Stolen Opportunity - The Beginning

Commissioned by anonymous

Super Watch Blog, Mar 15

Hello readers,

Welcome to the launch of Super Watch Blog! As you likely know, unless you are living in a cave, the world has changed over the last few years.

It all started with a strange virus, unlike any other ever seen. Some have theorized it is an ancient virus strain from the past recently released by climate change. Others believe it’s not of this world. Regardless of its origin, the virus suddenly appeared and started infecting women. Yes, only women.

So what’s the big deal? If you get it, and you are in the incubation period, you can become a godlike being of absolute beauty and might. That’s what happened to Alice Midorikawa, the world’s first superwoman.

By the accounts of her former friends, Ms. Midoriwaka, an Asian-american girl from San Francisco, was a mousy pushover who had trouble making connections with new people. Then the virus hit her.

She was not patient zero. The virus had already been active around the world for quite a while. However, she was the first person who had contracted it AND had it activated within its incubation period. It was a pure stroke of luck; they ran a blood test and gave her the wrong treatment.

When she came back in for the followup appointment, she had changed. And the world changed with her.

According to testimony from her friends and family, she had changed almost immediately. Or maybe it wasn’t a change. Maybe this was just how Alice would always have been, had she been born the supermodel of supermodels. All we know is that Alice was now laughing in delight, proudly showing the world her transformation, soon followed by her flying straight into the air from the front doorstep of the clinic. She became even more transcendently beautiful and staggeringly powerful over the course of the following days.

In a span of a few days, Alice had destroyed multiple terrorist organizations and toppled dictators all by herself. However, she didn’t stop at that. She started to humiliate people, destroying cars and property on a whim. When the police and, later, the army, tried to do something about her… well, Congress soon admitted defeat and passed a law granting her immunity from being prosecuted.

Had it been only Alice, maybe we could get used to her. But people who investigated her origin were able to pierce things together. Soon, a few more superwomen showed up around the world. Although their numbers were small, their power was absolute. Those women banded together and created the Superwomen Association. Using their near infinite power, they brought the governments of the world to their knees. All research about the virus vanished and was guarded tightly by them, ensuring that new super-women can only be created on their terms.

We now live in a world under the heel of superwomen. They get to do anything to us mortals and are free of consequences!

Super Watch Blog was created in protest to this tyranny. We keep track of superwomen activities all around the world and put it under scrutiny. As long as this blog is on-air, I’ll fight for us in the face of these terrifying, incredibly powerful and beautiful tyrants.

This is Super Watch Blog. Who Supers the Supers?

After fifteen minutes of vitriol mixed with echo chamber, Marie’s wrath had been satisfied. Rolling out away from her desk, she spun and found herself face to face with her floor length mirror. Dark-skinned, thin, curveless, short, frumpy… these new superwomen that were taking over the world were everything that she was not. Beautiful, powerful, respected, and completely fucking unopposable.

The first girl, Alice, had taken the world by storm. The accounts from her friends was that Alice had been a mousy pushover who had trouble making connections with new people because she was so unremarkable.

Then the virus hit her, and she was patient zero who had contracted it, and had it activated in time. It was a pure stroke of luck: the incubation period was so short (anywhere from a few days, to maybe just a few hours), she’d happened to be in the vicinity, and she felt she had nothing to lose from the experimental treatment.

Well, Alice was no longer a doormat that people didn’t acknowledge. Not anymore.

Her previous just-over five foot frame exploded into a growth that the world had never known. She strolled out of that lab in her shredded clothes, sporting over six feet of luscious curves and irresistible feminine appeal.

The personality change was almost immediate. Or maybe it wasn’t a change. Maybe this was just how Alice would always have been, had she been born the supermodel of supermodels. She strutted out of the lab with her new smooth, long legs, their porcelain skin completely unblemished and hairless. The threads of her denim jeans were completely torn apart by her new, wider, child-bearing hips, hanging onto Alice’s seductive curves in tatters.

Her little t-shirt had been completely ripped to shreds. No way it could withstand over one foot of upward growth, and the even more miraculous expansion of her previously tiny breasts. No, her top hadn’t stood a chance. Alice’s boobs were a force of nature now: large, firm, perky, and completely invulnerable.

