Omni Kalani

Commissioned by Olo

Chapter 1

“Ladies, stop leaning on the counter!” Cooper barked with a deep drawl after getting a good, long look at girls’ backsides.

Tabitha Kalani and her co-worker Harper Williams groaned as they got off their elbows and stood up straight.

“Coop, there’s no one here!” Harper moaned.

“Straighten the displays! Refold those shirts! I’ll be in the back. You better believe I’ll be checking in on you later. Oh, and if any ladies walk in and need assistance, be sure to let me know. You girls know what kind I’m talking about.”

He rubbed his mustache, clicked his tongue twice, and made his way to the back room where both girls knew he would be taking a nap.

“I can’t believe you can talk back to him like that,” Tabitha looked at her co-worker friend in awe.

“Oh, he’s harmless. He just presents himself as scary.”

“And lecherous. And creepy. And…” Tabitha could go on.

“Okay, yeah. He’s all of those things. Still he hasn’t pulled anything on me. Just the customers who get creeped out. Although some of them seem to like the attention…” Harper mused.

Tabitha wasn’t sure if she should be relieved or upset that she was never the target of Cooper’s attentions.

The half Hawaiian, half Korean girl was as short as she was undeveloped. Her father was a hulk of a man, thick and strong with dark tan skin, while her mother was far more waifish. She took after her mother.

Puberty seemed to have passed her by. Short, thin, and curveless, Tabitha had always felt slightly inadequate next to a lot of other girls. And especially around her taller, high-powered lawyer of a sister. Still, Tabitha was an outgoing, positive girl. Bubbly, well-liked by most, and a bundle of energy. She just wished people wouldn’t treat her like a cute little puppy dog instead of a mature, grown woman. Like Harper.

“Should we get to work on this stupid stuff?” Tabitha asked her friend.

“Nah. He’s full of crap. Let’s go see if Cooper has fallen asleep. And just hang out.”


The two women took off after their shift in the clothing section of McMaron’s, the big box clothing retailer. Tabitha walked through the large mall idly, her flats squeaking along the polished linoleum floor reflecting the harsh glare of the overhead fluorescent lighting. It was the same route she took every day. A shoe store, then bleeding edge lifestyle doodads, then a small expensive fashion boutique.

But today, something caught her eye. A pop up novelty shop! When had this been here? She’d never seen any grand opening signs or notifications of construction. In fact, when had there ever been a vacant spot nestled between the boutique and the pastry store?

A wood-carved figurine sat high in the display window that absolutely captivated Tabitha. A female figure with her arms raised, was dressed in a miniature bikini made of cloth, a small lei that looked like it had been made from freshly cut flowers, and a straw skirt around her waist. Unlike most little models that Tabitha had seen, this girl was built! Strong, bulging muscles decorated her thick arms and legs. And was that… was the straw skirt resting on a large bulge protruding from the little model’s waist!?

It was! Tabitha could barely see underneath it, but it looked like the woman had a huge member! She had to double check that it was a woman. Huge, spherical breasts. Slender waist, but abdominals still packed with muscle. Yup, seemed like a woman.

Tabitha stepped into the mystery shop. A strong aroma of deep, lush bamboo and hibiscus wafted over her. The air was so thick with it that the diminutive Tabitha almost gagged.

The small store (though a more appropriate name description might be “room”) was dimly lit, as opposed to the garish, blinding fluorescent light of the mall just beyond its doors. The sappy pop music that blasted the hallways, the loud footsteps and the background murmurs from the crowd could barely be heard.

“Hi there! Can I help you?” a melodious female voice rang out.

“Oh, hi!” Tabitha jumped. “You startled me!”

“Sorry, I have that effect sometimes.”

Tabitha looked up. Before her was a titaness of a woman. Deep, tan complexion, statuesque, wickedly fit with a transcendently beautiful face. She just exuded pure confidence.

An overwhelmed Tabitha sucked in a deep breath as she stared at the physically imposing woman before her.

“You okay?” The woman’s voice rang out once again with a big smile.

“Ooh. Uh, yeah!” Tabitha’s face flushed red with embarrassment. She really felt small and powerless before the female Adonis before her. “I was just wondering…” Tabitha looked around at the various paraphernalia and knick-knacks.


Tabitha drifted over the shelves of boring wares on display. Aloe vera, dresses and print tees with palm tree and beach prints, sandals with unrecognized designer prints etched into it… finally, her eyes landed on that figurine that she’d seen in the display window.

“Can I examine that one?” Tabitha asked meekly.

“You may.” The store owner nodded affirmatively. She even cracked a knowing smile when Tabitha wasn’t looking.

Tabitha marveled as the amazon reached effortlessly up to where the figurine was perched. She herself stood barely an inch over five feet and would have needed more than a few steps on a ladder to get it!

“This one’s my favorite,” the owner said as she cradled it lovingly, readjusting its lei. “I put a fresh wreath on it this morning.”

“May I?” Tabitha asked.

“Certainly.” She handed it over.

Tabitha dragged her fingers over the hard swells of the miniature model’s muscular arms. She brought her face close to the carnations and plumerias and inhaled deeply. Not only was there the fragrance of the beautiful, vibrant flowers, but it also blended with the smoky, seductive scent of the wood itself.

She stole a glance at the woman who was watching her intently. Very intently. Tabitha was embarrassed, but she couldn’t help but sneak a peek. Even with someone else in the vicinity. Her finger traced down past through the figurine’s cleavage, past those cobblestone abs, and swished over the top of the straw skirt.

Tabitha gasped. It really did have a penis! And it felt… alive! Warm and throbbing.

“Eep!” she yelped, withdrawing her hand quickly. She felt as if she had been doing something naughty in public!

The mysterious woman simply smiled.

“You like it?”

Tabitha was too embarrassed to reply.

“That one’s my favorite. My absolute greatest treasure,” the woman reassured Tabitha.

“I… I do like it,” Tabitha reluctantly offered it back to the woman. She wanted to keep it forever.

“You want me to wrap it up for you?”

“You would let me have it!?” Tabitha gasped. “I couldn’t! You said it’s your favorite!”

“That’s alright,” she reassured. “It’s kind of like a puppy. I foster these treasures, but eventually, they have to find a home. You seem like a worthy recipient.” She glanced knowingly at the large bulge of the figurine and smirked at Tabitha.

