Katsuko's Origin

Commissioned by GalateaX

Chapter 1 - Beginnings

“Our ultimate weapon… will it really work?”

“We will not know until we try.”

“This Earthling may not be the solution to our problems.”

“There’s many more where she came from.”

“And other humanoids similar to ourselves as well.”

“This one called itself…”

“Who cares what it calls itself?”

Katsuko heard the faint voices echoing in her head as she opened her eyes. Her vision was blurry, her impaired eyesight further attenuated from whatever anesthetic they had given her.

She was lying flat on an operating table, an overhead lamp blaring harsh lights into her brown, unfocused pupils. Intubated, shackled, and helpless, Katsuko watched her alien abductors chittering amongst themselves from the audience theater of the operating room.

All of the medical machinery around her whirred to life as the technicians or surgeons or… whatever, quickly left the room. The clear, plastic tubing pumped mysterious fluid into her veins. What was going to happen to her?

But that wasn’t the end of her worries. Large panels moved into position, thrumming ominously, presumably blasting her with radiation. Katsuko, naked and cold, shivered in fear.

“It’s working! Accelerate the process! Turn it up!”

What was working? Was it going to tear her apart? Would she explode into miasma? Was she going to turn into some sort of alien freak?

The clear mystery fluid flooded intravenously into her body. She feared she would burst like a balloon that had been overinflated!

But instead of a premature, gory ending, she felt a magnificent warmth burning inside of her, glowing ever hotter, but never uncomfortable. Her terror was slowly being replaced by relief, then contentment, then arousal.

Her body grew and expanded to accommodate this sudden influx of power. She closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure. Perhaps this wouldn’t be such a bad way to go.

Katsuko’s prone body began to fill out with luscious, sinuous muscle. Impossibly, she could feel the bones of her legs lengthening! Her thighs and calves became endlessly long and coltish, inch by inch, matching the impossible ideal that only artists could dream of. But they weren’t sickly thin; oh no, the strange alien experiment caused her body to pack on tight, firm flesh to her previously shapeless thighs. Her calves swelled with beautiful, delicate, feminine balls of muscle when she flexed.

She wiggled her new, permanently pedicured, dainty toes to make sure that her lower body still worked. It did.

Her hips grew wonderfully wide as her ass rounded itself out with firm muscle, perfectly shaped, the only worthy way of crowning her new endless legs. As it grew, she found her entire body pushing upward, touching the table with only her feet, bubble butt, and shoulders. Her backside would drive any fitness model green with envy.

Her previously flat and unremarkable tummy began to burn in wonderful bliss as her abdominals carved into view, each discrete bundle of impenetrable flesh a sexual marvel to behold. Katsuko watched them swell into existence, her skin so supple, so smooth. Oh, how she longed to touch them! But she was still shackled up tight by metal cuffs.

Katsuko tried to look down the prodigious length of her new growing body to admire her new sinuous stems and grooved abdominals, but her view was soon blocked by her own expanding breasts! Those spherical orbs filled out with luscious flesh, growing drool-inducingly large until she could only see down the narrow valley of her cleavage… and then even larger still, completely filling her view! Amazingly, they were so perfectly rounded, sitting so high and proud on her torso even as she lay flat! Her skin was shiny and smooth, titillating, tantalizing, leaving a wonderful canyon of cleavage that even she couldn’t bear to look away from.

The cold of the operating room didn’t bother her anymore. No, the chilly breeze resulted in a pair of perky, protruding chocolate nipples to crown each of her fabulous feminine swells, hard enough to cut glass. Oh how she longed to pinch and flick them and explore her new body!

And just when she thought they were done growing, she moaned and arched her back as they filled out and perked up in one final motion.

Her arms lengthened as well, in perfect proportion to her new height. Any loose, flabby flesh melted away, replaced by perfectly taut muscle. Her shoulders, biceps, and triceps shuddered with power, every small movement accentuating her strong but still feminine arms. Just like her feet and toes, even her hands became more slender, delicate, beautiful, her fingernails taking on a permanent French manicure, never to be chipped ever again.

Katsuko could even feel her face subtly shifting. If what was happening there was anything like what her body had just undergone, she had nothing to worry about. Still, she wished her alien abductors had provided her with some sort of vanity mirror. It was absurd to think about… she looked at the large, metal panels that were presumably radiating energy at her. No, unfortunately, they weren’t reflective enough.

Still, she could feel her scalp tingling. Her jet black hair lengthened and thickened, extending outward above her head, each silken strand dangling off of the operating table.

“Is it enough? Should we stop?”

