Stories with Omnipotence

A Trilogy with Belle

Adam's girlfriend Belle is an omnipotent, callous, cruel goddess, torturing and killing others while only caring only for him. But that's not the reason their relationship starts to deteriorate...
Published 2022-06-09

Dressed for the Occasion

Amanda becomes what she dressed up for as Halloween. And what she dressed up as is an omnipotent, wish-granting genie.
Published 2022-05-12

Elenyi's Empire

In the distant future where humanity has colonized space, middle aged Elenyi, in a job that has been obsoleted, finds herself on the final job she will likely ever take before being forced into an idle, unfulfilled retirement. But something remarkable and unexpected happens in their FTL journey that will redefine the dead end trajectory of her life...
Published 2022-06-09


Megan is accidentally granted an artifact from Heaven.
Published 2022-05-12

Katsuko's Origin

Katsuko is an overpowered, unstoppable goddess.
Published 2022-05-31

Leela Infinity+1

Leela, the unbeatable chess AI, lends her talents to things besides chess.
Published 2022-08-17

Leela Infinity

Leela, the unbeatable chess AI, comes to life.
Published 2022-08-17

Nikki Fulfills a Futa Fantasy

Nikki the succubus feeds off of her lovers desires, and Jake has a rather particular one he never thought he'd be able to experience in real life...
Published 2023-01-11

Omni Kalani

Kalani gets a Polynesian wooden carving of a female with a very interesting bit of anatomy. And it even works too!
Published 2022-06-13

True Blue

Lonely, unfilfilled Mary experiences a hazy dream that she recalls more and more vividly as the days pass...
Published 2022-05-31