“Yes! Yes, I’ll take it!” Tabitha grasped at the opportunity. She reached for her wallet and grimaced. She hadn’t collected her biweekly paycheck yet. “How much do I owe you for this…”

“Don’t worry. You can have it. Take good care of it, won’t you?”

“You… you really mean it!?”

“Sure do. I know you’ll get along great.”

The woman wrapped the mini-amazon in wrapping paper, placed her in a little paper baggie, and handed it to Tabitha.

Tabitha cradled it carefully and drove home with the thing securely trapped between her slim thighs. She wanted to make sure it didn’t get jostled around on the way home, lest any harm come to it.

Chapter 2

Unwrapping some chicken katsu and macaroni salad out of her takeout boxes, Tabitha sat down at the dinner table of her small apartment and wolfed down her cheap knock-off Hawaiian barbecue. It was Tuesday evening, the only day of the week her big sister Madison had enough time for their family call.

Tabitha choked on her food as she tried to multitask, cleaning her apartment to make it more presentable to her high-powered big sister. Her phone rang as Tabitha was trying to sweep all of the junk mail off of the dining table where she’d just eaten.

She answered it with a big cough that catapulted a piece of meat out of the back of her throat.

“Gross, Tabby. Can’t you learn some manners?” Madison lectured.

“Soooorry Maddie!”

Madison winced. “Don’t call me Maddie! It’s Madison!”

It was the only surefire way Tabitha had of getting under her big sister’s skin. In all other ways, she was completely outgunned. Mother had always compared Tabitha to Madison, stating how she wished Tabitha would just learn from her big sister’s example. Why can’t you behave like Madison? Why don’t you get good grades like Madison? Why don’t you become a lawyer like Madison?

Speaking of, the whole family was on the call.

“Tabitha, why don’t you learn some manners? Like your sister, Madison?” their Korean mother piped in.

Right on cue.

“Sorry Mom. I was in a hurry.”

“Are you eating enough? You need to eat more. You look too skinny. Aigo, your house is a mess!”

“Yes Mom. Sorry Mom. I will, Mom,” Tabitha rehearsed with well-practiced efficiency.

“So how are you?” Madison asked.

“I’m fine. Working as usual.”

“Good, good.” Madison paused as a courtesy before launching into her own updates. “My last case went really well. And I’ve been making the right political moves too. I’m going to be running for District Attorney in the coming election with the endorsement of the incumbent mayor. I’m going to be very busy.”

“That’s amazing, honey!” their mom gushed.

“Yeah. That’s really great,” Tabitha chimed in.

Madison’s fiance Victor showed up in the video, waved to everyone, and then whispered into Madison’s ear.

“Oh sorry everyone, we need to go!”

“Oh Madison, but Tuesday’s our day!” Mom protested.

“Sorry, next time! You can catch up with Tabitha and update me later!”

Their screen vanished from the call.

“Okay, well Tabitha, I guess I’ll see you next week.” Her disappointed tone came through the digital screen as clear as day.

“Hang on hang on! Give me the computer!” came a large, dark, topless man in the background.

“Dad!!” Tabitha exclaimed.

“How’s my baby?!” he lumbered up to the chair and placed his considerable weight on it. It creaked.

“I’m good, Dad! I miss you.”

“Me too, honey. When are you going to come visit, ah?”

“Soon, soon, I promise. I don’t have much money at the moment…”

“That’s okay. I’ll tell Madison to pay for your flight. She can afford it.”

“She always gives me such a hard time when you do that though…” Tabitha complained bitterly.

“She is your kaiku’ana. It will always be like that. She loves you, ok?”

“Okay Dad.” Tabitha was unconvinced. And then she recalled. “Oh, Dad! I found this neat little figurine at the mall today! It looks Polynesian!”

“Oh yeah? Show me!”

“I, er…” Tabitha gulped. She’d forgotten about that little detail.

“Here it is,” she panned carefully over the torso. “Recognize it?”

“Dunno, baby. She looks strong! Very pretty too. Maybe a goddess of power? Fertility? It’s been a long time since we learned it in elementary school.”

“Cool! Thanks Dad. I’ll look it up!” Fertility, huh? _Tabitha suppressed a cackle. _If only he knew what she was packing down there.

“Okay, okay. I gotta install some new bookshelves for your mom. Be good, ah?”

“Love you Dad.”

“Love you too baby!”

Now that all of Tabitha’s evening obligations were met, she tossed her takeout box into the overflowing trash bin. Her laser focus was on getting cleaned up and spending the rest of her time with this Polynesian deity.

She brought her newly acquired wooden statue to her 1 bed 1 bath apartment and placed it on the rim of the tub. As the hot, steamy water sputtered into the tub, Tabitha inhaled the steam with welcome relief and dropped a bath bomb into it.

Disrobing and checking herself in the mirror per her Tuesday ritual, Tabitha lamented for the thousandth time her underdeveloped body. Maybe it was her nutrition, or her very active lifestyle, or just goddamn genetics, but she desperately wished to be more than she was. Maybe something like this fertility goddess sitting by her tub.

Tabitha dipped one bare foot into the tub after the other, yelping and giggling as the hot water shocked her skin. She always loved relaxing after a day of standing on her feet. As she splashed the water over herself and scrubbed with a loofah, she regarded the figurine.

She wanted a better look at it. It was Tuesday, after all.

Taking off its lei, its little cloth bikini, and most importantly, its straw skirt, she scrutinized the intricate details, all the love and care put into the work. The breasts were heavy and full, perky but still with a natural teardrop shape, all crowned with a glorious thick nipple. Her muscles looked even sharper, larger, more defined than she remembered in the otherworldly pop up shop. And the large shaft that made up her penis…

Goddess of fertility indeed. The mere sight of it was making Tabitha squirm. Large, angry, and thick, the petite girl couldn’t believe the skirt had been lifted by so little at the store. Why, it was positively standing up straight now!

The sight of that masculine phallus on such a powerful, sexy sculpture of a female thrilled Tabitha like she wouldn’t believe. The steam wafting off the surface of the water caressed her face. She succumbed deeper into its fragrant depths as she idly traced her folds and pinched her stiff nipples on her flat chest.