Fortunately (or not!) for her, her previously thin, stringy, uneven mop that she called her hair had improved too. They filled out with a beautiful lustrous shine, growing thicker, healthier, extending all the way down in beautiful, supernatural wavy curls from their previous unflattering bob cut.

Flipping her hair in front of her chest to cover her nipples was the only way she made it out of the experimental lab without flat out incapacitating everyone with her loveliness. At least, anyone who saw her from the front.

Her strong, bulging bubble butt was still on view for all to see. Those who were particularly attracted to that part of the female anatomy found themselves orgasming powerfully on the spot, unnaturally long and productively. And those who hadn’t been fascinated with the female rear suddenly found themselves rewired to think about nothing but.

And this was all before Alice had flown straight into the air from the front doorstep of the lab.

Marie shook her head clear and ignored her suddenly slick, aching privates. When she had started to research super-women, she realized that the chances of ever becoming one were astronomically small. This is something that she shouldn’t ever crave, otherwise only suffering and depression would come.

Instead, her self-assigned duty was to hold them under her scrutiny. With her appearance, she would never be a newscaster or a reporter showing up in front of cameras. But behind a computer, under anonymity, she could make a difference.

Super Watch Blog, Sept 18

It is simply unfair! Unfair, unjust, inequitable! In our post-viral (in the literal sense!) super powered, super gorgeous, super woman world, what are the rest of us to do?

Look at this footage here! Kimberly Johnson was just a socialite living on her daddy’s wealth! She tarnished her own public image with her indecency and extravagance, and just because she gets lucky, now everyone is bowing at her feet even more than before! And it’s so easy to bow at her feet now, because she can fly!

She hasn’t done anything to earn her powers, nor does she deserve her, let’s face it, overwhelming beauty. But now businesses just give her what she wants, the cops leave her alone whenever she “accidentally” collapses a building, and I… I…

I bet Kim doesn’t even remember her encounter with yours truly, the author! I had just stepped out of Society, splurging on a nice top with my meagre bank account, and… Kim confronted me! Me! She wanted the top I had just bought!

I haven’t posted a picture of myself, and I’m not gonna, but what the hell would she want with me!? There’s no way what I bought would fit her properly! You know how all of these super gorgeous freaks look!

<Ad featuring Kim rolls>

But what could I do? She was so tall, so beautiful, so powerful… I grew weak at the knees just from her glare! I handed it over, hands trembling, tears in my eyes…

That blonde super-supermodel gave me a sadistic smile and changed right in front of me! I nearly choked when she gave me a view as she took her blouse off! The busty bitch was showing off to me! No bra, huge, perky boobs… sorry, don’t want to get X-rated!

But you know she’s indecent like this all the time. You can just look it up yourself!

She put on the white, vertical striped crop top that was designed to fit someone like me—thin, short, just… normal looking, you know? It was so obscene on her! It barely covered her nipples, leaving two huge swells of underboob on display! And her perfectly muscled tummy…

I called the cops and told them what had happened. They laughed at me. I told them it was probably on the store tape. They told me where I could put it.

She can get away with whatever she wants, just because she won the transformation lottery and no force on earth can stop her, besides another super?

So my question to you is: Who supers the superwomen!?

Marie hit the post button with righteous fury, proud of her clever catchphrase. She waited for the views and comments to flood in.

She got the usual support. And then a new dissenter. It’d been a while since she got to block a user from commenting!

From: BeautyGoddess717

Of course Super Kim can do whatever she wants! Your just jealous of her beauty and power! And soon, your gonna be jealous of mine too! I’m going to be the next super in the world!! –Annie

Before Marie could righteously slam the ban hammer, she got a private message. Well, this was new.

From: AnonymousSuper

You have not contracted the virus. Trust me, I know. BeautyGoddess is a holding a press conference soon.

You can take matters into your own hands.

Will you?

Marie read, re-read, and read it once again just for good measure. She even forgot to ban BeautyGoddess717.

Super Watch Blog, Sept 22

And just a few months after the appearance of our third super, Kim, we get news of a new girl!

Her name is Annie. She’s just… well, why don’t you judge for yourself?

<Video begins.>

A squat, chubby, slightly acne-scarred girl appeared on the screen. She was gleefully giving a press conference at the local city college she attended.

