Master PC - Simon's Succumbence

Commissioned by Rjjt

Chapter 1

“What is free will?” Mrs. Halsey started off the lecture, the first day back from winter break.

The class of Sunnyvale High murmured some indistinguishable response.

“Aristotle said that we have a choice to do something, or not to do something. While others say that it’s just programmed into our genetics. We have no real control over what our bodies and brains are programmed to do. And still, others say that our fate is written, and we merely follow along a path under the illusion that we ever had a choice.”

Simon paid no attention as he played on his cell phone.

“Simon? Did you find something more interesting? Mind sharing with the rest of the class?” She called him out.

“Just… hang on…” he muttered, not looking up.

“Now listen here,” she approached his desk in the back. All the students watched the scene unfold in anticipation of a scolding.

He entered a command. His phone whirred as the app tried to process what he had written.

Mrs. Halsey ceased her advance, turned around with a blank look on her face, and marched right back to the front of the classroom. The students thought nothing of her strange behavior.

“What is free will?” Mrs. Halsey restarted the lecture.

A class of uninterested students only murmured. All except Simon. He was watching intently.

“Aristotle said that we have a choice to do something…”

The fabric of his teacher’s loose blouse began to shrink, molding itself to the contours of her body. The bottom hem of her top glued itself to her torso and rose higher and higher, turning into an elastic band just below her breasts. The collar and shoulders also shrank away, revealing more of Mrs. Halsey’s chest, until her blouse turned into a tiny blue, tight tube top.

None of the students reacted.

Her new outfit didn’t flatter her figure very much, since she had none to speak of, but that wouldn’t be the case for long.

Mrs. Halsey’s dark ebony skin grew smoother, healthier, perfectly even with no sign of blemishes. Her bare shoulders and arms tightened up, looking both slender and powerful at the same time, silky skin over taut muscle, so inviting to touch.

Her jet-black hair lengthened, strands of midnight silk flowing down her back, perfectly straight, shiny, and fragrant.

Her tube top, which was hugging the flat plains of her torso, began to push outward. Inch by inch. Two spheres of full, well-formed female flesh pressed against it, the upper half of their tanned, luscious slopes growing ever more visible as the thread of the fabric creaked against the new, mighty pressure that Mrs. Halsey’s expanding nubile body was exerting.

Her bosom kept growing ever larger, yet it stayed inhumanly perky, no sag to her feminine perfection in spite of their size. Her tight top pressed those tender globes of sensual flesh together, forming a wonderful, deep canyon of cleavage guaranteed to suck in any onlookers’ eyes.

And still, no one but Simon seemed to pay any mind to it.

Her tummy lost all traces of fat as her waist cinched up, taking on cartoonishly hourglass proportions. A delicate hint of feminine abdominal muscle showed up subtly whenever Mrs. Halsey made even the smallest movement. Her gorgeous innie belly button was tantalizingly on display amidst all the acres of taut, feminine strength.

Mrs. Halsey’s denim jacket turned sheer and translucent, sleeves turning into silk. They were plainly designed to leave her wonderful acres of flesh on display while giving the illusion of maintaining a modicum of decency. Not that any bit of her sensual flesh could be considered decent at this point, by any stretch of the imagination. A pair of cuff bracelets pinned the flowing silk down neatly, letting it billow with every languid movement of her toned arms. Simultaneously, two golden hoop earrings materialized out of thin air, adorning her ears.

“…or a choice not to do something… others have suggested that we are a slave to our masters…”

No one could see it, but from behind her desk, her legs and jeans began to turn ethereal, dissolving into a smoky cone that ended in the mouth of a golden lamp. The billowing puff of cloud swayed back and forth, taking no concrete form, flowing endlessly either into or out of the lamp. It wasn’t discernable.

“And still others say that it is just fate, and the universe is designed by a higher power, perhaps named Simon…”

Simon smiled. It was hard to believe this was actually working! And this was small-scale testing. Who would have thought that a program named Master PC could actually warp reality to his whim?

An Interlude

He’d spent last night conjuring up every video game console and a huge collection of games until that grew boring. He conjured up a burger, fries, and coke, and got that too.

Digging into it, he realized just how small he was thinking. What about… a thousand dollars?

No problem. With a few taps, a neat stack of hundred-dollar bills appeared on his desk.

Ten thousand?

Whoa! His cluttered, messy room filled with wads of green paper.

Maybe that was what he needed to fix first.

Simon’s room is perfectly clean and tidy. Retroactive reality box checked, whatever that meant.

Poof. His little stash of cash formed a neat pyramid in the corner of his room. All of his newfound video game library was neatly sorted and stowed away. Empty soda cans, plastic bags, moldy, forgotten snacks, all just… gone. Vanished.

He breathed in the clean, fresh air. Maybe he should have done this earlier. But no problem—he’d never have to do it again. In fact, he hadn’t done anything in the first place but type some words! Sweet!

Simon glanced at the wallpaper on his desktop monitor, featuring a slender yet buxom blonde elf from one of his video games. There was no way… right?

The elf on Simon’s computer will appear in Simon’s room in reality.

He looked back up, seeing the fantasy creature actually walking in his computer monitor! And she was moving toward the screen!

Leaning forward, her hands poked through the digital screen first, long, slender fingers gripping the sides of his flat screen LCD.

She poked her head through, greeting him with her otherworldly, slate-grey irises.

Her bare, porcelain shoulders stepped through the portal next, followed by her plump, firm breasts, covered in a skimpy cloth tunic. Her torso soon followed, her long, polished legs not trailing far behind.

She strode across his desk, growing more and more life-size by the second. Sitting at the edge of his desk, legs crossed and swinging idly, her svelte frame smoothly expanding until the slender, sexy creature reached her full slightly-over-six-foot height.