Eyes closed and mouth open in a moan, Tabitha heard a constant dripping distracting her from her fantasies.

“Aigo!” she yelled, doing her best imitation of her mother. She twisted in frustration to check the faucet, but it wasn’t leaking at all. The handle was shut tight.

“Huh?” she voiced. Looking back at the statue, it was leaking! Thick globules of opaque white liquid dripped from its phallic tip, splashing into her tub.

“No way…”

Tabitha sloshed forward in the tub and brought a wet hand up to the even larger, swollen shaft. She traced her finger along its underside, prompting it to leak even more copiously.

Breathing heavily, her gliding hand scooped up some of the stuff. She rubbed it between her fingers. It was slick, lubricated her fingers well, and Tabitha couldn’t tell if it was because of her bath bombs, but it smelled faintly sweet.

She couldn’t resist. Her curiosity got the better of her. The glistening stuff compelled her.

Tabitha gave it a lick.

Her entire body seized up as the sticky ambrosia, subtle and sublime in its flavor, overwhelmed her body. She could feel the burning heat, needy and aching between her legs. The petite Asian girl’s eyes went wide from erotic shock before she reached down and furiously began to rub her quivering folds. Plunging two fingers of one hand deep inside and pressing against her most sensitive regions, her other hand traveled down her soft torso, past her silky trimmed pubic hairs to pinch and swirl against her protruding clit, peeking out from under its sheathe.

A few circular strokes, a shocking guttural moan, and it was all over. Tabitha’s vision exploded with fireworks as her body thrashed in her floral water. She screamed as her torso nearly bent in half, the soapy opaque water splashing out of the tub from her frantic ministrations. She sucked as hard as she possibly could, milking every last drop out of the seeming infinite supply of the figurine.

“Oh godddd!” Her scream was muffled by the enormous phallus in her mouth. When it was finally dry, she let go with a loud pop and one final, earth shuddering spasm.

She brought her hand to her forehead, running the comparatively cooler water over her burning face. Climbing out of the tub, she pulled the plug to let it drain. Tabitha nearly slipped on the slick, tiled floor before catching herself with wobbly arms. She felt utterly drained. Drained and happy.

Wiping herself down quickly, she grabbed the little statue, now tiny and limp, threw her damp hair to a side, climbed into bed and placed her new little keepsake by her bedside desk. Sleep overtook her immediately.

Chapter 3

“Good game, everyone!” Steve cheered on after a sorely needed win in their ultimate frisbee league. “And not to single anyone out, cuz you know we all played our part, but damn Tabitha, you were really something else out there!”

Everyone murmured in agreement.

“Aw shucks, just the usual from me, you know. High effort and intensity and all that!”

“Well, good job guys. See you next Saturday! Tabs, can we, uh, talk for a bit?”

One of their teammates patted him on the butt. Steve brusquely pushed his arm away in playful annoyance.

“Sure Steve!” Tabitha blushed. It would make her late for her evening shift, but…

She’d always harbored a bit of a crush on their captain. Okay, more than a bit. He was the sole reason she signed up in the first place.

“Hey Tabitha, do you have time to get coffee?”

Tabitha raised an eyebrow. She thought she’d made her advances pretty clear, but Steve had always softly rejected them.

“You mean… like a date?”

“Heh, yeah. A date.” He avoided eye contact and looked at a random spot in the soft grass of the field. “Unless, you know, you changed your mind…”

“Steve… I’d love to!” Tabitha jumped high into the air, far beyond what most olympic athletes could achieve.

Steve was about to comment, but the sight of Tabitha’s generous breasts bouncing underneath her athletic tee was too much for him to ignore. They wobbled up and down for just the briefest moment, far too firm to be affected by Tabitha’s superhuman movement so easily. It was an image that he’d played over and over in his mind, alone in the night.

“Steve? Shall we?” Tabitha snapped the hypnotized Steve back to his senses.

“Oh, yeah!” He blushed, caught in his momentary lack of discipline. “Let’s go!”

The two sat outside on the sunny Tennessee day, staring each other eye to eye over a cup of cheap, burnt coffee.

“So what made you change your mind about me?” Tabitha asked, breaking the ice.

“You know, I don’t know. I was just being stupid, I think. Watching you run around out there today, you seemed like a totally transformed person.”


“Yeah. I couldn’t believe how fast you were running, and all those catches you made. They were crazy! And I figured I could use someone as energetic like that in my life. Funny, I don’t recall you being this hyper athletic before.”

“What do you mean? I’ve always been like this.” She flexed a bare arm, her smooth, tanned skin bulging into a hard swell.

Steve gulped at the sight. Seeing Tabitha’s physical prowess was so sexy. Why had he turned her down in the past anyway?! And it wasn’t just her power. Long legs, large breasts, strikingly hazel eyes… he was lucky someone else hadn’t snatched her up first!

“I guess… I was just a big idiot. Heh heh,” he chuckled nervously.

“I’m glad you came to your senses,” Tabitha smiled. “Oh shit! I’m like, an hour late for work!”

“Crap! You gonna be in trouble? Need a ride?”

“Yes, please. And also another date.”


Tabitha sprinted agilely through the crowded mall, deftly weaving her way past all of the foot traffic at breakneck speed. People yelped as she came barreling past them, buffeted by the wake of her speedy travel. She quickly made her way into the employee area of McMaron’s.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry I’m late, Cooper!” she apologized profusely as she punched in for her shift. “I’ll get changed as quickly as I can!”

Their manager was about to have some choice words with her, but the sight of her sexy midriff on display and those tight, high-riding shorts that showed off miles of her smooth, tanned legs and sculpted butt caused him to reconsider.

“Don’t bother,” he struggled to speak as he tried not to heave in obvious arousal.

“Don’t bother punching in!? I’m really sorry, boss!”

“No no, don’t bother changing. You’re, um, fine. Just get out there. Harper needs your help.”

“O-oh. Okay.”

Confused by the leniency, Tabitha meekly tacked her badge on her clothes and went onto the sales floor.

“Girl, you’re late!” Harper chided her associate, not looking up from her busy task of ringing up women’s shoes.

“Soooorry!!! Let me make it up to you sometime!”

“You can make it up to me right now by opening the other register!”

“Okay, okay!”

