Smoke and Bottle

Commissioned by danio13

“Billionaire philanthropist thrill-seeker lost over the seas!” was one of the bigger headlines of the day. Clara Delgado managed to catch wind of it before it finished making its daily rounds on the hyperactive world’s lack of attention.

She sat at her computer desk at Pristine Paper, Inc, plugging away at data entry. Sneaking glances at everyone around her, Clara surreptitiously clicked through to the news article.

Her first thought was that this was some sort of clickbait. Some sensationalist headline designed to garner attention, only to be falsified later. Her second thought upon confirming that the article was about Ryan Bedford was, that does sound like him…

Clara sighed. She pulled out her phone and opened her text correspondence with him. Last message sent six months ago. “Hey, meet up sometime? I’m free sometime next month.” No reply from his end. And now allegedly he was gone.

She scrolled the article in a mixture of grief and annoyance. Surfing on the open ocean? He’d never talked about that before. But his attention for outlandish adventure was as spotty as the world’s hunger for sensationalist news and outrage. It did sound in character for him.

With despair in her heart, Clara sent him a message. The speech bubble appeared on the screen with a little tinkle sound. She stared at her phone for a full minute, knowing that even if the news story were untrue, he was unlikely to respond.

They’d grown up together, but he, the son of a billionaire family, and she, raised by a conservative middle class family… their paths in life simply diverged.

Ryan had regaled her with the stuff of fantasies from the age of five. Going on grand, fairy tale adventures together. It sparked a whole new world of possibilities for Clara. They swore they would travel together, and Clara started to dream her own dreams. Hot air balloon trip around the globe, an expedition to the arctic…

But when Ryan actually came of age and began to go on said adventures, Clara did not have the means nor the permission from her family to embark.

And so they drifted apart.

Clara sighed once more. She turned off her work computer and left work early. Who cares if anyone saw? The mundane would still be here tomorrow. If she got in trouble, so be it.

The slightly heavy set Hispanic woman found a mysterious package waiting outside of her front door wrapped up in protective bubble wrap. The return address belonged to… Ryan?!

She quickly scooped it up and made her way into her apartment, kicking off her flats haphazardly and leaving them splayed out and about in her otherwise perfectly tidy apartment. She ripped open the package with gusto and left the shredded packing paper a torn mess on her coffee table.

Inside was a short letter and a long, slender bottle protected by paper and a foam cutout. She scanned the first and last lines of the text, confirming that it was indeed from Ryan.

Dear Clara, my childhood friend,

I am sorry for my absence lately. Life has given me an opportunity to chase and live my dreams, but between that and the burden of wealth, I have precious little time to spend on other activities. If only my money could buy time with you, Clara, my once closest friend.

I know I have grown distant, but I think of you often. Please do not think ill of me.

This is an artifact that I came across in one of my journeys. I wanted to share with you the real, actual culmination of some of those adventures we always said we’d go on together.

I know you had soundly rejected it before, but if you want to quit your job and come work for me, my offer is always open. I know you see it as charity and your pride won’t allow you, but should you change your mind… I am waiting with open arms.

Maybe this treasure will help to persuade you.

Your friend always,

Ryan Bedford

Clara read and re-read the letter, laughing as she wiped a tear from her eye. Maybe she should take him up on it. Working a dead end job at Pristine Paper was not the most fulfilling thing she’d ever done. But first…

She carefully removed the ornate glass bottle from its safety foam. Polished, curved golden handles on both sides around the slender “waist” of the bottle. A bulb-shaped bottom that slimmed as it made its way up, stoppered by a pointed top. The polished glass had no imperfections somehow, perfectly translucent from top to bottom, save the blue trim band that decorated it near its base.

It rested on a golden colored stand. Clara ran her hands over it. Cold, smooth, and hard. She rapped it with her knuckles.

What was this thing?! And why would Ryan send it? It looked expensive! Surely this belonged in some sort of museum!

Clara grabbed the stopper and jiggled it around. Pretty solidly wedged. Gripping tightly, she tried to open the ornament firmly but delicately, not wanting to ruin its beautiful splendor.

The glass stopper came out with a loud pop.

A potent, fragrant pink mist emanated from the bottle. Clara wrinkled her nose, expecting some musty, old, dank scent. And the bottle had been completely see-through before. Where had it come from!?

But as soon as that fragrance hit her, all such critical thought ceased. Its cloying scent gripped Clara, binding her in its spell. She inhaled deeply, sucking in as much of the pink mist into her waiting lungs as she possibly could.