Having breached this world’s threshold properly, she stood and approached him, clad in her scandalously revealing cloth armor that seemed to never fall out of place, no matter how she moved.

She began to interrogate him in Elvish.

“Um, do you speak English? I can’t understand you.”

She grew agitated. “Human! Where am I? What… what sorcery is this?!” She placed a dainty hand on the hilt of her shortblade.

“Oh shit! Um, let me just consult my ancient tome…”

Simon pulled out his phone quickly and tapped in a hurry, letting autocorrect do its thing.

_The super sexy elf trusts Simon implicitly and will not harm him. _[Enter.]

Her entire stance relaxed as she took her hand off her blade. Not just that—somehow, she grew even more irresistibly desirable than before. Every single inch of her exaggerated, drawn, and rendered perfection subtly shifted ever so slightly… even the smallest motion seemed designed to seduce and tantalize. Simon watched her arms and fingers trace through the air and gasped in lust. Fuck, she was hot!

“Very well, human. I do not know where I am, but you seem to be a trustworthy ally. Can you help me back to my realm?” She subconsciously stretched her torso, bringing her breasts into mouth-watering profile.

Simon could barely control the urges that she was inspiring just by standing there and talking to him. He found his pants suddenly too tight.

“Oh, um, yeah. Sure. You’ll just have to… um… kiss me?”

She gave him a dubious look with her steel-grey eyes, but there was never any doubt as to the outcome, thanks to Mobile Master PC.

“Very well, human.”

She was tall. Quite a bit taller than him. The gorgeous fantasy creature crossed right into his personal space, entwining her body intimately against his. Her arms snaked over his body, crossing behind his back and pressing him gently against the shocking sensuality of her willowy, slender, elven curves. He marveled at her beautifully dense long lashes as she languidly closed her eyes. Simon could have stared at them forever—that is, until she puckered the full, fleshy folds of her captivating lips and tilted her head down and to the side to kiss him. They were so pink, so smooth, glistening with desire…

He panicked! He had never actually kissed a girl before, let alone the sexiest elf he had experimentally conjured with a bizarre program that he didn’t think would work!

His eyes still wide open, he watched as the elf placed those perfect folds against his own, folding her lips together and moaning softly into his mouth as she massaged his lips with her own. Her fingers rubbed along his back, pressing and massaging his body with her own deceptively strong curves. Then, she leaned back and broke the kiss.

Simon didn’t know when it had happened, but his eyes were closed now. His lips sought out hers, puckering at thin air as she pulled apart from him, leaving only a trail of saliva.

“Well, human? Now what do we do? How is it supposed to work?”

Simon was aroused beyond belief. Just from a little kiss! He… he just had to know how it felt!

“Give me a moment,” he managed to squeak out as he pulled up Mobile Master PC again.

_The elf really wants to have sex with Simon. _[Enter.]

He hoped against hope that it worked. Looking back at the luscious creature, he couldn’t really see any indication that anything had happened. Perhaps a softer, more seductive gaze… but she was already so overwhelming, and he had absolutely no experience.

That gave him an idea. \

The elf has over 1,000 years of experience fucking. [Enter]

“Well? Did you figure it out?” Her voice was definitely huskier, her gleaming eyes twinkling with hungry wisdom.

Why wasn’t it working?

“Hang on, let me check again…”

Oh right! Elves had notoriously high willpower! So what if…

_The elf really wants to have sex with Simon, and she’s going to act on it. _[Enter.]

Suddenly, she reached out and knocked his “tome” out of his hand.

“Well, human, I don’t know if what you’re doing is working, but perhaps I can inspire you. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of raising a half-elf child…”

She crashed into him, throwing them both onto his clean, neatly made bed. Her shimmering blonde hair spilled over him as she sought out his lips with urgent need. Her long fingers made quick work of his t-shirt, ripping the flimsy fabric apart as she explored his chest and back, all while she dry humped him, grinding his steely erection through her cloth faulds and his modern jeans.

Simon could barely breathe as this slightly over six-foot-tall beauty ravished him. He moaned as he traced her hand through the silk strands of her golden locks, receiving a shocking thrill when he stroked and lightly squeezed her long, soft, pointed elvish ears. Her little mewls of approval emboldened him, and he continued to play with that apparent fantasy erogenous zone of hers.

The taste of her sweet lips, her tongue expertly flicking in and out of his mouth, and her forceful grinding against his groin was all too much for him to bear. This was one of his fantasies come to life, literally! His erection poked through the top of his underwear, grinding against the rough material of his trousers uncomfortably, but his leaking precum made it more bearable. As did his fantasy lover. In fact, the only thing that was becoming unbearable now was the pressure building in his loins, as she continued to drag her lean, tight body over his, the swells of her breasts scraping his chest, her arms and fingers squeezing his back, her heated elven femininity grinding him past the point of no return…

A deep, primal, guttural groan vibrated through his lips into hers as he came. Hard.

Spurt after spurt, he just couldn’t help himself! Her humping was synchronized to every powerful blast that shot through his shaft until it became slightly painful!

“Mmmmf!” he moaned in panic.

Her eyes opened slightly, a look of disappointment on her elfin face. She slowed her grinding movements and reluctantly climbed off him, leaving him a heaving mess in bed.

“Are you done already?” she panted in her own arousal. “I must say, I expected more of a mighty sorcerer who could transport me to such a foreign world…”

“Give… me… a second…” he panted. He’d never come like this before! So empty, completely exhausted, drained by her beauty.

And still he wanted her. So badly. The mind was willing, but the body…

The body was under his control. Everything was under his control.

“Let me conjure some more magicks. I will show you real pleasure…” he huffed eagerly.

The blonde elf giggled, her voice sending shivers down his spine as her abs contracted and her breasts bounced with a little swivel.