Tabitha punched in her code and waved the next woman in line over. An expression of relief and exasperation crossed the customer’s face as she stepped forward, speaking Chinese to her husband standing at her side. What she was saying did not sound flattering.

Perhaps it was a mercy that Tabitha couldn’t understand the language. She was so multicultural herself, and yet, aside from a handful of Polynesian words, English was her only language. She was so envious of multilingual people.

Time seemed to slow down as the woman continued her disapproving tirade to her husband. Her lips and mouth began to flap up and down in slow motion as Tabitha’s cat-like eyes glowed, her mind trawling into the Chinese couple before her. Her supernatural brain invaded their speech centers and copied all of the complex vocabulary, muscle movements, and sounds that made up one of the hardest languages on earth. Her own nerves lit up, making new connections faster than thought.

Then everything resumed to normal.

“First they take 30 minutes to find my size, and then they make us wait in line for another 30!”

“Yes dear.”

“I should have just gone somewhere else! It’s like they don’t want my money!”

“I’m sorry Ma’am, it’s all my fault,” Tabitha replied in perfect, fluent Chinese.

“Aiya, as if saying that would give me my time back,” the Chinese woman snapped. “Wait, you speak Chinese?!”

Both she and her husband stared at the tall, fit, well-developed woman before them.

“I didn’t know you could speak,” she quickly explained herself. “So few people here do. You’re Chinese?”

“Hawaiian-Korean, actually.”

“Huh!? Your Chinese is amazing!”

“Thanks! Just something I picked up right now…” Tabitha realized what she was saying. How could she learn a language in an instant?

“Funny joke,” the woman stated sarcastically. “Well, it’s nice to speak Chinese to someone besides my husband. I’m afraid our kids won’t speak it either.”

“Yeah, it’s tough,” Tabitha commiserated as the register beeped.

“Thanks. Sorry to speak ill of you. But we really did wait for a long time.”

“I’m really sorry. It’s my fault, really.”

“It’s fine. We’ll be back. If only just to chat! Okay, let’s go!”

The commandeering woman grabbed her hapless husband by the hand and marched out of the store.

“Girl… what the hell was that?!” Harper asked.

“What? Next customer, please!” Tabitha’s hands were moving so quickly now, almost faster than the machine could keep up.

“You speak Chinese!?”

“Uh, yeah. I guess I do.”

A Hispanic looking family approached her. They began to chat in Spanish soon after.

Harper just stopped what she was doing and stared in disbelief at her inexplicably taller, multilingual friend.

Chapter 4

Tabitha came home from work, full of energy. Her legs and feet didn’t hurt like they used to. Everything was so easy now! The customers loved her—especially the ones who realized that they could converse with the tall, jet-black haired beauty in their native tongues. She went to sleep every night, waking up after catching just a few hours. It was always enough. Tabitha felt better than ever.

But Cooper had been checking her out a lot recently. _Too _much. How did Harper put up with this? It was beginning to make Tabitha feel uncomfortable. She found she could get away with more and more indiscretions. Why, when she and Harper leaned on the counter now, Cooper would actually bend over and stare! Even Harper, who had more or less forgiven this transgression, was beginning to find it uncomfortable.

Well, Tabitha would deal with it later. It was another Tuesday. Time for the weekly family call. She ate her usual knock-off Hawaiian takeout as she brought up the video on her phone.

“Hey, there she is. Heya Tabitha,” Madison greeted.

“Hi Madison. Hi Mom, Dad!”

“So like I was saying, things are going well. The campaign and politics are… tough. But Vince supports me. I mostly have to play nice with everyone. Just make friends. It’s a stupid game, but I think I’ll win,” Madison continued without missing a beat.

“Daughter, I’m so proud of you!” their mom gushed. And then much less enthusiastically, “And how are you, Tabitha?”

“I’m fine. Going on a date with a guy named Steve.”

“Oh? What is he like?” her mom asked with renewed interest.

“He’s the captain of our frisbee team.”

“What does he do? Doctor? Lawyer?”

“Uh, I dunno actually. Marketing, I think?”


“Mom! Don’t give me that!”

“Yeah Mom, don’t be hard on little sister,” Madison chimed in.

Tabitha perked up. Was her big sister actually defending her? \

“After all, Tabitha never worked hard at anything. This is just par for the course.”

“Hey!! That’s not fair! I can’t just… buy whatever I want!” Tabitha shot back venomously.

“Oh please. You think it’s all about money? It’s about hard work, prestige, and making a difference too. Something you wouldn’t understand.”

Tabitha squeezed the plastic fork in her grip. It snapped in half.

“Ow!” she said reflexively before she realized she wasn’t hurt. “Mom! Tell her to cut it out!”

“You should listen to your sister,” was her only response.

“Hey Madison, just leave your sister alone,” came from the background of Madison’s call. It was Vince. “We have important things to do. Some people just lead insignificant lives. It’s fine. They can’t all be us,” he concluded.

“Sorry everyone, gotta go.” Madison’s feed blipped out.

Tabitha was seething. Somehow, her sister’s fiance’s emotionless statement hurt even more than the usual torment her family laid on her.

“Aigo,” her mom repeated.

“Hey hey, give me the phone!” came her dad’s voice in the background.

But Tabitha was on the verge of tears. She hung up.

Tabitha stomped through the apartment in anger causing her whole apartment to tremble. She drew up her usual bath as she continued to seethe in rage. Why couldn’t her sister and mother just be happy for her for once?

She looked for her bath bombs, but she’d forgotten that she had used the last one last week. Ugh! All because of that weird statue, she’d had the best orgasm of her life. And then she went all fuzzy from it and had forgotten to restock.

She sighed. At least she still had that little fertility goddess. Tabitha brought it to sit at the edge of the tub and contented herself with just plain water and soap.

Pulling away the loop around her waist and letting the pink bathrobe fall to the ground, Tabitha checked her just under six foot, fitness model physique in the mirror. It was definitely nice to have been so genetically gifted, but scrutinizing her own body, she couldn’t help but feel that there was more to do. More that she could improve upon.

Sure, her muscles were well-defined. Nice and tight. But she wanted to be so much stronger than that. The small swells of her biceps and triceps just wouldn’t cut it. She wanted them to be large and powerful, making her absolutely fucking unopposable. Her legs too, muscled but too svelte. Sure, she could outrun everyone out there on the frisbee field, but that was a natural given her fitness.