Why did it feel so good!? Clara’s body flushed with inexplicable heat as she continued to inhale and exhale deeply. The pink mist emanating from the bottle was never-ending. No, not just never-ending. The volume of billowing mysterious air was growing! Enveloping her in its ethereal mist…

Clara couldn’t control herself. She’d never felt so alive, so powerful! She began to strip off her business clothes, trying to relieve her burning body, greedily sucking down more of the sweet fog.

She stretched her arms above her head to get as much airflow as possible. And the shock of seeing her arms begin to transform before her eyes actually shocked her out of her hypnotic daze! They were… they were tightening!

Her flabby arms were becoming toned and polished! Seemingly growing longer before her very eyes as the excess fat melted away from them. She could feel a tingling in her scalp as well. She massaged her head, greeted by a shockingly lustrous mane wholly obsidian jet black hair with no sign of her stray white strands.

“Oh my god!” she exclaimed.

The swirling mist took the opportunity to gush into her open mouth, once more entrancing the transforming and soon-to-be bound woman to its eternal gift—or curse.

She remained in a daze now, just accepting the events unfolding around her. Her breasts began to swell in her blouse as her bra somehow unclasped itself. Her nipples pushed against the polyester fabric as her expanding, irrepressible orbs continued to grow with every deep breath.

The gentle swish of the firm, upstanding peaks of her breasts against the synthetic fabric sent a shiver of heated lust down her spine. She could feel her waist cinching inward as that area began to change as well. Her belly fat melted away as her hips creaked while her bones flared outward, giving her a voluptuous hourglass shape. The hemispheres of her previously flat butt surged outward too as her spine arched beautifully and dramatically. Her entire body rescupted itself, all thanks to Ryan’s mysterious gift.

She couldn’t see it, but the stress wrinkles on her face and dark circles around her eyes began to smooth and even out in tone, giving her the glowing youth of a woman who had just entered her prime and was ready to conquer the world. And as her calves grew tighter while her thighs thickened with tight flesh, the mist went to work on her clothing as well.

Her tanned skin began to reveal itself as her white blouse tightened against her expanding bust. The buttons simply… dematerialized as the whole garment smoothed over. The bottom hem climbed up her torso to cling tightly to the perfect skin right below her bosom while its top lowered asymmetrically. Soon, it had turned into an aquamarine blue one shoulder crop top that showed off her upper body at its unbeatable best.

A necklace of golden ornaments grew around her slender, graceful neck as a pair of large, golden earrings re-pierced her ears. A blue waistband covered her hips and protected her modesty, but that would soon prove to be unnecessary as well…

So enraptured and hypnotized by her transformation, Clara didn’t even flinch as her legs began to fuse together and turn… incorporeal. Translucent. Smoky, foggy, and distorted to look through. It started from her dainty feet as they began to transform into blue vapor, melding together into a thin tip as though she were a cyclone touching down. It began to flow up her legs, to her knees and the wide expanse of her thighs, creating a swirling gas in the shape of a funnel.

As the air cleared, Clara wiggled her torso as she hovered there in the air, enjoying the sensation of being free from gravity. She fluffed her longer hair to spill behind her as she flew higher into the air, giggling and anxious to serve her new master.


Her new master! She couldn’t wait to meet them! Hopefully she’d have a nice one. She’d be so obedient to them and make them so happy! Three wishes, and then she’d fall into slumber once more to await her next Master!

The bottom tip of her funnel of smoke swirled into the perfume bottle. Her hips and torso shrunk down as it sucked her in as she awaited her fate in another’s hands.

The stopper closed tight with a loud sucking noise.

A curvaceous figure’s shadow strutted down the hallway and made its way before a now vacant Clara’s apartment. She gripped the doorknob loosely. The lock turned itself open.

She entered with no sign of force and made a beeline for the bottle that now housed Clara—no, not just housed; it was a part of Clara, so integrated were the genie and its bottle.

Cradling the treasure in her hands, the woman waved her hand. All of the packaging that the strange relic had arrived in vanished into nothingness. The mysterious figure purred to herself with her smoky voice.

“Soon, Ryan Bedford. I will meet you soon…”

Clara’s forgotten cell phone buzzed on her now otherwise bare coffee table.

“Clara! Clara! I’ve just had the most unbelievable adventure! The reports about me surfing at sea are true… though nobody knows I’m back yet! How are you doing, Clarabear!? I can’t wait to see you again! When are you free? You have to meet my two new friends!

Text me back asap please!”