Swan Girls

Commissioned by Au Goose

Happy Birthday, Coral

Even crying her eyes out, Coral Connors was gorgeous.

The now 19-year-old younger daughter of the Connors-Swan tycoon family sat by the olympic sized pool on their mansion grounds. The background conversations and sound of glass tinkling could barely be heard over her soft sniffling. The black-and-white tuxedoed waiters knew better than to come out and offer the wealthy petulant girl any hor d’oeuvres.

Her short pink party dress lay forgotten on the limestone pavers that encircled the outdoor swimming area. She’d bought it just for one use: her birthday party. She hadn’t even bothered to drape it on one of the comfortable beach chairs laid out around the massive pool.

Her shadow quavered over the rippling water of the pool as she swished her dainty feet in it. She kicked it up, fat droplets flying all over the place as the setting sun shone on her glistening skin.

She was beautiful. She’d always been beautiful. Her mother’s genes were undeniable. Dressed in a fairly modest one piece swimsuit (also in pink, of course), the spandex costume clung to her marvelous curves, enhancing her ripe sex appeal even further. It didn’t matter that her perfectly flat tummy and so much of her skin was covered up. The audience’s imagination more than made up for it.

Her hourglass shape was so ridiculously developed for her age. People had accused her breasts of being fake ever since she was young. It had actually been a source of shame for Coral at first as she checked her budding bosoms in the mirror. Why were they so much larger than other girls’? And the whispered rumors about them being fake due to how perky they were, even after so many years… many a night she’d cupped her own breasts and admired her own well-defined nipples while doing obsessive research about it.

But they were real. Real, large, perky, and perfect.

She persevered through the teasing and got over it. It helped that as time went on she’d drawn the attention of all the boys—and some girls—and the endless teasing had turned shrill with jealousy and envy.

Coral had learned to drink those delicious emotions, cultivating a cool mask of regal demeanor to fight back. Once her bullies realized that she got a kick out of their petty cattiness, they stopped.

Still, today was hard.

“Go away!” she turned her head away from the sound of approaching footsteps as she struggled to contain her emotional outburst.

“You gonna be okay, Corey?” Matthew asked as he stepped over her expensive and discarded dress. In his hands was an ornate flat wooden box.

Coral took a quick glance at him in the setting sun. The object in his hands set her off once more. She slipped her long arm deep into the pool and tried to splash water at him.

Matthew got out of his slippers and kicked them to a side. He let Coral splash the water right across his legs and onto his shorts. He took a seat beside her, dipping his bare feet into the warm, gently rippling water.

“I brought the pendant. Try it on. Come on, it’s from your mom.”

“She’s been gone so long!” It came out almost as a wail, making her sound much younger than 19. “She just… left us! Left me… and now she has a gift for me? Is this supposed to be thoughtful? Why did she disappear ten years ago and plan a gift this far ahead? This is bullshit!” she sobbed as she rested her pretty blonde head on his warm shoulder.

“If she left you a present for your 19th birthday, then she loved you and she never forgot about you. Maybe she had to go… who can say?”

“I can,” she responded not so convincingly. “And Dad’s not even that beat up about it. Not like me. He got remarried to Penny, after all.”

“You like Penny,” Matthew reminded her.

“Shut up.”

“Come on now. Don’t be a…” but Matthew thought better than to finish that sentence. Coral didn’t challenge it either.

Setting the precious box carefully on a dry patch, Matthew swept Coral’s golden locks to a side. He couldn’t believe how silky Coral’s hair felt, how thick it was, and how fragrant it smelled. The scent hit him strongly, and it took every ounce of his willpower not to just freeze and bury his face against her neck. He had been well and truly friend-zoned for a long time. But moments like these made him sometimes wish there was more. He truly cared about Coral. And tough as she was, she needed a friend.