But she wanted more.

The fogging mirror reminded her that her bath was nearly done being drawn. Hot steam rose off the surface of the foamy, rumbling water, soothing her skin as well as her emotions. Dipping one perfect foot into it after the other, the scalding water didn’t cause her any discomfort in the slightest. She twisted the handle, halting the flow of water and sinking deep into it, sighing contentedly as it washed away the experience of the family call.

Tabitha looked at the figurine standing at the rim of the tub. It was fully erect again, even larger than she’d remembered it last week! And it was dripping.

Moving past the mysterious wooden erection, Tabitha marveled at the figure’s incredibly well-carved musculature. Rock hard abs, biceps as large as baseballs, muscle groups well-defined along her thighs… the workmanship was astounding.

And Tabitha wished that she could look as wonderful as that figurine. No, she wished she could look even better.

Its incredibly large, quivering girth was expanding by the second. Sweet sticky fluid seeped out of that exquisitely carved tip like a fountain. She licked her lips. Oh, to suck on something that wonderful in real life. To be something that wonderful in real life.

Tabitha sloshed forward in her tub and reached out to the calling figurine. She didn’t hesitate for a moment. Wrapping her fingers around its legs, marveling at the bulging swells of muscle on the figure’s legs and ass, she brought that miniature enormous leaking phallus right past her waiting lips.

The twitching, inexplicably-live cock began to erupt inside of her hot, waiting mouth.

Tabitha moaned as she sucked down its sweet nectar. Her cheeks caved as she applied vacuum pressure with her hungry mouth, feeling rope after rope of heavenly goodness spurt into the back of her throat. She ran her tongue along the underside of its shaft as her hand cradled its balls, goading more pumping hot juice out of it.

Meanwhile, her other hand played with own clit once again. Her eyes slammed shut as the nonstop powerful ropes combined with the sweet pressure against her tough yet sensitive body drove her to heights even higher than last week. Her clenching orgasm only caused her to suck involuntarily harder, gulping down the neverending stream of fluid erupting into her mouth until it dribbled down the sides of her lips.

The water was even hotter than when she’d first drawn it, thanks to the heated blood pumping through her veins. It positively sizzled, causing a plume of thick steam to fill the air. Tabitha couldn’t believe it, but that phallus swelled even inside of her mouth! The sensation distracted her from the fact that her own body was expanding as well, breasts larger and firmer, muscles denser while simultaneously more voluminous, bones creaking as they elongated to add foot after foot of height.

And her sweet, sensitive, bursting with pleasure clitoris was growing large enough for her to be able to grip with her whole hand as well.

Her uncontrollable growth and orgasmic twitching nearly broke the ceramic tub, but Tabitha had just enough awareness to contort her strong, supple body and avoid a watery disaster.

Finally, it was all over. Tabitha panted in ecstatic exhaustion as she pulled the figurine out of her mouth, its enormous cock finally sated and back to its normal size. She unfolded her new, longer legs as she stood up, careful not to ram her head through the low ceiling of her bathroom.

Long legs wobbly, figurine in hand, Tabitha ducked to fit under the bathroom door, vibrated at superspeed to dry herself off, and crawled into bed. Her entire leg from the knee down poked out beyond the scope of the bed, but the cold didn’t bother her one bit.

Chapter 5

“Nice win again, team! They didn’t even score a point!” Steve was beside himself.

“All because of Tabitha here,” one of their teammates looked up at the towering beauty. She stood at least eight feet tall, with incredible physical gifts to match.

“Aw, thanks guys! But we’re on a team, after all!”

“I dunno, girl. You could beat three teams all by yourself.”

Tabitha gave him a playful punch in the arm… which nearly sent him off his feet.

“Heh heh,” Steve chuckled nervously. “Well, see you next week, team. Tabitha, you wanna…?”

“Hell yea!” She leapt high into the air with a whoop, jumping at least double her own height.

The two made their way back to Steve’s place as Tabitha sat uncomfortably in the back seat, her long legs extended across his sedan’s entire length sideways. She really wanted to jump Steve’s bones, but she wasn’t sure how he would feel about her enormous girlcock. It really put a lot of people off, sometimes just because she had one, and other times because her prodigious size made her lovers feel embarrassed about their inadequate size compared to her.

Feeling a little guilty, she violated her personal rule not to peek uninvited into Steve’s mind. She delicately traversed his memories, looking for any sexual interests and past experiences. Anything would help her navigate the upcoming intimacy. And her twitching, leaking intimacy was desperate for some navigation.

She squeaked in cute delight, a sound so adorable nobody would believe it came from an eight foot tall muscular amazon.

“What is it, Tabs?” Steve asked, eyes still on the road. He caught a glimpse of her in the rearview mirror, which was distractingly dangerous for his health.

Tabitha pressed the brakes with her mind, forcing them to stop at a red light.

“I’ve got a surprise for you, you futa hentai loving pervert…”

“My, wha, how did you!?” he sputtered in embarrassment. “I mean! I don’t… I don’t watch that stuff! What’s futa anyway?!” he lied unconvincingly.

“Oh, you’ll see,” Tabitha smiled as she reached into her shorts and pulled out her rapidly engorging member. She waved it to him from the backseat as it grew taller and taller under her firm strokes. Her bulging purple head leaked her sweet smelling precum as she twisted her beautiful hands over its sensitive tip.

Steve sped all the way home.

“I never imagined I would get to…” Steve gasped breathlessly as Tabitha completely overwhelmed him with her strength, shoving him onto his bed.

“Suck on this beautiful cock of mine?” Tabitha moaned as she ripped her clothes into shreds impatiently.

She examined Steve’s blank bedroom walls with her slightly luminescent hazel eyes, noticing with her superhuman eyesight multiple spots where adhesive had been applied in a large rectangle.

“Tsk, tsk, Steve. Took down your wall posters?” Tabitha smirked knowingly.

“How did you…”

“Duh.” She pointed at her own captivating eyes. “Why don’t I put them back up for you?”

“Wait, no!” Steve begged.

