Sharena's Shrinking Milk

Commissioned by anonymous

Chapter 1 - Playing with Her Daughter’s Shrunken Boyfriend

Sharena lay on a beach chair in the middle of her pristine, do it yourself garden. She’d always had a green thumb, which she developed over decades of dedication. The sun beat down on her tanned skin, her otherwise fully exposed body protected only by a floppy sun hat to shield her eyes and a turquoise bikini bottom to protect her modesty.

But there was nothing modest about her topless breasts.

The sun couldn’t help but to focus its burning blaze onto the massive tracts of female flesh that Sharena sported on her otherwise slim torso. Those breasts rivaled the sun itself in their magnificence, covering her entire torso and churning with oceans of endless milk that she could let down at a moment’s notice. Her breasts drew the attention of every man, and some women as well. Their sheer, erotic brilliance ensnared people’s minds with their prodigious size and sensual glory, making drooling slaves of them all.

Really, between the burning celestial object in the sky that gave life to the Earth and Sharena’s breasts… there was no competition. Sharena’s breasts were the tippy top of the food chain.

She played with her hyper sensitive, large, dark chocolate nipples with her swirling fingers, pinching them and letting her nails graze over her expansive aureola, full of little bumps, each of which rose to the fuzzy stimulation she was giving them. An arm slithered deep into the folds of her cleavage, being engulfed completely by the tidal waves of flesh crashing back down to swallow her limb up whole. She cupped one massive mound with her arm, enjoying the heft of their soft, almost unmanageable weight. Those marvelous tits rippled as she churned them, squeezing and pressing and cupping for all she was worth.

The sun?! Ha! Sharena’s heavy mounds eclipsed all of that nonsense.

As she writhed her legs in pleasure as her pussy burned from her self-titillating massage, she was distracted by the sensation of a little bug scampering along her massive slopes.

“Oh, there you are! I was wondering if you were still around!” Sharena jiggled her mounds.

The bug in question screamed as the foundation beneath his feet jiggled violently like a waterbed. He was almost tossed into the tight cavern of her squashing cleavage from which there would probably be no escape. He hung on for dear life, bobbing up and down, left and right, teetering forward and backward as Sharena’s nonchalant shrug threatened to overwhelm his efforts.

“H-help!” The boy cried.

Sharena looked down at him, her view obscured by her protruding, erect nipple. He was just big enough to be seen, still a bit taller and wider than her evil, aching nub.

“Hmm? Help? With what? Your’e dating my daughter, but you kept staring at me while I was out here gardening. More specifically, at these tits of mine…”

Sharena cupped the bottom of her left breast and gave it another satisfying squeeze.

Dylan shrieked in terror once more. His girlfriend’s mother’s body was far too much for him to handle! Those lascivious, salivating tits which had so captured his attention despite his best efforts not to look… he dreamed desperately of sucking on them, wanting to feel what it was like to have breast flesh bigger than his head wrap around his face as he made sweet, sweet love to Ms. Jade’s bosom. And now he was closer than ever to those huge, rippling spheres…

It was as if he stood on an entire planet now. Population: him, and that one nipple. The ground was wet, jiggling, feminine flesh. The horizon was Ms. Jade’s perfectly tanned skin. He felt like he was a surfer, only without a surfboard or a life raft. His legs ached in places he didn’t even knew could ache as he struggled to maintain his balance against her hostile yet casual movements.

Another lilting giggle from his tormentress, another jiggle of her pulchritudinous flesh, and Dylan got to live out the fantasy of being buried face first in her mound. He fell and screamed as he smacked into her soft breast face first, almost sinking into it as the flesh entombed him in her warm, moist embrace. He clutched onto her boob for dear life as he roiled around helplessly on her ever shifting landscape. The milk churning in her breasts overflowed his hands, the fluid pressure breaking his grip, causing him to seek another purchase with his hands where he could squeeze and steady himself.

And despite all of this potential life-threatening terror, Dylan was erect. Massive. His steely rod had never engorged so long, so thick before! Ms. Jade’s breasts truly were his entire world now! They dominated not only his tiny physical being, but commanded his lust despite his pleas for safety.

Even when he found respite from Ms. Jade’s taunting, life-threatening movements, his shorts did nothing to conceal his boner. Out it stood, like an erect flagpole, worshipping the woman who had so devastatingly, erotically shrunk him with her breast milk. Even the thought of having been offered to suck at her nipple, and the taste of her divine milk… it was almost as if the irresistible ambrosia she’d exuded from those perfect chocolate nipples had forced his erection, making him more of a man than he’d ever known!

Of course, in absolute terms, his dick was absolutely tiny now. On the measurement of millimeters, much like his body.

And that manhood was now being crushed by the very breast that had enhanced him.

“Ooh, so big,” Sharena taunted her daughter’s boyfriend that she’d shrunk into her own personal toy.

