planets, stars, and dark matter scream in protest as it all caved inward. She etched her notes onto it with a polished, black fingernail, carving deep grooves into it.

She flipped the page with her lone index finger. The notebook’s inexorable weight was no match for her little gesture.

“Okay, dinner. Fancy?”

“Guhh…” the mortal was starting to drool.

“Pay some fucking attention! Fancy dinner?”


“What else?”

“Music… outdoors…”

The girl’s mind was unraveling now.

Belle clicked her tongue.

“Well, thanks. Looks like you’re useless to me now. Should I put you back on Earth?”

If not for the distinct lack of gravity, her little chair would have collapsed to the “floor” by now. But thanks to weightlessness, she just remained motionless in place.

“Oops,” Belle mused, putting her notebook in between her breasts. She “stood” up and nudged the deceased girl with the toe of her black, thigh high boots, and her discarded little furniture piece disintegrated into sparkles.

“Time to surprise Adam!” Belle chirped.

Chapter 2

Adam saw Belle calling on his phone. He immediately exited his sports video game and answered. He would do anything for his girlfriend! It wasn’t like her not to have contacted him in two whole days, and it’s not like he had a number for her. She just… “called,” or whatever it was, at her leisure.

“Hey Belle!”

“Adam!!! My little lovebug, I have a surprise for you!”

“Oh my goddess, Belle! I was worried about you! A surprise?”

“Worried? Oh, you’re so funny, Adam! But yes, I have a surprise. How would you like to go on a date?”

“A date? Well sure. What brought this on though?”

“Well, every moment is special with you, but I thought we’d have a special special moment, you know? You don’t comprehend moments the way I do, but one of your fellow mortals told me how you may commemorate special days, and I wanted to try!”

“Well of course, Belle! I love every moment or whatever with you too!”

“So is now good?”

Adam chuckled. It was always funny when Belle tried to mimic mortal behavior.

“Now’s fine, Belle.”

Before he could take a deep breath to steady himself, he’d been teleported besides his goth goddess girlfriend to somewhere in Cleveland. The sudden transport left him woozy. He was about to collapse face first into the infinite space between Belle’s breasts, but Belle reached out with a single arm that pierced him through the chest and poked out his back, holding him in place. She occupied the same physical space as him with her limb, leaving them both unharmed.

“How do you like French food?” Belle asked.

“Mmm,” Adam purred, enjoying the sensation of Belle’s flesh in such intimate contact with his own. It was an indescribable feeling, to be overlain with the flesh and power of an omnipotent. “Like it. It’s good.”

“Great! Table for two, please!” she demanded from the maitre’d.

He stared at the impossible scene before him. This regular-looking young adult male dressed in shorts and a t-shirt had just materialized out of nowhere, and this beautiful goth girl was currently pulling her arm out of his chest, leaving him completely whole… what was happening?!

“Hellooooo!” Belle was notoriously impatient.

“Uh… I”m sorry ma’am, we’re fully booked, and your attire is not appropriate for our… decor…”

Adam tried to stifle a gleeful giggle, wondering how creatively Belle would handle this hapless, glorified door-greeter.

“Isn’t it your job to seat people? You literally have one job!” Belle glared.

The maitre’d suddenly felt a deep, existential dread creep into his soul. Something about this girl just wasn’t right… her dark eyeshadow appeared to morph into a large, unfathomable deep black that he stared into, beginning to lose his sanity.

Meanwhile, Belle had begun to transform the rest of his body into bundles of straw, all neatly wrapped up in a thick red flannel shirt and denim overalls. Inch by inch, his legs, his torso, his arms, all transmogrified into tufts of rough hollow grass, with a large stick stuck up through his ass.

His mind was still fading away. Belle reached out and slapped him across the cheek, hard, bringing his consciousness back into focus.

“Alright scarecrow man. Hopefully you can do your job better now. Greet people and let them in like you’re supposed to.”

“What… what am I… how…” he gasped as he found himself completely immobile and unbearably itchy. He screamed when he saw what had happened to the rest of his body.

“I told you to do. Your. Job,” Belle demanded ominously.

His speech halted immediately. He literally had one job now.

“Welcome to d’Orson’s. Please have a seat.”

Belle and Adam walked in.

“You are so fucking cool, Belle.”

“Ugh. Is the date going okay so far? I didn’t expect to have to cross a hurdle so soon. I hope I’m not ruining it…”

“Not at all, Belle! Goddess, you are so hot!”

Belle smiled. This wasn’t how she had envisioned their date so far. Adam liked it, but he liked everything she did, so that didn’t count too much.

There was a rising commotion outside as people stared and pointed at the maitre’d who was robotically welcoming everyone inside without a care in the world for his own plight.

A waiter brought over the menu along with some water.

“Is this all you have to eat?” Belle huffed.

“Why no, miss. Here are the drink menus. We have beautiful red and white wines, a beautiful…”

Belle was bored already. “My date is hungry and would like to eat. Why don’t you just bring out everything you have for us?”

“I’m sorry, miss, but that would be quite out of the ordinary. And if I may ask, how were you allowed indoors?”

“Ugh! You may not ask! In fact, you don’t get to talk at all anymore!”

Belle swiped a horizontal line in the air with two pinched fingers. Their waiter’s lips sealed shut, now covered completely by skin.

His eyes grew wide in fear as he clawed at his former mouth.

“Food. Now. Go.” Belle walked him away with a gesture of her index and middle finger.

He spun on the spot, his legs stumbling forward awkwardly as he mimicked her motions.

“This is so annoying! How do you deal with this?”

“It’s not so bad, Belle. I never imagined being in a restaurant like this… this is already a great date! Really!”

Belle was not convinced.

Their waiter came back out, arms filled with plates of food. He placed a ton of courses in front of the odd couple.

“Ma’am, sir, this is our entire tasting menu, all brought out to you at once,” he trembled in fear, not understanding what was happening. This goth beauty’s control over him was so terrifying!

“Is that all?” Belle regarded the tiny portions. “Adam, does this look like enough food for you?”

“I dunno, Belle…”

“Is this really how you serve your customers!?” Belle yelled.

“Ah, uh, ma’am, it is quite a comprehensive meal…”

“Excuse me, could you keep it down?” An older woman from the next table huffed at Belle.

Belle glared at the older lady. She began to wither away at her deathly black glare.

“No, I don’t think this is enough food. And no, I will not keep it down. But I’ll fix both of those problems. Using you two.”

Belle waved her hand toward the waiter and older lady. They both froze, becoming completely stiff and rigid. The goth girl had left them their consciousness as they experienced their bodies transforming into larger portions of the petit fours, microgreens, and small cuts of meat that their waiter had placed before them. Slowly, each portion of their body came apart and drifted over to land in Adam’s plate. They would have screamed had they been able, up until their head had been transformed into food as well.

Instead, they just suffered their existence in Belle and Adam’s plates.

“Now that’s cooking!” Adam whooped.

The restaurant was getting crowded now. The maitre’d had begun letting everyone in, and curious outsiders were wondering what kind of attraction or hoax the fancy restaurant was planning with their scarecrow greeter with a lifelike head.

Adam bit into his food, savoring the sublime flavor that the kitchen staff had prepared. But Belle’s improvised portions tasted even better.

The murmur of the crowd by the door, however, was bothering Belle.

“Ugh! It’s so noisy here!” she groused as she bit on her human-transmogrified goat cheese and cracker.

Suddenly, all of the sounds ceased. The entire crowd opened their mouths in shock when they realized that they could no longer speak or vocalize gasps. Even their footsteps or their panic had gone completely silent. The only sounds that could be heard was Adam and Belle’s flatware clinking against their dishes or their chewing and swallowing.

“Belle, this food is really, really good.”

She was too busy giving the evil eye to someone who was about to crash into their table from the crowd’s panicked flailing.

The unlucky victim barely bumped Belle and Adam’s table, but that was enough. Belle scowled at the silent mime before his entire body elongated like a rubber band, head first. Then, it flew high up into the air, stretched even thinner, and flew directly into her cleavage. She pressed her generous bosom together, slapping their intruder with a mysterious finality.

Adam smiled as he continued to eat.

“You liked that?” Belle asked as she began to process the entire crowd. One by one, they stretched out and made a horizontal arc, straight into her cleavage, never to come out. It was as if they never existed. All had become a part of Belle’s swelling breasts.

“Oh god, yeah…” Adam grew hard at the sight of his goddess girlfriend. Her breasts jiggled and fluttered as they processed the entire crowd of people, causing Adam to choke on a morsel of food.

“Grk!” he coughed.


She pointed at him with her index finger. He felt a sudden burst of pain in his ribs, as if she had punched him. It was more than enough to dislodge the food from his throat. He coughed up a piece of steak and a bundle of spittle.

“Sorry Adam. This is a terrible date,” she whined. “I’m so bad at being a mortal!”

“No, it’s great…” he huffed, desperate to mollify his girlfriend. “Really, it is. The food is great, and I was so turned on already… did you have anything else planned?”

“You’re not just saying that? You want to keep going on the date?” Belle looked at him hopefully.

“Yes! More than anything!” he cried.

“Well, I was thinking of taking you to a concert. Live music. I heard it’s something you mortals like…” she looked up at him with big, worried, puppy eyes, hoping for a good reaction.

“Yes! Let’s do it!”

“Okay, just let me finish eating too,” Belle smirked.

Belle sucked up the rest of the crowd at d’Orson into her breasts as Adam watched on reverently. Deciding to really put on a show, she began to bend the building as well, folding its outer walls like a piece of paper over and over itself until the brick and mortar structure was perfectly flat. When her breasts consumed that, she decided that the entire town neighborhood and its population might serve as a fine dessert.

When there was only a gaping hole left where Cleveland used to stand, Belle whisked herself and Adam away.

Chapter 3

The lovely couple appeared somewhere in Austin, Texas. There were tents set up, filled to the brim with cheering crowds performers of all varieties of music.

“Let’s go, Adam! We can listen to whatever you like here… maybe do some dancing,” Belle traced his bare arm lightly with her polished fingernail. “Maybe I can grind up on you a bit…” she backed her soft rear into his crotch and gave it a painfully erotic brush before her cheeks clamped down on his stiffening erection.

“Oh fuuuuck!” Adam groaned. “Fuck yeah, that feels so fucking good!”

“So let’s go!”

Belle released him from her clutches before he could stain himself. This was supposed to be a mortal date, after all. She could make him come fountains later, like she usually did. She grabbed a lust-paralyzed Adam by the arm and tugged his suddenly weightless, floating, gelatinous form toward the entrance to the music festival.

“Whuoouuouuuu… I’m okay now Bellee…” his voice quavered.

“Okay! I didn’t know how long you were going to be all horny and mindfucked.”

She set him back on the ground and granted him solidity once more.

“I think I’m getting better,” Adam bragged. “I think I can last longer when you tease me now!”

“Oh really,” Belle chuckled darkly.

“Tickets,” the two guards asked as Belle and Adam approached.

“More hoops to jump through!?” Belle reached into her cleavage and began to pull out all manner of ticket tubs. “This?”

The guards shook their heads.

“This? How about these?” Belle shoved her arm deep into the endless valley of her breasts as she began to pull out multiple crumpled pieces of paper, raffle tickets, admission bracelet, and other various multicolored knick knacks.

“Look lady, this isn’t some magic show. You give us a ticket or go find some scalpers to buy some.”

“Dammit! Adam, sorry this date is going so badly,” she looked glumly at him. “Give me a second. I’ll fix this.”

Belle took off her black cropped jacket and peeled her top down, exposing her pale, creamy breasts to the pair of guards.

The two men sucked in a deep lungful of air as they stared at Belle’s full, perfect mounds. They were so perky despite their incredible size, jutting off of her chest proudly as if defying gravity. The ghostly pink nipples that adorned each mountainous swell captured their imaginations. They both began to drool as they imagined latching onto those large, perfect peaks and drinking deeply from her endless well of ambrosia.

To their amazement, Belle’s breasts appeared to be growing ever larger by the second as they continued to visually drink her in. Those luscious spheres began to expand past the slim frame of her upper torso, spilling out the sides of her chest until they must have been clearly visible from behind. Even the sound of those mammaries stretching and widening rang in their ears with an erotic, longing tug. And all the while, they retained their perfect firmness, never sagging or looking grotesque.