Tabitha snapped her fingers, the force of her little gesture causing his house to rattle on its foundations. The posters flew out of his closet, one by one, unfurling in all their glory to reveal different anime girls with various brightly colored hair, all sporting nice, big cocks.

“It’s so embarrassing…” Steve whispered.

“Why? Cuz you were lusting over girls that small when you could have had… this?”

Hands on her hips, Tabitha allowed her foot-long-and–growing erection to engorge even further.

Steve gasped in lust at Tabitha’s beauty and virility. He was rendered totally speechless.

Giddy with excitement, Tabitha watched as the power of her beauty completely overwhelmed and dominated her little date’s mind. Plugging her mind into his to get a feedback loop of the pleasure she induced in Steve, she let her seduction rouse the fires of lust within herself.

His eyes were darting madly all over her exposed body. She could see him focus on every inch of her body, whether it be her enormous jutting breasts conquering his vision, feeling him grow harder and harder as he admired the specific way that the outer curve of her breast spilled beyond her muscled torso…

Or the length of her extreme legs, accounting for more than half of her Amazonian height. Delts and quads strongly defined, rippling with powerful, feminine muscle, flexing with the slightest cock of her expansive child-bearing hips.

Amazingly, she could sense Steve admiring her upper arms as she squeezed her left breast with one delicate hand as the other stroked her still lengthening member. She caught his gaping eyes with her own backlit ones, sucking in another deep breath as they both enjoyed the feminne perfection of her face. She gave him a little wink when she realized how much her muscles were turning him on.

Experimentally, she flexed her arms, causing her biceps and triceps to swell to over the size of a baseball, veins rippling as her fingers dug with pulverizing force into even more invulnerable flesh.

Tabitha gasped empathetically with Steve as her little display had the desired effect. More than the desired effect, actually.

Steve was ejaculating into his pants. Fiercely. Harder than he’d ever come before.

“Ungh! Oh Goddd!” Steve sobbed. He couldn’t control himself. He continued to spasm, firing rope after rope of cum into the growing stain on his underwear.

“Oh Steve…” Tabitha gasped, feeling the vibrations of his ecstasy echo through her. “Couldn’t hold on any longer, could you?” She was leaking and shaking as well.

“Sorryy! I can’t… I can’t stop!!” He cried, still orgasming at the sight of her soccer ball-sized breasts, or her long, lustrous jet-black hair, or the massive erection that extended from where she stood at the foot of his bed well past his knee where he lay. Tabitha’s massive, swollen testicles, hanging between her thighs and almost visibly churning out her seed made him feel so inadequate… and only made him burn harder.

“So sexy!!” Tabitha cried out, loving the power she held over him. “Don’t worry, lover. I can come so much more than you.” She reached into his mind and flipped a switch, locking away his uncontrollable orgasm so that he could actually serve a useful purpose.

“Now, why don’t you have a taste of your dream come true? It’ll be much better than these anime girls you fantasize about…”

Steve heaved as he found himself still trying to climax, hips bucking. But he could sense that Tabitha didn’t want that. And what Tabitha wanted, she got.

He crawled forward on unsteady legs. Tabitha’s angry girlcock twitched impatiently before his eyes. Her monstrous head was as big as his own face.

Steve reached up and worshipfully wrapped both hands around her shaft. It was so large, he couldn’t even fit around it.

“Get to it, quickly! I’m so turned on I can’t stand it!” Tabitha ordered.

Steve gave her large slit a little lick. He would have come again if not for Tabitha’s control. He felt her cock shake furiously in his hands. His entire body was vibrating in resonance with hers. He couldn’t stop it!

“Steve! I’m gonna come! Drink it all down!!” Tabitha wailed.

Steve barely latched on, opening his mouth as wide as possible to accommodate her girth. She groaned as her enormous balls began to violently spurt her sweet seed into his face. Steve began to gag, but her virile semen widened his throat and allowed him to suckle all of the heavenly nectar she was pumping into him. His belly began to distend from the torrential flood of her ecstasy.

“Unng! Hnng! Good! Still… coming!”

She reached down to grip her own shaft. There was more than enough trunk for four hands to grip and rub. She pumped it with abandon using her superspeed, coming into her date-turned-ragdoll, filling him beyond his limit.

Finally, her firehose of a cock relaxed to just over one foot. It merely leaked like a faucet in its relaxed state.

Steve’s entire body was soaked with her cum. A small pool had begun to form in his room. Tabitha giggled as she surveyed the mess she’d made.

“That was sooooo good, Steve. Now, let me give you a little reward. How would you like to drink from… here?”

She gave her mammoth flaccid penis another brush as she reached down beyond it, past her balls, and spread her nether lips. They were glistening with her other sexual fluids.  Steve scooted forward and began to suckle, his orgasm hammering at the gates as he felt his mind unraveling and remaking itself. Growing superhuman himself, he grew completely devout to his goddess Tabitha. He knew his life’s purpose now. It was to inform the world of Her existence.

Chapter 6

After a nice week of fucking Steve while he worshipped her, Tabitha preemptively visited her sister on a Tuesday before the family call. It was a few hundred miles away. She could have grown large enough to cross the distance with a couple of long strides, but deciding that she didn’t need to leave craters in the earth, she stayed at her fifteen foot height and hovered into the air, covering the distance in a few minutes with her flight.

From a bird’s eye view, she could see Madison and Vince planning her campaign. She landed on the front porch of their multi-million dollar house, shaking the earth and announcing her arrival.

“Oh Maddie! Vince!” she called out, her singsong voice splintering the door and blowing it down. “I’m coming in!”

“Tabitha? Is that you?! What did you just do?!” a voice yelled out from inside.

Tabitha didn’t bother crouching to fit through the door. She just crashed through it, her breasts punching through wood and brick before the rest of her body followed.

Vince was the first one to arrive on the scene. He gasped at the sight of Madison’s not-so-little sister, now triple her previous height. Not only that, she was buck naked.

“Ta-ta-ta… guhh…” he moaned as his mind melted at the sight of her glory.

“What’s wrong, Vince? Cat got your tongue? Still think I lead an insignificant life, you rich prick?”

He could do nothing but moan, reduced to a drooling mess at the sight of her bountiful breasts and beautiful genitalia of both sexes.

“You want to fuck me, Vince? You want me to fuck you?”

He nodded obediently and eagerly.