After all of Coral’s long hair spilled down to her breasts, Matthew opened the box containing a necklace. The platinum chain had a small clasp which he worked open with some difficulty. After that, he admired beautiful, sparkling, semi-opaque blue crystals chained one after the another, ending with the largest one as the main feature. Eight in total. Eight beautiful gemstones in total that matched the deep blue hue of Coral’s eyes. What a gift. Sapphire, he guessed? It looked expensive. Connors-Swan expensive.

“Hurry up before I change my mind,” Coral goaded him.

“Erm. Sorry. Your mom left you something really beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like this,” Matthew explained.

“Hurry up hurry up!”

He swung the heavy pendant around her elegant swan-like neck, making the best out of his chance to run a hand through her hair one more time before clasping the thing shut. Coral shivered as the cold gem touched against her well-defined collarbone and traced along her soft, tanned skin. He couldn’t see it, but it glowed for a moment resting in between the tight canyon of her breasts before sliding down deep into her engulfing cleavage.

The photon-emitting bauble glowed brilliantly while snuggled between her womanly flesh. A shockingly warm, soothing sensation coursed through Coral’s body. Her eyelids fluttered rapidly as she tried to stifle a moan of arousal around Matthew, whom she knew was deeply obsessed with her. She did enjoy teasing him brutally, but this would have been too far.

Unfortunately, her body had other ideas. Her crowning dark cherry nipples that adorned the impressive swells of her chest began to poke through her swimwear, tenting the sleek fabric and giving Matthew a show he’d never forget. And to make matters worse, her already perky bust seemed to lift, cupped by an invisible pair of hands, causing her beautiful spherical orbs to become even more pronounced as they spilled over the top and the sides of her one-piece.

“Oh my god…” Coral whispered, failing to suppress the unbearable arousal she was feeling now. She massaged her scalp and ran her hands through her hair, knocking Matthew’s arm away effortlessly. With a slight push of her hips, she sank into the deep end of the warm, clear swimming pool to try and seek privacy and relief for her aching loins and tingling breasts.

There were no other real visible changes in Coral’s appearance, but every nerve in her body burned with heat. She arched her feet, unable to touch the bottom even on her tippy toes as the water buoyed the weight of her body. Her lengthy limbs felt vividly alive, the taut, svelte muscles suddenly infused with new power, a seemingly limitless strength that belied her delicate feminine appearance.

Coral ducked underneath the shimmering surface, but the sensation of being massaged by the water only added gas to the fire of her arousal, feeling the tiniest swirls from her hunched shoulders to the tips of her clenching toes, seemingly miles away at the end of her long, shapely legs. She vibrated and rubbed her body languidly with her hands, still aware that Matthew was sitting on the edge of the pool with a clear view of her back. Could he see her groping her own breasts and rubbing the insides of her athletic thighs with her long fingers?

Fuck it, she thought as bubbles emanated from her perfect mouth and floated toward the surface from her underwater moaning. She was horny! Consequences be damned. And if she knew Matthew at all (which she did), he’d forgive anything later.

Coral’s curvaceous form floated back up to the surface with no movement on her end at all—her body simply obeyed her whim. But she was too engrossed in satisfying her own lust to notice.

“Matthew,” she moaned huskily as she raised her arms above her head and turned 180 degrees. “What are you still doing up there? Come inside… the water’s nice and wet… and so am I…”

He gulped audibly. “Um, Corey? I’d love to, but my swim trunks are still inside…”

He was concerned about her seeing the tent in his shorts should he have to get up and fetch his swimwear, but that worry was quickly dispelled.

“Take off your damn pants and come inside already!” Her innuendos became less and less subtle.

“Are… are you sure…?” he asked in a daze. This was like a dream come true!

“I can go find someone else,” she continued to knead her breasts. Her flesh bulged hypnotically as she drew out the circular motion slowly with her long, slender fingers.

Matthew didn’t need any more urging. He snuck a quick glance back at the mansion. All of the Connors-Swan high society party guests were still schmoozing within the estates. He quickly pulled his feet out of the pool and slid his shorts down his legs, displaying a large bulge in his briefs.