Their tongues were suddenly inexplicably coated with an unfamiliar flavor. Creamy, rich, luxurious phantom milk swished in their mouths, but when they managed to close their lips and gulp it down, all they got was their own saliva. But the swish of ambrosia against their taste buds never receded. No, it only grew more intense by the second.

They didn’t even realize that they were in the throes of their third orgasm. Both men groaned gutturally as their jeans had been completely soaked through, top to bottom.

But the burning, needy sensation in their balls never attenuated. Belle’s mesmerizing tits forced them to orgasm, each successive one increasing in impossible intensity. Their hearts pounded faster, their bodies reduced to nothing but trying to manufacture enough semen to keep up with Belle’s demanding beauty.

“Nnnnn…” they both groaned as they spasmed, their pulsing erections never flagging. Both Adam and Belle could hear the wet spurts splashing inside of their jeans.

“Oh god, Belle. That’s fucking hot. Did your boobs get so huge because you sucked up a whole city?”

“Sure, if that’s what you like to fantasize about,” Belle smirked. Of course, whatever Belle wanted to happen, Belle got.

“Fuck!!! Can you do that to me?” Adam gasped breathlessly as he watched Belle’s breasts expand from behind.

“Oh Adam, you don’t want me to do that. Look at these two,” she pointed out.

The two security guards, with a permanent grimace of pleasure plastered on their pliable faces were positively shrinking away. Their bodies were melting like wax on a burning candle, becoming drippy and deformed.

And the whole time, they continued to flood their pants.

“I’ll just give you the nice, normal megacums after our date. How does that sound?” she purred as she shook her massive tits at her victims.

They gave a final cry as their rigid, quivering penises exploded in a shower of white fluid in tandem with them melting into a puddle on the floor.

“Oh god, I can’t wait…” Adam begged as he followed his girlfriend, mesmerized by the enormous breast flesh visible to him from behind. They swayed so proudly, so beautifully…

Belle didn’t bother putting her top back on. Every single person at the venue, man or woman, immediately became spellbound and lust-arrested by the sight of her swaying orbs. They all screamed in pleasure, first flooding their clothes before melting into squishy goop stains on the floor.

Belle and Adam just walked their way over the crowd of thousands that were now reduced to puddles as they made their way to a fully occupied tent.

“Just a sec, Adam, this place is totally full. Let me clear it out…”

Belle swept her arms beneath her breasts to heft their ever-growing size. Powerful jets of milk exploded outward and blew down the entrance to the tent. That torrent of nectar slammed into all the entire audience, triggering their instant orgasms while simultaneously shattering every bone in their bodies.

The goth girl swayed back and forth, making sure to blanket the entire tent with her divine milk. When she was done, she finally cut the fierce stream from her nipples. Her fragrant liquids seeped out from the overflowing habitat, all of the corpses of her victims long since liquefied from pleasure just like the entire crowd they’d walked past.

“Okay, let’s go. There should be plenty of room for us now.”

Adam rushed forward, lifting the flap of the tent for his beautiful date. Her milk was still dripping from the fabric. He couldn’t resist its miraculous scent. Experimentally, he licked a few droplets off of his arm as Belle walked through.

“Hoooooooog!” Adam sucked in a deep breath as he began to ejaculate fiercely in his pants. His body and soul began to melt, but he didn’t care. It was the most profound happiness he’d ever experienced in his little meaningless, inconsequential life.

“Oh Adam, I said I’d take care of you later!” Belle lectured. “Come on, I worked really hard on this date!”

She smashed her enormous wrecking ball breast into his sagging, liquefying body. His body ceased its impression of a melting wax statue as she forced a tiny fraction of her nipple into his mouth and began to overfill him.

Adam’s body regained solidity as he surged back to full height, healthy and vibrant. He began to experience the megacums that Belle had so generously promised him. His nerves were on fire, body pulsing with mind-shattering levels of ecstasy as he contributed to the sexual fluid flooded grounds they were standing on. In fact, he was leaking like a firehose, his semen exploding outward in regular intervals! His balls seemed to have infinite stamina, powered by Belle’s milk alone!

“There, there,” Belle whispered into his ear, smothering his entire face with her painfully erotic flesh. She reached a hand behind his head, dragging her fingers through his hair and caressing him through every successive orgasm. “My little boy is _so _impatient to come, isn’t he?”

“Mmmf!” he moaned. Belle read his mind, feeling a twinge of apology underneath the blazing, molten hot surface level pleasure he was processing. He had wanted to make it through their date that she’d worked so hard to prepare.

But Belle just smiled. She so loved to make him come. Teasing him, tormenting his lust had affected her more profoundly than him. She was the one who broke down first, setting an inevitable trap that no mortal could resist.

“Just a few more spurts, okay baby?” Belle cooed, distending his belly with gallons of milk in a few seconds.

Detaching Adam from her nipple, she let him fall to the sticky ground. As his body continued to wrack in pleasure, she noticed that there was no music!

“What!?” Belle agonized.

She looked at the stage. It had only been splattered with a tiny bit of her milk. But apparently the scent was too much for the band. They had been reduced to puddles of semen as well, evidenced by the stained clothes that covered those puddles.


Belle stomped her foot, reducing the entire continent to rubble. A sphere of protection encircled Adam as he continued to climax, blissfully unaware of what was happening to the planet as Belle’s anger and disappointment continued to radiate outward and tear apart the galaxy. The fabric of reality began to bend and snap, creating spider-like cracks in a glass window. In seconds, the ripples reached the edges of the universe, fragmenting all of reality into over a googolplex of segments small and large, before it all exploded into disconnected, unsalvageable rubble.

The floating pieces encompassing the vast vacuum of space, former stars, and all sentient life crashed into one another, leaving only the glaring white backdrop of what truly made up the universe. Something that only Belle’s omniscient mind could comprehend. The fabric of space time seemed to scream an agonizing death cry as every bit of it vanished into nothingness as the glimmering pieces collided into itself.

Belle reached into her cleavage and pulled out her galaxy-made notebook as the infinite black all around her disappeared.

“Note to self. Find more resilient, less inept mortals for my next date with Adam.”

She looked over at him and smiled brightly as he rolled around and gripped his iron hardness which still shook fiercely in his hands. It wasn’t all for naught. At least her beloved was having a good time.

And with a snap of her fingers, Belle reset the last 24 hours and vowed to try again.

Adam’s phone rang.

“Belle? Is that you!? It’s been two days since I heard from you!”

“Adam!!! My little lovebug, I have a surprise for you!”

A Party with Belle

Chapter 1 - Peer Pressure

“Yo Adam, you going to the end of year party?”

“Naaah, I’ve got plans. You guys have a good time though!”

“Come on dude, loosen up a little. You heard what happened last year right? Angela got drunk as hell and tried to take off her top on the dance floor!”

“Yeah yeah, I heard. Everyone’s told me about it. I mean not out loud… she’d probably fire us on the spot.”

“No pictures either.”

“So it didn’t happen,” Adam smirked.

“So you have to go, is what I’m saying!”

“I don’t wanna see…” Adam drifted off, checking over both his shoulders before peeking at Angela’s office. “I don’t wanna see our VP’s tits!”

“But you’re curious, right?”


“Not even a little? For an older lady, they’re pretty,” David mimed a pair of big spheres over his own chest.

“God damn dude, people are staring!”

“Alright man, I’ll say it. You never show up to these company events. You gotta schmooze dude. Play nice. Show people you’re a fit for the culture. That you care about the team, you feel me?”

Adam grimaced. He hated these things. And what use did he have for it when he was dating Belle?

“Isn’t my work enough?” Adam grumbled.

“Dude, your work is fine. Just like mine. Just like Jane’s. You think Sarah can’t clean up and mux audio as well as you?”

“Well, of course she can.”

“And she got promoted before you. Even though you started earlier. Why is that?”

“Well, she’s smart. Talks to people better. Is more demanding, I guess?”

“Smart. Talks to people better. Sounds like someone that would be able to show that off and rub some elbows with upper management at… I dunno, say… a company party?”

Adam sighed again. “But my girlfriend…”

“Your girlfriend! That’s who you need to bring! Is she even real, dude? Or just some made up fantasy of yours?”

Angela came out of her office and approached the slacking pair.

“Oh hey, Angela! Uh, I’ll have these files ready for you soon!” Adam scrambled and muttered nervously.

“Oh don’t worry Adam. Actually I came to talk to you about something else. Are you not coming to the company New Year’s party? The RSVP deadline is tonight. We have to get headcount.”

Fuck, Adam thought. “Can I bring a plus one?”

“Of course,” Angela answered as if that were the dumbest question she’d ever heard. David snickered.

“Alright, let me confirm with my girlfriend…”

Chapter 2 - Intergalactic Orgasmic

Belle could sense Adam trying to contact her. She was completely engrossed, floating somewhere millions of light years away, far beyond the reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy. Her arms swayed through the air, her fingers dancing delicately as her little motions were reflected on a dense rocky ball a few hundred times heavier than Earth. Every pinch of her fingers, every twitch of her digits, carved deep, precise grooves onto the previously unremarkable lump. She was like a painter at an easel, putting her fingerprints onto a planet in an expanding universe that nobody would ever find or care about.

With a telekinetic curl of her finger, large chunks of rubble flew apart as she finally revealed a perfect replica of Adam’s face on the planet. Now onto his torso…

Ring, ring. Adam was calling again.

“Hey Adam, what’s up?” she answered, speaking into the vacuum with no device beside her ear.

“Belle! Hey! Love you, babe!”

Belle smiled as she began to work on the contours of his wavy hair.

“Love you too, Adam. You need a little pick me up?”

“That sounds nice, but…”

“Well, go ahead and come for me.”

Belle giggled as she continued to chip away at her galactic statue of her beloved boyfriend as he groaned and shook uncontrollably from the pleasure she had forced unto him. She could sense the burning heat from his stiff, quaking flesh as he continued to jet his fluid violently into his pants.

“Feel good?” Belle asked, licking her lips. She could taste his delicious semen on her tongue.

“Urgghhhhhh!!!” Adam continued to thrust his hips and groan.

“Keep coming, my sweet little pumpkin!”

“ARRRRGH!” Adam screamed as tears of pleasure dripped down his cheeks.

Belle paused her sculpting, feeling the flames of lust flickering violently in her own human simulacra of a body. It was funny how oddly sympathetic she could be, considering, well…

The goth goddess’s pussy began to leak and throb. Her dark, pulsing nether lips generated so much force that her little shunt of pleasure fired a faster than light pulse through space, disintegrating all the asteroids, stars, space dust, and even space itself. Her pussy pleasure spear continued off into the ever expanding void, puncturing an irreparable hole in spacetime.

“Adam, you taste good…” Belle moaned into his ear as she opened her mouth and began to drink him down. Her hot, moist, invisible mouth was suddenly on his shuddering, twitching erection. His virile jets of semen fired from his angry tip. Instead of splashing on his thoroughly soaked underwear, it was whisked away right into Belle’s inviting mouth. She swallowed his cum, moaning in rhythm with his every helpless burst, every angry thrust.

“Belle!!!” Adam cried as he felt her supernatural, spacetime transcending blowjob along his turgid length. He tried to reach where her head should be, but there was nothing there.

“Ah ah,” Belle chided, forcing his arms to fling backwards and pin in place. “Let me work…”

Adam’s mind nearly shattered as she felt Belle’s hot, slick tongue working along his tumescence. It curled around his entire length and squeezed. Adam could scarcely process how long her invisible tongue must be to perform a feat like this… but it kept extending, further and further, wrapping itself along his entire not-insignificant length. He could even feel her lashing at his balls, massaging him gently as she continued to force his simmering loins to erupt!

“Buh, buh, Belle…!”

“Feel good?” she whispered in his ear, her mouth sounding like it was stuffed full of his cock.

How could she do things like this?!

As her tongue stroked his shaft while her lips squeezed the base, he could feel her dragging him out, enlarging his already engorged erection. Longer and longer it grew, extending the torturous trail of ecstasy that his overworked body struggled to meet. Belle clamped down with furious force, eliciting a gasp of pain from Adam. Before he felt his dick about to snap off, it surged with power, becoming steely hard. Literally.

Belle continued to suck his now superhuman member, pushing him beyond the limits of human pleasure. Gallons of his semen ejaculated through his testicles.

Adam’s fingers curled. He couldn’t move his arms. He had no control of his hips. And he damn sure had no control of his sex.

