Nikki Fulfills a Futa Fantasy

Commissioned by Vespairr

Girl Meets Boy

“So baby, like I was saying…” a man with a scraggly beard and his shirt untucked, collar loose and sloppy, slurred at the busty brunette sitting at the bar. “I could… hic… show you a good time. You know where I work?”

“Yeah. You told me already,” Nikki said firmly.

“What’ll you drink?” he leaned forward and ostentatiously flashed a large wad of money.

Nikki curled her face in disgust. The succubus blood that ran in her veins hardly reacted to the prospect of feeding off of this drunken letch. Still, it was a slow weekday night, and she was hungry…

This was the penance for just spending a lazy weekend indoors and relaxing with a TV show and video games instead of going out to party, she supposed.

“I’ll have a…” she began to take this guy up on his offer. He would probably be out cold in a matter of five minutes considering his inebriation. Just a tiny snack to tide Nikki over…

“No, wait! Never mind! Sorry pal!” she turned him down emphatically. Another extremely interesting prospect had just walked into the mostly empty bar.

She expected some resistance, some expletives. Or maybe even a little bit of hand wrestling, which she was well-equipped to handle. But her wariness proved unnecessary. The huge slob was already out cold and snoring.

Nikki summoned the bartender. He saw the passed out patron and sighed, undid his apron, and came out to haul the lug away from the counter and out of sight. Meanwhile, the commotion was a natural segue for the new, slender young man who had just walked in, looking a little like a deer in headlights.

He had to stand just under six feet with a cute top of red hair sporting a nasty fade with long blades gelled out, pointing rigidly in front of him. He was dressed in what looked like a thick white tee that hugged his lithe form with a black leather jacket to contrast his flaming red locks and white undershirt. His legs were a little disproportionately long for his frame as well, further emphasized by the pair of blue skinny jeans he was wearing. A pair of chunky uggs and a two ring belt completed his impressive ensemble.

Nikki’s new mark could’ve passed for a female—and an attractive one at that—with a little more blush and some eyeliner applied. He looked like one of those rock stars from a few decades ago, with tons of flair and confidence. In fact, the only reason that Nikki was 100% certain that he was a guy was that she could feel the erotic heat throbbing in his organ. A latent yearning and extreme potential for some fun debauchery that was deeply seated, unfulfilled, and possibly could never be unlocked in real life.

Until he met Nikki, that is. She licked her lips. As long as she could seduce him, she would fulfill his wildest dreams. And she would eat like a queen.

He stood there in the doorway, hands tucked into his shallow pockets as he surveyed the room. The sight of a drunk slob being hauled out was not appealing. He turned to leave.

“Hey partner, a seat just opened up,” Nikki declared loudly at him. “You wanna have a drink with me?” Nikki’s mesmerizing green eyes blazed with fiery interest.

The man gulped. Something about her was just… intoxicating. That light brunette hair, that heart-shaped face with her perfectly pale and even complexion, that single cowlick bang that hung down her face over her chic, thin-rimmed glasses. Her entire outfit was purple and pink: a darker crop-top that showcased her marvelously flat tummy while molding perfectly to every contour of her starkly impressive chest. Those bulging spheres of outward protruding feminine flesh presented her cleavage to him at her unbeatable best.

A high-collared purple coat was her second layer of clothing. It looked wonderfully futuristic, starched and stiff, pinched inward at the waist to highlight her amazing god-given figure. A chunky pair of suede ankle boots matching the color of her jacket (naturally!) adorned her feet.

Finally, a short skirt colored pastel pink completed the outfit. He could tell that she was fairly short—barely over five feet tall—but she gave the illusion of being much taller, what with her lithe, long, lean legs. That skirt lashed at her creamy thighs as she sat with her legs crossed, swinging her luscious limb idly as she waited for him to accept her offer.

“Ah, yeah. Sure,” he walked over, uncertain of what he was getting into. But he just couldn’t resist this shocking seductress. The scent she was giving off… he’d never tasted anything like this before!

Nikki’s eyes opened wide as her mark approached. The closer he got, the more intensely she could taste her upcoming meal. Her entire flesh rippled as if fluid in anticipation of what would happen to her as she fulfilled his every desire.