“NO!!” Katsuko cried out.

She could still feel the changes happening, and she had so much more to go! She wanted to test her limits! She wanted to explore her new body!

And just like that, she flexed her arms against the shackles that bound her wrists. With a slight effort, the metal cuffs squealed before surrendering to her unfathomable female strength. The hinges tore off the table, and she freely began to knead her new, lush, full breasts, rubbing and flicking her nipples with her powerful, slender fingers.

Another hand traced down her cobbled abs, finding its way to her now-hairless intimacy. God, she was wet! Her moist pussy lips were somehow already vibrating, seeking stimulation, as she goaded her seemingly larger clit out from under her pink, fleshy sheathe.

Katsuko gave a long, lusty moan as she arched her back in fiery passion.

“That’s enough! Cut the process!”

The panels began to move away, revealing the sight of her stunning, irresistible, nude form to the alien audience. Then, the machinery grinded to a halt in mid-retraction, still pelting their nubile female test subject with power.

The operators, the audience, everyone who caught sight of her immediately ceased what they were doing. Katsuko’s new body, still ever improving, captivated their minds and their sexual desires, gripping them tightly and heating their arousal. Male and female alike felt their heartbeats accelerate madly as their veins swished with heat.

Those pedicured toes, her dainty feet, her endless legs…

Thick, densely packed thighs, wide hips, and a generous butt that left her exaggerated feminine profile looking at her absolute best…

Her sculpted abs, her enormous, perky bosom, those long, strong, slender arms teasing her own love bud…

Katsuko’s digits brought herself to the greatest heights of pleasure that she had ever known. Her lusty moan reverbated beyond her soundproof operating theater, echoing through everyone’s souls and triggering their instant orgasm.

And still the procedure was underway at full power.

A burning ball of lust now, Katsuko continued to touch herself. She cupped her full breasts, which easily overfilled her hands, and brought it up to her long, flexible tongue. Swirling her moist muscle powerfully against her diamond-hard nub, she teased and sucked at it while gushing her love juices from between her sculpted legs.

Her outward appearance had soon stopped changing, but every delectable inch of her was becoming ever more powerful, more seductive, more irresistible still. Even her scent was becoming overwhelmingly oppressive. The operating theater was soon saturated with her floral pheromones as she squirted more and more powerfully. Her body was rigid, contorting with pleasure, every tremble and quiver breaking off more of her shackles, toes denting the metal table she lay upon.

The alien director watched the whole thing unfold on his monitor. He could see that something had gone horribly awry. Why weren’t they stopping the procedure!?

He saw that the operators had run toward the glass windows to the Earth subject’s operating room. They pressed their faces against the glass as they bucked their hips against it, soaking themselves with their fluids.

The audience remained in their seats, but they fared no better. All of them trembled in joy. Even from the low resolution footage of the monitoring cameras, the director could see that their groins were absolutely soaked.

He dared not go down there himself. He could touch his aching, throbbing erection from up here while he still retained control of his faculties. Yes, that could work. He was hopelessly turned on, but he was still in control. Definitely. Fully. He unzipped and pumped his cock just once as he watched this nubile girl grow into everyone’s fantasy.

He came immediately.

His viscous fluid splashed onto his chest with a powerful spurt. His sudden, instant orgasm shocked even himself. He cried out in shock and ecstasy. All he could think about after he had fired five or six impossibly powerful jets of arcing fluid was how he desperately wished to come for her again!

Katsuko was now standing in the operating theater, her metal bindings and the table she had lain on, long since torn asunder. She flaunted her body amidst the radiation panels, performing unbelievable feats of flexibility, bringing one leg up above her head and performing an easy, one-legged, standing oversplit.

She ran her hands through her new, thick, midnight mane. She could feel the perfume wafting off of her scalp. God, she smelled good.

She performed a double biceps pose. Her muscles were clearly visible, but they were still elegant, feminine, and oh-so-powerful. And despite their size not growing, she could feel the radiation powering them up, thrumming with more strength with every passing second.

Experimentally, she reached out for the metal table and pinched it between her slender fingers. It immediately deformed and melted, dribbling into a pool of liquid metal at her feet.

“Ouch! Fuck!!” she cried, as the metal burned her fingers. In panic, she shook her hand about, trying to cool her hands. The molten mess splattered across her perfect torso, burning more of her flesh.

“Ahhh! Noo!!!” she gasped in pain.

But her flesh healed itself, and the pain faded almost immediately.

Katsuko was about to lament how she had just ruined the most wonderful gift she had ever received, until she saw the metal flowing down her body in large rivulets. She was… totally unharmed! And it didn’t even hurt anymore!