“I was always a fan of superwomen, y’know,” she chewed her blob of bubblegum loudly, smacking her lips obnoxiously and twirling her hair. “And I knew I would be rewarded for my loyalty!”

The person behind the camera audibly gnashed their teeth.

“Ms. Ainge, have you done something to prepare for this moment?”

She flicked her tongue around, playing with the disgusting, gray, rubbery mass.

“Prepare? What is there to prepare for? Like, nothing we do before becoming super matters. Super Kim, Super Alice, and Super Patricia are sooooo amazing. I always cheer for them when I see them on the news, whether they’re rescuing cats out of trees, or just having their way with people. I mean, they’re so beautiful and powerful, they have the right to do whatever they want. So what is the point of trying before going super?”

<An ad showcasing all three superhuman supermodels in lingerie standing in front of a runway plays. Every single person in the crowd has fallen unconscious with wet stains in their garments.>

“Ms. Ainge,” another reporter chimed in, “so you think they are beyond our laws?”

“Like, duh.” Annie rolled her eyes.

“And you’ve contracted the virus for sure?” The voice rang out from behind the camera.

“Yes! In a few days, the world will have its fourth superwoman! And there’s no one better for it than me,” she clapped her grubby little hands. “I’ve been ready for this my whole life. I think it’s karma!”

She finally stopped gnashing on her overused piece of gum and stuck it to the press table. A few more questions, and then everyone disbanded. The video ended.

<Video ends.>

And look, this lazy, deluded, FAT good for nothing thinks she deserves this!

Super or not, they are still human, and they should live in our human society and be subject to the law! There should be restrictions about who can or cannot catch the virus, and whether or not we turn them into superwomen! A vetting process, a background check, something!

It’s like selling a gun to a known murderer! Do you think that’s a good idea?!

Soon, we’ll have another superwoman to rain her reign of terror on us! Something must be done!

Marie hit “Post” with another triumphant thundering click. Another perfect phrase to end the post.

Some comments trickled in.

From: Who supers the supers?

Hey Super Watch, good shit as usual. Just wondering why you’re 3 days late on this interview? You usually have these posted the day of.

Keep the vigilance going strong! We need your voice of skepticism and reason in this post-super world!

Marie replied.

From: Super Watch Blog

Sorry, super the supers! I had some personal issues. Yes, I will always keep fighting the good fight!

From: Who supers the supers?
That’s a relief. It might be paranoid, but… I thought maybe one of the supers had come down on you. Have you heard about any disappearances? I mean, I haven’t, but if these think-they’re-mightier-than-god women came down on any of us normals, I don’t think there’s anything we or any authority could do about it…

Sorry, nihilism showing through. We support you!

Marie smiled. Someone who really gets it.

Next to her keyboard lay an extremely dense, hardened, grey piece of overused gum.

Super Watch Blog, Sept 24

I got an exclusive interview with our fourth to-be super, Annie! Check out this footage below!

As an added bonus, to show my defiance, I will be doing a face reveal on camera! I will not live in fear of the supers any longer!

<Video begins.>

“Hello Ms. Ainge.” The camera was placed behind the interviewer, giving the audience only a view of her backside.

“Hello… mortal.” Annie giggled, double chin jiggling. “Guess I’ll need to get used to saying that soon.”

“Ahem. Yes. I’m glad you agreed to this interview.”

“Of course. I’m happy to inform the public about my upcoming ascension. Humanity must learn where it belongs.”

“So you’ve already undergone the treatment?” Marie asked.

“Yes, right after yesterday’s press conference. They say it should be happening anytime soon.”

“How soon?”

“Within 24 hours.” Annie’s eyes gleamed.

“And… can you tell us what you look forward to the most?”

“Oh, all of it!!” Annie gushed, the extra, loose flesh on her arms jiggling wildly. “Where do I begin?”

The interviewer remained silent. Annie needed no prompting.

“Everyone was mean to me. Even the teachers! They said I wasn’t very smart, and never studied or applied myself. Well, how am I supposed to do that when they say such mean things about me! It’s not my fault I couldn’t figure out how to multiply numbers!”

“You don’t know how to…” Marie gasped.

“But you know what? I don’t even care about that. When I’m super beautiful, none of that will matter. I can’t wait to lose all this fat! Everyone teased me growing up, making fun of my weight and my body issues. It’s not my fault! I couldn’t help it!”