“Fuuuuuck yeah!!!!” he heard in his mind.

Belle was thrashing and groaning herself as a replica of Adam’s penis plugged her up and thrust in and out of her. Her head was still bobbing up and down on actual Adam’s shaft while her Adam-dildo moved of its own accord, fucking her eldritch infused body just the way she wanted. Every twitch of her leg shattered another distant galaxy, every gasp of pleasure swallowed dozens of stars in her path. When she opened her eyes, an apocalyptic universe-ending beam of death emitted from her dark pupils, causing the universe to positively sag and melt.

“Oh, oh, Adam, that was so good…” she cooed into his ear.

He could do nothing but continue to pump his love into her waiting mouth.

“Oopsie! The universe is about to collapse! Look how hard you made me come, Adam! Sorry babe, we have to stop for now. I have to put things back together before my little orgasm reaches Earth!”

A microsecond later, Belle had put everything back in place. Besides Adam, that is.

“So Adam, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?”

Adam was speechless. His throat was dry, his essence utterly drained.

Belle gave him time to recover as she returned to her Adam sculpture. Where had it gone? She rewinded the events in her mind. Oops. Orgasmbliterated.

She began to piece it together, gathering swirling dust and packing it tightly into its larger than Earth lump. But it just didn’t compare to actually being with Adam. She snapped her fingers and shattered the thing back into nothingness.

“B-belle… I um… forgot what I was going to ask you…” He could barely speak.

Then, he felt her lips pressing into him firmly. Their fleshy gates intertwined and suckled greedily at each other as she sent a breath of refreshing life force straight into his lungs, enveloping him in a glowing light that restored his vitality.

“Try again?” she asked gently.

“Oh. Oh yeah! Do you want to go to a company party with me? I’m sort of being peer pressured into it…”

“Oh, I’m sorry Adam! Do you want me to turn them into goo while I let them keep their consciousness? Maybe slice their heads off with a swipe of my fingernails, then cauterize it with my laser eyes? Or maybe just have them committed to a mental hospital with my mind control?”

“No! No! Belle, not that! I think it would actually be good for me. And I do want you to meet some of my friends,” Adam said with trepidation. “Do you… do you think you’d want to come as my plus one?”

Belle squeezed her all-seeing eyes shut. She sucked in her cheeks as creases appeared along her perfect forehead. She pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Alright Adam,” she acquiesced. “I’ll try.”

Chapter 3 - Fashionably Late

Adam got dressed in his business casual outfit—some black slacks and a button down shirt. He had no idea what business casual really meant.

“Belle? Are you coming?” he asked as he checked his appearance in the mirror. “Ahh!”

A startled Adam fell backwards as Belle appeared in the reflection. Belle reached out with her pale, powerful arms and caught his fall.

“Ooh! Sorry Belle, you scared me,” he admitted sheepishly.

“No worries honey. Sorry to pop in just like that. I’ll come in through your bedroom next time,” she smiled.

“Is that… is that what you’re wearing?” he asked.

“Yes. What’s wrong with it?”

“Nothing. It’s just…”

Belle was dressed in her usual black-and-white checkered skirt and black crop top. For all her power, she sure didn’t have a lot of creativity in her clothing choices.

“I thought you liked this outfit.”

“I do! It’s totally you! It’s just, the party has a dress code, you know? You’d sort of stand out.”

Belle extended her hand as her nails extended like claws. They smashed into the mirror. A twist of her fingers, and she carved it into large fragments.

“And something like this wouldn’t?” she asked as her nails continued to extend, bursting through his walls and extending down the entire neighborhood, spearing walls and humans alike. She made sure to deafen their screams of agony so Adam wouldn’t hear it. She retracted her finger blades, shaking the blood and plaster off them before they zipped back into Adam’s view.

“Belle! Please! You know I love you, every part of you. That stuff is so hot… but please, can you play nice tonight? For me?” He pleaded like a little puppy.

“Tch. Fine,” she declared as her blades finally snapped back into her fingers with a loud clack. She waved her hand dismissively, causing the mirror shards and brick wall dust swirling in the air, reforming as if nothing had happened. But she left the other houses and victims in their ruined state, mangled corpses flayed out on the floor.

“Great! So… can you put on a business casual outfit?”

“Adam, what the fuck is business casual?”

“Aren’t you an all-knowing, all-powerful goddess?”

“Yes Adam. Yes I am. And I have no fucking clue what business casual is.”

“Damn! I was hoping you could tell me!”

The pair laughed wholeheartedly as they gazed lovingly at each other.

“You know I could just warp us there,” Belle complained impatiently from the passenger side of Adam’s car.

“That always makes me so woozy. I usually barf after that,” Adam replied without looking, keeping his eyes on the road.

“So I’ll just clean you up and make you feel good again. Ready?” Belle raised her long fingers, black nail polish gleaming, preparing to snap.

“Belle, wait! Let’s just go as a normal human couple, can we? At least try. I know you can do all these things, but the knowledge that I just barfed makes me feel nauseous, even despite your power. You know what I mean?”

“Then I can just wipe your memory of that.”

“No! Belle, please. I love you. I don’t want to lose a single memory of you, good or bad. I want to remember every single moment. On my own. If there’s anything that’s sacred to me, it’s this. Can you understand that?”

“Adam, that’s really sweet.” She truly did not comprehend his only-human thinking, but she could feel his sincerity. It touched her.

“Thanks Belle.” Adam reached over with a hand and caressed her soft thigh.

She returned the gesture, her hand trailing dangerously close to his currently limp penis.

“Wait Belle! Don’t… I have to drive!”

She hovered over his member and gestured with her long, extended index finger, teasing him into full hardness. He gasped.

“You sure?” she purred, batting her eyes at him which he couldn’t see. It probably saved him.

“Agh! Yes! Fuck, it feels so good, but I just… mm! Belle, please! Can we just do it on the way back?”

Belle could have crushed his self control, but she conceded. A long line of concessions for Adam today. She retracted her hand.


Adam stopped at a red light and gazed at his goddess girlfriend. Her pale, creamy skin contrasted so beautifully with her elegant black gown. Her abnormally large bust, so firm and delectable, formed an irresistible valley of cleavage that threatened to ensnare Adam’s entire body, literally. He’d seen Belle suck objects right into her little erotic portal, or reach in and pull things out. He’d titfucked her boobie portal before, and it was one of the most mind blowing experiences he’d ever had. Their hypnotic, gravitational pull was too much to ignore.

“Whoa! Hey, calm down!” Adam shouted to the driver behind him. The light had turned green, and Adam had been completely entranced.

The horn fell silent as Adam rolled across the intersection. What he didn’t know was that Belle had re-wired the angry driver’s mind with naught but a thought, turning him into a slack-jawed drooling idiot.

When the car was clear out of Adam’s rearview mirror, the idiot who had dared to be impatient with Adam drove straight into a metal pole, giving him severe whiplash and totalling his car. Belle closed her fist and the car crunched as if in a compactor, squashing the driver fatally.

“So how am I supposed to behave?” Belle asked, crossing her legs. They phased through the dashboard, her lower leg dangling and shifting in and out of Adam’s car.

“Just… normal, I guess. Not too much powers? Smile, make conversation, laugh at jokes. The food and drink will be good, I’m sure.”

“Sounds kind of boring, Adam.”

“Yeah… I’m not looking forward to it either, really. I’ll make it up to you later!”

“Okay babe.” She resurrected the idiot driver and his crushed car at the intersection a few blocks back before slamming him into the traffic light pole once again. Rewinding and replaying the incident over and over, she made him live the experience repeatedly out of nothing but boredom. Another clench of her fist, and the car compacted once again.

They pulled up at the hotel where the end of year party was taking place. Adam climbed out of the car while Belle simply stood up, her body becoming incorporeal as she walked through the roof and the engine block.

The odd couple walked through the main doors of the hotel. Adam looked for “AudioTastic” company signs but found none. He approached the receptionist.

“Can you point me to the AudioTastic company party?” he asked.

The receptionist opened her mouth to answer, but all that came out was, “Blah blah blee bloo. Uwee hee dah dah dee.” Her eyes went wide with terror.

“Beg pardon?” Adam asked.

“Deeeeehhhhhhhh wee woo ah ah! Bunga bunga!” Her hands flew to her mouth as she began to panic.

“Are you alright?”

The woman shook her head, trying to keep her mouth covered. But despite her will, she found her arms beginning to pry away. She struggled in vain, limbs trembling, body violently shaking. Then, with one fell deathblow, her arms escaped her control entirely as her hands curled up underneath her armpits.

“HEE HEE HEEE!!!” The hapless woman began to dance around like a monkey as her eyes never ceased darting around in existential horror.

Belle cackled, both fingers pointed at her and twirling her around like a puppet.


“Haha. She’s cute!” Belle continued to manipulate her little toy.

“I love Belle so much!” the woman declared as she bounced in place. “Control me, tear me apart, play with me!”

Even as she declared her love and fealty, tears were streaming down her face. She felt something terrible and foreign invade her mind, body, and soul! Every attempt to resist was absolutely crushed, accompanied by Belle’s malevolent laughter ringing in her head.

“Can you… can you just tell me where the AudioTastic party is?” Adam begged, glancing at Belle disapprovingly.

“She’s about to answer, Adam! Pay attention!” Belle smirked.

The woman’s arms popped off as if she were a doll. There was no blood or flesh, just plastic joints meant to plug into their respective sockets. Her detached arms flew into the air as both pointed to her left, fingers extended.

“Go to the elevators, fifth floor, follow the signs!” the receptionist chirped with a wide, fake smile plastered on her face. Her lips stretched wider and wider, giving her a sadistic, insane appearance.

As she screamed internally from the unknowable pressure on her body, her head detached from her neck with a loud pop as well.

“Uwee waa woo hee hee!” cried her disembodied head.

“Belle, please! At least make the sounds stop!”

“Okay, Adam! You got it!” Don’t fall apart on me now, Belle laughed into her toy’s mind.

The doll woman’s lips popped off and fell to the floor with a clatter. Her torso separated from her legs, and all of her pieces floated and rotated in midair.

Adam tried to protest, but the sight of Belle’s unmatched power was a total thrill to watch. He couldn’t bring voice to his objections, far too fascinated by the total and utter domination he was witnessing..

“Pop! Pop! Pop!” Belle announced, pulling the woman’s panicked eyes and dripping nose off. No more struggling, dearie! At least not for my Adam to see!

People were beginning to stare.

“Belle…” Adam whispered.

“Idiots in the lobby, go back to whatever you were doing,” Belle announced loudly.

Everyone in the lobby went back to minding their own business, their intelligence halved.

“See Adam? No problem,” Belle declared triumphantly.

“God you’re sexy, Belle,” Adam drooled.

“She is, isn’t she!” The pair of detached lips yelled from the floor.

“Okay, okay. Let’s go! I only want to be fashionably late!” Adam grabbed Belle’s arm and began to drag her toward the elevator.

The disassembled woman-turned-doll clattered into a lifeless heap on the floor as her soul remained trapped in those fragmented pieces.

Chapter 4 - Party Animal

The elevator dinged as the metal doors slid open. Belle floated through the floor of the transport and resolidified next to Adam.

“Sorry, I forgot to let myself be carried by this… metal box,” she explained nonchalantly as the stems of her heels finally came through.

“Belle, you look so pretty tonight. Really.”

“You think so?” She swished her high-slit gown, the eldritch material warping in and around her soft legs and butt, emphasized by her dressy shoes.

“Yeah! Can’t you tell? Oh god, your boobs are awesome like always, but seeing you dressed up like this, it’s like… like you could take on the world.”

Belle looked at him in confusion. “What is that supposed to mean? Of course I can take on the world. In fact, this pathetic world is nothing. More like take on all known universes.”

“No, I mean… it’s just a human saying. Like your looks could kill! Those legs, that dress…”

“My looks can kill, Adam.”

A couple approaching the elevator caught a glimpse of Belle. They clutched their chests in pain as her beauty crashed onto them like a pile of bricks. The quickening pace of their hearts pumping fiercely in accordance to the overwhelming beauty she was suddenly presenting to them caused their bodies to go limp. Twitching violently, they fell to the floor as the life ebbed from their overworked bodies.

“Belle! It’s just… it’s just a figure of speech. And I thought you said you would play nice! Please? For me? We’ll do whatever you want after, I promise. I’ll… I’ll even be okay if you want to fuck with my mind a little. As long as you let me remember what you did to me after you’re done using me.”