He’d never dreamed that his ultimate fantasy of receiving a titjob could be done with just one singular, extravagant mound. Her flesh wrapped all around him like a fleshlight, but infinitely more tantalizing, with evil, teasing thoughts of their own. The soft, warm, always-warping flesh ground against his bulbous cockhead, rubbing his slick precum over the hyper-sensitive head of his smooth organ, rippling and churning the entire time. Her boobs enveloped his entire shaft, pressed the whole erect rod against his body, and massaged his aching balls that burned with desperate desire to explode.

“So you really like me, huh?” Sharena taunted with another shake.

And despite Dylan’s waning strength, his hands clutched ever harder, involuntarily. Ms. Jade had tortured him, inexplicably shrunk him down to the size of an ant, a process which he wasn’t sure could ever be reversed or not. And now—there was no denying it—she was going to make him come!

He tried to hold back. If he made a mess on her tit now, the shame would be too much to bear! It was already bad enough that she had barely done anything to seduce him into a blubbering, vulnerable wreck. It was bad enough that he was wholly her property now, her toy, to be used and disposed of, just because he had sucked on this sweet smelling, delectable, dripping nipples. If he came now, there was no telling what she would do to him!

“Ooh, baby, are you trying not to come? What a gentleman you are! Too bad you didn’t show my daughter this kind of respect!” Sharena cackled. “Here, let me give you what you really want…”

Dylan suddenly heard it. His ear was pressed against her world. And her world was that tanned, soft, satin skin, perfumed and sweet, covering an endless oceanic torrent of ever churning, ever producing milk.

Somehow, hearing the milky oceans boil to life seared images straight into Dylan’s mind of what Ms. Jade truly harbored inside of her.

He felt himself transported above her endless tides, hovering there in an infinitely black horizon of endless torment. Beneath his hovering feet was a boundless white ocean, as far as the eye could see. The pheromonic, alluring scent absolutely smothered the atmosphere inside of her bosom. Waves after waves of milk crashed into each other, a tumultuous ocean fighting itself, immeasurably deep, exerting unbelievable pressure to be contained inside a mere woman’s breast—even ones as big as Ms. Jade’s. That evil, irresistible, shrinking milk splattered up toward Dylan. He struggled with all of his willpower not to dip down and drink from it, to wash himself in it, to purify himself in that all-conquering, irrepressible milk, become baptized and shrunk into nothingness. To be one with Ms. Jade forever, consumed by her nude, saggy, floppy, twenty gallon breast while her breasts consumed him, mind, body and soul.

“Mmm…” Sharena’s greedy moan snapped him back out of his nightmarish reverie.

Suddenly, the sloshing flesh beneath him began to grow taut. In his mind’s eye, he could see the milk ocean’s depth begin to rise, higher and higher. The outline of her dome-shaped breast was becoming apparent. It was beginning to fill to the peak of its holders’ mouthwatering, spherical milk jug.

Dylan couldn’t decide if he wanted to scream in terror or sigh with relief.

Regardless of what he decided, the inevitable was going to happen. Sharena’s breasts became plumper, fuller, more upstanding, jutting toward the heavens as they defied gravity as she willed her milk to the surface.

The tiny bug named Dylan gulped as his footing became solid. He could feel the incredible surface tension of Ms. Jade’s breast. Where before he was sinking into her beautiful milk jugs, he now felt as if he could jump and be launched high into the air like a springboard! Those breasts kept rising and rising, sitting higher on her torso as the sweet, delicious aroma of her milk filled the air.

He steeled his will against her accidental sensual assault on his already burning libido. With a painful, lust arrested groan, he ceased stroking his dick unwittingly, pulled his pants up over his exposed cockhead, and began to run for it.

Ms. Jade’s breast quaked and rumbled violently under his feet now. But not in its squishy, sloshing, engulfing way. It was a violent earthquake, her smooth skin bouncing violently, her veiny, throbbing breast full, taut, and unforgiving. He planted face first painfully into that solid sphere of Ms. Jade’s impossibly perfect tit. Those blue lines of her blood vessels etched a guided path straight toward the mountain peak of her perfect, supernatural bosom.

With his face buried against her solid orb once more, Dylan could hear the dam burst inside of Ms. Jade’s endless reservoir of sweet, addictive milk. When he looked behind him, her nipple filled his entire view, and an enormous drop of warm, liquid gold protruded from that enormous tip… then flowed down the side of her bumpy brown peaks in tiny little trickling streams.

But the sound emanating from beneath him, and the quaking flesh foreshadowed a much more violent eruption.

“Ahhhh!” Sharena sighed as a huge eruption of her milk burst from both of her topless tits!

Dylan licked his lips as their oppressive scent completely overwhelmed him. Her milk was spewing out of her nipples like a water fountain! Or perhaps even more apt, a volcano erupting! Her thick, jetstream of white fluid arced high into the air and landed back on her breasts with a wet slap before coating both of her breasts with her thick, delicious cream.

He couldn’t help it. Ms. Jade’s flow was too strong. The evil, taunting milk was quickly approaching his prone body. He turned to lie on his back, watching it trickle closer, invading his nostrils, causing his roiling balls to burn with aching need once more. He wanted to drink Ms. Jade’s milk so badly! All thoughts of his girlfriend had long been obliterated from his adolescent, milk-addled mind. There was no girlfriend anymore. There was only Ms. Jade. Sharena. The only woman who mattered in his tiny life anymore.