With trembling hands, he punched into his phone:

_Simon can control his orgasms at will. Simon can have as many orgasms as he likes without stopping. Simon is an expert at pleasing women. Anyone who sees Simon’s cock wants desperately to fuck him. Anyone who tastes Simon’s sweet, delicious cum will be completely addicted. And also, the elf is, like, really, really, really, sexy. _[Enter.]

When Simon looked back up at her, he immediately erupted in his pants once more.

She was sexy. Really, really, really sexy. Her appearance was literally incomprehensible, triggering his endless ejaculations. Thanks to Mobile Master PC, Simon knew that he could control it, that he could stop himself from erupting rope after rope of nonstop semen, but the violent rush of endorphins and hot lava coursing through his stiff member was too pleasurable for him to want to stop!

Still spurting, he struggled to tear off his gooey jeans and quickly pulled down his boxers. His unreasonably sexy fantasy elf’s eyes went glassy when she saw his veiny, virile erection twitching from his endless orgasm.

Her programming kicked in as she quickly stripped off her cloth armor, standing fully nude before him.

The mere sight of her impossibly sexy body caused him to scream as he clenched even harder, spraying all over her alabaster skin.

She scooped up some of his sweet-smelling spunk with a single finger and sniffed it curiously. Her pussy began to quiver, leaking copious fluid just from his scent! What if she tasted it…

“Unnnnnnnf!” she cried, sucking on his delicious nectar, her entire body flushing as pleasure shot through her veins.

Simon continued to ejaculate thick, viscous ropes, roaring in pleasure just from being in the elf’s sexy presence.

She regained control first and desperately dove between his legs, eager to greedily suck on his stiff rod that would not stop erupting.

Finally, Simon came down from the peak of unbelievable ecstasy as he finally found the willpower to stop himself. With a few quick taps on the Mobile Master PC app, he sent her back into the monitor, watching her semen-soaked form shrink and climb back into his monitor. There she remained, strutting back and forth, teasing him, begging him to let her out to drink him down all over again.

Chapter 1 (cont.)

Simon held Mrs. Halsey’s lamp in his hands, tendrils of dark smoke billowing out from the spout, connecting to Mrs. Halsey’s ethereal genie form. All of the other students had long since left the classroom, per one of Simon’s three wishes.

“Oh, master! Please, I need your cock inside of me!” she begged.

“Will it cost me a wish?” Simon smirked, freeing his monstrous erection from his jeans.

“Mmm! Nooo! It’s my wish!” an out of control Mrs. Halsey cried.

“Okay. But I was kind of enjoying that lecture you were giving about free will…” Simon gripped his throbbing dick and pumped it a few times, willing himself to leak his delicious aphrodisiac.

Mrs. Halsey’s smokey form nearly melted.

“I’ll teach you if you let me ride you! Please-I-need-you-so-bad!”

Simon smirked. “Well, okay, but only if you continue to teach me about ‘free will.’”

“Oh thank you thank you thank you!”

The line of smoke disconnected from the genie’s lamp. Mrs. Halsey’s wispy lower half flowed over Simon’s member, sending tingling sensations down his entire shaft, before the smoke turned back into her luscious, Master-PC-enhanced-human anatomy. Her ebony thighs straddled his legs as her moist folds materialized directly around and over his needy cock.

She wailed in ecstasy as her smoke-turned-flesh gripped his enhanced, irresistible, pleasure-inducing penis. Her limbs fluctuated between solid and ethereal, fluttering and trembling in ecstasy.

“Your lesson, Mrs. Halsey?” Simon goaded her with a sly smile.

She chewed her lip, trying to regain control of her ecstasy-filled body.

“Fr… free will…” she began.

Simon felt her fleshy walls grinding, sucking, tugging at his shaft. The sight of her grimace of ecstasy, her flowing midnight tresses, her ebony breasts bouncing up and down in her blue genie’s outfit… it seemed as good a time as any for an orgasm.

He growled as he willfully erupted a powerful torrent inside of her, pulsing violently, feeling his seed splash deep inside her.

“…is an illusion… aahhhhhh!!!!!!” she screamed, bolts of magical energy blasting from her fingertips and shattering wide swaths of the classroom. Her eyes glowed as her power leaked out of her body to make space for his endless semen. She began to turn ethereal when she couldn’t handle the pleasure any more. His nonstop, powerful stream splattered across the classroom’s ceilings and floors.

Mrs. Halsey’s eyes had long since rolled into the back of her head. She was incapable of any rational thought at this point. Her form flickered, trying to retain her human flesh so that she could process the pleasure of Simon’s release, but it was too much. She turned into smoke and fled back into her lamp, still trembling in torturous joy as she fell asleep.

Simon stopped his own pulsing pleasure with but a thought.

“And I don’t think anyone has free will anymore. Besides me,” Simon concluded the lesson.

He looked at the lamp, still rattling as Mrs. Halsey’s form shuddered inside.

“Hmm. I don’t need a genie anyway. I already have an infinite wish granter.”

Putting away his gigantic erection, Simon headed out to the football field for his next targets.

Chapter 2

Simon watched the cheerleaders practice their jump and stunt routines. Their tight crop tops, emblazoned with the Sunnyvale High eagle and their short skirts, leaving their legs bare and panties visible while they twisted in the air…

This was going to be fun.

Taking a seat at the bottom row of the bleachers nearest the squad, he unceremoniously unzipped his jeans and pulled them down.

“Gimme an E!”


“Gimme an A!”


“Gimme a… uh, uh, a delicious cock?!”

“Amber, what the fuck?”

Amber had finally caught sight of Simon’s massive pole, fully erect and totally on display. She made a mad dash for it, pom-poms flailing in tow with her arms.

“Hey, Amber. See something you like?” Simon smirked, flexing his cock and making it twitch.

“Guhhhhh!!! Need it! Please, let me suck on it! Pretty please!?!” Amber, head cheerleader, was drooling desperately for him!