“Ooh…” Coral giggled as she continued to squeeze and titillate her slopes.

Matthew moaned in slight pain as he slid his fingers underneath the elastic waistband of his underwear and pulled down. The clothing caught on his turgid erection, pulling it down slightly painfully before he could wriggle free of the elastic band. Now fully exposed, he quickly unbuttoned his shirt while Coral laughed at his stiff erection waving back and forth in plain view.

“Hurry hurry, before anyone sees you! And before I change my mind…” Coral bit her lip and gave him a seductive half-lidded gaze of her sapphire eyes. They raged and glowed with power, their ice blue hue almost alien in its beauty. A perfect match for the paired crystals tucked between her floating breasts.

Matthew jumped right into the pool. Coral laughed aloud as his descent seemed to happen in slow motion. The sight of his frankly impressive erection slapping against the water was too funny to see.

“Something weird… and wonderful is happening to me,” she whispered as she swam behind him faster than his eyes could process, stirring the waters of the pool into stronger ripples. How had she suddenly gotten behind him? Why were her breasts so unbelievably firm as they squashed against his back? Was she really gonna do something with him that didn’t abruptly end with a laugh? Was he really about to orgasm from her grip?

Her grip! One moment she was teasing him brutally, and now her fingers were curled around the base of his shaft while she rubbed him from behind!? Something weird and wonderful was happening with Coral indeed!

Coral’s free arm was curled in front of his torso, her fingers digging into his chest as she held him immovably in place. A single pump from her firm grasp drove all other distracting thoughts out of his mind. His entire body spasmed as she delivered pure heavenly sensation over his hypersensitive cockhead with a swirl of her soft fingers.

Back inside the mansion, Paris Connors-Penrose, Coral’s step-mother, smiled at the sight of her stepdaughter and Matthew thick as thieves in the pool. She pulled the curtains shut on the sliding glass doors and went back into the party. She always liked Matthew.

Matthew’s eyes were squeezed shut as he tried to prevent himself from ejaculating in Coral’s pool. Was his dream come true really going to end in two seconds!? He reached under and clasped Coral’s delicate wrist to try and stop her irresistible caresses, but to his shock, he could do nothing to stop her expert ministrations!

“What’s wrong, Matthew? Don’t like it?” Coral teased as she slowly, torturously rubbed him back and forth. His hands went along for the ride as she took her time, gliding along every delicious inch of his shaking cock. Up over the tip with her thumb and index, encircling and squeezing, before sliding back down to the base of his shaft. He panicked and redoubled his efforts with both hands on her wrist.

Coral laughed condescendingly into his ear as her hand continued without pause.

“Coral! I’m gonna come!” he hissed.

“And it’s turning me on!” she squealed.

The whole time, her body continued to change and improve, her eyesight sharper than a hawk’s, her sense of smell and sensitive ears becoming more acute and discerning. The strength flowing through her willowy arms and slender legs exceeded all mortal boundaries and her libido seemed determined to follow suit. Her touch became ever more intimate, injecting pure lust into Matthew’s quaking shaft and tightening his testicles with urgent, burning need.

She felt like a goddess. An especially horny goddess. Lust incarnate, power personified.

Coral’s hand began to blur as she sped up her irresistible ministrations. The pool’s waters began to swish back and forth choppily from her furiously fast movements, huge waves splashing back and forth and spilling over the edge.

It was too much. Matthew couldn’t take anymore. The sensation of Coral’s voluptuous body pressing against his, her hand rubbing his shaft, his helpless body along for the ride in the suddenly storm-tossed pool—Coral dominated all of his senses. He could even taste her somehow overwhelming perfume over the natural scent of salt-cleansed water. Coral had become his entire world in all of ten seconds. And he was about to orgasm harder than he ever had in his entire life.