“Ooh Adam! Really!?” Belle giggled like a schoolgirl receiving a compliment, not some sort of all-powerful eldritch goddess. “Now that’s an incentive! And I wouldn’t cause you any anguish, I swear! At least, not any sort of anguish that you wouldn’t want yourself…” Belle gave him a devastating wink, causing his erection to rip through his slacks.

“Urrrrgh!” Adam groaned as his hyper-sensitive tip burst a whole foot forward for the world to see, twitching violently. “After, Belle! After!”

“Okie, sweetie pie,” Belle smiled. She dragged her finger from the tip of his length back to the base, rolling him back up and stroking the tear in the fabric of his pants. Everything was restored.

Adam sucked in a deep breath of relief, his shaft no longer aching with urgent need. “Can you… can you bring them back too?”

“Okay, fine.”

The pair rose to their legs though their upper body and arms remained limp. One section at a time, their body parts came back to life, torsos straightening, arms becoming limber, and heads raising up as their eyes fluttered open again.

Another glance at Belle tracing the dramatic swell of her cleavage, and they began to seize into death throes again.


“Just having fun, Adam! They’ll be fine. Isn’t that right, you two?”

“Guhhh! Please! Kill us with your beauty again!!” they begged.

“See?” Belle quipped smugly. “I’m not doing anything to them they don’t want.”

“That’s because…” Adam started, but he was quickly interrupted.

“Oh god oh god, do it to us! Please! Pleeeeeease! I don’t want anything but to look at your body until I die!” the pair fell to their knees and begged.

“You were saying?” Belle ignored their desperate pleas and turned to face Adam with a big shit-eating grin on her face. She pulled her arms behind her back and stretched, making sure to present her unbeatable bosom to Adam’s bulging eyes.

“That’s not… fair…” Adam gasped as he felt the familiar pull of her extra-dimension cleavage.

“Okay, okay. No killing. I won’t even cause a scene. You promised I get to play with your mind a little after, right? With your consent, of course. You’ll remember everything I did to you after, cutie. I’ll be gentle, I swear!” Belle was the one pleading now.

“Yeah, yeah!” Adam quickly agreed.

“Okay! You two… I won’t kill you with my beauty. But you like how this feels, right?” She shook her large, soft chest at the pair. Her decolletage jiggled and bounced, so devastatingly erotic in their perverted power.

“Yes! More than anything!!!” they squealed in unison.

“Want to feel like this forever? Because I’m going to go hang out with him around the party, and then you won’t get to look at my boobs anymore…” she giggled as she gave them another lascivious swivel of her torso.

“Nooooo!!!” They both began to cry agonizing tears of sorrow from the mere mention of not being in Belle’s presence.

“Well, would you like to be a part of me forever? That way, you’ll always be near my breasts…” Another alluring, soul-crushing wiggle.

“Yes Goddess! Please, I want to be near your breasts!”

“Forever and ever! We’ll do anything! We’ll give up everything!”

“Okay then, hang onto your groins…” Belle flashed them another winning smile, her scarlet red lips and gleaming white teeth sending their hearts into overdrive once again.

They sucked in a deep breath as Belle approached them, hovering off the ground subtly. Their eyes were glued to her approaching breasts. Already large and pert beyond belief, their mind-bending hypersexual influence grew in effect way out of proportion to the rate Belle was advancing. Every inch closer resulted in a new brain-fogging, body-wracking, uncontrollable sexual twist of her lust-inducing knife. The pair would have crumpled and died already, if not for Belle’s mercy at the hands of Adam’s request.

The dark goddess floated before the pair, licking her lips in anticipation.

“Here it comes,” she whispered.

Belle closed the distance. Her bust was so large that her “normal” limb couldn’t get behind her victim’s head, so powerful tentacles shot out of her fingers and combed through her victim’s hair. Manipulating those tentacles, she brought the male’s face right into the massive chasm of her cleavage. He began to shudder and moan as he finally soiled himself, Belle’s alluring scent and the silky, intoxicating touch of her otherworldly feminine flesh shattering any blocks that Belle herself had installed in her victim.

His head was completely engulfed by her mammaries. He felt himself being pulled into their deep gravitational field. His entire body stretched out, diving head-first into the pocket dimension between his new goddess’s bosom.

There he remained for the rest of eternity, floating in the infinite space between her breasts. He alternated between pure worship and periodic volcanic orgasms that left him in pieces. But Belle always put him back together once again.

“Me, me next…” the female panted.

Belle turned to her remaining victim and locked eyes with her. A suggestive glance from Adam’s girlfriend down at her own breasts giving the implied permission, and the woman bolted forward and jumped right in. Her body twirled in a magical vortex as she too joined her former lover in Belle’s infinite breast space. Perhaps in a few thousand millenia, they might bump into each other inside that dimension. But it wouldn’t matter to either of them. They only lived for one purpose now.

“Wow Belle…” Adam heaved in excitement. But his eyes betrayed a concern.

“Don’t worry, Adam. They’re perfectly healthy and happy. Actually, happier than they’ve ever been in their entire life. All they know is pleasure, and I’ve given their lives a meaningful purpose.”

“Okay, okay,” Adam backed off. “But please, no more? Play nice from here.”

“Sure thing,” Belle replied halfheartedly.

They made their way to the drinks where Adam quickly ordered some cocktails for himself and Belle. He drank two in rapid succession to calm his nerves. Would Belle really be able to handle this outing?

Soon, David found him and made a beeline for the pair.

“Adam! You made it! Glad to see it!”

“Hey David! Belle, this is my friend David. David, this is my girlfriend, Belle.”

“Damn! She’s real! Hey Belle, nice to meet you. Adam’s always talking about you.”

David extended his hand politely. Belle actually blushed upon hearing how much Adam had already talked her up! She reached out and grasped David’s hand firmly.

“Oof! Quite a grip!” David chuckled as he cradled his sore hand from Belle’s squeeze.

Adam looked at Belle. She shot him an genuine apologetic glance. David had flattered her and behaved himself impeccably. Belle hadn’t meant to hurt him.

“Quite a looker too,” David nudged Adam with his elbow. “How’d you end up with a schmuck like Adam here?” he asked Belle with a big smile.

Belle was about to scowl, but the good natured laughing between the two disarmed her. She had promised to play nice, and any insinuation that Adam wasn’t worth her while was an affront. But Adam seemed to be taking it well. In fact, he was more relaxed than ever. Belle let her anger subside, deciding not to turn David into human jelly.

“Yeah, I’m so lucky,” Adam smiled. “You need another drink? Come on, let’s have a toast.”

The three of them ordered a shot of liquor and downed it. Adam and David grimaced as they downed it, but Belle remained perfectly stoic.

“Wow, and she’s a stud at drinking too! Adam, where’d you find her? Where can I get a girl like Belle?”

“That’s… complicated,” Adam mused. How was he supposed to explain that his human girlfriend had been fused with something deeply buried in the ancient universe and fundamentally unknowable? Even his own mind couldn’t fathom it, and he’d been present when it happened.

Adam settled on, “I can guarantee that there’s no one else like her.”

“Damn. You’re a lucky son of a bitch. Take good care of her.”

“Oh, he does,” Belle chimed in.

“You two are making me sick with how cute you are. This isn’t so bad, is it Adam? Just come hang out with us more.” David smiled.

Adam looked at Belle whose discomfort was quickly fading. No, this wasn’t so bad.

Even Belle was smiling without mischief or malice.

“Darren! Come on, Adam’s here for once! And his girlfriend too!” David shouted and gestured over the crowd.

“Adam!?” came a remote voice. “Fuck me, no way!”

A man with dark hair and a flushed face lumbered over unevenly. He clearly had had too much to drink.

“Adaaaaam! My maaaaaan!”

His breath reeked of alcohol. Adam had heard stories of Darren at parties. Turns out they were all true.

“Dave, baby, what’s happening? And who is this lovely lady!”

“Hi Darren. This is my…” Adam began.

“I didn’t know we could bring escorts as our plus one! And look at that huge pair! Where did she get her work done!? I gotta tell my wife!”

Belle’s eyes narrowed. The sound of crashing thunder rattled the entire hotel grounds.

David, even ignorant of Belle’s power, stepped in to intervene. “Sorry, forgive Darren. When he’s had too much to drink, he gets a little…”

“Hey baaaabe! Forget these two idiots! Adam here doesn’t even like to party! Why don’t you spend some time with me instead? I know how to treat a lady…” He opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, pantomiming slow, sloppy, upward licks.

Belle reached for his tongue and gripped it with her fingers. She pulled it down harshly, dragging his face along with it.

“Plaaaa!” he screamed as he crashed to the floor.

“Damn… was that jujitsu or something?” David asked after the shock had worn off.

Belle was huffing in anger. A groaning Darren flipped himself around to be face up. Before Adam could gather his wits, she’d already decided in her dark wisdom how to handle this arrogant drunkard.

“You think you know how to treat a lady?” Belle flung the slit of her dress to a side, exposing her beautifully smooth and pink nether lips.

“Belle!” Adam shouted.

The crowd gasped as they all turned to view the commotion. The sight of an insanely busty, gorgeous short girl standing with her bare pussy exposed for all to see was a new one, even by AudioTastic’s party standards.

“Well, why don’t you get to work? Show me what you can do,” Belle ordered ominously.

“Wha…?” Darren was in a daze.

He stared as her elegant pale fingers drifted down in slow motion to her womanhood and parted those perfect fleshy gates. As she spread them, he found himself staring deep into a chasm, a horrifying abyss filled with unknown terrors. He couldn’t control himself. Darren pissed his pants, the stench of alcohol far overpowering the smell of urine. And even then, he continued to drift upwards as he opened his mouth to obey her orders.

The crowd gasped. David grabbed Adam’s arm in fear.

“Belle! People are looking! You said you’d play nice, remember?” Adam hissed.

Belle snapped the fingers on her other hand. A shockwave emanated from her location, radiating outward and washing over everyone and everything. All movement ceased. People froze on the spot, the music stopped pounding, liquids being poured immediately halted and remained on hold, waiting until Belle resumed the passage of time.

Only Adam was unaffected.

“Belle! Please, you said!”

“This fucker thinks I should be with him instead of you? That’s going too far!” Belle hissed back.

Her eyes glowed as she looked down at Darren. He resumed his journey toward her pussy, his mouth thirsting urgently for her taste.

“But, my friends!” Adam pleaded.

“Is he your friend?”

“Well… I know him. But no, we’re not friends. He’s a dick.”

“See? So this is fine, right? David is okay by me. He’s cool, as far as other mortals go. Aren’t you, David?”

David snapped back into motion as well.

“Holy shit! What the fuck is happening!” he gasped. “What do you mean, other mortals!? What are you!”

“David, don’t fucking worry about it. You like me. Like a friend.”

“I like you. Like a friend,” he repeated in a monotone voice.

“Belle!” Adam cried. She was getting out of control!

David shook his head, processing and internalizing her command as though it’d been true his whole life. “Whoa Belle. I know we’re good friends and all, but… what the fuck are you doing to Darren? Actually, what the fuck is going on here!”

“Hmph,” Belle grunted. “David, you have absolutely no questions or issues about my powers. You accept everything I do without reservation.”

“I have no questions or issues…” David drifted off as he processed her command again.

“Belle! Please stop!”

“You said he was a dick. And he said he would show me what he could do for me himself. Remember those two I put in my boobs? It’s nothing these people didn’t ask for.”

“Yeah Adam, don’t worry about it man. Belle’s cool. She knows what she’s doing,” David chimed in with complete agreement. He patted Adam on the back.

Before Adam could protest further, Darren had reached Belle’s inviting lower lips. His body floated in the air, mouth open and tongue extended. He licked Belle’s labia, tasting her sweet nectar. It drove him into a frenzy, and he began to flail and clutch Belle’s body as he yearned to drown in her juices. He pulled himself up further and further.

Just tasting her with his tongue wasn’t enough. He needed to be closer. He buried his nose against her pubic mound as he desperately sucked on her folds as hard as he could.

Oh god. Still not enough. Closer. Had to be closer.

He cried out loud, his moans muffled by her sex. He began to pull himself upward and inward. He buried his face as deeply into Belle as he could, drowning and suffocating in her loveliness. Soon, his entire face was inside of her pussy.

Closer. Ever closer. More of his goddess.