Also, thanks to his skinny jeans, she could tell that he was hung. The outline of his bulge was visible across his upper right thigh, thick and girthy.

Nikki patted the recently vacated barstool. He took a seat.

“I have to admit, I don’t do this much,” his voice was sonorous.

Nikki almost melted as she drank it down and took a deep breath to savor it.

“First time for everything,” Nikki’s eyes twinkled. She could barely contain her drool!

When he didn’t respond with more small talk, Nikki decided to be more direct.

“And it’s going to be a good first time. I can promise you that.” Her voice became darkly conspiratorial as her eyes pierced his soul. The intense fragrance she was giving off suddenly washed over him like a wave of heat.

“I’m… I’m Jake,” he met her gaze without flinching. He could drown in those deep pools. And the way she was talking… no woman could ever satisfy him the way he wanted. It was impossible! But this woman, this… demoness…

“Nikki,” she hissed.

Jake imagined a forked tongue slipping out of her mouth, glancing lightly over those soft puffy folds of her lips.

“I can see you’ve never quite been satisfied the way you want. That you fantasize about the impossible in your own spare time… with your scant lovers.”

Jake gasped. How was this possible? Perhaps she was just an extremely practiced cold reader, but in the heat of the moment, his heart just pounded rapidly in his chest, feeling as if it would burst! Could she really…?!

She placed her hand on his knee and squeezed gently. He yelped in excitement as a shiver rattled his spine and through to his massive organ. When it visibly jumped, Nikki reached out without hesitation, dragging her nails lightly up his thigh to tantalizingly stroke his burgeoning erection through his jeans.

“So why don’t you buy me a drink, and then we’ll go back to my place? And I’ll show you just what you’re missing…”

The sensation of having his dick caressed by this bewitching woman felt good, but it was nothing Jake hadn’t experienced before. What he hadn’t experienced though, was a woman who touched his dick and then pantomiming having a huge, thick cock of her own by forming a ring with her thumb and index finger, leading it up her thighs and pulling up her skirt, and then masturbating as if she had a dick of her own. If this was her way of miming having sex—well, then she sure fooled the fuck out of him!

But he swore he could read her intentions. She was pumping her own phallus. And when he looked back up to her face, he could see her lips moving.

“Going to peg you…” was his best attempt at reading her lips.

“What’re you drinking?” Jake practically pleaded.

Girl Surprises Boy

The two crashed through Nikki’s front door into her lavish two floor open concept apartment. Emboldened by just enough liquor to stir the spirits but not enough to suppress the senses, Nikki had her arms reaching up and wrapped around Jake’s swan-like neck as they mashed their lips together and kissed each other hungrily. And in Nikki’s case, it was literal. As she fed on the igniting furnace of his budding arousal, she felt her entire body charging with a frisson of electricity. If this was the appetizer, then she couldn’t wait for the main course!

“Nice… place…” Jake managed to get out when they had broken their liplock.

“Thanks. You like the loft? My bed is up there,” Nikki introduced.

“Ah, yeah. This area is… expensive. What do you…”

“Shh,” Nikki placed a finger over his lips. “Not now.”

“Okay,” Jake gulped. He took her by the hand and tried to lead her up the spiral staircase to the loft where her bed was located.

But Nikki just stayed rooted in place. “Nuh uh,” she said. “Down here. We’re gonna need the room,” she explained mysteriously as she led him to a large and deep three-cushioned couch.

“Oh. Okay,” Jake didn’t quite understand. Were they going to bounce around from the living room to the kitchen to the study or something?

But soon they were on the couch, necking for all they were worth. Jake groped her fertile, productive breasts for all he was worth, gripping those luscious orbs through her top and kneading that firm flesh gently and softly. Nikki cooed into his mouth, encouraging him, guiding him, and he duly her subtle instructions to the tee. He couldn’t believe how perfectly formed and perky they were, despite their size! And she wasn’t even wearing a bra!

He continued to cup those much more than a handful breasts and his fingers found her nipples through her t-shirt. They were not hard to find. Each one as hard as a diamond, they poked through her pink tee to announce their attention-seeking presence. She moaned and twitched as Jake pinched and tweaked them, just as she liked it.