“Did you…” the interviewer tried to get a word in, but to no avail.

“I tried to lose weight, but I just never could! I moved to drinking only diet soda with my loaded fries. People… people always made fun of me anyways! You better believe those are the first people I’m gonna get my revenge on!”

“You don’t really…”

But Annie continued her tirade.

“I can’t wait to be hotter than any supermodel, many times over. All these pimples will go away, I’m going to make people tremble in fear and horniness just with my eyes. It’s gonna be so fun!!

“And I can’t wait to have breasts that go out to here,” she mimed an outrageously large pair of phantom orbs.

“With an itty bitty waist like this…” she pushed her own chubby rolls in.

“I’d be way too sexy for you to even think! You wouldn’t be able to speak in my presence!”

“I already can’t, you stupid, fat…” Marie uttered, but was cut off once again.

“Oh, and I’d need a new wardrobe too! I can’t wait to shop at all the high end places. Thousand dollar dresses, perfectly tailored to fit my new, perfect body? Mm, can’t wait! If anyone like the police tried to stop me, I’d just scatter them with my superbreath! Crazy, right? Who would’ve thought something like superbreath could be real!?

“Or maybe I’d be nice and blow up their cop cars with my laser eyes. Or just kick them like footballs!”

Finally, she paused for breath, heaving heavily from excitement. And her own obesity.

“Annie?” Marie tried.

“Super Annie.” She looked almost insulted at the lack of proper title, her face flushed red from the exertion of speaking.

“So when did you first contract the virus?”

“I don’t know. About a week ago. I always knew I would.”

“Are you aware of the incubation period of the virus?”

“P’shaw, whatever. Like I know what that means. All I know is that you have to be lucky to get it. Like, one in a hundred lucky. And I was lucky, ‘cept I don’t think it was luck. I deserved this.”

“Actually, Annie, it’s more like one in a hundred million. And there’s no guarantee that the virus will be active in your body, even if you were lucky enough to contract it.”

“Like I know what that means!” She paused for thought. “And if you’re calling me stupid, just wait till I turn into Super Annie. You’ll be the first one I pay a little visit to.”

“As I was saying,” Marie continued calmly, almost chillingly so. “The incubation is a week at most, as far as we know. And you have to get the treatment to really go super.”

“Duh! I know that much! I swear, I’m going to kill you once my powers kick in,” she tried to sound menacing, but the tendrils of doubt had begun to creep into her mind. What was this…_ mortal…_ getting at? Did she know something?

“And you said that you should expect results within 24 hours?”

“Yes…” Annie’s uncertainty was palpable now. She shifted her cottage cheese thighs nervously in her seat.

“And how long has it been?”

“Should be 24 soon…” she answered with trepidation.

“Actually, by my count, it’s about to be two days already.” Marie’s face wasn’t visible in the footage, but there was a sinister undertone to her voice.

“What!? How could you know?!”

“On the 22nd, you were giving your stupid, haughty press conference. And then you went to the medical clinic, didn’t you?”


“And a black girl cut in line in front of you, didn’t she? You were really upset. But you thought it wouldn’t matter, like the idiot you are.”

“That was you!? There weren’t reports of anyone else with the virus!”

“Oh, I know. But I picked up your nasty piece of chewed gum. You lived your whole life thinking you would get this blessing with no understanding of how it worked at all! And to really rub in the injustice, you really did contract it! You would be exactly like the three supers we have now! All powerful, and clueless.”

Annie slammed the table with both open palms and stood up in anger. But somehow she was having more trouble managing her weight than usual.

“What are you getting at!?” she blubbed.

“See, I actually understood the gift you were given. And I understood that my odds were astronomically low, but I still went for it and tried. And you thought you could just get this sort of power and beauty. As if you deserved it.”

“No… are you saying… I won’t go super?”

Marie laughed, a lilting sound both beautiful and cruel.

“Haven’t you understood a single word I’ve said? You’re way late for your transformation. In fact, I think it’s having the opposite effect!”

“N-nooooo!” she blubbed as her body visibly sagged.

“Me, on the other hand…”

For the first time, Marie the interviewer stood up, only her knee-length business skirt in view, and strutted to the camera. She zoomed it out and walked back into frame, along with the blubbering, chubby Annie.