He continued to pull himself inside. His entire head disappeared into her nether portal. Like an object going past the event horizon of a black hole, his fate was sealed. Belle’s endless internal void sucked him up whole as his body surged in to meet only the beginning of his doom. His soul would spend the rest of eternity inside of Belle, wallowing in the complete turmoil of seeking her flesh but never finding it.

“Useless,” Belle spat.

“Yeah, fuck that guy,” David echoed.

“Belle. Please. Stop. No more.” Adam put his foot down.

“Alright, let’s get back to the party. As long as no more stupid drunks come bother me, I’ll play nice. Okay?”

Adam gulped. What could he really do? What power did he have over Belle anyway? She could pussy-suck him up in an instant, just like she’d done to Darren. And she could make him want it too. More than anything he’d ever wanted in his life.

“Okay,” Adam agreed with resignation.

The sound of music winding up heralded the return of time. People started moving again. Spilled drinks splashed onto the floor. Nobody questioned what had just happened with Darren. In fact, as far as everyone was concerned, Darren had never existed. Just a nice side effect of Belle’s pussy devouring capabilities.

Belle hooked her arm around Adam’s and smiled nervously. She could sense his hesitation. The pair looked at David, who was nodding happily at everything Belle did. His best friend at work had been turned into nothing but a yes-man for Belle.

And she’d even liked him well enough.

“Adam? You okay?” she asked, butterflies fluttering in her supermassive black hole of a stomach.

“Yeah.” His skin was cold and clammy.

“Aaaaaaaadam!” A high pitched, shrilly voice echoed out across the room.

“Who the hell… is that Angela!?” Adam asked in disbelief.

“Sure is,” David continued his incessant nodding.

“Who’s Angela?” Belle asked, trying to not pick Adam’s mind apart like she’d promised she wouldn’t.

“Our Vice President. My boss’s boss.”

“You made it! And who is this lovely lady!?” Angela slurred as she asked.

“This is my girlfriend,” Adam answered nervously. His boss was well and truly inebriated, as legends had told.

“Wow!! Nice boobs!” she admired.

“Thanks…” Adam checked out David’s reaction. He was shaking his head in disapproval.

Oh no.

“But check out these puppies!”

Angela flashed her breasts at the three of them by opening her blouse.

Belle dematerialized the front of her dress, exposing her own infinitely superior orbs to Adam’s boss. Angela’s face began to melt as her body struggled to process a lifetime’s worth of pleasure in a single instant.

“You like mine?” Belle asked smugly, watching the pathetic woman before her deteriorate even as she pulsed in unbroken orgasms, squirting herself silly. “Maybe you’ll like some of this as well.”

Belle’s nipples thrashed violently, ejecting a torrent of milk onto the so-called vice president of a major company. Angela’s increasingly gelatinous form wobbled and vibrated through the air as Belle’s sublime milk sucked her soul straight out of its vessel.

The front of her black gown rematerialized as if nothing of import had happened. David was nodding along blithely again.

“Belle! That is _it! _You promised me you’d try! But you’re just doing you as usual!”

“I did try, Adam. You have no idea what it’s like to be. How quickly I can process information. How insignificant these little walking and talking blobs of flesh are to me.”

David nodded.

“Stop your fucking bobble headed act, David!”

David suddenly fixed Adam with an ominous gaze.

Adam gasped in fear. He looked over at Belle. She had the exact same expression on her face.

“Belle. What… what are you…”

“Adam, I thought you liked my powers. I thought you liked the orgasms I give you. Remember my little blow job an hour ago? I thought… I thought you loved me,” she whispered.

“Belle, I do! I swear! But sometimes, you just have to dial it back!” Adam screeched. “My life still has to have meaning independent of you!”

“Why?” she asked petulantly. “You think this world means anything to me!? This meaningless, peddling existence, this insignificant slice of reality that you live in—do you know how absolutely pointless it is!? I’m just here for you! This stupid galaxy only exists because I allow it to! Why don’t you let me expand your mind and show you just how puny your understanding is!?”

“Because… because…”

Belle’s cleavage was beckoning him. Her breasts seemed to be bobbing and swaying of their own accord. Her nipples were tenting whatever made up the fabric of her beautiful gown. He could taste her divine milk on his tongue. He could feel his loins bursting with need. His massive, over-a-foot long erection burst from the seams of his pants once again. His mind was unraveling with desire under her nonchalant sexual assault. He was losing all thought. All will. Like dust in the wind, his sense of self was being torn apart. All so casually. All from looking at Belle’s breasts.

“Belle… are you… my mind…” were Adam’s final words to her.

“Shit! Fuck!” Belle was aghast at what she had just been about to do. “Adam, I’m so sorry!”

With that, Belle was gone.

A Second Interlude with Belle


Belle raised her arms and floated a thousand meters into the air. An ancient castle, occupying a hectare of land in a section of Europe, rose with her.

“I have to be patient! Patient! Adam loves me so much and I love him. Just remember, Belle! Remember Adam at all costs, or else…”

The goth goddess took out her frustration on the historic landmark and all the tourists and caretakers inside of it. They screamed in terror as the land cracked apart, splitting into large chunks.

The victims inside screamed for their lives as the unsteady thousands-of-kilogram earth wobbled beneath their feet. A mysterious purple aura surrounded all of them. They looked at each other, stupefied, before some of them sprang into action and tried to make their way out of the labyrinthian hallways of the castle.

Running out into open sky, they slid on the sloped earth as Belle slowly twisted a single hand, moving the incredible landmass along with her simple gesture. The humans lost their footing. Those who didn’t grab onto something slid off the edge, making their fatal, unaided descent back to earth.

Belle shook her hand a little more, and the entire structure turned upside down. Now the ones who weren’t strong enough to hang on lost their grips as well.

“It’s you! You, and you, and you! People like you that drove a wedge between me and Adam!” Belle hissed. Her wrathful scorn materialized in their pathetic minds, taking over their minds even as they plummeted to their end. Her hatred was palpable. The severity of her angry look caused the mortals’ hearts to burst, and they died in mid-flight, long before they landed back on solid ground.

“You’re all a bad influence on him! Making him care about… work! What the hell is work, anyway!? That party was so fucking boring!

The bricks of the castle were coming apart now, one by one. They swirled in a large circle orbiting Belle and the large bodies of mass, like electrons circling a nucleus. A nucleus consisting of the all-powerful, uncaring dark goddess.

“That’s it! I’ll just build a home. For me and Adam. No more of his dreary day to day life. And… and… I’ll make it nice, so that he’ll want to be here! Yeah! He’ll live in this castle as the king, and I’ll be his queen. No mind control, Belle! You big dummy! Don’t mind control him! He gets so picky about that for some reason! Oh Adam…” she sighed wistfully.

“This… this’ll work! Yeah! I’ll just make the perfect paradise! One that even he’ll like without me rewiring his mortal brain!”

As Belle’s thoughts raced, the castle began to reconfigure itself. The ancient, fading interiors were instantly restored to their former glory, luxurious relics fit only for the royalty of their era. She installed modern conveniences that Adam would enjoy, all powered by Belle’s unlimited aura. No need for electricity or a plumbing system. Belle’s infinite purple glow would take care of everything.

“And… oh, he’ll complain about not having any human friends. Grr. I’ll bring what’s his name. That guy that was pretty okay. Danny? Dufresne? Whatever. His mind is mine. His name is whatever I call him.”

Belle chewed on her lip. The entire reconstruction paused as if frozen in time as she mused it over.

“Maybe we need more friends. Not just Dobby.”

Her mind forcefully trawled through the reconfiguring building once again. She plucked out all of the survivors who hadn’t tried to escape her spell. In an instant, they had their minds wiped clean. All of their past, all of their motivations and memories, seared clean without even a murmur of a protest. Belle burned their personalities away with her mere aura and implanted in them what she thought Adam would like best.

“Let’s see… he likes playing video games. So he needs opponents…” Belle twisted a group of them into video game players as she conjured up state of the art computers for the entire gang. Of course, any computer Adam sat down at would give him a secret advantage over his opponents.

“And he likes to play rugby. Let’s see…”

The hectares materialized more land out of thin air, complete with perfectly manicured lines and white chalk hash marks. His favorite rugby teams would be at his beck and call should he wish it. With a press of a button, 30 professional players, including Adam, would be ready to scrimmage.

“Oh oops. I guess I should make them behave when they get teleported up from whatever the dumb fucking shit they were doing before.”

She snapped her glowing fingers. Streaks of purple energy shot from her eldritch being, impaling the strong, burly athletes and overriding their souls. Her violet aura settled in their eyes before fading into nothing.

And just for Adam’s benefit, his jersey and safety gear would make him far more durable, far stronger and faster than any of his competition. He could dominate a scrum all by his lonesome should he want to face multiple teams at once!

“And he can press a button to summon me any time!” Belle giggled in glee, shaking her enormous breasts. The pocket dimensions inside of her shuddered violently, tossing her captors inside of her breastspace and pussyspace.

“I’ll show up in mirrors and blast away his stubble with my heat vision if he’s shaving! If he’s ever masturbating in the shower, I’ll just form out of the water and fucking blow his dick so hard, he’ll never stop coming! Unless he wants to! If he’s horny in bed, the blankets will morph into so many copies of me, keeping him warm as I squish him with my breasts from every direction and grind his large, cute cock inside of my infinite pussies! Oh yessss!”

Belle writhed in pleasant arousal as her masterpiece, crafted specifically for Adam, settled into place. She plunged a finger in between her nether lips and rubbed herself pleasantly.

“This is great! This is perfect! Everything he ever wanted, without any challenge! How could this go wrong? Oh Adam, you’ll love it here!”

A Conclusion with Belle

Chapter 1 - Mundane Times at Castle High in the Sky

Adam’s eyes rolled into the back of his head as a slutty bimbo blonde slurped at his dick while he played the 31st iteration of Popular Football Game. His player character’s stats were rated 100,000,000 out of 100, and there were no other players on his team but him. He was winning 19274 - 0 with another fifteen minutes left in the game.

He sighed as he put down the controller and tried to enjoy his blowjob. The girl’s makeup was completely smeared as tears dripped down her eyes. Belle had threatened to turn her into toejam with a snap of her fingers if she didn’t do a good job on Adam.

Adam stared listlessly at the TV screen as his game played itself, even with his hands off the controller. Another sack. Another full length touchdown pass.

At first, it had been fun. For a whole month, he had all games ever created (past, present, and future!) in existence from all timelines at his beck. A generous gift from his goth goddess girlfriend. She’d seated him down on the couch and told him she had a gift for him as she swallowed the back of his head with her enormous bosom. He could almost feel himself getting pulled into her breastspace as his dick grew erect from the sensation of her being swallowed by her transdimensional, all-encompassing chest.

As her hands traced his chest, she extended an index finger. A green beam fired out of her black nail-polished digit, and a tiny box with an enormous, wall to wall wide-screen TV appeared before him. The box, she told him, allowed him to play any game he wanted.

He didn’t believe her at first, though he obviously knew he should’ve. And she was right.

Adam started with a childhood game that he’d never beaten. He was too young, too immature, and lacked patience. He fiddled with the box to try to get it to load, not certain of how it worked. But the screen flickered to life incomprehensibly. Just another list in the line of impossible things he’d witnessed from Belle.

His pixelated overall-wearing mustachioed character promptly fell into a pit as the fake floor in the game gave way. Adam groaned. He remembered this. Except this time…

This time, his character flew back up into the air defying game mechanics and graphics. It expanded to ten times its normal size, turning into a giant that could walk over the entire platformer landscape.

Adam laughed. Belle did have a great sense of humor when she wasn’t being incredibly cruel to the universe. She had always talked about ripping the lungs out of people who got in her way, or all of the over the top ridiculous things she’d do if she were able—little did he know that she wasn’t joking. Even now, he didn’t mind the cruelty so much. But he did wish to have some semblance of a normal life.

However, after a month in Belle’s pleasure castle as they called it, the fun wore off.

He was absolutely infallible. At everything. In video games, at sports events hosted on their royal grounds. Hell, even at cooking. Everything he did in the kitchen came out perfect. And he knew that if there were a way to ruin boiling water, he’d be the first to discover it.

Belle had programmed this place to be heaven for him. And it was now his hellish prison.