But even as Jake and she grinded their hips against each other while she suckled on his neck and drank in his heady scent, Jake was beginning to lose interest slightly. He could see this was just going to be like his previous encounters: sexy and exciting in the moment, but when it came to the actual deed, he would just be visualizing something else in his mind as they fucked. Something impossible.

“Oh lover…” Nikki whispered as she brought her cheek up to his, blowing her hot breath over his ear and sending another shiver down his spine.

Okay, maybe not. This girl was good! But would be good enough to…

“Time to get these clothes off!”

They both sat up. Jake’s hands were trembling as he unbuttoned his skinny jeans and struggled to peel them off. Meanwhile, Nikki had her skirt off in seconds and began to touch herself with one hand while stroking his hip and his groin with the other.

“Urgh!” Jake cried impatiently. But out of the corner of his peripheral vision, he could see Nikki doing something… strange. Something forbidden. Something he’d desperately fantasized about.

As he finally peeled off one pant leg and worked on the other, he finally looked over at his lover. She was… she was growing! Right before his eyes!

“Oh, you’re finally seeing this, are you?” Nikki moaned lasciviously as she continued to stroke Jake’s enormous seven inch cock with loving affection. She swirled her hand over his entire length, sometimes soft and teasing, and sometimes gripping his cockhead hard with her fingers lubricated by his copious precum. As she worked him with scarcely believable expertise, her fingers swirled circles over his exposed cockhead, inexplicably tugging his deepest fantasies and sexual energy right out from the slit of his angry purple cockhead. He could swear that he could see a trail of dense, pink energy dancing around the slick trail of the line of cum that connected the tip of his steely dick to the end of her slender finger.

“What’s… happening?” Jake felt a new, foreign rush of arousal. He began to get a little lightheaded.

“I’m part succubus,” Nikki explained with her eyes closed as her curvaceous body gyrated on the couch. “Don’t worry… I’m half human too. I would never devour you… ahhhh…” she moaned as she swirled her index finger over his bulging dickhead.

“Hnng!” Jake gasped as the angry veins in his well-endowed manhood bulged with new ferocity. This felt way too good! More than he could stand! She was an unparalleled vixen, the touch of her hands so sexually devastating that she was destroying him with just a few lingering touches!

But as miraculous as Nikki’s touch was, the sight of her actually… growing before his eyes gripped his arousal far harder. Was she really a sexually predatory demon!? He was inclined to believe it now!

“You don’t mind… right?” Nikki smiled with a shit-eating grin without even opening her eyes to confirm.

Jake gasped as she teased another surge of power out of his dick. No, he definitely didn’t mind. He wouldn’t mind even if he died right now. All to witness this captivating transformation that was taking place before his eyes…

The reason for the open ceiling became clear. Jake hadn’t noticed it before, but Nikki was noticeably taller now! The change must have been too subtle before, but he could see her feet now creeping along the floor as her legs extended, longer and longer, her calves and thighs filling out with luscious, firm, nubile female flesh to match her improving, lengthening stature.

On and on they want, her toes extended and pointed as she continued to drink his sexual energy through that think trail of cum that she continually goaded and maintained while swirling her soft fingers over his needy cock. Once in a while, all six feet of her quivered, as if she were having an orgasm just from the process of transforming!

And it wasn’t just her legs—though they were definitely some of the most legs of all time. Her breasts gained far more mass and girth, finally beginning to flatten a bit under their own weight on her slender chest. Those lush orbs looked so delicious to touch, their scent so captivating… he could imagine the warmth between her cleavage. Jake would’ve loved to spend his time just sucking at their marvelous magnificence.

He watched the arm that was touching him so masterfully begin to bend at the elbow. Those willowy limbs were getting longer too; well, of course they were! Now, she didn’t have to stretch to maintain that trail of sexual energy. And her grip became even more powerful now as she formed a cock ring over the thick ridge of his overstimulated, hyper sensitive head. But Nikki still looked so lithe, so slender… he couldn’t help but imagine her packing on more muscle to match her seemingly supernatural strength.

“I see, Jakey… I feel you… all of you…” Nikki moaned.