The sight of those breasts, their soft feel, their welcoming scent… he had to have it!

Dylan scrambled up on her exaggerated, perfect arc, slipping and sliding along her milky mound. His face was that of pure ecstasy. Whenever possible, he dragged his lips along Ms. Jade’s breast and lapped up what he could, luxuriating in the thick layer of cream that coated his tongue. In between satisfied gulps, he climbed toward that heavenly source of Ms. Jade’s nectar. His nirvana. His life’s beautiful, ultimate goal.

Sharena smirked as she watched that insignificant speck climb toward her nipple. He was getting smaller and smaller as he knowingly ran toward his doom. Like a moth to a flame. Her pussy gushed in unbidden lust as she knew that she was dooming yet another troublesome adolescent to a horrifying fate—and twisting their desires so that they actively sought it. She rubbed her thighs together as a dark spot stained her bikini bottoms.

The heat of her arousal warmed her thighs even more than the sun did. Sharena felt her chest flush red too, not needing any further stimulation to get herself off. The sight of a shrinking Dylan, running toward her false, alluring oasis was more than enough. His constant dips to eagerly suck up that unique power of hers, so easy to produce, so erotic to lactate, more addictive than any drug on Earth…

Sharena moaned. If only there were more delinquents in her neighborhood to punish! She would make them all her slaves! Size didn’t matter. The tallest troublemakers made the best victims. She’d shrink them down to five feet tall, strip them of their bullying status as everyone else in the neighborhood laughed at their mysterious misfortune. They’d all beg her to restore their height. They’d promise to behave better.

But more than that, they’d do anything for another taste!

After days, perhaps weeks of endless, grinding torment where all her victims had rubbed themselves raw fantasizing about Sharena’s tit, she would let them fulfill their ultimate fantasy. Taking them out to her garden, she’d let her breasts swell with milk until their perfect shapes revealed themselves in her loose top, pressing the fabric to the point of tearing. Then, she’d take off her top to an audible gasp from her enchanted, hopelessly addicted audience. And then…

They’d latch on and suck for dear life as her milk overflowed their mouths. They slurped up every drop possible, shrinking and shrinking until they either drowned in a pool of her milk as she held a bug sized particle against her much larger nipple, or shrank them into nothingness.

Pure bliss.

Sharena shuddered as she came violently. Dual fountains of her milk spurt out from her nipples, her mammaries never ceasing to produce on demand. Never growing empty.

As her body bucked and clenched in an intense orgasm, nerves ablaze with bone-shattering pleasure, she could feel Dylan now drowning in a pool of her milk. Her beautiful lips shaped into a perfect O her toes curled, legs shaking from the wonderful sensation of dominating and dooming another victim. From out of her half-lidded eyes, she could barely see the pathetic bug anymore. He was a tiny speck in an ocean of white, splashing in reverent joy as his body continued to disappear. No doubt he was coming violently, being awash in her magic.

Just as the final, satisfying throes of Sharena’s ecstasy was running its course, a small ladybug landed in the flowing rivers of Sharena’s milk. It picked up the miniscule Dylan speck and flew off with that naughty boy in its jaws. Sharena smirked as she watched its erratic flight, the pair of them shrinking in tandem into naught but a speck of dust.

Sharena sighed in contentment as she fondled her firm, jutting, perfectly spherical chest. “There, there now,” she soothed them like an overeager puppy. The milk inside of her incomparable melons receded, and they shrank down once more, covering her torso fully. A towel beneath her beach chair captured all of the extraneous milk she’d released.

“Mom?” Dinah came running out. “Oh, come on, Mom! Cover up!”

“What is it, dear?” Sharena turned onto her side, giving her daughter an unencumbered view of her breasts and ignoring her daughter’s disdain.

“Have you seen Dylan? Where did he go?”

“I don’t know, dear. I haven’t seen him in the last five minutes or so,” she smirked. It was true. He was far too small to be seen.

“Ugh! That Dylan!”

Dinah turned back into the house to fetch her phone and call her unreliable boyfriend. Sharena giggled to herself. One day, her daughter would discover the joys of the power that her already blossoming bosom would have over men. But for now, as long as Sharena still held the throne for best bust, she was going to enjoy every last second of it.

Chapter 2 - Special Gardening Techniques

Stretching her limbs languidly, Sharena reclined on her chair once more. What a job well done that had been! Another pest exterminated, and another nice, hands-free orgasm achieved. Maybe one day, there would be someone worthy of fucking her once more. But for now, all she wanted to do was dominate, enslave, shrink, and destroy any troublemakers who crossed her path. Or behaved improperly around her. Or, more recently, just because she felt like it.

Having to keep all of this milk inside of her just seemed… wrong, after all! Her breasts quaked angrily at the mere thought of it! In fact, a thick droplet began to form at her nipple, despite their currently saggy state. Sharena whined at the unstimulated release—it felt like a ruined orgasm: pleasurable, yet utterly unsatisfying.