He barely even noticed that he was coming inside the blonde girl’s hot, sloppy mouth. Sitting on the lavish couch, body slightly clenching, he powerfully ejaculated rope after rope of endless sperm from his enormous girth—another gift thanks to Belle constantly forcing him to come at her whim.

She wasn’t able to contain it. She choked and gagged on his thick stream of fluid before finally sliding off his dick, her lips detaching from it with a wet pop.

Adam continued to spurt. But his heart wasn’t in it.

Belle materialized in the room as the deed was occurring. She clicked her tongue in disapproval.

“Couldn’t even hang on for fifteen seconds, could you? Adam, was she good?”

“Yeah babe, she was!” He was being sincere. It wasn’t the poor girl’s fault that hedonism had become… routine.

Belle looked at Adam’s rod, still twitching and productive.

“I disagree. Looks like I get to kill you.”

“No… wait!!” the girl sobbed. “I’ll do it again! I’ll drink it all down! I’ll…”

The girl couldn’t even register Belle’s movement. One moment, she was hovering in midair like the dark goddess she was, the other, she felt her neck being constricted by a soft palm. Belle was there, face a few inches away, as the unstoppable goddess prepared to do however she pleased.

The girl gripped and slammed her fists at Belle’s slender yet immovable arm. Her vision was going dark. She couldn’t draw breath as Belle smiled sinisterly, slowly tightening her grip. The last thing she saw was the terrifying abyss inside of Belle’s irises before the goddess ended her life with a sickening crunch.

“I’ll find you a new one, Adam,” Belle let go of the girl’s corpse and dusted her hands off. A brief, blinding glow of light, and the blonde girl was reduced to specks of ash from Belle’s laser eyes.

“And how’re the games? Are you winning?” Belle smirked knowingly.

“Actually, I think my opponent is about to score a touchdown on me…” Adam watched the televised video game play out. “Oh wait, nope.”

Belle had extended a fist and closed it shut. The player on the opposite end of the TV screen was reduced to a red mist.

The opposing team’s players on the TV screen ceased moving.

“There. Better?” Belle smiled, hoping she’d done a good job pleasing her love.

“Very,” Adam answered unenthusiastically.

Chapter 2 - Interplanetary Galactic Chef Repurposing

Belle left a fraction of her conscience to be with Adam, which was more than enough to continue her shadow of a clone to fawn over her boyfriend. In fact, her power was so endless, he wouldn’t even notice that it was .00000001% of her true self. Her little fragment behaved just as she would, and galaxy-ending feats was well within her reach.

With that settled, Belle went surfing into the cosmos to find a civilization to serve at their beck and call. She wanted cooks for her castle. The very best. And a mere staff of ten or fifty or a thousand wouldn’t do. No, she wanted a whole galactic civilization to tremble before her. All of them would be trained so that all of them would be expendable. That way, she could dole out whatever punishment her perfect head could conjure.

Floating deep in space, the fabric of realities made themselves known to her, like beautiful watercolor paintings in motion. She scanned each universe critically before selecting one. With a violent quaking of her jutting breasts, Belle unleashed two torrents of milk from her succulent, twitching nipples. The biblical flood of her lust-inducing, mind-melting, all-conquering white honey flooded into that entire cosmos, washing away entire galaxies. Planets were knocked out of orbit, suns drowned out, all from her swaying, leaking mammaries. After her milk traveled thousands of light years, they finally settled onto Planet Draeger, a civilization known for its famous culinary. Her milk flowed gently over it, like a soft, soothing wave crashing onto a sandy shore, now that the intergalactic distance and millions of large celestial objects had finally slowed her milk’s advance.

The planet saw the cataclysm coming and had taken preparations. But most of the population had already been affected. There was no way they could ever construct enough shelter to shield themselves from her total domination. A single droplet of milk, or even a whiff of her pheromonal scent, triggered a profound orgasm in its victim, male or female. Anyone not within a perfectly constructed quarantine building found themselves crippled from pure lust and joy. They orgasmed nonstop for weeks, quivering on the floor, awash in her milk, or just inhaling its fragrant scent as it saturated the entire planet’s atmosphere. Their bodies never suffered dehydration; Belle’s milk saturated the air. Their citizens felt its sweet humidity. A lick of their lips, and they were fully nourished into more body-clenching, mind-blowing pleasure.

In a single moment, 99% of the population became subservient to Belle.

She came to examine the planet in person, stepping through that rippling fabric of spacetime. Landing down on the planet in her chucks, black and white plaid skirt, and overburdened crop top, the entire planet sobbed in joy as they welcomed their new goddess.

They even applauded when Belle casually killed a few thousand of them with a little blown kiss over her upturned palm. A cutesy little wave, a wink of her dark lashes, and a little puff to announce her arrival. Just because she wanted to. Those lucky dead flew out beyond the atmosphere, easily breaking escape velocity as their lifeless bodies drifted off into space.

“Oh great goddess Belle, what can we do for you?” One of the hopelessly devoted greeted her.

Belle responded by reaching into his mouth and ripping out his tongue with a pinch of her fingers.

“No speaking out of turn.” She flicked his bloody flesh over her shoulder.

His eyes filled with tears of pain as he nodded. Belle’s instructions seared itself into everyone’s minds within earshot.

“Your entire planet now exists to cook for me and my boyfriend. You will keep yourselves healthy for the job, but you have no desire or motivation to do anything else from now on. Only me and Adam matter. Spread the word.”

Belle’s eyes glowed an opaque white as she issued her decree. The minds of her victims screamed out in protest as Belle’s avatar rewired their souls. Their eyes glowed in sympathetic resonance, fading back to normal when Belle had finished etching their brains to complete subservience.

“Yes Goddess! We will cook for you! The entire planet!” they all said simultaneously.

“Oh, and you will also declare your love for me at the top of every hour. Which is… now.”

Belle extended a finger and wiggled it in a circle, fast-forwarding time to test her command. The second hand ticked forward.

“We love you, Belle!” Most of the planet said in unison.

“Now for me to find the ones who survived my little milkpocalypse,” Belle licked her lips in anticipation as she unceremoniously took off her shoes, slipped off her skirt, and removed the top over her head.

Her perfectly smooth porcelain skin, and the staggeringly sexy shape of her massive watermelon-sized bosom, and her jiggle of her thick, supple thighs sent all of the spectators into near cardiac arrest. They began to stain their pants even harder than when her milk had invaded and taken over their universe.

“Unnnng… we… love… you… Belle!” some of them moaned as their bodies spasmed. Their hearts were on the verge of giving out, but there was no way their bodies would stop orgasming in the midst of their goddess.

“Hmm. Not top of the hour,” Belle tapped her perfect chin with a polished black nail. “But I liked that. So I guess that means the rest of you…” she extended her left hand. Her fingers elongated into a million black, slimy tentacles that snaked and slithered through the air at the other ecstasy-wrecked individuals who hadn’t managed to declare their love. “…need to be punished.”

A few minutes later, the population of the planet had been decimated. And all of them waited on Belle and Adam, hand and foot.

Chapter 3 - A Past with Belle

“God, Cathy is such a fucking cunt. I want to lock her in a room and just rip her fucking arms off,” Belle groused to Adam as the pair headed toward the laboratory.

“You’re so cute when you have your little psychopathic fantasies, Belle.” Adam nudged her arm with his elbow.

“Uh huh.” She smirked. “The dichotomy of woman. Cruel and cute at the same time. Just wanna…” she reached out with her hands, curled her fingers powerfully and wringed them in opposite directions as if squeezing a towel. “…twist her body into an unrecognizable bloody pulp! Then spit on her stupid corpse! Take that, Cathy cunt!”

Adam stifled his laughter. “Quiet, someone might hear you!”

Their footsteps echoed as they walked down the hallway of RealitySystems. It was famously easy to accidentally eavesdrop in these sound-amplifying pathways. Scanning his badge to the laboratory, the door slid open with a whoosh of air. Both of them stepped in.

“So, think we can finally create a proper AI with this prototype?” Adam asked as he looked around, surrounded by the world’ largest quantum supercomputer. Endless servers were racked on top of each other, with the most q-bits assembled in one place in the history of man.

“Fuck if I know. Just wanna… stomp Cathy in her stupid punchable face,” Belle balanced herself against Adam and stomped the air over and over with her right foot.

“Oooookay. Easy there, tiger,” Adam tried to assuage her anger.

“Crush! Crush! Crush! Call my behavior inappropriate, will you!? I’ll show you fucking inappropriate!”

She slipped on her high heels, driving her leg straight into some of the expensive glowing computing machinery. Surprisingly, the behemoth whirred to life. Bolts of electricity crackled all around them, arcing from machine to machine. It looked like it was… gripping Belle’s leg where she’d embedded it.

“Belle!” Adam screamed. “What the hell did you do!?”

“Me!? How would I know!? What’s going on!”

The tendrils of silvery-blue power latched onto her limb and began sucking her in. It looked like… the hole she’d punctured in the machine was widening by the second, exposing a flat, smooth, glowing portal!

“Help Adam! It’s… it’s pulling me in!”

“Hang on!!”

He grabbed her by the elbows with his burly hands. Bracing himself as best he could in his brown loafers, he leaned back and tried to tug Belle out of whatever the hell it was she’d triggered. He groaned as the room grew oppressively hot, the strict air conditioning of the room unable to keep up with all of the processing that the machinery was performing.

She was slipping.

“Adam! Adam! Don’t let go!”

“I’m… hrrg… not… gonna!”

His hands were slipping down her forearms now. Their hands barely latched onto each others’.

“Adam!!! What’s going to happen to me!” Belle grimaced as she tried to pull herself up. But Adam was only getting dragged along with her.

“Nothing! We’ll be fine! This is… nothing!” Adam put on his false bravado and tugged as hard as he could with one last monumental strength of will.

“Adam, run,” Belle said calmly as she accepted her fate. The doomed girl uncurled her fingers and was instantly sucked away into the unknown ether.

Adam fell backwards when her fingers slipped away. He crashed into the server rack behind him and fell on his ass. For a brief moment, he was worried he would get into trouble for potentially damaging RealitySystem’s hardware.

Stupid, stupid! He thought to himself. How could he even worry about a thing like that at a time like this!?

Adam gathered his wits as he cradled his neck from the sudden whiplash. The portal had begun to shrink.

“Belle… Belle? BELLE!” he screamed.

He glanced around in a frenzy. What could he do? Call security? Dial 911? As if they could do something about this!

He climbed to his feet gingerly. The tunnel to who-knows-where could still fit him if he dove in headfirst. Barely.

Without a second thought, Adam climbed right in.

Belle traveled through the black abyss, tumbling head over heels. It was black in all directions, no sense of up or down, a complete void of absolute nothingness surrounding her like some sort of cosmic horror that she could not escape. She closed her eyes but could still feel her body whirling, being assaulted by the futility of existence, the meaninglessness of her insignificant life. Was she going to die out here? No Adam, no other… friends or whatever, never to be found… what would they say about her? Where even was she?

Even without her sight, she could feel a wave of immense nausea filling her up from the inside. No space, no time, just infinite… infinite. Something the human mind was never meant to experience, let alone comprehend. She reached up to her dark hair and ran her fingers through it. The normal sensation of stroking her soft and silky strands had somehow been… corrupted. She pinched herself. It felt like someone else’s skin. Someone foreign.

Opening her eyes, she found herself surrounded by… herself. Images, simulacras, clones, doppelgangers, a billion Belles in a kaleidoscope, al traveling at different speeds, twisting and rotating in panic. A few of them made eye contact with her and cried out for help. The original Belle (was she the real one? How could she even know?) sobbed and shook her head. This was some sick kind of torture.

She shut her eyes and waited for the inevitable relief of death. Anything would be better than suffering this horrifying torture chamber. Spinning out of control, seeing all version of herself experiencing all manner of negative emotion at once…

But it never came. Instead, she felt herself whirl to a stop.

Belle opened her eyes slowly in absolute terror of what she was about to see. Maybe her other selves, dead, lifeless, cold and frozen…

But she could see nothing. Just a black wall of nothing.

Instead, she felt it. A… God. In her mind. Its thoughts, if it could be called that, moved faster than she could comprehend. She grasped onto brief visions, brief twists of logic in its omniscient mind. Was it… governing different realities? She snatched a few visual snippets of planet Earth in its thoughts. To her shock, she could zoom in on them and watch their histories play back as if in a slideshow.

She searched for herself.

In some timelines, she’d never been born. That was the majority of them. Of course. Of all the infinite realities, how many would she realistically have existed?