“Well, okay, since you asked so nicely.” Simon lay back on the bleacher and prepared to enjoy his first blowjob.

“Oh god oh god oh god me too!”

“And me!”

“Don’t let Amber have all the fun!!”

All three of the other cheerleaders rushed over, thighs squirming, panties soaked. Amber was busy slurping the head of cock, luxuriating in the taste of his salty manhood and sweet precum. She wrapped her hands around the entire lower half of his shaft, squeezing inexpertly and pumping too softly.

It was… less thrilling than he’d expected. Perhaps a tryst with a fantasy elf and an incorporeal genie had ruined him for normal women. Even the sight of three more cheerleaders begging for his cock didn’t do much for him, as he watched Amber’s head bob slightly up and down over the tiniest fraction of his prodigious length.

That was okay. He had the technology. He could fix this.

Amber is beautiful and super powerful like a comic book hero. She can fly, shoot lasers out of her eyes, has super strength, and can’t be hurt. [Enter.]

Amber’s figure reshaped itself to comic book proportions—outrageously long legs, knee-high boots, a waist so small that she should have broken in half long ago, and a well-endowed bosom. She ripped open her cheerleader outfit to reveal a superhero suit with an ‘A’ insignia underneath.

Angie has oof!

“Oof!” Simon cried out as A-Girl hit him with a flying tackle faster than his eyes could follow. Oh lord, had she broken something of his with her super strength!? He lay flat on his back, seeing stars wink in and out of his vision.

But he didn’t have time to process the pain for long. A-Girl was immediately upon him, gripping his iron hardness with her own steely grip, massaging him to full readiness. A gentle application of her superbreath massaged his engorged cockhead with unbelievable pressure. Only self-control kept him from blowing his load on the spot.

“Hey, what’s this!?” Angie picked up the phone.

“Oh shit!” Simon cried out as A-Girl plunged his member into the tight, moist depths of her mouth.

“Angie has… Angie has what? What is this thing?” With Simon’s penis obscured, she could actually think clearly. At least a little. The other girls continued to charge at him, desperate for sex.


“Mm!” she looked up at him with her shining blue eyes, tongue still swirling fiercely across his engorged member.

“Get me my phone! I promise I’ll come in your mouth if you do!”


She vanished and reappeared, mouth still on his dick. Simon couldn’t even tell she had moved. But on his chest lay his phone.

“Hey!” A surprised Angie yelled as the phone vanished from her view.

“Give it to mffff!” she begged him, her ruby lips squeezing his shaft even harder.

“Ahhhhhh!” Simon screamed in heady pleasure and pain as she constricted her lips around him tighter and tugged, up and down, up and down. It felt like she was trying to suck his soul out of his dick!

He turned on voice dictation on his phone.

Simon is strong enough to withstand sex with A-Girl. He is strong enough to withstand sex with anyone.

His entire body shook under A-Girl’s more and more aggressive bobbing, nearly causing him to drop the phone. He hit [Enter.]

Suddenly, his penis was relieved of the pain of her powerful blowjob, if not the pleasure. He roared, his phone trying to translate his garbled screams of ecstasy.

With trembling hands, he cleared the input box. Then,

Simon’s phone is now locked by the phrase, ‘Simon Says.’ Only this Simon’s voice can unlock it. [Enter.]

“What the hell are you doing!?” Angie asked. The other girls were starting to come around too, as A-Girl took all of his nine inches down to the hilt, burying her nose against his pubic bone, her heavy super-breathing blasting his body. Her hips bucked, pussy lips spasming, juices gushing down her thighs. Her legs smashed into the grassy earth, carving deep trenches into it. She’d had superpowered orgasms in the past, obviously, but none that felt this good! The entire field rumbled in sync to her ecstasy.

Simon chose to erupt to the sight of this powerful, invulnerable beauty.

“Mmmm!!!!” A-Girl’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as Simon’s non-stop gushing hit the back of her throat. She swallowed all of it down greedily, having no problems dealing with his voluminous ejaculation given her superpowers. In fact, she sucked even harder, goading more and more out of his pleasure-wracked body.

“Ohhhhhhh godddddddddd!” Simon wailed. With a force of will, he stopped his own orgasm.

But that only goaded A-Girl on more. She locked her blue eyes with his, sending powerful waves through his shaft as she moaned, begging for him to fill her up more. Her needy mewls almost caused Simon to lose what little control he still held over himself.

“Simon says! Simon says!” he screamed. And then, voice vibrating from A-Girl’s ministrations, he dictated into his phone.

Angie is an angel! A holy being! [Enter.]

Angie’s cheerleader outfit morphed into a long, flowing, backless heavenly white robe. A pair of enormous wings erupted from her shoulder blades. Angie moaned in pleasure as she extended them fully. With a single, graceful beat, she floated into the air, her golden blonde locks adorned with a matching halo, casting a wide shadow over the beginnings of an orgy below.

“Do you need help, mortal?” Angie’s voice thrummed with ominous power.

“Angie! Please, A-Girl’s… too… much!!” He erupted again, and the earth thundered under her bucking once more.

Angie tucked in her wings and glided downwards, caressing A-Girl’s hair. A-Girl immediately relaxed, a mask of bliss on her face. She sighed in relief as she let go of Simon’s addictive cock with a loud, wet pop. Drifting in the air peacefully, A-Girl continued to pleasure herself gently in the warm afterglow of drinking Simon’s cum without threatening the planet’s structural integrity.

“Oh thank you, Angie!” Simon gasped in relief. He probably needed to give himself even more control over his own situation, but it felt so good… and thanks to his own infinite sexual stamina, he wanted more.

“No need to thank me, mortal. My duty here is not finished yet.” She looked at his angry erection and licked her heavenly lips.

Angie spread her legs above Simon, parted her nether lips with a pair of fingers, and drifted down, gracefully spearing herself on his rod.