She scooped up that magical droplet onto her palm and licked it up herself. It tasted so wonderful. The power of her milk fed back onto itself, treating its owner with the proper subservience and enhancing the size, shape, and volume of her already multiple-times-over improved bosoms. They swelled back up to full, veins throbbing angrily as another planet-sized torrent churned within her productive, thrashing flesh.

Sharena came once more. Her bikini bottom was becoming positively soaked!

Biting her lip as her melons thundered once more, angry and full and unyielding, Sharena reached down past her bikini bottoms into her throbbing pussy this time and stroked her pink pussy lips while they clamped onto her massaging digits. She wailed and whimpered, swiveling her torso, feeling the heavy weight upon her chest with pride as she ground her thumb against her engorged, gooey clit.

Shaking the weakness out of her tingling legs and arms, Sharena’s breasts heaved as she regained her breath, lying reclined on her chair. She flexed her toes and fingers, enjoying the smooth contentment that followed a nice, sexual climax. Time to get to work, then.

She stood up tall and proud, enjoying the warmth of the sun beating on her shoulders. The sight of her shadow, and the two protruding monsters that cast just as wide as the silhouette of her torso gave her a thrill as well.

She strutted toward the shed and grabbed some sheared and small spades, enjoying the bounce of her puppies. If the neighbor was around, he’d get quite a show. His son had gotten the same show and lusted after Sharena for a week before the busty woman decided to teach him a permanent lesson for staring at her perfection.

Checking into the neighbor’s house through the very conspicuous glass door, Sharena was almost disappointed that she didn’t have an audience. So she began to work in earnest. Moving to a nice, raised planter box of her immense garden, she plucked a strawberry from the vine and bit into it. Its color was deep ruby red, its taste, sweet and divine. She licked her lips and flicked the strawberry top back into the rich, loose, fertile soil to decompose.

As usual, weeds had started to grow in her box. Sharena placed her shovel into the soft peat and carved out a little cone around the hardy weed. Using her special method, it was imperative that she wait for the weeds to grow a little bit. They needed to be strong enough to absorb her particular brand of weedkiller. The first time she tried this on a hunch, and without her sublime control, she’d destroyed an entire box’s worth of green beans.

She didn’t want that to happen again.

Once she was satisfied with the little space she’d carved out, Sharena leaned forward toward the evil, spiky, tall, thick weed. Aiming her tip like a precision weapon, Sharena called upon her milk once again. Her breasts swelled into perfect domes in an instant once more, her veins pulsing as her nipples tingled and vibrated, aching with anticipation to lactate once again. Sharena’s nerves themselves sighed in pleasure as they rippled, allowing passage for Sharena’s coveted milk.

A tiny stream squirted out of her left nipple, splashing into a shallow puddle into the hole she’d carved. Sharena cooed in pleasure as a shiver of arousal emanated from her womb and coursed through her voluptuous body once more.

Sharena watched intently with glee as the spiky, evil weed began to greedily lap up her milk. Its wicked barbs began to recede first, its leaves becoming relatively softer and pliable. The light green stalk and the hard, dried, brown spiky thorns wilted before her sparkling eyes.

The brunette woman with the green thumb and the magic milk wanted to spray down the entire box, but she restrained. Patience was a virtue, especially when it came to gardening. But it did give Sharena the idea of growing only weeds, just to feed them her milk…

As she idly imagined it, the weed continued to absorb all of her anti-nutritious milk. Its thick, starchy stalk was withering away. The network of roots it had dug so deeply turned into wispy little strings, and it began to wobble due to no longer being flush with the dirt packed around it.

“Goodbye, little weed…” Sharena crooned as if singing a lullaby to a baby.

The more it poisoned itself, the more urgent it suckled on her milk. It withered into dust, planting itself in the dirt. Maybe it would grow up big and strong again, just so Sharena could feed it once more. She’d like that.

Chapter 3 - Milk and Honey by the Pool

Armed with a basket of fresh strawberries, blueberries, and apricots, Sharena took a stroll out of her pristine garden while still topless. She followed the cobblestone path of her enormous, lavish property, her black flip-flops clacking loudly along the smooth, textured road. She opened the small, black gate that fenced off the pool area and stepped in.

She walked along the large, red stone blocks toward more lounge chairs. The water in the pool was completely still… had the pool boy she’d hired already finished his duties?

A flip of her floppy sun hat over her head to rest behind her neck unblocked her vision and confirmed exactly what she wanted to see: he was lounging on the opposite side, his net and gear in tow, snoozing on the job! There were leaves all over the surface of the blue water!

“Ahem,” Sharena cleared her throat loudly as she strolled toward him.

He did not rouse from his slumber.

She sat down next to him, letting her tits block the sun from his sweaty brow.

“AHEM!” Sharena tried again.

“Mmrf!” He gurgled, waking with a startled look in his eyes.

“Ms… Ms. Jade!” he gasped, staring at her protruding, sagging breasts. “I’m… I’m sorry! It was so warm out! I just meant to rest my eyes!” he addressed the underside of her twin pendant spheres.