But infinite was infinite. There were infinite ones where she had existed. She zoomed in on those.

Some, she died in childbirth. Or died of some childhood malady. Others, she grew up, well-adjusted and conforming to the society that she, this Belle, had grown to hate.

Belle didn’t have time for this. She didn’t know how much longer she had to live. Was she even breathing?

She began to scan the God’s mind faster, discarding all of the timelines she didn’t care about. All she wanted to know was if she made it out of this, and if she was with Adam. Surely that was in one of these timelines. It had to be, right? That’s what multiple timelines and realities were all about, right? Everything that ever happened, that ever will happen, has to have happened. She just had to find it.

Tightening her search constraints like the computer that she seemed to have been sucked into, Belle redoubled her efforts. Entire branches of reality pruned themselves from her search results, but it still wasn’t enough. She searched for ones with her most treasured memories with Adam. The day they’d met, the first time he’d kissed her under a willow tree, the first time he watched her play a practical prank on Cathy which stained that cunt’s perfect white blouse a crimson ketchup red and had simply laughed along with her instead of admonishing her…

Fewer and fewer now. Belle could even count the realities that matched her exact specifications. Two hundred billion. Another event. Five million four hundred thousand and change. Another event. The first time she’d fucked Adam. He called it making love, and… well, perhaps he was right. He was the only person she’d ever been kind and gentle with.

None. Zero.

That didn’t make sense! Everything was going great! She recalled her most treasured memories with Adam. Had she gotten something wrong?

No. No, she hadn’t. There was one result. It had just shown up as infinitely black.

This future. This timeline she was in. It was black. Nothing. The end.

“WHAT!?” she screamed. She wanted to see what happened after her death. Where was Adam? Did he miss her? What about her worst enemies?

An explanation came to her mind. This was the future of their timeline. Another one pruned away by the unknowable, uncaring God of reality itself.

“Yes child,” it whispered into her mind. Its voice was… indescribable. Incomprehensible. “This is the end for yours. You have triggered it, as your kind would say, early.”

“I didn’t do anything!” Belle sobbed. “Give me back my life! I want Adam!”

“Interesting. A sentiment. After all you’ve seen, you want to go back?”


“In all of time, in all realities, none have ever accelerated the process and come to visit me as they are. You are about to become a part of me. Let me show you. Once you understand, once you have what I have, you will no longer worry about the matters of your particular reality. All is one. One is all. They simply run their course and then end.”

Belle opened her mouth, but the God was injecting himself into her body now. Integrating her. Absorbing her. Becoming one. She began to feel his omnipotent power becoming her own, capable of bending—no, breaking—reality with just a snap of her fingers. Anything she wanted, she could achieve.

But she didn’t want anything. She wouldn’t want anything ever again. Everything that is, is. The past, the present, the future. They were all events that were all going to happen, have happened, had already happened. She merely observed it, letting them run their course.

“Belle! BELLE!!!!”

A voice cried out. Foreign, yet… familiar. Nostalgic. She knew this voice.

Turning 180 degrees while rotating upside-down at a skewed angle, she faced the being that had uttered that sound.

“Belle!? Is that you!? You’re… you’re… hooog!” Adam’s eyes slammed shut. The sight of his transformed goddess girlfriend was too much for his only mortal mind. Somehow, her body had become sculpted perfection. Her breasts were the stuff of _his _fantasy, impossibly perky, round, jutting a whole foot out in front of her body. His fully-stiff penis thrashed in his pants as he violently spilled his seed.

“A… dam? Adam!” she cried out, that unmistakable grimace of pleasure that she loved to cause him snapping her out of her trance.

“Belle! What’s going on?! Where.. Huff… are we… oh my GOD I’m going to come again! ARGHGH!”

His balls were empty and burning. But still he writhed in tortured ecstasy. He came so hard and so dry that it hurt.

“Adam. Stop.” Belle commanded, reaching out with a glowing hand.

He stopped.

“Whoa,” he whispered breathlessly, suddenly relaxed. “What did you do to me? How did you… what…”

“Shh. Let me show you.”

She floated toward him and embraced her precious lover, locking her lips with his. Her prehensile tongue darted into his mouth and curled inside, filling him fully. He began to panic and scream, but it was muffled by the powerful muscle of her tongue.

Then, he went slack as she injected all of the knowledge she had gleaned into his mortal mind.

Adam fell over limp. Lifeless. Dead.

Belle broke the kiss and retracted her tongue. It snaked back into her mouth with a wet slap. She stroked Adam’s cheek and he gasped a deep breath as his body warmed up again.

“This… this is the end?” he asked.

“I… don’t know?” Belle spoke, astonished at her own lack of understanding. “I didn’t… see this timeline. God?”

“You’re talking to God!?” Adam exclaimed.

“Your mind just translates what I’m saying as ‘God.’ You can’t really fathom what it actually is. I can’t either.”

“An anomaly. The first of its kind,” the entity spoke.

“Duh. No shit. That’s what anomaly means, dumbfuck,” Belle snapped.

“Belle! You’re… that’s God!? And you’re _insulting _it!?”

“Interesting. Perhaps this timeline needs to proceed further,” its voice echoed.

“You mean… we’ll get to go back!?” Adam asked, his heart soaring up to his throat. “I feel like I’m about to unravel here!”

“Yeah. You really mean it?” Belle echoed. Even she didn’t know.

“It seems the two of you have violated all known parameters. I will let this simulation continue. You two have forged a bond that transcends all of the rules I know. As long as this bond remains, your timeline shall run.”

“Our bond? You mean our relationship? But that means, if, if…” Adam began.

“If we lose our bond, our reality ceases?” Belle finished his question.

But she already knew the answer. And so did Adam.

The two of them vanished with a pop. They were back in RealitySystem’s laboratory. Belle’s heel was embedded in the quantum supercomputer’s q-bit processors.

“Belle! Look out! Oh shit, that thing is fucking expensive! And we’re on camera!”

“Oh fuck me!” Belle shouted.

But then all understanding flowed into her. She looked up at the security cameras. They went dead from nothing but her gaze. The footage deleted and then restitched itself, showing her and Adam just walking through the laboratory to do… whatever the fuck they were going to do. Something insignificant. Pointless. Meaningless.

“I, uh… Belle? What’s happening?”

She turned her goddess gaze to the hole in the computer. All of the broken plastic pieces, all of the internal circuitry floated into the air. They moved in a choreographed ballet as they swirled back into their original place, bright, shiny and new.

“What’s going on!?” Adam cried out in panic as he gripped Belle for support instead of the other way around.

“Oh Adam. Adam, Adam, Adam. Something absolutely wonderful. You want to fuck?” she asked.

“What!? But… the cameras…”

“Hush Adam. The cameras broadcast what I want them to broadcast. This computer will work because I want it to work. And you… you are going to come, because I want you to come.”

“Belle?” Adam gulped.

“Come for me, Adam,” Belle whispered hotly into his ear as she licked her lips.

Adam squeezed her soft arm tightly as his body shattered from the carnal joy of hearing Belle’s command.

“And don’t stop until I tell you to!” Belle giggled. She unwrapped her new goddess’s body, sure to dominate and destroy any who laid eyes on her.

Adam screamed his throat dry in ecstasy.

Chapter 4 - Pre-Dinner Coital

The blare of trumpets announced the arrival of the Draegean fleet of waiters arriving through Belle’s celestial bridge. Hundreds of servers dressed neatly in their clean white uniforms marched in two single files with pristine white tableclothed carts featuring multiple silver platters each.

They had learned not to have a single speck on any of their uniforms during the proceedings, lest they incur the wrath of Belle. The last offender, she had flown over, placed her palm on their head, and squashed them all the way to the floor, flat as a pancake.

Adam rose listlessly from his 194802nd consecutive win in a shooting game. He had just busted his nut inside of another gorgeous girl, this time a redhead. She’d ridden him doggystyle while he peeked around her lascivious backside, playing his match with the most godlike auto-aim enabled, thanks to Belle.

“Adam, dinner!” Belle floated into the room, the panting redhead squirming on the floor in ecstasy from Adam’s pleasure granting load. “How was she?”

“Really, really good, Belle. I came five times.”

“Only five?” Belle looked dissatisfied.

“Five is good!” Adam tried to spare his girl’s life, if only because he’d gotten tired of seeing Belle murder every one prior in admittedly interesting ways. “She does this thing with her hand…” he tried to pantomime it, twisting his wrist around. “I’m not sure what it was. I came really, really hard.”

Belle hmmed.

And she sucks me so hard I can feel it! She twists her mouth over my shaft and goes _all _the way down. And she drank it all!” he continued to try and appease her.

“It was good?” Belle seemed displeased. Jealous, even.

“Um… yes?” Adam wasn’t sure how to respond.

The redhead had finally finished processing her own orgasm from drinking Adam’s sperm. Stained with his and her own fluid, the gorgeous modelesque creature got on her haunches and kneeled before the pair. She knew better than to plead her case.

“Girl, look at me,” Belle ordered.

She did so with quivering eyes.

“Adam. Was she as good as…_ this?_”

Belle floated over Adam’s seated position, letting her heavy pendant breasts brush over Adam’s head. In one graceful movement, she twisted in midair into a seated, cross-legged position above her boyfriend. He was already stiff, his massive raging cock standing straight up from the lightest graze against Belle’s breast.

She plummeted down and surrounded his steely warmth inside of her even stronger, tighter pussy.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!!!” Adam screamed as he instantly orgasmed.

Belle twisted on his rod as if it were a stripper pole, letting her searing flesh grind against his. She was sitting perpendicular to the way Adam was facing so that she could side-eye the redhead who was in awe of Belle’s irrepressible sexuality. She was about to burst with climax as well, just from watching Belle sitting in Adam’s lap!

“Adam. Answer my question,” she commanded, lightly applying some mental pressure.

“NnnnnoooooooooO!” he screamed as he continued to jet load after hot, inexhaustible load into Belle.

“Well, that does it then, doesn’t it?” Belle grinned triumphantly. Her wide, malicious smile showed off a gleaming row of perfectly white teeth.

“Beellllleee!” he pleaded, even in the throes of the strongest orgasm he’d ever experienced. Belle had never dominated him so thoroughly before. “She was… gooooodd!” He wrapped his arms around Belle’s body for support as he felt himself about to shatter.

It was a mistake. Her skin was so smooth, so satiny soft, and so fragrant. The underside of her breasts swallowed up his right arm. Adam’s climax redoubled in intensity.

Belle continued to pump up and down his erupting length with her internal muscles. Inside her pussy space, she conjured dozens of her own lips and hands, each with their own, indomitable absurdly powerful touch, testing even the limitless libido she’d granted Adam.

“You like her that much, huh?” Belle said with irritation. “I was looking forward to having a new red stain on the carpet.”

“I still love you, Belle!” he screamed. “It’s… too… much!!” He meant both the random acts of cruelty to girls who had given him pleasure, as well as his own orgasm which didn’t seem to have an end in sight.

“Oh, alright. You, girl.”

“…Yes?” she squeaked, quaking in mild delight just from hearing Belle’s voice.

“I won’t kill you. But you agree you can’t do what I’m doing to Adam, don’t you?”

“Yes! Yes, Goddess! I could never compare to you!”

“That’s right,” Belle announced matter-of-factly. “And it kills you inside. You’re going to work on your sexuality, your seductiveness, all the tricks of the trade to make men and women your sexual little slaves and make them orgasm. But you’ll never match up to me. I don’t even have to try. Why, I could touch you right now, and you’ll scream and beg for mercy even as you’re driven mad that no amount of effort you do could reproduce what I do.”

The redhead began to sob in utter jealousy as Belle’s words became her truth, then twisted the knife deep in her emotions.

“Yessssss,” Belle hissed. “And all you want to do is make Adam…” she brought his contorted, grimacing face into view by leaning back, brushing her nipple against his chin. “…feel like this.”

A thick droplet of milk formed on her nipple which Adam promptly sucked up. Its scent was irresistible, its taste divine. Adam’s neck snapped back violently as he continued to buck and pump into Belle’s infinite pussy.

The nameless redhead sobbed and begged. She wanted Adam so badly. To do nothing but serve him the way Belle could. But her own talented and hard-earned efforts were no match.

“Run along now, girl. Try and catch up with me. Then, maybe then, you’ll get to taste Adam’s delicious cock again.”