The goo pooled at her feet. She dug her toes into it and swirled them around, carving deep grooves into the floor.

No pain. No nothing. Only pure, unstoppable, Katsuko power.

Finally, the mysterious formula was depleted as the flow from the tubes came to a halt. Her own body rejected the alien plastic, detaching it from her body at will.

As the radiation continued to pelt her, she felt a strange sensation in her eyes. Furrowing her new, full eyebrows, she squinted to try and relieve the pressure. The one-way glass windows suddenly were two-way to her naked, unaided eyes. She could see all the operators helplessly glued to the windows, orgasming themselves silly to her magnificence. Was this really all because of her? Just from looking at her?

Katsuko approached her captors planning to confront them, but her new sex-infused body had ideas of its own. Subconsciously strutting like a model, swaying her hips and showing off her luscious legs, she unintentionally put a little extra into each step, causing her large, firm bosom to jiggle ever-so-slightly with each step. When she reached the window, she tapped on the glass and waved cutely to her captors.

They all drooled and orgasmed again.

Wow, she really was the cause of their nonstop pleasure!

Katsuko wondered. Could she…?

She suppressed the urge to giggle as she pursed her full, pink lips. Testing the powers of her seduction, Katsuko closed her eyes as she placed those fleshy folds onto the glass, leaning forward and accentuating her sexually devastating breasts and gave her viewers a slow, painfully erotic kiss. The window fogged up from her superheated breath, which she swiped away with her thick tongue.

She could hear all of them moaning in one, huge, torrential final orgasm as their hearts failed. Their useless, overtaxed bodies crumpled to the floor.

_Fuck… I’m so hot, my looks can literally kill! _

Having had her fun with experimenting, she tried to tone down her allure.

Carving a hole in the glass with her perfect fingernail, the pheromone-saturated air hissed outward to the audience. As they sucked in her heavenly scent, they, too, shuddered in one, long, final clench, before their hearts failed as well. Row after row of alien attendee collapse, their last moments the most pleasurable they had ever experienced. The blissful looks on their faces was evidence enough.

“Oops!” she cried out. She hadn’t meant to orgasm-kill anyone else! She hadn’t even done anything!

“Katsuko!” A shaky voice called out from the intercoms.

“Yes?” she replied, the sonic vibrations of her voice rocking the foundations of the building. And that wasn’t the only effect it had.


Her sensitive ears picked up the sound of her mysterious captor’s fluid splashing in his garments once again. Even her voice! She wasn’t even trying to be sexy!

She giggled and waited patiently as his orgasm slowly subsided to just a few weakening spurts.

“Ah… hah… unng… we have made you to be our ultimate champion.”

“Really? That’s nice!” she answered back innocently and genuinely.

“Unffffff!” the voice cried out again. “Please! Stop! Just… face our enemies. Their weaponry and armies are formidable, and they are expanding too greedily! Their fleet is orbiting our planet, trying to intimidate us! You must balance the scales!”

“You don’t say…” she located the camera with her telescopic vision. She just had to try something.

Looking straight into the lens, she gave the disembodied voice a little wink.

She sensed his third unstoppable orgasm, more powerful than the last two. Arc after arc of his juices spurted into his already soaked pants.

“GHhhhhhH!!!!” came his hoarse grunting.

“Haha! Okay! I’ll see what I can do!” she chirped.

Her body vanished from sight as it crashed through every wall, leaving lascivious, Katsuko-shaped holes in her wake. She couldn’t wait to test her power.

She took a button down shirt off the corpse of one of the taller males and put it on. It was long enough to cover her privates, just barely. Her glorious mounds pushed against the fabric up top, shortening it considerably.

“What have we created…” the lead scientist uttered to himself, still jetting semen from his steely rod.

Chapter 2 - Defense

Katsuko exited the gray laboratory, leaving crumbling granite where she had effortlessly smashed through its walls. The planet of Xenoi trembled under the dainty footsteps of her impossibly perfect, unfathomably powerful body.

“Oh my! Am I causing these earthquakes?” she wondered. She came to a standstill, and the vibrations of the dense planet attenuated slowly before finally ceasing.

Katsuko took another tiny step, touching down with just her tiptoes.

Another earthquake rocked the planet to its very core.

“Oops!” she cried, her voice nearly blowing away the atmosphere. The little buildings in the immediate vicinity of the path of her breath were all shattered and sent over the horizon—the bits that were lucky enough not to get atomized by a direct hit, anyway. Anyone who had lived there had also been swept away, long killed from the sudden impact.