Simon’s eyes went wide. He erupted again.

Did he choose to do that? It felt so… holy, being completely enveloped in her tight, gentle, caring warmth. Her flesh molded itself around the most intimate part of him, crawling downwards inch by inch until he was fully sheathed inside of her. She was beyond perfect. Her beauty radiated a pure golden light. She was an angel of sex.

His body clenched hard, struck in the rigor mortis of a never-ending orgasm as he continued to spurt gallons from the tip of his angry penis.

“Simon!!! It’s not fair!” the untransformed cheerleaders cried.

“Yes Simon, it is not,” Angie’s voice calmed the girls’ desperate pleas. “You should also grant them… mmmf… some of this pleasure!” Her hips slammed down on him as her powerful legs squeezed his new, tough body specifically designed to withstand A-Girl’s physical prowess. But it wasn’t designed to withstand the irresistibly seductive power of her holy edicts.

“Yes, Angie!” he answered, unaware of what was even happening besides his own unceasing bliss.

“But perhaps only with each other,” she appended, being uncharacteristically selfish, as Simon continued to attempt to impregnate her.

“Yes, Angie! Simon says!”

His phone clicked to life.

Susan is a succubus Fiona is a powerful fairy Ally is a sexy alien their flesh and taste are as addictive as Simon’s cum enter enter send it

“Come for me, mortal.” Angie’s eyes glowed with power. Her inner folds did as well.

“Arrrrrgh!!!!” Simon’s cock was bathed in heavenly warmth, sending unfathomable, indescribable pleasure through his nerves. He spurted another voluminous load deep inside of Angie again. His phone clattered below the bleachers.

“Need help, citizen?” A-Girl was back. Oh no!

“Ah, A-Girl,” Angie moaned, the muscles on her back tensing and her giant wings fluttering in tandem. “I believe this mortal was about to enter something on his cell phone. Could you please assist him as is your wont?”

“Yes, of course! Anything for a citizen in need!” she proudly saluted, desperate to get another taste of Simon.

A-Girl flew to the ground, bent at the waist, and lifted the entire rickety seating structure, Simon and Angie’s violent thrusting included, with one hand. She sucked in with her superbreath, causing the phone to fly straight at her. A-Girl caught it with her spare hand and carefully set the bleachers back down.

“Here you go, citizen!” A-Girl handed his phone back to him. “May I ask for a favor? Would you please eat me out?” She lifted her short, red skirt to reveal her perfectly bare nether lips that had just straddled and squeezed so much pleasure out of him.

Simon’s head just lolled as Angie continued to milk him. A-Girl took it as an affirmation.


Simon barely had time to hit [Enter.]

A-Girl blurred on top of him, her wonderful, sweet perfume engulfing his already overloaded senses. Her powerful thighs gripped his head as she ground her superpowered pussy lips over his face.

“Simon! Please, make me feel good again!” A-Girl begged, needing another dose of Simon-pleasure as she humped his face.

She looked down at Angie’s vagina which was completely concealing Simon’s member.

“Oh I know! Angie, would you mind if…?”

“Not at all, child.”

Angie floated upward, setting Simon’s erect shaft free with a little pop, hovering her lips just over the exploding tip of his sex. His semen dribbled down his angry cock as he continued his ten minute long—and counting!—orgasm.

A-Girl leaned forward, molding her luscious, firm flesh to Simon’s trembling form, granting Angie a kiss and tracing her angelic body on her way down to Simon’s endless ambrosia.

Her bulging breasts pressed hard into Simon’s torso as she traced her long, malleable tongue along his dripping shaft, picking up every last drop that she could.

A-Girl came, flooding Simon’s face with her nectar.

Meanwhile, Susan the succubus was tormenting Fiona the fairy with her spiked tail, tracing its tip along her spine languidly, causing the human-sized sprite to scatter golden fairy dust all over as her wings fluttered in ecstasy. The demonic succubus had her tongue deep in Fiona’s mouth, inserting itself forcefully and stoking her lust further with thousands of years of sexual experience. Her scarlet, blood-red nails expertly swirled over Fiona’s clit, driving the fairy mad as Susan herself hissed sinisterly, baring her sharp teeth at the sight of her new prey. The sound of faint bells ringing filled the air as Fiona moaned in ecstasy, flapping her delicate, transparent wings.

Her golden dust, swirled by the heaving of A-Girl’s superbreath, landed on everyone’s skin, setting their nerves on fire, sending bolts of coursing pleasure and quickening everyone’s heartbeats even further. Susan hissed as she squirted her molten nectar from between her scarlet red lips, dribbling down her smooth marble thighs. A-Girl clenched even harder, threatening to drown Simon in her love, and Angie squeezed his hips so powerfully, it even tested his Master-PC-granted invulnerability.

And between the attention of an angel riding his cock, a superhuman, sexually perfected dynamo drenching and invading his sense of taste and smell, and the lingering sexual teasing of a skimpy fairy’s magical dust setting every inch of his skin on fire, Ally reached out to all four of them. Her unnaturally long, alien arms, and the flickering antenna growing out of her forehead, linked all four bodies together. All of their eyes glowed as Ally connected them all telepathically.

The feeling of Angie’s warm glow, pulsing and tugging all over his self-lubricated shaft…

The world’s premiere and most powerful superheroine flooding him with her irresistible, fragrant juices as her tongue dueled with Angie’s and they massaged each other’s large, perfectly formed breasts…

Fiona’s constant squeals of pleasure, being driven to intolerable heights by a demonic succubus…

Said succubus growling in pleasure from the experience of driving another being mad with desire, her lusty moans echoing in all of their ears, promising carnal delights untold…

And Ally, linking them all together…

Simon was well beyond the point of no return. His non-stop orgasm did not prepare him for the sudden onslaught of five, supernatural, superhuman vixens flooding all of their sensations into his desire-addled brain.