He couldn’t hold it in anymore.

Matthew’s balls churned as his roiling testicles fired rope after rope from his quivering shaft.

Suddenly, Coral was no longer pressed against his back. And his aching arms and hands weren’t being forced back and forth by the pistoning of her wrist, dragged along by her effortless movement. A new, warm, engulfing sensation surrounded his erupting shaft. Soft, full lips surrounding his tip. Firm, powerful tongue pressing against his cockhead.

His hands shifted to hold onto Coral’s blonde head for dear life as she swallowed his searing cock. His strength was waning, his hands and arms trembling from exertion as he struggled to stay above water while his body focused all its energies in his world-shattering and ever-increasing orgasm.

Coral hummed approvingly, her happy tones vibrating through his flesh and a million gallons of water, raising goosebumps on his skin and strange patterns across the churning surface of the pool. She effortlessly swallowed his thick seed, sending further vibrations of pleasure thrumming through his bones and reinforcing his unflagging erection. Her head bobbed back and forth, magnifying the waves splashing around in her estate’s outdoor pool. She sucked harder and harder, torturing Matthew’s sensitive organ beyond his limits as she intensified the erotic pressure against him.

His poor body was helpless to deny Coral’s newfound expertise. She continued to expertly manipulate him, both sexually and physically, as the pair was sent careening against the edge of the pool. Matthew held on for dear life as he continued to come. The only thing that stopped him from cracking his spine against the rough edge of the pool was Coral extending her long legs and digging them deep into the tiled wall. Her heels and toes jackhammered into the ceramics, leaving her buried up to her ankles with a loud crack.

Still, Coral continued to swirl her powerful tongue with lightning speed against his underside as she sucked his soul out from his spurting rod. She hadn’t surfaced for minutes now, but both of them were far too distracted to notice.

Her sexual domination of her long-frustrated friend fueled her own arousal. She’d never imagined being so good at this! As she continued to swallow his salty heat, Coral’s fingers dug into her swimsuit as she rubbed her breasts. Her pink one-piece began to fray under the strength of her massage. Her razor sharp fingernails sliced into the fabric as she scraped her sensitive, greedy nipples roughly. Not to be ignored, her aching love canal demanded attention as well, and the other hand drifted down her torso, her nails accidentally splitting her suit as she traced the subtle center-line of her clenching abdomen. Her one piece was becoming an improvised deeply plunging dress before the whole thing came apart in two long pieces.

Coral’s fingers drifted in between her honeypot, gathering up her thick nectar even while submerged underwater. Her fingers ground against her gooey clit, teasing that cluster of sensitive nerves exactly the way she liked it. Only it’d never felt this spectacular before! Her eyes flew open in shock. The saline water didn’t bother her unaided eyes in the slightest. She suppressed a scream of pleasure, careful not to take Matthew’s dick right off as she pressed and swirled her fingers into her engorged bud.

Dexterous beyond belief, Coral continued to increase the pleasure of both parties as she simultaneously sucked a desperate, overworked Matthew while fondling her vibrating nipples and plugging her long fingers into her vice-like nether lips while still managing to grind her thumb against her agonizingly sensitive clit. The wall of the pool began to come apart from the clenched twitching of her slender legs. The waves continued to splash violently, growing in intensity as a reflection of her first superhuman tryst.

As the sun continued to set, the entire pool began to rumble. An uncontrollable, fiery pleasure was building deep in Coral’s womb, and it would not be contained much longer. Her body began to rise out of the water, sliding her breasts up Mathew’s chest before depositing her thoroughly drained buddy on the jagged edge of the pool. Ripping tiles apart as she kicked her legs out of it, her horizontal outline began to tremble so quickly that she became a blur. A blur driven by the soundless tornado of ecstasy, pent up and swirling inside of the nineteen year old’s divine body. A body floating out of the pool and rising into the sky, a blue crystal pendant still resting between her breasts…

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