Katsuko grimaced and lifted her leg once more. She gingerly, cautiously, delicately, placed her foot on Xenoi soil once more.

Only a small local earthquake this time, and it only lasted twenty seconds.

“Phew! I’m getting better!” she uttered quietly.

Craning her neck slowly, her eyes scanned the vacuum of space, instantly peering through to the end of the entire alien galaxy.

“Whoa!” she cried, her thundering voice vibrating even the deep black void. She hadn’t meant to look that far! It was harder not to do such incredible things!

Focusing once again, Katsuko squinted her eyes, and with an effort of will, kept her vision more local. She could see a fleet of hostile spaceships approaching, their phaser banks charged, their translucent shields up.

These must be the guys I’m supposed to fight… _she mused to herself. She’d learned to stop speaking out loud in shock and awe if she didn’t want to turn Xenoi into rubble. _But how am I going to get up there?

As if on cue, her feet left the surface of the planet. Her ultra-glorious, orgasm-inducing, death-via-pleasure form hovered into the air, completely ignoring the force of gravity that the superdense planet of Xenoi was exerting on it.

“Whoa!!!” she cried, Katsuko’s voice this time directed at one of the spaceships a whole lightyear away. It pierced through the ship’s shields and rumbled its whole dense alloy. Her light-year-projected sonic cry was so violent that an advanced spaceship designed for interstellar travel rattled until it just fell apart.

“Guess I don’t really have to go up there to face them…” she mused.

The other ships accelerated in response to seeing their ship somehow get mysteriously destroyed by an attack from Xenoi. What could it have been? Clearly they had a new, devastating weapon!

Katsuko had no trouble following the invaders’ FTL travel. She leisurely floated in midair, turning on the spot, admiring each and every ship.

Suddenly, she felt a compulsion to exercise her glowing, light brown eyes. It was more than just telescopic vision… the radiation and the serum in her veins still had not unlocked their full potential. They were ever churning, enhancing an ever-ascending Katsuko further and further…

The pressure behind her pupils became unbearable. Flexing her new muscles, she collected up all the energies swirling inside of her tight, nubile body, focusing it behind her eyes, and then just… fired.

Two wide, glowing, all-destructive beams of energy catapulted from her irises.

The ambient temperature spiked all around her, overheating the atmosphere. Luckily for Xenoi, that little squeeze was enough to relieve the pressure building in her body, and she cut the beams immediately.

Still, Katsuko’s laser beams of death did not diminish in power at all as they traveled the interstellar distance toward the approaching invasion fleet.

They sliced through the entirety of a ship, before vaporizing it completely as they continued unimpeded far into space beyond. There was no wreckage or debris left—just complete, utter annihilation.

The ships that were not struck directly by Katsuko’s lasers were not quite so lucky. Their shields buckled under the extreme temperature. Their outer hulls began to turn molten red, sagging as they lost their structural integrity. The ships’ crew were all boiled alive, stuck inside of their interstellar metal prisons, their advanced technology no match at all for Katsuko’s fraction-of-a-second glance.

The transports fell out of formation and out of light travel, drifting endlessly as molten blobs that would eventually cool down and resolidify.

Katsuko’s eyes grew wide as she marveled at the power she wielded, just by looking! She watched her lasers fly out into the cosmos beyond the speed of light. It was amusing… her laser beams, traveling faster than light? Her power was a complete contradiction, and she had no trouble following their all-destructive path.

Only half of the fleet, consisting of two carriers and three dreadnoughts, made it into orbit around Xenoi.

Their scanners found an incredible, concentrated force hovering just a few miles above the planet’s surface. The ship’s sensors overflowed repeatedly as the crew gaped at the nonstop rolling numbers on their displays.

“Commander! What do we do!? Their weapon… It’s… it’s too powerful!”

Katsuko’s ears picked up everything. She smiled with glee.

“Fire! Fire! Those can’t be right! Just fire everything we have!”

The three dreadnoughts aimed the entirety of their impressive weapons array at Katsuko. Her perfect body could no longer get goosebumps, but her nerves still tingled with the anticipation of receiving the brunt of half a planetary invasion fleet’s worth of power.

Still, she was cautious. Maybe she couldn’t get hurt… but she didn’t really know for sure. What really worried her, however, was the planet below her. She watched in painfully slow motion as their quantum torpedoes, payloads of matter and antimatter, ejected from their torpedo bays, their phaser banks glowing and emitting laughably weak lasers. Dozens of energy bays, complex technology, and it didn’t even come close to a fraction of the power of her eyes!