Suddenly, her back arched in pleasure as beautiful, dense, hard feminine muscle decorated her already sublime body. Her biceps and triceps swelled, flexing powerfully as she pumped his dick with one hand while she fondled her own nether region in a strange way, rubbing the palm of her hand over her pubic mound. When her hips bucked downward, every bewitching flex of her bucking torso revealed a deeply etched groove along her powerful abdominals, each clenching tense bringing sharper and sharper definition into view. It was as if she had packed a few years worth of crunches into that single erotic moment, packing on muscle with every single jerk of her powerful hand!

And with every upward thrust of her hips, he could see the hard swell of her glutes, packing on denser and denser flesh. Strong enough to put any fitness model to shame, while still remaining as infinitely beautiful as she already was. Her thighs too, carved out deep trails of muscular perfection, her calves developing a beautiful bulge while Nikki continued to orgasm from naught but touching his dick!

Oh god. She was getting really tall now. She had to be as tall as him now! No… taller! How did this busty waif of a girl become some sort of Amazoness paragon of health and fitness! Jake straightened his legs out, half voluntarily, half from receiving another unbelievable stroke that left his entire body trembling, and sure enough—she had him far outclassed now! Her legs reached far further than his, and his head was now level with her breasts on that deep couch while her upper body still continued to soar upward and her stems continued to extend!

“Oh god! Nikki! Fuck! Fuuuuuck!” Jake screamed, feeling the impending rush of a violent sexual explosion.

“Not yet, lover…” Nikki removed her hand from his dick, leaving him aching and wanting.

Jake whimpered and moaned.

“Now that I’ve really got your attention, I can feed off you without touching you anymore. So why don’t you just watch me, hmm? And don’t you dare touch yourself!” Nikki brought her slick hand up to his face and closed her large yet delicate fist, making the veins in her forearm bulge with her new, immense power.

“O-okay,” he whispered, staring at her thick forearm.

“Now, for the real fantasy you’ve been wishing for…” A fully seven foot tall splayed out Nikki teased.

Girl Emasculates Boy

“No way! That’s impossible! You can’t actually…” Jake gasped as his rod twitch angrily, all seven angry inches of it wobbling in the air.

“Oh no?” Nikki finally opened her eyes and stared into his soul. “And what do you think this…” she finally removed her hand from her crotch, “…is?”

Sure enough, right above the moist, pink petals of her labia and her girl-dick clitoris, there was a much larger dick. A six inch male dick.

“Oh fuuuuuuuck,” Jake groaned. He was about to come right on the spot!

“I’m not done yet!” Nikki slammed his dick with another magical suck, turning his orgasm into a burst of fuel that fired out of his dick unproductively, draining and denying his orgasm.

“Mnnnnn!” Jake cried, loving the feeling of having an unsatisfying, unproductive orgasm at the hands of this half-succubus sexual predator.

“Let me show you what a real cock looks like…” Both of Nikki’s hands were now clad with pink energy, transformed from Jake’s innermost desire. She brought both of those hands to her own girl rod, and…

She positively surged forth. Like a fireman’s pole, only far warmer—pulsating, alive, and far, far girthier.

“Hahaha! Yessss!” Nikki squealed. Her hands worked her own dick as expertly as it had tormented Jake, but there was just so much more of her!

She could feel a distinct lack of blood, even from her newly fortified heart and superhuman strength and vitality as all of it rushed to her new man—no, womanhood. That penile tissue of hers just continued to swell and expand, growing not only longer than Jake’s already impressive endowments, but thicker, angrier, and more productive. Soon, even her large and powerful hands couldn’t grip her entire shaft when she placed them one atop of the other, stroking her lengthening length up and down, up and down…

The sound of her slick, rubbing skin was all Jake could hear as he watched, mesmerized by her elongating pole.