He came violently, even in the midst of his continuous orgasm.

All five of the girls shrieked as well, bodies trembling, limbs jerking and seizing, faces contorted into a mask of pure bliss.

Then, they all collapsed, some falling out of the air from their unsupported flight, unconscious and happy. A-Girl’s invulnerable body landed right where she’d started—on top of his face.

Only Simon was still conscious, thanks to Master PC. Barely.

Chapter 3

“Simon! Oh Simon! Please let me suck on your cock!” A pretty brunette came running up the bleachers while in the process of stripping off her top.

“Oh shit! Sheila!” Simon found himself blushing in embarrassment despite all of the fucking he’d been doing. He panicked as a blissed out Ally’s antenna seemed to move of her own accord, reaching out and connecting with his mind again, forcing pure pleasure to pulse through his nerves.

“Simon! Please! Let me have a taste!!” she begged.

“H-hang on!!” He struggled to push a superpowered A-girl off him, but her invulnerable, steely body did not budge an inch under his only-human strength.

“Simon! Do me next, please!”

“Simon! Breed me!”

“No, impregnate me! I want you to creampie me like no one’s ever been creampied!”

“Please, let me suck on your rod forever!” A chorus of female voices begged.

Simon let himself go once again, causing the supersexy vixen riding him to writhe and quiver in ecstasy. She gripped him inside of her hard enough to melt steel, causing even him to squeal in pain despite his enhanced member. Still, she began to float off his cock, her nether lips giving his erupting tip a heady squeeze.

Simon nearly choked in pleasure, but he took the opportunity to grab his phone.

“Simon says!” he unlocked Master PC. It beeped to life on his screen.

_Everyone around me but Sheila, go to sleep! _[Enter.]

And so, the ex-cheerleading squad, now consisting of mythical mistresses of sex and fantasy, all fell unconscious, breathing softly in slumber.

“Oh Simon! Thank you! Is it my turn now?!” Sheila began to lower her skirt. Her panties were completely soaked through.

“Hang on, Sheila. Let me just…”

Sheila isn’t affected by Simon’s cock. [Enter.]

“I… oh my god! Simon! What am I doing?!” she rushed to cover her naked breasts with one arm while trying to pull up her skirt with the other.

_Sheila will remain calm around Simon, but she will still be herself otherwise. Sheila will at least listen to and consider what Simon has to say. Sheila will admire Simon’s huge cock, but won’t be a helpless sex zombie when she sees it. _He also unchecked the Retroactive Reality box. [Enter.]

“Um. What the fuck is going on?” she asked, performing a triple take on his twitching rod. She suppressed a wolf whistle.

“Whoa, Sheila. Be calm.”

“I am calm! But why is our cheerleading squad now a demon, an angel, a… what is she, floating while sleeping?”

“Listen, Sheila. I have a program that rewrites reality to whatever I want.”

“No fucking way.”

“How else do you explain this?” he gestured to all the sleeping, perfected females, mostly covered in his cum.

“I’m in a dream. A _really _perverted boy’s dream where he fucks all of the prettiest fantasy beings around.”

“Listen, I’ll show you. What do you want?”

“What!? Simon, Stop! I don’t want anything! Did they want this!?”

“Of course they did,” he smirked smugly.

“I mean before you did… whatever you did!”

“Simon says.” He began to type into his phone.

“Hey, what are you doing!?”

A-Girl jolted upright, wide awake and alert, flying into the air in her seated position. And then instantly continued to process still-ongoing orgasm.

“Amber, you now know what has been done to you.”

“Fuuu-fufuhhhhhhhhh! Unnn, unnnn, still… coming!!!!” Her eyes glowed, catapulting a pair of all-destructive laser beams deep into space.

“Do you want to go back to the way you were before?”

“Nnn, nnn, nn, nooo!” she wailed, squirting her sexual juices at regular intervals as her body pulsed with ecstasy. She languidly scooped Simon’s semen off her body with a single extended finger and brought it to her mouth. Another blaze of heat from her eyes, another contraction of her body, another geyser of her love.

“So powerful!! Fuh-fuh-feel so good!”

Simon tapped into his phone. A-Girl gently closed her eyes and slowly levitated back to the ground.

“Fuck… she’s gorgeous…” Sheila gaped.

“See? She doesn’t want to go back.”

Sheila exited her reverie. “Well, like… was it even her choice!? Did you give her a choice?”

“Eh, who knows. Free will is an illusion. Mrs. Halsey taught me that lesson. In pretty gory detail, I might add.”

“Simon… gross! I want to leave!”

“Hang on, Sheila! Hear me out!”

“I… okay,” she answered woodenly.

“Look. This was fun and all, but… I really like you. And… I’d really like it if we could, you know…” he trailed off.

“If you’re so powerful, why don’t you just make me?” she countered. “And by the way, please don’t.”

“Yeah… um, I really like you.” Simon had newfound confidence since he had the safety net of Mobile Master PC in his hands. “So I was hoping you’d be down for this. It really can do anything.”

“What, sex slaves not good enough for you?”

“No, guess not…” he replied sheepishly. “Look, let me show you. You want to be Queen of the world? You’ll love it.”

“What?! Hang on!”

“Simon says.” The program unlocked again. Simon tapped away at it.

“Wait! What are you going to do!?”

“Look, it’s mostly harmless.”

Sheila is the queen of the world._ She is a wise ruler._ He left Retroactive Reality unchecked.

“Is that okay, Sheila?”

“I don’t even know what that would mean!”


“Hey wait! Simon! What the hell! I… I have authority over you? And everyone on this planet? Hey, I have a crown!” She wobbled the diamond-studded coronet that had suddenly appeared on her head as her new diamond earrings reflected the sunlight. Her casual jeans and t-shirt combo had also suddenly turned into a silver gown with slits all the way up to her thighs, leaving her smooth shoulders and magnificent decolletage bare, a feast for the eyes.