With Katsuko’s incredible super speed, there was no rush for her to act. But she got bored of watching the glowing lights of the weapon systems before her.

Wanting to keep her infinite power under control, she winked one eye closed and took aim with the other, wanting to demonstrate to them how a proper phaser beam should behave.

Her single, mesmeric, light brown eye glowed with power. The tiniest, coherent, blue beam shot from it, no thicker than the width of a pin.

The left dreadnought she aimed at didn’t even have time to register the strike. Like a razor-sharp blade, she sliced the entire beast of a warship cleanly in half. Its operations continued normally, batteries and energy conduits still working, until inevitably, the bisected halves of the ship began to drift apart. The phaser beams dissipated into nothing, and the torpedoes fired lamely, off target and limp. Their payloads detonated prematurely as the useless, mile-wide metallic pieces crashed into them. The scarred, burnt metal fell to the planet’s surface with a large shudder.

Shoot! Still too much! Katsuko lamented.

Clearly, her casual gaze was too much for the ships to handle. Maybe a little love tap would be more appropriate.

Katsuko vanished from her position and re-appeared in front of the right dreadnought’s phaser banks. She gave the weapons’ conduits a gentle brush of her fingers.

The entire ship tore apart, shuddering from the little swipe of her hand, its weapons detonating prematurely and overloading the ship.

Oh well, Katsuko shrugged, the gesture causing massive turbulence for one of the carriers in the path of her superpowered shoulders. Its engines struggled and failed, dumping several that were lucky enough to make it out of the tumult. It, and everything else inside it, headed for the surface of Xenoi in an out-of-control nosedive.

Finally, she let the world continue at full speed. She heard the panic of the invaders as they finally registered that two dreadnoughts had been downed via unknown means. And that one of their carriers was now falling like a stone for seemingly no reason at all.

The torpedoes and phasers of the final ship made a beeline toward their relatively small, but overwhelmingly sexy target. Such was the energy rumbling inside of her that the ship had zero trouble locking onto her energy signature.

The incredible temperatures of the phaser struck her first, the thick beam bathing her entire body in searing heat. Her outfit disintegrated to ash. She winced for only a second before her body regenerated the damage instantly. And then, she felt no further pain from the pathetic beam anymore. She was so powerful, so adaptable, and so utterly unstoppable! She giggled as she spread her most sensitive lips with her fingers, letting the beam blast into her intimate core. It didn’t hurt in the slightest! In fact, it felt… nice.

Exploring her new raging impulses a bit, she massaged herself as she awaited the quantum torpedoes. Her entire body blurred as she masturbated with unbelievable force. The upward spasm of her body sent another violent shockwave as she came, this time missing the alien invaders.

Opening her eyes after such a powerful release, she saw that the torpedoes had barely moved at all! Katsuko was growing impatient. Still touching herself, she disappeared from her location right into the oncoming path of the quantum torpedo.

The phaser was unable to track her movement, but Katsuko was so fast that the beam didn’t even have time to strike the planet’s surface. She fired her own blast from her eyes this time, using only a millionth of her last strike to disable the phaserbanks completely. And melt a quarter of the dreadnought into slag.

Now, she could enjoy the warhead properly.

The glowing missile blob struck her body, the forcefield separating the matter and antimatter payload dissolving away. The concoction mixed together, erupting all around her body. The superheated air felt as insignificant to her as the phaser beam had. It was nothing compared to what she had generated so easily with her eyes.

Still, the delicate, feathery touch of the most sophisticated weaponry in the universe felt nice against her invulnerable body. Katsuko blinked straight into every new warhead, diving into them with gusto. They all detonated in the upper atmosphere of Xenoi, causing far less damage than her own accidental footsteps and voice had.

It was over all too soon. The warheads were completely impotent at harming her.

The dreadnought began to load another salvo, but Katsuko flew to greet the large beast. Bored with using her unstoppable eye lasers, she wanted to give it a bit more of a personal touch. Extending a single, dainty finger, she gave the war machine a brief little poke.

Her digit carved through the metal like it was molten ice cream. Wiggling that slender digit, she widened the hole. She flew around its circumference, her finger carving a deep trench through the alloy until she had made a perfect path around it. Then, she ripped off the top half of the ship, treating it as if it were some sort of canned good.

The billions of tons felt like nothing in her outstretched arm as she comically held the entire upper deck of the ship above her. The crew members all collapsed to the sudden shift in gravity.

Katsuko brought her other hand up and gripped it at the opposite end. She pressed and squeezed the hull of the ship. Her hands were like a funnel, and the metal was being squashed and battered, forced to fit in her cupped palms. The crew screamed in terror in agony as she crushed the life out of both them and the ship. It was inconceivable! A sophisticated weapon, built by such an advanced civilization, and one humanoid girl was playing with it like putty!?