“You’re the insignificant one now. You’re nothing compared to me. You’re like a little pet.”

Vince nodded. If he had a tail, he would have wagged it.

Tabitha turned his pants to ash with a brief glance of her heat vision. He yelped in pain as his fully hard shaft jumped into view.

“Since you’re my pet, I figure I should teach you some tricks, don’t you think? Spin!”

Vince spun on the spot.


“Woof woof!” he yelled.


Vince sat down and reached for his angry cock to seek some relief.

“Stay. And don’t touch. I’m here for little Maddie.”

Vince whined but did as he was told. He was content just to look up at his mistress.

“Vince!? Tabs?! What was that crash! What’s going on here?” She was just walking through the wreckage of the house, finding Vince naked from the waist down, behaving rather strangely.

“Hello, big sister,” Tabitha greeted her. She began to apply her masterful touch to her cock, wielding its two foot length effortlessly.

“Tabitha… what’s going… is that really…”

“What’s wrong? Not going to tell me to make something of my life?” Tabitha sneered.

“How are you so big? Did you destroy our front entrance? Why do you have such a large, delicious cock?” Madison asked. And then gasped at her own admission.

“You like it?” Tabitha grinned, continuing to stroke. She could smell its sweet, overwhelming scent filling the air. And nobody, not Vince, not even her sister, was immune.

“Guh-guh-guh-god yes!” Madison blurted. “I love it!”

“And what do you want to do with it?” Tabitha asked gleefully, enjoying how she towered over her sister many times over.

“Can-can you fuck me with it? Rail me with it?” The hesitancy was leaving Madison’s voice as Tabitha’s pheromones filled the air. “Fuck me with it make me your bitch I’ll make it fit just split me in half I’ll fucking do anything Tabs please please please I’m a hungry slut for your cock I’m begging you take me!”

“Mmm…” Tabitha closed her eyes and continued to stroke herself. She was beginning to leak.

Madison shuffled around in Tabitha’s shadow, trying to position herself to catch a drop of Tabitha’s divine dew. Vince merely stayed in place, still obeying his owner’s command.

Tabitha continued to stroke, her back and forth movement causing gusts of wind to blow down more of her big sister’s estate. Wood splintered and cracked before it flew off into the distance as if a cannonball had flown right through it.

“Please sister please let me taste it!” Madison’s speech was slurred from her tongue hanging out of her mouth.

Tabitha pumped herself harder. A glistening globule leaked from her enormous tip. It stretched and distended as its heavy weight began to slip off the end of Tabitha’s cock, forming a beautiful tear-shaped drop that was about to break from its source.

The Amazon goddess caught her own nectar with her hand, swiping it up in her palm and lubricating her own shaft.

“No, Madison, I don’t think so. You don’t get a taste.”

Madison wailed in despair.

“Please!!! Tabitha! Fuck me with it let me taste it I’ll do anything!” She began to sob.

“No, Madison. You’re not worthy of me. You can spend the rest of your life wondering how you wronged me, how you’ll never get to experience the kind of ecstasy that I can give people…”

Tabitha rocketed back into the air and flew away, smiling at her pathetic sister’s crying. Vince remained rooted to the spot, awaiting his next command.

“Tabitha?” Her dad was on the weekly family call. He was the only one besides Tabitha who’d shown up.

“Hey Dad!” She was back in her apartment, standing only eight feet tall again. It was beginning to cramp her style.

“Wow my daughter, what’s happened to you?!”

“Why does everyone keep saying that!?” Tabitha asked, completely bewildered.

“You’ve changed! You haven’t realized it!? You look like that statue you bought! But more!”

“What are you talking about, Dad! I haven’t… I… oh! Oh my goodness!”

“Are you okay, honey? You look marvelous! But is it alright? Are you healthy?”

Tabitha replayed the fateful transformation that had been locked away in her mind, all while her father was speaking. She witnessed herself changing under the influence of that mysterious artifact, growing impossibly tall, unstoppably powerful, with powers beyond reason. All that, and an enormous dick that could produce at will.

“I’m… fine, Dad,” she replied without missing a beat. “Something wonderful has happened to me. Let me show you.”

Her eyes glowed. In an instant, she relayed the events straight into his mind.

“That’s really wonderful! I can’t believe it! You really have been blessed by a goddess!”

“Thanks Dad. I know that now. I love you so much,” Tabitha professed genuinely.

“I love you too, honey.”

“Where’s Mom?”

“She’s on the phone with Madison. Your big sister is a wreck. Saying how she and Vince need you very badly. Did you do something?”

“I, uh… I guess I did. I wasn’t thinking very clearly. Oh well, who cares! They liked what I did! And they deserve it!” she declared petulantly.

“Come now Tabitha. We all love you very much. Be nice to your sister.”

“She was never nice to me! You’re the only one who loves me!” But guilt was beginning to take root in her conscience.

“No, my Tabby bunny. We all love you. Your mother and your sister just… this is how they show it. It is tough, I know. It seems like you have really become something else now. Show your sister how big your heart is, okay?”

Tabitha looked away from the video screen. “Okay, Dad. You’re right. I’m so lucky you’re in my life.”

“We’re all lucky to have you, Tabby bunny. Fly over sometime and I’ll make you spam musubi just like you like, okay? Save your wrath for someone who deserves it,” he chuckled, his body rolling with the motion.

“Okay Dad,” Tabitha sniffled. “I’ll fix Vince and Madison. Really, it’s not so bad for them.”

“I know, I know. Be good honey. Come visit. You don’t have an excuse anymore!”

“Haha! Okay Dad!”

Chapter 7

“Tabitha! Tabitha! This is it! You keep acting like everything you’re doing, your new height, your… good looks, you keep acting like it’s all normal! Well it’s not normal! I’m telling you!” Harper screeched at Tabitha during work. “You don’t just… learn Chinese in a few seconds! And then Spanish! The most you ever said was ‘me llamo es Tabitha,’ which is wrong by the way!!”

“Whoa, whoa, calm down, girl. Yeah, you right. Something crazy has been happening to me.”

“Wait. That’s it? You agree all of a sudden? You kept brushing it off for the past week!”

“Yeah, it’s hard to explain. I was blind to the changes. It took my Dad to talk some sense into me.”