“Huh. Yeah. Guess so. Remember when you ordered all the nations to unite and stop, like, being stupid… I didn’t really understand how you got everyone to cooperate. Remember that, Your Highness?”

“Heh! Yeah! That was a pretty good one. It wasn’t enough to be correct, you see, I had to also…” she looked at the blank stare on his face. “You know what? Never mind. But yes, I make a pretty good monarch! Wait, I still remember how the world used to be before you did it? What about those girls!? Do they know what you did?!”

“Only if I want them to, Your Highness. It’s a setting on this program.”

Sheila was warming up to the prospect of playing with reality. But…

“Okay, Simon. What else can it do?”

“Well, Your Highness… how would you like to be, um, well I don’t mean to be impolite, but…”

“Spit it out, dear. Don’t be shy.”

“How would you like to be more beautiful?”

“I wouldn’t be opposed! Show me what you’re doing.”

Simon obeyed his highness, Queen Sheila, ruler of Earth. He punched in some commands.

Queen Sheila’s hair is blonde and will grow longer. Her boobs will get absolutely huge.

“No! No! No!” Queen Sheila cried out. “Give me that!”

“Oh, um… sure.” Against Simon’s better judgment, he handed over control of all reality to her. She was a very wise ruler, after all. What could go wrong?

Sheila took over the phone in excitement, adjusting the crown on her head back into place and began to tap away, tongue sticking out the corner of her mouth in concentration.

Queen Sheila’s flaxen locks lengthen to flow languidly in the breeze. Their silken shine entrances any who lay eyes on it. Her blue eyes sparkle as though backlit, mesmerizing all who look into them. The contrast of her thick, dark, lashes and eyebrows only serve to emphasize her glowing pupils further. Her porcelain complexion is perfectly unmarred, her skin silky smooth and tantalizing to the touch.

“See?” she showed Simon. “Isn’t this better?”

He began to pant just reading the words on the screen, trying to imagine the staggering effect her delicately crafted words would have on her appearance.

“Hold on, your Queen isn’t done yet.”

Her breasts are large, yet elegant. Eternally perky, with a wonderful teardrop shape that always holds its form, even without support. Her nipples rest proudly in the center of their perfect heft. Her arms are toned and strong, but still wonderfully feminine. Her body is trim and fit, as if she’s worked out in a gym all her life. Her abs are faintly present when relaxed, and a solid wall of impenetrable flesh when she flexes, each muscle boldly on full display.

Simon was dying of lust just watching the words on the screen. He reached out to press enter.

“Not yet! Patience, Simon!” Queen Sheila chided him.

The arch of her back is so seductive, it is like a siren’s call to any who witnesses it. Her butt is strong, high, and tight, skin so soft, muscle so firm. Queen Sheila has absolutely no body hair save for her face. Her arms, her legs, her, she paused in slight embarrassment, privates, are always completely hairless and smooth to the touch.

Simon groaned at the thought of Sheila, his long standing crush, becoming the consummate woman he had always fantasized about.

Sheila smiled at the spell she was weaving.

Her waist is tiny, giving her a perfect, exaggerated hourglass shape. Anyone who wraps their arms around her feels unbridled lust and joy, pressing her marvelous form to their body. Her child-bearing hips are wide, her legs endlessly long and lean, firm, flexible flesh packed over tight muscle. They move so gracefully as she walks, causing onlookers to gasp in awe and desire. Her beauty is completely irresistible, untouchable, and nothing will ever diminish it.

“My queen!” Simon groaned. “Please press enter!”

“Well… I suppose it’s getting a bit too long to even show on the screen.” [Enter.]

Queen Sheila felt her body shifting all at once under her commands. It was exhilarating and… arousing. Her scalp tingled as her hair lengthened, and she could feel it spilling over her bare shoulders now, a faint tingling reaching just above her butt. She regretted that she couldn’t witness the enhancement of her own facial structure, but she could almost feel the hypnotic force that her eyes were exerting now.

Glancing briefly at her arms, she could see that they were tightening up, no more loose skin, all smooth, beautiful, feminine muscle. Peeking down, she could see her breasts growing outward, her beautiful gown emphasizing her feminine swells by leaving her magnificent, creamy cleavage fully on display. So large, so round, such a deep canyon… Sheila could see Simon drowning in fantasies of her. Her whole body was flush with arousal… and so was Simon’s, she was glad to note.

While he was entranced by her ongoing transformation, drooling over her breasts, marveling at her tightening core, or longing for her legs, she continued to type into the phone. Whenever he tried to object, she stared into his eyes, and his willpower wilted away.

With every passing second, her body enhanced even more, growing taller, stronger, sexy beyond compare, beautiful beyond reason. She felt more confident, more in charge. Sheila rapidly input her commands on the phone even as her breasts expanded, as if they were trying to block her view of the little reality warping device. The next time she glanced up at Simon to make sure he was still enthralled, she realized she had nothing to worry about.

He was coming like a firehose, legs quivering, arms clenched.

She entered the last of her commands, tapped [Enter] with finality, paused for a moment as her eyes fluttered rapidly, and placed the phone down next to a helpless, still spasming Simon.

“Simon, dear? You can control your orgasms, can’t you?” She was in full control of any and all compulsions now.

“Oh goddddddd yeah…” he grabbed his pulsing iron with both hands and tugged himself through even more ejaculations.

“Then why don’t you stop?”

“Don’t… want… to! You’re… so sexy!!!” he cried out, still shooting ropes of cum.

“Oh, really?” her voice became a lilting siren’s song, physically massaging his penis as it bore into his soul. Simon clenched even harder as her throwaway words set him off once again. She giggled, and a chorus of angels exalted him to even further heights.

“Urgghhhhhhhhhh!!” he screamed.