Soon, there was nothing left but a hyper-dense ball of alloy. She held it on her upturned palm, pursed her lips, and gave it a little puff. Her deadly projectile, aimed at the remaining half of the dreadnought still floating in the sky, tore a deep cylinder through the ship. It continued to travel out into the reaches of space, never to lose any inertia. Perhaps it would obliterate some planets in its path.

With all three dreadnoughts destroyed, all that was left was to deal with the carriers and the landing troops. Katsuko had fun discovering the devastating force of her breath and the endless energy she could emit from her eyes, but she longed for a more… personal touch.

Chapter 3 - Playtime

A dozen fighters circled the air as shuttles ferrying ground troops headed for the surface. It was all that remained of the invasion fleet, the rest obliterated either from light years away by Katsuko’s eyes, or destroyed by her casual shrugging and infinitely powerful fingers.

Knowing that the relatively small aircrafts’ weapons would be nothing compared to the three dreadnoughts she had so easily dismantled, she didn’t waste time. All she was interested in was their occupants.

She zipped in front of one and waited for the pilot to notice. The space fighter was all clad in plated metal, but her eyes had no trouble seeing right through it. The display screen inside flickered to life, putting her irresistible body on display. The pilot shuddered in ecstasy as soon as he glanced at her digital image.

And continued to shudder. His heart rattled in his chest, unable to resist pumping harder and harder to keep up his ejaculations at the sight of Katsuko’s perfect curves. He died in the cockpit as the plane went spiraling into Xenoi soil.

“Oops!” Katsuko giggled. She hadn’t meant to do that!

Could she… could she rein in her beauty somehow? Not that she particularly wanted to. But making people orgasm and drop dead was getting old. A little. Well, maybe it would get old. Eventually.

Actually, could she increase it even further? With but a thought, she pictured herself as the absolute paragon of sexuality, pure carnal delight made corporeal. Just being near her magnificent being would be enough to cause men and women to collapse. People would beg her to kill them like that.

And just like that, six of the fighters that didn’t have their sensors pointed at her began to spiral out of control. She could smell the pungent stench of their cum splattering in their uniforms from miles away.

Could she do more…? Immediately, she knew the answer was yes. But enough was enough.

Toning it all back down, she sucked her irresistible aura back inside her body, the only thing in existence strong enough to possibly contain such overwhelming erotic power.

Restraining herself to “merely” her physical abilities, she soared off after all five planes. Being careful not to jolt their bodies to death, she crushed all of the engines, one by one, and gathered them up with a single outstretched arm while they spiraled in freefall. She stacked each one horizontally on top of each, managing the weight as if she were lifting a feather. In truth, they felt even lighter than that.

Landing next to the invading ground troops, she pumped her arm up and down, each time throwing the top fighter aircraft to land on the surface of Xenoi with a thud. Her control and aim were perfect, placing all five parallel to each other, if a bit crumpled.

Katsuko jumped onto the first plane, causing the whole thing to creak and seesaw as she landed on it with her dainty feet. She nudged the cockpit open with her big toe, only to be greeted by a terrified pilot with a blaster. He opened fire immediately.

It had no effect on her body, but it certainly did a number on him. The close proximity of the blast superheated the air between them, and he screamed as it burnt him alive.

“Oh, gross!” Katsuko wrinkled her nose. She put him out of his misery by kicking him into orbit with a nudge of her toes.

She flipped over onto the next fighter, crumpling and seesawing it in much the same way. This time, she made sure to check inside with her absolute vision first. The pilot was trembling, his blaster also at the ready.

Katsuko plunged her arm through the thick plating and grabbed the blaster. Her movement was so fast that the pilot didn’t even register the movement. The next thing he saw was Katsuko digging her fingers into his plane and peeling it open to reveal her beautiful body. He aimed his blaster at the Asian goddess before suddenly realizing that it was a nonfunctional, unrecognizable lump.

Katsuko reached for him, planning to undo his fastenings and throw him next to his troops below, but the careful, gentle movement of her palm touching him in the chest smashed his bones to dust, and he fell over lifeless.

“Dammit!” Katsuko stamped in frustration, putting her foot right through the plane.

Three left to try with.

For the next one, she got as far as touching a live body with her fingers, but as soon as she clutched her fingers around his throat, he fell over dead.

Hurling the corpse hard enough to burn up in the upper atmosphere with a halfhearted swing of her slender limb, she moved onto the second to last plane.