“Ung, yeah, fuck… is this how you feel when you rub your fucking dick?” Nikki moaned. “Because however it feels for you, I know it’s way better for me…”

Her iron continued to harden, forged by the powerful grip of her magical hands. When it stood about two and a half feet long of glorious, sensitive, simmering male erection, leaking a potent mixture of sweet and salting cum from her tip which she gathered with her hands to lubricate her entire pole. And then, remembering a piece of advice that all experienced women knew about pleasing men, he made sure not to forget about her testicles. Yes, she had testicles too. Her hairless genitals had been growing the whole time, but Jake’s eyes had been drawn upward, his neck almost sore from craning up and falling the impressive, throbbing veins along her searing rod and all the way to the twin bulges of her gleaming glans. Those testicles too, grew in proportion with her outlandish dick. The wrinkles on her ballsack became easier and easier to spot as they expanded like balloons being filled, then overfilled with water. He could almost hear those hyper-productive nuts churning inside of her body, pumping out tons and tons of cum that could cover the earth in a biblical torrent, viscous and salty and sweet. He imagined seeing that dick in her powerful, feminine hands, her balls contracting as they fired load after load of cum, huge thick gouts of girl jizz powerful enough to paint the entire side of a farmyard barn. Maybe even smash a hole through it and continue shooting an endless stream of her girl juice until she flooded the entire structure with her nectar!

When her testicles were as big as softballs (with one hanging lower than the other, naturally), Nikki finally stopped rubbing and removed her hands for Jake to venerate and worship her sculpture.

“Well? Tell me, what do you think?”

Jake just stared at that impressive flagpole. Literally, flagpole. Nikki was still lying on the couch, but her dick stood completely perpendicular to her body. You could literally hang a flag off of that incredible, lurid shaft. God, you could impale a human being on it!

“It’s… it’s perfect…” he whispered in awe.

“Really? You think so? I don’t know…”

Nikki twitched and flexed her cock, making it bounce violently. Jake audibly gasped as his impressive seven inch pole did a sympathetic bounce as well.

His succubus companion for the evening stood up in all of her seven foot glory, towering over her androgynous, stylish lover. Even the shadow cast by her erection against the glow of the moonlight, eclipsing his vision, was driving him wild! \

And then she stood there, like the platonic ideal of a woman. With a raging cock. She wielded it like a spear, straight and true, extending two feet out in front of her. Her sculpted arms, her enormous, jutting breasts, her perfect midsection, and her rock hard thighs… all of it female perfection, plus her singular, unique, very male, very virile representation of her endless, unquenchable libido.

Jake’s mind dimmed with dark pleasure as Nikki continued to drink him. This was pure heaven.

A towering Nikki grabbed her dick and slammed it against Jake’s chest. It… it hurt! She was so hard! She pushed him back to give herself enough space to stand, and then let her heavy girlcock fall and rest on his own, far smaller one.

Jake almost saw stars as he winced in pain. A tiny, pleasurable pain.

“You call that little thing a dick?” Nikki taunted. “Look at me! You’re barely bigger than my balls!” She swayed her hips, letting those twins sashay back and forth like a small bag of spices. Meanwhile, her shaft rubbed along his. He could feel her powerful pulse in that cock… the heat from her swishing blood through those veins completely undeniable. Her head traced a trail of her perfect, sweet juices over his hips.

“And you’re like half my width too! I bet you can only come once with those little tic-tacs you call balls!”

Jake felt as if he could erupt just from the rubbing and humiliation alone! Even Nikki’s precum was so voluminous, dribbling down his legs like thick honey. For anyone else, it would’ve been a massive orgasm to discharge that much juice!

“So… would you say it’s perfect? Compared to yours?”

“P-perfect…” Jake whispered. “May I… may I touch it? Worship it?” he begged.

Nikki sneered. “You may.”

He got down on his knees, supplicating before her girlcock. It was only right. Such tumescence had to be revered properly.

Jake began by placing his lips on her enormous, bulbous cockhead. So large was she, that when he kissed her tip, his lips couldn’t even surround her entire girth. He suspected that he would be able to give her head… but just barely. That had been his fantasy, after all.

Her nectar was indeed thick, coating the inside of his mouth with her sweet and salty musk. He worked hard to swallow that viscous honey, but more of it just poured right into his mouth. He could have a full meal of her juices and be content. Even her cum dominated his soul.

Gripping it with both hands, he could barely wrap around her entire circumference. The tips of his fingers touched on opposite ends, and he began to pump them in sync. Fuck, this was so hot! The heat she was giving off was almost unbearable, but the cold night air tempered her arousal so he could continue to work both his burning hands and mouth up and down her shaft.

“Harder,” she ordered.