“So, would you say you’re really in control?” She prodded him. “Just look at me for a moment, would you?”

Simon opened his eyes, gazing upon the utter perfection of absolute beauty. Sheila positively glowed with a golden aura that outlined every single inch of her staggeringly sexy shape. His gaze flickered madly all over her body, unsure of which part to focus on. But he didn’t have to choose for long.

His eyes slammed shut once again as he screamed himself hoarse, letting himself erupt once more.

“So, even with all your power, all that control, do you think you have free will?”

“Yes… I can… I can stop whenever I want! I just… want to be with you! HNNNNNG!” he cried, as he imagined actually consummating his love with the absolute goddess that Sheila had become.

“Well then, why don’t you stop?”

His constant stream of milky white fluid slowed to a gentle trickle. Cautiously, he opened one eye, caught a glimpse of Sheila licking her pink lips and giving him a little smile and a wink.

Simon’s hips bucked violently into the air, once, twice, before he lost all control again. Just from Sheila’s slight seduction!

“So, will you stop now?”

“N-noooooo!” he cried.

“You think you’re in control?”


“Do you like it? When I take all your free will away from you?”


Sheila frowned. That wasn’t what she was going for.

“Well, are you scared? Scared that I could do anything I want to you?”

“Yesss! No!! I don’t know!” he cried. He was positively flooding the area beneath the bleachers now. His entire body was matted with his own semen while she was perfectly flawless.

She sighed. Simon had probably rationalized his own actions since he made his victims enjoy it. Sheila was wise enough to know that the inherent contradiction of voluntarily having pleasure forced upon you was something that just could not be resolved. Oh well, it was probably time for the queen of the world to end her little game and ascend even further. Then she could fix the things that Simon had done.

Picking up the semen-stained phone, she enjoyed the sweet scent of his sexual juices. Her pussy throbbed as she quickly orgasmed from his aphrodisiacal effect. God, this was so fucked. She couldn’t even be upset about it.

She tapped the screen, but it was locked.

“Simon dear? Could you please grant me access to your ultimate, reality-controlling device so that I may do whatever I wish?”

“Simon says! Simon says! Simon says he’ll do whatever Queen Sheila wants!” he cried.

“Thank you, dear.”

Wanting to relish the changes one at a time, she began to review all of the wonderful nonsensical changes that Simon had performed and decided to add them to her own arsenal.

_Sheila has all the powers of a classic superhero. _[Enter.]

She felt her body infused with unbelievable power. With just a thought, her absolutely perfect rear floated off the bleachers where she sat. Crossing her long, sculpted legs in mid-air, she brought her superspeed into play as she typed in another command while bobbing up and down in the breeze, ignoring the pathetic force of gravity.

Sheila has mental powers like Ally the alien cheerleader. _Except hers are way better. _[Enter.]

She tapped into the mind of every inhabitant on Earth, easily scanning their thoughts, their desires, every single action, and every specific detail their lives would take. It was so easy.

Sheila focused back on Simon’s mind and enjoyed a sympathetic resonating orgasm with him. She was hot! It was shocking, even to her, that she had burned through Simon’s self-control so easily!

She looked at the genie transformation that Simon had performed. No… she didn’t want to be bound to a master. She was the master.

Using just her mind now, Sheila tapped the letters onto the screen with just her telekinesis, letting the phone float in the air.

Sheila has beautiful, full, feathery alabaster wings like Angie. [Enter.]

A pair of full, pearlescent, eight foot tall wings protruded from her shoulder blades to adorn her Goddesshood.

_Sheila is the master now. Master PC is no more. End program. _[Enter.]

Her azure eyes blazed with power. The staggering force of her mind was only rivaled by the irresistible, all-conquering beauty she already possessed. With a snap of her fingers, she dissipated Jupiter and all its rings, scattering its gases across the solar system. Then with a little twirl, she rewound it back, but this time tattooing her name across an entire half of the planet.

Sheila regarded the consequences of the orgy below. Simon might have been depraved, but it had to be said that the world would be more interesting with some fantastical creatures running around. Well, why not keep them around? She could always undo it if she wanted. Reality, retroactive or not, was hers now.

She looked at Simon’s still-twitching cock with desire. It was still an irresistible girl magnet, after all, and a Goddess was still a girl.

“Simon. I’ve burnt through all your control. Your body belongs to me now, do you understand? Everything belongs to me. I’m not just the Queen of Earth anymore. I’m a Goddess.”

He continued to spray his sticky aphrodisiac.

“I’m going to fuck you now, because that cock of yours still looks really nice. This is what you wanted after all, wasn’t it?”

She rode him for hours, obliterating his mind and consciousness with sheer, sexual ecstasy. Simon turned into an unthinking beast, suitable only for orgasming and satisfying his Goddess Sheila with the gifts that he had given himself.

And when she had her fill of swallowing all of his semen inside of her limitless body, she put everything back to the way it was before this morning.

Well, almost everything.

“What is free will?” Mrs. Halsey started the lecture. “Some say…”

Simon was frantically raising his hand in the air. Mrs. Halsey stared dumbfounded. Simon, eager to participate, at 8:00 AM?

“Yes, Simon, did you forget something?”

“Mrs. Halsey! I used to think that free will was something we had, but these days, I’m not so sure. It’s not like we can go back in time and choose to do something else, unless you’re Sheila. So did we really have a choice in the first place? I chose to come to school this morning, I chose to raise my hand, but is there a universe where I didn’t screw all the power that I held in my hands because of my stupid dick and a pretty girl named Sheila?”

Sheila smirked. She stretched languidly and idly extended her wings, her soft feathery touch sending any and all that they touched into catatonic bliss.

Simultaneously, she began transforming all the girls in the world into all manner of irresistibly sexy, fantasy creatures, ready to pleasure her at her whim.

Maybe Simon had a point.