For this one, she moved at a merely mortal pace, hovering her fingers around her victim’s neck as he begged and pleaded for her not to touch him. Slowly, gingerly, with extreme caution, she curled those digits, using her superspeed and carefully judging his reaction. When she had barely touched his skin, Katsuko lifted him up and brought the quivering, live man before her. She smiled triumphantly as he struggled to break free of her chokehold, proving that he was still alive.

“Yes!” she bellowed, her voice smashing the life out of him.

“Oh dammit!”

Still, she had learned plenty. Moving onto the last one, she unceremoniously flexed her new masterful control and brought this pathetic pilot out of his vehicle. Floating back to the ground troops that had assembled, mesmerized by her unbelievable feats of power and waiting obediently, she dropped her little victim amongst their ranks.

Half of them raised their guns. The other half knew better, and dropped them. There was no way they would raise a finger against this young Goddess who had obliterated their entire fleet so easily!

“Now, I think the Xenoi probably want some of you alive, so I’ll try to be gentle with you, okay?” she declared sweetly, with no malice.

“Fire!” yelled the general in the lead.

Katsuko vanished and zipped through their ranks, swinging her breasts at each of their heads as she grazed by. The first half of her victims were sent flying, immediately deceased from the tiniest brush against her softest flesh. But in that microsecond of experience, she adjusted her power and merely tapped the rest unconscious with a fluid swivel of her hips, or the gentlest caress of her perky nipple.

The soldiers that she had managed not to kill collapsed in a heap, waiting for the Xenoi to collect.

“Wow…” she heard the director from the laboratory utter as he monitored her movements. And he had been whispering from miles away!

Katsuko projected her voice to him. “Did I do good? What do you want me to do next?”

The director gasped as he heard her voice as if she were standing right next to him. “You… you can hear me?!”

“Of course, silly! Didn’t you make me this way?”

“I… um, ahem, yes, of course! Fantastic job, our ultimate enforcer!”

“My name is Katsuko!” she declared. Did they really just think of her as a weapon?

“Yes, forgive me, Katsuko.” He desperately tried to stay on her good side. “Why don’t you… why don’t you find their home planets and destroy them for us?”

Katsuko could hear the uncertainty and lack of sincerity in his voice. But the thought of playing with her powers was amenable.

“Okay, boss! I’ll go do that!”

And just like that, she flew out into space and exited the galaxy in seconds.

“Thank Xeno. She doesn’t even know where their home galaxies are, and this should perhaps buy us time to figure something out…”

Katsuko growled in anger from light years away as her ears picked up his throwaway comment.

Chapter 4 - Galactic

Katsuko had already found the native galaxies of the alien invaders the instant her creator had instructed her to. Traveling far beyond the speed of light, she blipped into existence just above the atmosphere of one of their core planets. Nobody could register her instantaneous movement, but the sensors finally picked up the titanic force of nature that hovered within their planet’s orbit.

She already knew she was strong. Unfathomably, impossibly strong. She could hear the planet’s military forces shouting in confusion about what was happening. They probably hadn’t even received the news that Katsuko had destroyed their fleet, since they were limited by such trifling things as the speed of light.

Curious to test the waters first, Katsuko found one of the moons orbiting the planet. It had been colonized heavily, and was currently on the other side of the planet.

Katsuko traveled below warp speed, gauging the reaction of the civilization beneath her. She still covered the 50 day orbit’s distance in mere seconds.

She listened to the inhabitants of the moon colony cry out in fear. The impossibility of a single, naked, beautiful female, surviving in the vacuum of space, traveling stellar distances at speeds beyond what was theoretically known… what could they do against such an unstoppable force of nature?

Katsuko watched as some of the military tried to aim their defenses at her whilst others scrambled toward their starships. They were so slow!

She already knew she could destabilize a planet’s core just by walking on its surface too harshly. Just exactly what would happen if she went all out…?

Descending to the planet’s surface slowly, so as to not obliterate it with the wake of her flight, she hovered above the terraformed surface of the moon. Putting up her pretty, delicate fists, she shook out her arms, cracked her neck, put up her dukes, and put everything she had into one, powerful jab.

Her little fist didn’t just crack the surface of the moon. Nor did it cause any sort of apocalyptic earthquake. The entire celestial mass, which had gathered space rocks and matter, built over countless millennia, was obliterated. No longer in existence. She had reduced it to beyond subatomic. It… simply didn’t exist anymore.

The aftershock of her jab was still traveling through space, annihilating anything and everything in its path. It pierced the edge of the galaxy, erasing the barrier between this galaxy and the next, outspeeding the expansion of the universe itself and unraveling in its path.