Sharena gave him no response. She let the tension build by looking at him emotionlessly, then ignoring him entirely and setting her basket of fruit and honey on a little side table.

“P-please, don’t punish… me…” the pool boy whimpered as he continued to stare at her mind-melting orbs of lust. They looked so full, so heavy, so full of forbidden treats…

“Oh come now, Pablo! Your name is Pablo, isn’t it?”

“Uh… yes!” Mark lied.

“Put yourself together! I need my pool cleaned. Now go on, do a good job. No harm done,” Sharena shooed him away.

He bit his lip as tears welled in his eyes. He knew about all of the disappearing boys from the neighborhood, and all rumors led back to Ms. Jade. Hopefully nothing mysterious and bad would happen to him…

“Well?” Sharena tapped her foot impatiently while the awestruck boy continued to stare at her tits.

“Uh… right! Sorry! Right away, Ms. Jade!”

Sharena placed the hat back on her chestnut hair and fetched a bowl of clean water from the outside faucet. She watched Pablo run his blue net with its long handle through the water, swishing it back and forth, draining, and dumping it into his little bin. Every time she cast a glance in his direction, he blushed furiously and looked away, clearly stealing any and all opportunities to ogle his employer’s impressive assets.

She rinsed off her strawberries, enjoying the bumpy texture of the not too firm but not too soft red flesh. With a paring knife and practiced ease, Sharena decapitated the vibrant greens off the tops of the strawberries and bit halfway into one, sucking on it to put on a bit of a show for Pablo. She wasn’t looking as she did it, but she did hear the clattering of his large pole rattling by the side of the pool.

Sharena smirked.

“And Pablo dear, don’t forget to clean out the filtration system and drain the water, hmm?”

“Y-yes Ms. Jade!” He confirmed like an obedient puppy.

Sharena continued to watch him work, teasing him with her nude body while she ate the sweet honey of her labor. Once in a while, she stood up to gather more clean bowls of water, only to pour it over her shoulders and let it drizzle down her nude, arched back and voluptuous front. The cool tingle against her sun-kissed flesh made her nipples quiver in excitement. Sharena turned to face Pablo, caressing her curves, letting the sun sparkle off those little rivulets of water that were traveling the exaggerated contours of her body.

Poor, trembling Mark did his best not to stare. His body quavered, his grip over his cleaning supplies unsteady. Still, he managed to perform his duties, albeit with frequent, desperate glances at Ms. Jade’s teasing torment. How was this woman so large chested, so beautiful, so impossibly sexy that he looked forward to coming into work for her every week and went home to dream of her every night!?

As for Sharena, she admired the bulge that she was inspiring in her little victim. The long, thick bulge that tented his board shorts would’ve been visible for the entire world to see. She subconsciously licked her lips at the sight of it. Her breasts thrummed with aching, aroused milk, wanting to lash out at the poor boy and transform him into a tiny submissive slave so that Sharena could toy with him until his ultimate, ecstatic demise.

The domineering woman sashayed back to her seat, skin still glistening wet from her little rinse. No, she shouldn’t do that to him! Pablo was faithful, always showed up to work on time, and she did so love teasing him and seeing his obvious lust on full display. She loved inspiring that reaction from people.

Still, as she lay back down and watched him work, an evil little thought just snuck into her head.

“What if, just what if, you turned Pablo into a one centimeter little toy?” the evil voice inside of her breasts whispered. Her endless oceans of milk heated up at the thought.

“What! No! I like him!” Sharena countered.

“Just imagine how much fun he would be! Climbing in between your toes. Crawling toward our pussy. Hanging on for dear life against our breasts…”

“Stop it!” Sharena continued to resist the urge. “Leave him alone! I’ve already destroyed most of the people in the neighborhood that I want to destroy!” But the sticky, salty heat between her nether lips was undeniable. Just like the burning, aching, palpable desire in her turbulent chest balloons.

“It would be so much fun…” it whispered in her ear. Sharena’s brow twitched as she gushed at the thought. “Make him beg for it. It’s not mean if he wants to suck on your tits, drink us down, worship us and become ours forever. It’s not mean if he wants to be your micrometer trophy of total domination…”

Sharena’s lips went slack at the thought of it. She looked at Mark again. His face was a mask of pure awe as he stared at her taut, jutting, thrumming, and perfectly spherical, perfectly symmetrical breasts.

“See?” The devil in her milk continued its sinful temptation. “He wants it so badly. Just imagine that huge cock of his, all hard for you, violently jerking back and forth. You’d be doing him a favor by shrinking it down to the size of your pinky, wouldn’t you?”

“He wouldn’t be able to do his job then!” Sharena waved cutely at Pablo as he lobbed some more autumnal leaves out of the sparkling water. His little member saluted her as he struggled to walk with his mammoth rod jutting out of his pants. He went about his task of draining the water, bending over to reach the knob. Sharena admired his healthy backside.

“Let’s do it to him after he finishes his job then. Just one little trickle… he’ll barely shrink at all!” that venomous snake inside of her whispered to her.