Harder!? He was giving it everything he had! Her cock filled his mouth so fully! Every pulse of her gigantic towel rail rattled his hands like an earthquake, fatiguing his arms as he hung on as hard as he could!

But… was it perfect? Nikki was so wonderful already, but perfect? That was a high bar to meet…

“Oh, yeah!!!” Nikki squealed suddenly.

“MMMFFFF!” Jake’s eyes shot wide in horror.

Nikki was growing again!

Her erectile tissue lengthened another foot, pushing him backward on his ass while he still had his mouth wrapped around her dick! Simultaneously, he saw her softball sized nuts inflate to full on basketballs! Even her cum grew more addictive as she forced him to drink and drink! Her virile juices began to leak out of the corners of his mouth, their scent hitting him right in the nostrils like an act of sexy violence!

Too much! It was too much! He saw Nikki in the pale moonlight, her buff shoulders and strong arms crossed behind her head as she just gave him a knowing grin while watching her cock dominate him. Jake didn’t even realize he was coming!

Oh god. Oh god! He was coming! In huge, body-wracking spasms! His fluid arched into the air, splattering against the underside of her steel support beam.

Nikki was now groping her breasts while laughing her head off. She had certainly chosen well. Jake’s repressed desires were simply divine to her succubus taste buds.

As his violent orgasms subsided, Nikki could see his glistening, twitching cock. He was still huge, despite her taunting. And she knew that he didn’t want her to be impressed. In fact, she could tell that the night was far from over. He’d come once, but there was still one thing left undone. One more thing that would shatter his world and tie her to him inexorably…

Girl Fucks Boy

“All done? Did that feel good, my little man?” Nikki removed her cock from his mouth with a wet pop. Jake just sat there against the wall, slumped over as her girl jizz dribbled out of his mouth.

“Oh moy gord it wars sor gord…” he answered, mouth thick with molasses.

“But you want more, don’t you?” Nikki winked as she advanced, making sure to duck under the halfway ceiling of her second floor loft. She scooted forward carefully, head pressed against the suddenly too-low construction. Her constant erection, too, had to be ducked in lest she put a hole through the wall. She angled it upward, pressing it against her pebbled abs and tucking it between the tight cleavage of her buxom, perky breasts.

Jake stared at his fantasy come to life. She could give herself a boobjob and come ropes all over her own chin!

“Come here,” Nikki ordered.

Jake obediently stood up to approach her.

When they stood facing each other, seven inch dick to three foot dick, five foot ten of lithe male to seven foot plus of female Udonis, Nikki shocked him by bending over at the waist, giving him a predator grin by baring her teeth, and then wrapping one muscular arm around his slender waist and picking him up bodily like a child’s toy!

“Oh my god! Nikki! Wait!” he wailed in fear, flailing his arms and legs helplessly.

“You’re mine tonight!”

Jake’s semi-hard, spent erection jerked back to life upon her pronouncement and easy handling of his entire weight.

Nikki cackled, shifting him around with that single arm as if he weighed nothing. His cock was now grinding against her washing abs and her own massive steel.

Jake struggled more. Only because it felt far too good not to.

“Mmmmmwwwaaaaah!” Nikki groaned as she got back out into her wide open space, standing up tall and arching her back in a languid stretch. Her one, fully extended arm nearly reached the second floor ceiling of her apartment!

“W-what are you going to do to me?” Jake whispered, slightly in fear, but mostly in anticipation. Nikki had already fulfilled so much of his wildest desire… would she really…?

She responded not with words, but with action. The brunette, Amazonian half-succubus maneuvered him with her beautifully long arms, turned his face so he could look out onto the city streets dotted by street lights and glowing windows, held him right in front of her like a pig on a roast with his waist bent forward, and…

Speared her powerful, virile girlcock right into his tight, virginal hole.

“Mmmmmm!!!!!” Jake’s eyes filled with tears from the pain. She was… Nikki was too large!!

“Hahaha!” Nikki laughed loudly as she held him. Jake flailed his arms to try and resist, but Nikki just grabbed those skinny little arms and pinned them to his side in her grasp.

“Nikki! Please, stop!!” Jake begged.

But Nikki was so much more sensitive than that. Even without establishing a safeword, she knew that she was fulfilling Jake in a way that no woman ever could.