“See, you wasted your time enjoying the meaningless attention of the world. What with all your stupid interviews, and your excitement at becoming a super. You didn’t even understand how lucky you were, or how urgent the operation needed to be.

“Me, on the other hand,” Marie began to remove her black blazer, revealing the large, spherical swells underneath her blouse, “I know everything there is to know about the supers.”

“You… you’re pretty!” Annie gasped. “You’re not the girl from yesterday!”

“Hahaha! Of course I am! Don’t you know what this means?”

The wheels began to grind in Annie’s stupid little head. After an eternity, it finally clicked.

“You… you went super before me!?” Annie painstakingly concluded.

“That’s right! And to think, if you hadn’t wasted all your time grandstanding, you could’ve had… this,” Marie traced the backs of her long, slender fingers over the new lascivious curves that made up her body.

“I bet you barely missed it too! I had to sneak up to your podium and chew your nasty, vile gum, hoping to contract the virus. I even swallowed it! See? This is the resolve of someone who actually cares. And if it didn’t work, I’d probably be suffering the same aftereffects of a failed transformation, same as you!”

“No, you… you ate my gum!? You took my powers?! It couldn’t be you!”

“Why not?” Marie asked.

“You’re… you’re really pretty! Not like that thin, short girl I saw yesterday!”

Marie laughed openly. “Do you even understand how this transformation works!?” Marie replied smugly, giving Annie a little wink. Her new, bright, hypnotic gaze caused Annie’s body to tense up in a sudden jolt of arousal, setting her heart ablaze.

“Mmmmmmfff!” Annie groaned as she experienced firsthand the supernatural effect of the 4th superwoman the planet had birthed. “You took my powers!?” she cried, her breath raggedy from Marie’s little seductive gesture.

“More like you squandered your opportunity. Gave it away. If you didn’t seize it, then neither of us would have been powered. So I took away nothing, really.”

“What… what do you know about the supers anyway?!”

“Oh, I follow them religiously! Decrying them, complaining about how they’re above the law, stuff like that. You know about Super Watch Blog?”

“YOU write that!?” Annie wailed. “Why would you take this away from me!? You don’t even like the supers! Give it back!! I want to be super! I’m the real fan!”

“Oh, so now you’re taking it seriously, hmm? Well, you can see what it’s like to have drawn the short straw. You, and the other six billion people on this weak little planet. Now, we both know it’s customary to have a super coming out ceremony, don’t we? Mine will be a little low key. Instead of being broadcast live, or crushing an army in some war torn country, I think I’ll just record it here on my camera and post it on my blog!”

She picked up the chair that the rotund Annie was sitting in, and carried her over to where she, Marie, had originally been sitting, back to the camera. Annie could be part of the audience, just like everyone else.

Then, she floated back over the table in the center of the room, eliciting a jealous gasp from Annie.

Landing on her heels with an echoing clack, Marie turned to face her captivated audience of one.

The ebony girl traced a single, delicate finger through the buttons of her blouse, the threads strained to the breaking point by her full breasts. She sliced the little string and plastic off of her top just with a single perfectly manicured fingernail, making sure to emphasize the incomparable swell of her bust as her hand trailed past those luscious, feminine spheres. Each disconnected button fell and rattled on the floor before coming to rest.

Without those measly threads holding Marie’s blouse in place, her taut, ebony, glistening, heavy breasts pushed the flimsy nylon out of the way, standing so high and exquisitely rounded on her torso.

Annie gasped.

“Still think I’m just really pretty?” Marie goaded her fat, little victim.

“Unnnnnng…” Annie was positively panting in heat!

“God, I always thought it was totally ridiculous how they used to just show off their bodies in public, but, fuck! Mmm! I can see why now! This is irresistible! I wish I had more of an audience!” A new and improved Marie lamented.

She hesitated for a moment, looking at a glazed over Annie, paralyzed in lust.

“Yeah, fuck it!”

Heart-stopping, lust-incarnate Marie removed her white blouse by tearing it into little pieces, considering it an insult that she would have to contort her own, superbody to the blouse’s will to take it off. She simply tore the sleeves off each of her muscled arms, her biceps a tight, smooth ball of super-delectable muscle.