“No! But… but maybe I’ll invite him over for fruit,” Sharena compromised.

“Just fruit?” the voice whispered again.

“Just fruit!”

Soon, the sound of running water and the smell of chlorine filled the air. Mark wiped down his brow and gingerly looked over in Sharena’s direction, partially hoping that he wasn’t about to receive the ultimate punishment, and partially hoping to catch another glimpse of overflowing breasts. He got both.

“Pablo, Pablo! You did such a good job! Do you want some fruit?” Sharena cast a surreptitious glance at her own bosoms, as if to suggest something else. “I grew them big and sweet, all by myself…”

Mark gulped. He waddled over as his erection became almost painful, his angry purple cockhead straining at the limits of his waistband. He stood before Sharena, covering his crotch with his hands awkwardly.

“There, there. Get comfortable. Come have a seat next to me,” Sharena patted the beach chair and scooted her luscious ass over to make room. “Blueberry?” She grabbed a handful and rolled it around in the palm of her hand.

“Umm… yes please,” Mark reached over to grab some out of Sharena’s little wooden bowl.

“Nuh uh. Those aren’t washed. Here, say ahh…”

Sharena dropped the blueberries into Mark’s waiting mouth, purposefully caressing and stroking his lips with her fingers. He closed his eyes as he luxuriated in the soft, lingering sensation left behind by Sharena’s touch.

The blueberries were delicious as well, bursting with juice and sugar.

“Good?” Sharena smirked.

“Mm… yeah. You grew these yourself, Ms. Jade?” He asked as he gnoshed happily.

“Please Pablo, you can call me Sharena. And yes, I did grow these myself,” she replied coyly. Her little downward glance at the shelf of her cleavage went unnoticed by her mark, however. As well as the soft caress of her arm against that heavy breast as she moved and reached for some strawberries.

Mark gulped. “T-thank you… Sharena.” He visibly shivered at the intimacy his mysterious boss was showing. The whole time, he had stared straight ahead, trying not to be wholly enraptured by the mere sight of Sharena’s breasts.

“Pablo? It’s rude not to look at a lady when she’s talking to you,” Sharena upped the stakes, demanding his whole, enrapt attention.

He turned his head, body weak and trembling, to the vision of glory and lust at his side. He could already feel the intense heat emanating from her pendant breasts that were far too large to fit on the frame of her torso. When his eyes met that enormous, veiny, sagging flesh, heavy and saturated with milk, he gasped loud enough for the neighbors to hear, despite Sharena’s massive estate.

“Here, have a larger, juicier berry,” Sharena placed the strawberry on his gaping lips.

Mark never tore his gaze from the absolute magnificence of Sharena’s breasts. He almost whined in disappointment as her slim arm came in and placed the fruit right in his mouth because it briefly blocked his view of her thick, vibrating nipple for a few seconds!

Take him! Sharena’s little devil whispered to her. Look how badly he wants it!

Her breast began to engorge as her infinite reservoir began to churn with angry, evil milk. Those firm orbs began to jut forward once more, stretching and filling like a water balloon, her blue and green veins bulging with her magical, endless liquid.

“Oh, I’m so glad you like it, Pablo…” Sharena moaned. Her nipple jerked and tweaked itself from the unbearable pleasure and pressure of her milk forcing its way out, sending electrical pulses of ecstasy through her stiff nubs and firing straight to her volcanic womb. Sharena closed her eyes and massaged her stiff, aching orbs, cooing in pleasure as a powerful stream of white fluid burst out of both of her nipples as she pinched and stroked them with her fingers.

Ahh… that should take the edge off, Sharena sighed with contentment to herself.

To her side, she heard Pablo groan gutturally for a few seconds.

“Pablo? Are you okay?” Sharena turned to look at her tease victim.

A deep, dark stain was appearing in his shorts. And spreading too! She looked at his flushed face. His eyes were still slammed shut, his mouth in a pleasurable grimace as his hips were still bucking. He just kept going and going!

Don’t take him to punish him… the voice in breasts changed tack. Don’t you want to reward him for his hard work? We can teach him a lesson together, one that he’ll never forget… don’t you love how much he came for you? We can help him…

Sharena’s pussy trembled and clenched far harder than Mark’s spasming. Her willpower withered immediately. She wanted to use and abuse him so badly!

And that’s exactly what she was going to do.

“Oh.. oh my god…” Mark gasped in pure shame and embarrassment. He covered his crotch with his hands and immediately moved to run away.

“Oh Pablo, dear! Don’t go! Come, look at me,” Sharena ordered.

And as soon as he saw those angry, bulging, respect-demanding breasts, he immediately froze in his seat. All he could picture in his mind’s eye was those nipples, filled to the brim, unleashing a huge, gushing torrent of breast milk out across the tiled floor around the pool once more. It was the most beautiful sight he’d ever beheld! And right now, those nipples had taken full aim at him.

He was like a deer caught in headlights.

“Do you mind if I take a look, Pablo? Take a look at your… thing?” Sharena asked, but didn’t wait for permission. She pulled the top of his sopping board shorts down over Mark’s manhood.