Katsuko marveled at its never-ending, infinite path of destruction. She had been planning to put everything into that punch, yet… as soon as she threw it, she knew she was capable of so much more. Closing her eyes, the mere imagination of her punching at her full strength immediately triggered her body, demonstrating to her that no matter how powerful she acted, there was still more she could do. No limit she could ever reach. The mental exercise alone unlocked even more of her infinite power, feeding back on itself.

When she opened her light brown eyes, they were glowing with the knowledge of what infinity truly meant. Her power and beauty would never stop ascending from this point forward.

She turned ominously to face the main planet. The floating orb, with its regions of sandy dunes, dense forests, and industrialized cities were all so puny to her now. She could sense the fear of its citizens—no, of the planet and nature itself—trembling from the unlimited might she possessed.

It felt like an injustice that the puny celestial body could be so much larger than her. In her mind, it was nothing but a tiny pebble, waiting to be crushed under her beautiful heel.

And just like that, Katsuko began to grow.

Her beautiful, taut, perfectly powerful body began to expand, still retaining all of its unmatched feminine sexual appeal. The changes were insignificant to the insects below as she went from five foot something to over six, ten, fifteen feet tall.

No, it wasn’t nearly enough. At her current height, she would tower over other humanoids, but her power was such that she needed to tower over everything.

With a lick of her moist, pink lips, she drew upon her infinite reserves and accelerated her growth. She became as tall as a skyscraper, now visible to the naked eye from the inhabitants below on that little ball of dirt. But they still couldn’t see her beauty clearly.

She continued to expand, legs growing longer, hair the thickness and size of multiple continents, her breasts many times larger than any mountain. She actually had to scoot backwards so that her firm, luscious, female flesh didn’t swat the planet away, traveling cosmic distances with by just hovering backwards.

The people on the planet below began to orgasm as they witnessed the cosmic goddess growing before them.

Katsuko smiled. She could cradle the planet like a billiard ball at her current size. Now she was getting somewhere.

But she still needed more. And her body never ran out of power to give her what she wanted.

She was aware of another moon in her path, because she was always aware of everything around her. But she absolutely dwarfed it now. Katsuko didn’t stop enlarging for an instant. The moon came floating into her outstretched leg, crumbling into tiny pieces when it touched her shin.

If the inhabitants were still conscious, looking into the sky, they would only see Katsuko’s eyes filling the heavens above. She was rapidly growing to fill up the entire galaxy! Her feet had already crushed planets in the wake of her expansion. Her beautiful hair was eclipsing the sun, wrapping it in a dark blanket where its rays of light could no longer escape, more powerful than any black hole.

Katsuko languidly swung her arms, obliterating all matter in her path. With nobody around to witness her anymore, she looked at the tiny pebble of a planet that she had conquered with nothing but her size. It was as if nature itself knew what was coming.

Katsuko blinked her eyes. Her beautiful, dark eyelashes came raking down through the planet’s core, slicing into it like a hot knife into butter. An entire civilization, wiped out, from her smallest, most innocuous motion!

She turned her head and fired a few all-destructive bolts at the other galaxies she had been ordered to crush. The lasers were as large as the cosmic size of her pupils. The universe itself cried out against her unnatural assault before it fell silent, so much of it obliterated in an instant..

“If we’re lucky, she’ll be gone forever. Then Xenoi will lead the new galactic empire!” The head scientist of Xenoi declared.

“Excuse me?”

Katsuko appeared before him, back to her only-human size, suppressing her infinite beauty. Still, her nude, hyper-fit body caused the director to gasp in lust.

“Ka-ka-ka… Katsuke! You’re… where did you come from?! You’re supposed to be destroying our enemies!”

“Been there, done that. And it’s Katsuko. You know, I’m beginning to think you don’t respect me. You only think of me as a weapon, don’t you?” she smirked, watching the man’s face twist into a mask of terror. Katsuko didn’t care one way or the other what the powerless Xenoi scientist thought of her.


“So to thank you for turning me into this infinite, unstoppable power, how about I give you and this planet a kiss?”

“Umm?” he uttered. Receive a kiss, from the most unfathomably sexy female goddess that anyone had ever laid eyes on? He grew as hard as he could get just from the thought.

Katsuko pursed her plump lips, kissed her fingertips, and blew a kiss oh-so-seductively at the doomed man.

Her sexy gesture cracked the planet, causing it to explode into itty bitty pieces. She laughed at the end of Xenoi as her breath crumbled large chunks of metallic core into nothingness.