“Good grief!” Harper sighed with relief.

“Yeah. Funny to think that I thought this was normal!”

Standing eight feet tall, Tabitha pulled out her one foot flaccid cock.

“OMG! You’re huge! Put that away, you can’t just wave that thing around!” Harper freaked out at her friend.

But she also couldn’t stop looking at it. It was absolutely… divine.

“Pretty sure I can,” Tabitha smirked. “But yeah, let me just tuck this baby away for now.”

“Y-yeah, good idea. Maybe, uh… can you show it to me later? You know. Cuz it’s weird and kinda cool and all,” Harper practically begged.

“Of course, Harper. Anything for you,” Tabitha leaned a few feet down and whispered conspiratorially in her friend’s ear.

Harper seized up. Her body went rigid as she nearly flooded her jeans with her sexual juices from Tabitha’s little statement.

“I’m fun, aren’t I? And that was just from my whispering! Imagine if you actually got to feel this monster inside of you! Believe me, I’m really good at fucking,” Tabitha winked at her spellstruck friend.

“Oh my god, Tabitha, you’re gonna make me…!” Harper whined as she rubbed her thighs together.

Tabitha ignored her friend’s imminent orgasm and stood up straight.

“Not now, Harper. So what’s been happening here? Has Cooper acted up since my changes? I know he started checking me out. More. A lot more.”

“Actually…” Harper bit her lip as she stared at the underside of her friend’s unbelievable bust.

“What is it? Out.”

“It’s kind of hard for me to bring up…” Harper looked nervous.

Tabitha plucked the information straight out of her reticent friend’s mind. She recoiled in horror as she dug through Harper’s memories.

“Cooper wanted you to set up a threesome with us?! And he threatened to fire you if you didn’t?!”

“Yeah Tabs, I didn’t know what to do… can you help me?” Harper whined.

“Yeah, I’ll take care of Cooper.”

“No, not that! Well yes, that too. But can you please help me come!? I… can’t!”

“Oh, oops. Sorry babe! Ready?”

Tabitha knelt down, bringing her breasts to Harper’s eye level. She lifted her t-shirt up, hitting her friend with a huge dose of her hypnotic breasts and the rich, lush valley of her cleavage. The amazon’s natural perfume wafted off her tanned, satin skin, drowning Harper in a sea of uncontrollable, quaking lust.

The smaller girl collapsed in a puddle of her own love juices as she tried to digest Tabitha’s love.

“Oh Cooper! Come out, come out, wherever you are!” Tabitha’s voice rang out as she stood to her full eight foot height, obliterating multiple solid walls with her dulcet tones alone.

“Holy shit! Harper, it’s an earthquake or something! Let’s go!” His eyes were bleary from the sudden catastrophe that roused him from his backroom nap.

“Harper?” he muttered when he caught sight of his pretty employee contorted in ecstasy on the floor.

“Hello Cooper. I heard you wanted a threesome with me and Harper.”

Tabitha’s voice blew her boss off his feet. He covered his ears, but the shockwaves resonated through his body.

“Well, you’re not going to get to fuck me, you sleazy piece of shit. But you know what? You can have some of what I’m packing here…”

Tabitha gripped her sexy cock and aimed it like the barrel of a gun at her boss. Giving it a good pump to load up, she “squeezed” the trigger and ejaculated a torrent that slammed Cooper like a ferocious tidal wave.

“Feel good?” Tabitha laughed as she continued to pump fiercely, really getting into it. Now this was more like it! She imagined getting her dad’s blessing for punishing this sexual menace and redoubled her endless efforts.

As she continued to ejaculate her sweet, sticky fluid, drowning her undeserving boss in her divine cream, the pleasure she was feeling began to feel… mundane. An ocean of her cum wasn’t nearly enough for her inexhaustible goddess’s body. Her eyes glowed as she channeled the limitless power of the figurine that had merged with her essence. Her height doubled, then doubled, then doubled again as her head and shoulders crashed through the ceiling of the mall. Rubble would have collapsed all around her, killing all of the humans below, but a little guttural moan of pleasure atomized the falling debris before it could do any other damage.

Tabitha dwarfed all of the buildings around her as her head continued to ascend into the clouds, but she was only focused on her own pleasure. Her cock grew with her, a steely, fleshy rod long enough to pierce the heavens. Her balls swelled as large as beach balls as they continued to produce her ambrosia, firing violently from her mile-long erection. The entire county was blown away by a torrent of biblical proportions as her nectar demolished the landscape while inexplicably cradling its inhabitants in safe, little bubbles.

When the pool of her cum came up to her knees, she finally felt satisfied despite knowing she could keep going. Surveying the destruction she’d wrought, Tabitha willed her semen to create and restore, repurposing acres of land into her personal mansion and reincarnating the citizens as her personal servants. Her glistening juices took form, becoming indestructible beams of translucent goo that set the frame for her lavish palace.

Goddess Tabitha sighed contentedly as she idly stroked a few more gallon spurts out of her virile girth. She reached down into the pool and plucked her friend Harper from its depths, and wafted her seraphic breath over her. She would make a good acolyte next to Steve.


Steve and Cooper stood by the gates of Tabitha’s mansion, welcoming in her family. Tabitha’s father waved to her guardians cheerfully as he passed through the holy threshold, while her mother, Madison, and Vince lagged behind in trepidation.

“Tabitha! Honey! I brought spam musubi! Made it myself!” He cheered into the antechamber. Tabitha wasn’t in view, but he knew that she could hear him no matter where she was.

“Dad!!” Tabitha blinked into existence with a cartoonish sounding pop. She stood just over five feet tall in her original mortal form, wrapped her short arms around his body as best she could, and gave him a crushing bear hug.

“H-hey Tabitha…” Madison greeted her nervously.

“Your divinity…” Vince muttered deferentially.

“Hey guys. Don’t be shy. Come on, let’s sit down and eat!”

Two clones of Tabitha appeared by Madison and Vince and pulled out a chair for each of them. One brushed her big sister with her growing cock, causing her to shudder in lust while the other surreptitiously wrapped her fingers around Vince’s little erection and laughed cutely.

She smiled as everyone sat down to a pleasant dinner while her true self was out in the cosmos, flooding star systems with her semen so she could remake it in her image.