He was still erect, still glistening… still desperate to come.

“Ms. Jade! I-I-I mean, Sharena! I’m so sorry!”

“Mmm… that’s okay, Pablo dear. Tell me about it,” she smiled as wide as the Cheshire Cat as she stared at his angry cockhead.

“Um…” His heart was beating out of his chest! He was so nervous to spill his innermost desires to his boss! The woman who had just made him come without even touching him!

“Was it these boobs of mine? So many boys… even men… have such a hard time around them,” Sharena continued to taunt. “A large, firm, round, hard time…” she stroked the perfect shape of her magnificence with her fingers.

Another drop of nectar leaked from her nipple.

Mark clutched the side of the lounge chair as he stared. Her knuckles turned white from the pressure. His balls burned, aching for release already. Even after his voluminous unprovoked ejaculations from just a minute ago!

“Well? Use your words, young man!” Sharena chided.

“T-t-they’re so big, Sharena! I dream about them every night! I can’t wait to come back to work for you every two weeks! I… I…,” Mark hesitated.

“Yessss?” Sharena raised an eyebrow as she pointed her breasts at him. The sound of churning, rinsing milk was audible even to him. Her breasts were so full, so filled to the brim, threatening to overflow!

“I… I come just dreaming of you! Of sucking on your huge, beautiful tits! Nobody in the world has boobs as perfect as yours! And when I wake up… I jack off three more times while I dream about you!” Mark’s confession began to decrescendo into a barely audible whisper. What was he saying to her!?

“Oh Pablo, Pablo, Pablo… you’re so obsessed with me, aren’t you? Or is it just my breasts? You can’t take your eyes off them!” Sharena swayed her torso. Her breasts were so large, they crashed into each other, deforming slightly as the huge filled balloons pressed into each other.

“Y-you…” he said unconvincingly as his eyes swung back and forth, following the pendulous motion of Sharena’s boobs.

“Oh really? Why don’t you look at my face then?”

If Mark could have, he could crane his neck up and see Sharena’s triumphant, sthi-eating grin showing off her sparkling, pearly-white teeth. But he couldn’t bring himself to look away from Sharena’s dual feminine charms. The gravitic pull they held over his eyes was stronger than any force in the world! He just couldn’t look away!

“Mnnnn…” Mark groaned. The muscles on his neck were straining from the inner conflict and turmoil he was experiencing! His body was actively fighting itself, all from the sight of her!

Sharena drank in the delicious fury of his conflict as she idly reached for more fruit and popped it into her mouth. His agony was so delicious! But that was enough foreplay…

She raised her arms above her head, letting her enormous melons stretch upward. She laughed as his pupils faithfully followed wherever her sagging flesh traveled. Then, she lowered her hands to both of her nipples, rolled them in her fingers, and took aim like soldiers adjusting an artillery cannon.

“Tell me more, Pablo. What’s your deepest desire, hmm?” Sharena goaded the poor boy.

“I-I wish I could spend the rest of my life with you! Buried inside your tits!” he gushed out breathlessly.

Sharena smiled. Pulling the trigger to the chorus of her inner voice chanting in joy, Sharena rolled her nipples in her hands and fired a thin stream of milk right onto Mark’s rock hard cock.

“Whoaaaa!” he screamed as her milk lubricated his shaft and teased his tip. It flowed all around him, enveloping him in her sweet fluid and coating his angry shaft with its bulging blue veins, dripping all the way down to his base. A strange, tingling sensation flowed through his entire manhood. “Oh my god! I can’t… I can’t…!” his eyes slammed shut as he focused on the intense, unbelievable sensation of having his manhood wrapped in Sharena’s milk.

Before he knew it, his cock wasn’t only lubricated by Sharena’s addictive, mind-warping milk. She had moved in between his legs and placed her hulking, substantial breasts on his thighs.

They were so bulky that they sagged over his thick legs and spilled off the sides… while simultaneously being large and protruding enough that she enveloped his twitching spear with her warm, soft flesh.

He began to come immediately.

“You really do like them, don’t you, Pablo dearie!” Sharena cackled as she pumped her body up and down. Her breasts slapped loudly against his thighs, the peaks of her nipples digging almost painfully into his abdomen. The wet rubbing of naughty flesh over naughty flesh filled the poolside ear as she slicked the objects of his desire intimately over his dick.

Sharena grinned evilly as she placed her hands on the outer curves of her breasts and pushed them inward. The milk sloshed within her bosom, making them bulge ever harder and firmer as they pressed painfully against Mark’s iron.

“Unnng! Unnng!” he screamed. The sensation of her inexplicably warm, seemingly soft and yet utterly unyielding breast grinding up and down against the ridged, domed head of his cock was too much to bear! He couldn’t believe his sexual stamina as he jetted rope after rope into the endless cavern in between Sharena’s breasts, but every time he thought he was going to be milked dry, Sharena’s nipples fired a few more jets of milk, splashing against his abdomen to drip all over his cock.