She kept pounding.

And it was good for her too. Her lubricating, endless precum produced by her superhuman, hyperproductive nuts coated Jake’s insides to perfection. The wet slap of her virginal cock pistoning in and out of his virginally tight butthole… it was pure heaven! Nikki had experienced the receiving side of it many times over, but being on the giving end, and having her little victim secretly beg and long for more…

It was delicious!

Jake began to moan as the pain turned into pleasure. His vacuum tight grip over just the tip of Nikki’s wet rod began more and more tolerable to bear as his anal cavity filled with her aphrodisiac juices.

And Nikki too, took wonderful care of her partner. For her, just the tip could probably be considered a whole six inches, so she really went soft, despite her taunting laughter. She wiggled her hips, luxuriating in the velvet feel of the different angles and sensations firing through her all three feet of her sensitive bundles of nerves. Each twist, each grind, each lusty pump was a mini orgasm, her long, distended, angry veins pulsing as her balls churned, productive excess cum that had nowhere to go but straight into Jake’s asshole.

“Ohhh, yeah…” Nikki whispered, leaning over to rest her breasts along Jake’s back. She blew the cowlick in her face aside and whispered right into his ear, tickling him with her hot breath. “You wish you could be feeling as good as I am, don’t you? You wish you could be fucking my pussy, feeling my tight squeeze, feeling your cock bathed in my velvet steel…”

Jake whimpered, bit his lip, and nodded.

“Well, here’s your chance,” her tongue flicked and lashed at her earlobe. Her teeth nibbled and chewed on that little erogenous nub of flesh.

Jake shivered, sending another tumultuous wave of pleasure right through Nikki’s cock.

“Tell me Jake,” Nikki continued. “Have you ever experienced the pleasures of your G-spot?”


Nikki demonstrated by wiggling in deeper and deeper into Jake’s orifice. He howled as she stretched him, before the head of her leaking clock pressed against that irresistible orgasm button hidden away, deep in his body…

“Uwaaaaaaaooooooo!” Jake screamed as Nikki pressed gently into it. His cock twitched more violently than ever. It felt as if he was about to come in one, single stroke!

So Nikki did it again. And again. And again.

Jake squealed and wriggled on her cock as his erect penis began to shoot his tiny load once more. Every bump, every grind, every thrum of her insatiable cock was another mind-bending orgasm. His impressive dick spasmed over and over, completely dry and with nothing more to give.

And Nikki finally pulled out and dropped her little mind-broken fuck toy on the couch. She was ready to burst. Grabbing the end of her cock, Nikki squeezed tightly and bumped her head into a massive, volcanic eruption.

“Yesssssss!!!!” Nikki howled like a beast possessed. Her cock pulsed and fired, each rope splashing over her designer couch and splashing over a sobbing Jake. Each individual one of her ejaculations was a thick stream of juice that saturated his entire body. It soaked into the couch cushions, nearly cumboarding Jake with her overwhelming scent as she continued to swirl and extract the nectar out of her overworked testicles.

Jake drank down as much of her as he could. The pleasure was too much for his lust-addled mind. He passed out.

When Jake woke up, she was nowhere to be found. He had been scrubbed completely clean and was lying in what he presumed to be Nikki’s bed. It definitely had her flair: pink, fluffy, and girly. He turned to look over the balcony into the open living room where a giant Nikki had fucked him senseless.

She wasn’t there.

“Hello?” Jake slid out of bed and put on his boxers. A sudden wave of dizziness overcame him. His jellied legs gave out as he fell back into Nikki’s bed.

There was no response to his call.

Rubbing his temples and feeling an unfamiliar ache in his ass, he waddled down the spiral staircase stiff-legged. The apartment seemed to be empty. But in the kitchen island counter was a strangely vibrant glowing pink teapot and a little handwritten note.

“Jake, sorry my big boy, and you are big <3, I had to run early. Drink lots of fluids. You’re gonna need to keep your strength up if I keep feeding on you. Help yourself to some tea. That’s an order.

Here’s my number. Call me.”

Jake sighed in pure contentment. He clutched the note to his chest like the most valuable treasure of his life and poured himself a hot cup of whatever Nikki had brewed for him.