“Fuck yeah!” Marie extended her arms above her head, fluffed her new, longer locks, and arched her back in an impossibly sexy stretch. A tight six-pack rippled into view as she twisted languidly, moaning in pleasure at exercising her new impossibly strong feminine muscles.

Annie squirted at the sight.

Her puny body wanted to slam her eyes shut as she came, but Marie was far too much woman for her to take her eyes off.

“And how about this skirt?” Marie unhooked the clasp around her cinched waist.

The pleated black outfit took a bit of extra time to slide off her flared hips, before traveling down the length of her prodigious legs, pooling on the ground around her heeled shoes.

“You know I bought that skirt just yesterday, during the tail end of my transformation?” Marie smiled like a cat who ate the canary. “Well, I say bought. More like, took. Stole? Was gifted.”

Annie was sobbing now as she began to openly rub what wouldn’t stop aching.

“I stopped a girl coming out of the store. Just descended out of the air! Then I asked her for it, because I’d already seen it with my x-ray vision.” Marie’s eyes glowed with power in demonstration. “And she knew better than to fight.” She flashed a brilliant gleaming smile, juxtaposed against her dark skin. Her smile was dazzling.

“Not… fair…” Annie cried as she found herself thrown over the precipice of another orgasm by Marie’s nearly nude glory.

“No, it isn’t, is it?!” Marie cackled. “Almost as if everything I’ve been writing about has been true all along!”

She stepped out of her heels now and unceremoniously tore her panties off by tugging it apart effortlessly with a finger on either side. The fleshy gates to her love canal were throbbing, glistening, trembling with desire at her own sexual domination of her first so-called mortal. She spread the gates, exposing her moist, pink, perfect flesh to the stupid, unwitting girl who had managed to pass her the virus.

Annie fell out of her chair as another powerful orgasm wracked her arousal-filled body.

“Yeah, I can definitely see why the others do this. In fact, I’m surprised they don’t do it all the time!”

Still quivering, Annie managed to find her voice. “Will… will you be different from the others then? Are you going to fight for us? Us normal humans? Us… more mortals?” Annie choked down her sobs, knowing her fate was long since sealed.

Marie smiled into the camera. “As fucking if. Say hello to Super Marie!”


An embittered woman was typing a comment on the most recent Super Watch Blog post.

From: Who Supers the Supers?

Is that really you, Super Watch Blog? You’re the interviewer here? You’re Super Marie, fourth in the line of entitled, unstoppable bitches? You turned on us!? You were the only voice of reason, a rebel against a growing tyranny! You were our champion!

And you didn’t even do it to stand up for us disenfranchised, abused ones? You turned immediately! So much for all your high and mighty posts!

Before the middle-aged woman could press Enter, the front door flew off its hinges and into the house. In the doorway was a beautiful black bombshell, just over six feet tall, dressed in a pair of high heeled boots, a tight black miniskirt, showing off muscled thighs, and a crop top that did nothing to hide her scandalous, drool-inducing decolletage.

“You were saying?” Marie retracted her long, muscular arm that contained so much more power than its mere appearance would suggest.

“Super Watch!! I mean, um, Super Marie! It’s… nothing!” She quickly closed the webpage and discarded her misguided comment.

“That’s what I thought,” Marie sneered, her succulent lips curling into a satisfied smile.

She loved her new place in the world.

Epilogue 2

“That worked out even more delightfully than expected,” Kim mused.

“Pretty twisted idea you had there, goading little Miss Super Watch Blog to take the plunge. Amazing she both contracted it and then got the treatment in time!” Alice smirked.

They clinked their wine glasses together.

“How could I resist? When I saw her outside of Society, I just had to have my way with her. A little anonymous tip about the virus, and then…”

“How did you know she hadn’t contracted the virus?” Alice asked, genuinely curious. “Is this some power unique to you?”

“Haha! I didn’t! I made it up!”

The two looked at each other and guffawed.

A newly birthed Super Marie arrived on the scene.

“You… you were fucking with me?!” Marie gasped in shock.

“Know your place, newbie.” Alice’s voice took on a dangerous edge. She stared through Marie’s eyes, piercing right into her soul.

No longer in control of her own superbody, Marie fell to her knees.

“Yes, mistress,” she squeaked.