The aphrodisiacal liquid seeped into the tip of his penis and swirled around his sore, overworked testicles. And suddenly he found himself continuing the most voluminous ejaculation of his life as his vitality surged anew. In fact, the already stretched to the limit dick felt as if it were getting ever harder and larger.

Yessss… make him big… and then, really give him what he wants! Her breasts whispered suggestively into her mind.

Sharena continued to bounce her breasts on his shaft as she splattered him with her milk. As good as it felt to rub his jizz over his expanding dick, as good as it felt to blast him with her milk, Sharena’s nipples needed real stimulation.

They needed to feed him. To feel him wrap his lips around her nipples and suck for all his life’s worth.

“Oh Pablo, Pablo… you said you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me, yes?”

His violently quaking body left him unable to answer.

“I’m about to make that dream come true for you…”

Sharena stood up and let all of his slime, cum, and her own milk drip clean off of her attention-grabbing breasts. As his seminal fluid continued to arch violently through the air thanks to Sharena’s magic, she sat by his side, wrapped an arm around his neck, and gently guided his mouth of her waiting nipple.

His deepest instincts kicked in as he wrapped his lips painfully over that incredibly large nipple. It was so firm and hard, and seemed to be constantly expanding as it filled his entire mouth!

“Here it comes…” Sharena whispered, as much to him as to herself as the antipication of feeding someone made her giddy with glee. The feeling of capturing someone’s soul while she turned them into a little bug…

Her entire body was awash with beautiful sensation as she fired the first gentle spurt into Pablo’s waiting mouth. He ejaculated ever more violently, his cock never flagging as his entire attention was focused on gulping down everything that Sharena was offering. His whole being was so hyper-aware of the taste of her thick cream, the feel of it coating his entire mouth and throat, the warm feeling of it sloshing in his belly as it rapidly filled him up, and the kind of high that only came from taking the most potent of drugs…

He wasn’t even aware that he was still orgasming. Or that his entire body, save for his cock, was shrinking away…

“Good boy… drink up… drink deep…” Sharena cooed as she watched intently while Mark’s impressive six foot stature began to wither away.

She continued to pump him full of her evil, addictive milk.

“Aww… there you go…”

His body grew shorter and shorter, his limbs stunted. He was beginning to have trouble keeping his smaller mouth over her still engorged nipple.

“Don’t stop… worship your Sharena…”

Her milk overflowed his mouth. His twitching member finally began to shrink as well, still comically large compared to the rest of his body. But he was about to inevitably end up the same way as all of her other victims.

“Mmm… goodbye, Pablo… you were nice…” Sharena sighed.

Mark continued to shrink and shrink until he was no more than three feet tall. Sharena shifted him into the palm of her hand to make sure he could stay connected to her domineering tit. His body splashed in a pool of milk that gathered in the palm of her hand, but he never stopped drinking.

Mark placed his spindly arms around the massive curve of her breast, pressing himself tight all while never detaching his mouth from her nipple. His body could barely cover any of the surface area of her breast. Her nipple was the size of his nose, then his face… then his entire head. He continued to shrink as Sharena splattered his body like a brutal firehose, and he reveled in every last minute of it.

Soon, he was barely visible. Sharena had him pressed against her flesh with the palm of her hand. The only evidence that he was still there was his grinding, writhing, unquenchable arousal.

And then there was nothing. Sharena mashed her palm into her breast and rubbed with a satisfied glow. When she removed it, all that remained was her milk. Mark was completely gone.

Her milk dripped off of her breast as Sharena stood up and prepared to take a swim. She’d have to move to a new neighborhood soon at the rate she was shrinking and destroying people! But that was a problem for another day.

Chapter 4 - Like Mother, Like Daughter

Dinah stood in her underwear before her bedroom vanity, still pissed about Dylan ghosting her and not answering her calls. She ripped off her 32DD bra in frustration and flung it into a corner.

She looked at her perky breasts. They’d started growing ever since puberty, and had never stopped swelling. Every day, they grew a little larger, a little wider, sat on her chest a little higher as her spheres bulged outward in stunning perfection. And somehow, she still couldn’t hold onto a boyfriend! It wasn’t just that she was the biggest girl in school; no other girl compared to her in a tube top that never slipped given her youthful perkiness combined with her prodigious size; no one compared to her stunning cleavage, each luscious orb the perfect width apart to leave a deep shadow that captured the viewer and sucked their gaze in; no one else carried such a heavy load on their chest with as much grace and vigor as herself!

Dinah sighed. Despite all that, she was nothing compared to her mother. Why, if she had breasts like Sharena, in addition to her nubile, pulchritudinous body, she’d probably finally be able to keep a boyfriend. What was that damn woman’s secret? Did Dinah just have to wait longer and grow larger?

As she fretted over her already stunning development, she felt a strange, rumbling sensation in her breasts. They were suddenly so sensitive, so heavy! Heavier than they already weighed. It felt as if her nipples were being tickled from the inside! A deep, sloshing sound echoed inside of her body. But it definitely wasn’t her belly. No, it was higher than that…

Dinah reached underneath each perfect orb and hefted. The tops of her flesh sloshed and rippled as a thick stream of milk jetted out from both of her teats…