Alpha at Play

Commissioned by danio13

Padded paws softly thudded rhythmically across a forest on the outskirts of Cirrane. Four footfalls, silence. Four footfalls, silence. The smell of damp earth and the sound of crispy leaves tingled the large beast’s senses.

She scanned the scenery through ice blue irises, seeing the world in varying shades of grey, illuminated by the luminescent glow of the full moon. The cold bite of the autumn air whipped against her dense, matted, black fur. It didn’t bother her in the slightest.

She was far too large for any normal wolf, as tall at the shoulder as a smaller human even while standing on all fours. Despite her massive size, she maneuvered gracefully through the dense underbrush at incredible speed. Tree trunks and bushes in grayish high definition flickered in and out of view as her vision combined with her incredibly honed sense of smell to dart through nature’s obstacle course effortlessly.

The hot, heavy breath escaping her predatory maw turned to steam in the chill night air. Her sharp fangs were prominently on display, pearly white and glistening in the moonlight. She was cloaked in a shroud of darkness by her midnight fur, traveling far too fast to be detected. The only chance an observer would catch sight of her would be by the glow of her eyes or the glint of her fangs.

She skidded to a stop and crouched her colossal frame to the forest floor, trying to pick up her prey’s scent. A few rapid intakes of breath and…

There it was, clear as day itself.

Breaking into another sprint, she reached the edge of the trees and the cabin where her target slept.

A warm, yellow glow peered out of the single window. She could smell the burning wick and the melting tallow of the candle. She prowled up to the wooden door, silently and stealthily.

Standing tall and proud, the massive wolf began to shudder violently as it grew even larger. Her forelegs and hindlegs squealed as they expanded to even greater lengths, covered in dense muscle. The digits of her enormous paws elongated and thinned.

Her imposing snout began to recede even as her entire body swelled with large, dense muscle. The beast’s maw shrank, sinking into her new, flatter face.

Then, with another violent, almost sickening shudder, the enormous wolf’s thick torso shed all of its black fur.

Her now bare skin was elegant, creamy, porcelain, and smooth. Still hunched over on all fours, her forelegs began to transform into human arms and hands. Her dirt flecked claws turned into long, razor sharp fingernails. The fur in her footpads disappeared as her paws smoothed and flattened, leaving only a particularly large feminine pair of hands.

Her hindlegs transformed in tandem much the same way, turning into smooth, hairless, large human feet, proportional to her massive size.

She grunted, the mid-transformation moan sounding raspy, threatening, and positively inhuman. Her biceps and triceps bulged with powerful, swelling muscle, thick as tree trunks. Her forearms were dense and solid, strong enough to ragdoll a human about if she wanted. Her skin was smooth as silk, but tough as steel.

The mystical werebeast’s bony hindlegs creaked as those bones grew even larger to support her massive frame and weight. Her angular joints straightened and lengthened, pushing her paws/feet out along the forest floor, carving deep grooves into the soft earth as they expanded.

Those paws turned into large human feet with sharp nails, just like her hands. Her new, long straight legs bulked with dense bundles of striated muscle as well. Each brawny length of flesh carved out their own identity, cutting even deeper grooves along her body than the ones her hind legs were etching into the floor.

Each hamstring and quad flexed arrogantly, but the enormous balls of muscle on the back of her calves had as much right to be proud as well. She rose to stand like a biped, arms tensing, legs rippling as the painful, enjoyable transformation continued.

Her pale, porcelain face began to take human form finally. The only identifying trait between her wereform and her human form were her icy sapphire-blue eyes, still glinting in the darkness, as if giving off their own light. Well, that and her sharp, gleaming, pronounced canines. She smiled wickedly. She couldn’t wait to enter this cabin and assault the sleeping prey waiting inside for her. His scent drove her into a frenzy. She drooled as she traced her tongue languidly over her wicked incisors and blood red lips.

Rich, exuberant strands of midnight black hair grew from her scalp, replacing the thick coat of fur she was previously sporting. It flowed down past her shoulders, shining with a beautiful luster, but still speckled with leaves and sticks.

She flexed her powerfully muscled back, reaching behind her with her thick arms to brush the detritus out of her new mane. Her shoulders flexed and rippled in tandem with the massive mountainous swells of her upper arms.

“Mmm,” she moaned, her voice more human than canine now. A pair of large, fleshy, perky breasts adorned her torso, impossibly belying her over-athletic, muscular form. Her pink nipples were ghostly pale, almost invisible without the right lighting.

Finally, a dense, pronounced eight pack sealed the deal, bordered by large swells of muscular obliques. Her hips and buttocks bulged and flexed with pure power as she experimentally contracted her core, feeling her power sharpen and her abdominals tighten even further.

With a sadistic smile, she opened the door to the unlocked cabin and ducked under the doorframe. Human buildings simply didn’t accommodate her eight foot stature.

There her prey lay, deep in slumber, completely unaware of what she was about to do to him.

Tiptoeing silently forward with extreme grace that belied her bulky form, she towered over his prone body. She got down to her knees, her tree trunk legs slipping along both of his sides, her enormous body absolutely dwarfing his… she licked her lips. He smelled so fresh, so ready, so delectable…

Finally, her sweet, chestnut scent hit her prey’s nostrils. He awoke with a start, starting into the most heartbreakingly beautiful face that he’d ever had the privilege to witness. Her immense stature was a stark contrast to his own, smaller-than-average frame, his soft muscles yielding to her chiseled physique. Her warmth enveloped his relatively frail body.

He thanked the gods every day for his luck.

“How was your run?” he asked.

“Mmm. Good. It’s nice to cut loose when the full moon is out.” She bared her fangs in demonstration and giggled.

“Sorry I fell asleep. I was pretty tired, and… MMF!”

The she-wolf plunged her tongue into his mouth as she mashed her lips to his, writhing in pleasure as they began to consummate their love.