The redhead climbed onto her feet and began to exit Adam’s man cave.

“I wouldn’t bet on it though!” Belle laughed as the girl retreated. “Now Adam, we don’t want dinner to get cold, do we? But of course, it won’t be our fault. I’ll just punish them by sucking out their souls for delivering at the scheduled time instead of the right time.”

Adam moaned in exhaustion as he continued to ejaculate despite his own efforts to stop.

Chapter 5 - Draegean Rebellion

“Today’s meal was awfully small,” Belle declared as she stared down hundreds of empty platters after she and Adam had finished eating.

“There was been… instability among those on our planet,” their ambassador reported in terror.

“Oh? How is that possible?” Belle reached under her top and pinched a nipple. Her milk stained through the black fabric, causing all of the onlookers to lick their lips in desperate need.

“Our offspring are not conditioned as we are. They’ve read our history and believe that we should live our lives free of your divine decree,” the Draegean ambassador grimaced as he spoke those words.

“Well, well. Sounds like I have to crush your planet once again, don’t I? Starting with you.”

“Please, goddess, don’t blame the messenger!” one of the Draegeans begged.

“Oh, I don’t blame you,” Belle smirked. She rose from her chair. In the blink of an eye, she was in front of him. Her fist and arm had punched a hole straight through his chest.

“Then… why…” were his final words before death took him.

“Because I felt like it.”

A small, ragtag army of a thousand odd Draegeans stood in battle formation before the dark goddess hovering above them.

“Give us our planet back!” their leader cried. “We weren’t meant to be your slaves! You… you destroyed galaxies! We would rather die than serve you!”

The army roared in agreement.

“You think so?” Belle smirked, amused at their insolence. “What makes you think I can’t?” She fondled her breasts through her tight top.

Their leader gulped, but steeled his resolve.

“We Draegeans adapt and evolve quickly! We have tasted your milk, and we are immune to it! We will serve you no longer!”

The army cheered.

“I can still fuck your mind and break you,” Belle declared darkly.

In that moment, each and every one of them felt their thoughts violated as Belle’s laughter coursed through their synapses. Half of them fell to their knees to beg for forgiveness, only to find that they couldn’t speak.

“But… I think I’ll just kill you instead. I know you said you would rather die than to serve me, but that’s not true, is it? You’ll do anything to live.” Her tone grew darkly compelling as she rewrote their motives. “In fact, you’re not sure why you ever objected to serving me. You wish for nothing but to grovel at my toes, to kiss my pretty feet, to fulfill your lives’ purposes by cooking for me and Adam. And now, I’m going to kill you all.”

Her command took root instantly. The ragtag army immediately began to panic.

“And there’s nothing that frightens you more,” Belle concluded her brainwashing.

“No! No, please! Belle! Goddess! We made a mistake!” The entire rebellion begged for forgiveness. There was nothing more terrifying than dying by Belle’s hands having not fulfilled the sole reason for their pathetic existences.

All but one.

A beautiful blonde woman flew into the air to confront Belle. She wore a garish red and blue costume with some sort of emblem emblazoned on the chest of her outfit. And quite a chest it was, too.

“He told you that we evolve quickly! I am our races’ secret weapon! Immune to your twisted control and able to set things straight… I’ll be the one to save our race!”

“What are you, some kind of superhero?” Belle laughed.

The superheroine wasn’t about to give her dangerous foe a chance. She flew straight at Belle and landed a superpowered punch right into her perfect face.

The shockwave of the force of her blow threatened the planet’s integrity. It emanated far out into space, obliterating comets and smaller planets in its path.

The blonde heroine smirked for a second before she registered the unspeakable pain that was radiating through her extended arm. It was broken. Limp, bloody, and hanging uselessly.

It fell like a wet rag. She saw Belle’s beautiful visage, her dark lips and porcelain skin completely unmarked.

“How evolved,” Belle quipped.

“Noooooooooo! I… cannot… fail!”

“Stop talking,” Belle ordered, with just a little more pressure than she had used to enslave the planet. She took her time, moving at a normal pace as she slid off her shoes and skirt just as a normal person would, letting the sight tantalize and tease. Crossing her hands in front of her, she pulled off her black crop top, revealing her complete, glorious beauty.

The beautiful blonde heroine opened her mouth to object, but no sound came out. Eyes wide with panic and uncontrollable lust, she wanted to make her escape to fight another day. But she was frozen. Paralyzed by Belle’s beauty.

“Stop trembling. It’s pathetic,” Belle commented.

The nameless blonde froze in midair.

“Come suckle.”

The heroine struggled as mightily as she could, but it amounted to nothing. She turned around to face Belle who was standing stark naked. The sight of her body utterly destroyed her uber self-control. Her nether lips quivered as she gushed her sexual juices down her thighs while her body flew towards Belle.

With a desperate gasp, she locked her glistening ruby lips onto Belle’s dark nub.

Belle laughed cruelly as she filled the girl with her milk. She kept the gush of her divine ambrosia down enough for the girl to hang on, but just barely. The blonde heroine’s body bucked so hard, she nearly broke her own super-durable spine. After processing her first, Belle-style instant orgasm, the dark goddess’s milk demanded more from her. It ripped through her body, filling the unimportant heroine with all-consuming desire.

The suckling girl reached out with her superpowered arms and reached behind Belle’s back, pulling herself as hard as she could into Belle’s generous breast. She wanted to drown in Belle’s milk. Belle’s gigantic, soft-looking breast didn’t give at all. The only thing that gave was the heroine’s already wilting willpower.

She wrapped her svelte legs around Belle’s thick thighs and began to hump, rubbing her slick pussy over Belle’s perfect skin.

But Belle wasn’t just going to let the girl drink and come forever. She fired her milk with even more pressure, watching the Draegean heroine inflate like a balloon. Belle could sense the panic in the girl’s mind, but after the first droplet hit the blonde’s mouth, there was no way she would ever let go.

“Evolve and adapt, huh?” Belle taunted. “I can’t wait to see what the next generation of your race has to offer. I can’t wait to fucking destroy them too. Speaking of, if you want to live, you better get away from my breast right now. You just won’t be able to drink any more of my milk. Fair deal, isn’t it?”

The doomed blonde shook her head furiously and refused to let go. Belle’s milk was simply too divine, too overwhelmingly mind-bending.

“Good choice!” Bele chuckled.

And then Belle’s teat fired a torrent powerful enough to explode their planet’s savior into pieces.

But her easy victory was short-lived. Just as she wiped out the rebellion with nothing but her breast milk, she could sense all of their reality coming to an end. The edges of the universe were being sucked away, like a sheet of paper into a reality-bending vacuum.

Belle recoiled in horror. She knew the only trigger that could cause this to happen.


She teleported back to his side.

Chapter 6 - A Conclusion with Belle

“Belle, I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Adam cried. Even he could see that reality was… melting.

“Adam! My love! Where did we go wrong!? I fed you, fucked you, got other girls to fuck you, entertained you, made you basically a god to these worms… what else could I have done!?” Belle implored him.

“I don’t know!” Adam sobbed. “I’m so selfish! I just… couldn’t enjoy it anymore! And the more you did, the easier you made my life, the less I wanted it,” he choked down his sobs. “And now, our reality… all because…”

Belle floated down to sit next to Adam. They embraced each other. Even as their love faded, the friendship and camaraderie was still there.

“Was I too cruel?” Belle post-mortemed, trying to make sense of it all. Despite all of her god-like power, the goddess simply could not comprehend what had happened.

“No, that’s not it,” Adam sniffled. “It was horrifying at first what you did to people, but you know I found it pretty sexy too. I… I got used to it.”

“Then what was it!?”

“Remember when you sucked up my stupid boss Angela into your pussy? And milk-fucked my co-workers? And turned a receptionist into a puppet? Belle, you’re too fucking cool for words,” Adam reminisced as the universe continued to shrivel.

“Her consciousness is still in that puppet, you know. She’s living an existential horror. I can taste it. Mmm.” Belle licked her lips.

“So hot! So cool,” Adam laughed and cried simultaneously as he sat on their floating island. His legs dangled off the side of the rock face as the horizon shrank towards them.

The two sat in unbearable silence as the universe began to absorb into the God.

Adam broke the tension by speaking first.

“I guess it’s just the humanity in me. Everything became too easy. It was fun for two weeks, but it just got… old, I guess. Flat. …I guess you don’t know that you need to fail, until you don’t fail. You know?” He chuckled. “Look at me. One month of winning and getting my dick blown off by you six times a day, and I’m a goddamn philosopher.”

Belle nodded. Followed by, “Sorry Adam, I don’t get it. I love winning. Always getting what I want.”

He sighed. “I guess you don’t. It’s just… human.”

“Something I’m not anymore.”

They both gulped audibly.


The silence reasserted itself. Their reality had collapsed now. Belle, Adam, and her stronghold were the final remnants.

“I think I still love you, Belle. Really. Despite what you see.”

“I love you too, Adam.”

“I always will. But something definitely got lost. I guess that’s why this is happening. This is selfish but… can you make me come? One last time?”

“Yeah, Adam.”

She casually swiped her perfect hand over the groin of his trousers. Adam’s eyes slammed shut as he ejaculated the same way he had every day for the past month, six times daily.

“I think I can fix this,” Belle said with cautious optimism as she continued to stroke the widening stain in Adam’s pants. He couldn’t even speak as his iron filled out with more hard pumping blood as his balls struggled to meet the kind of pleasure that her casual touch demanded.

“You never wanted me to mess with your mind,” Belle continued. “But… if you love me, if you _trust _me… let me in. I never have, even though I could have, at any moment. And I could have made you want it. You know that, don’t you Adam? Nothing can stop me. Oh, sorry.”

She withdrew her hand. Adam’s penis was finally allowed to stop spasming as the dregs of his productive orgasm finally subsided.

He huffed for air into his needy lungs.

“I suppose we have nothing to lose, right?” he panted.

“You love it when I twist other people’s minds. Why wouldn’t you let me in yours? I’m worthy of your trust.”

“I know. It’s just… that thing that makes us human, I guess. I didn’t want it happening to me.” He shifted his pants uncomfortably. “God, I’m fucking soaked through.”

“Almost out of time, Adam. I’ll make you love me. More powerful than ever. I still feel the same way about you as I did back then. I’m sure of it.”

“Fuck it,” Adam declared. “Do me. Fuck my mind. I trust you, Belle. Wholly and completely. I love you.”

“I love you too, Adam.”

Belle’s and Adam’s eyes glowed together as she went slowly, gently, tweaking all of his impulses and desires. The death of reality began to retard as Belle experimented, instill hopeless arousal, devotion, loyalty, elation toward her into Adam.

But reality wasn’t coming back. It stayed in that tiny little pocket. She could feel Adam’s existential horror, just like everyone else’s, when she went in and took control of their personalities and made them mindless slaves.

“Trust me, Adam,” she whispered into his ear as she reached in and made contact with his turgid erection. The silky stroke, the charged erotic electricity of her touch broke down his barriers as he began to ejaculate his very soul through the spurting tip of his tumescence.

“Trust meeee,” Belle hissed as she licked his ear, inciting more furious spurts that splattered against the wall of their little reality.

“I love you. Forever. In as many universes, for as long as time exists. I love you.”

She plunged her tongue into his ear as he finally embraced the total cosmic darkness of being owned by Belle.

Reality began to restore.

The final presence suddenly appeared all around Belle and Adam.

“Interesting,” the God spoke. “I did not see this.”

“And so you are succeeded,” Belle declared, suddenly the clairvoyant one. She continued to stroke her mindless lover’s dick, swirling her perfect nails over his slick, hypersensitive cockhead.

“I am.”

He ceased to exist.

Belle was the God now.


Belle occupied multiple universes at once, her body larger than the universes within those realities. Every inch of her body—her toes, her feet, her fingertips, her breasts, her glorious pussy… anything that was in its presence or felt its heat, or could smell her scent, instantly shattered from her glorious onslaught.

It wasn’t the first time she’d done this, nor would it be the last. She knew that much. All timelines were known to her.

As she enjoyed the screams of galaxies of civilizations wilting into nothing, she cradled the amulet around her neck. Looking into it with her godly eyes, she saw herself and Adam, sitting on the edge of that floating castle as she pumped his soul dry and replaced it with neverending, lasting love for her.

“I love you, Belle,” he said to her in that crystal ball.

“And I love you too Adam.”